Climb and slide games are some of the most entertaining games for toddlers that also ensure that your child is physically active. The act of climbing to the top, positioning themselves and sliding down also helps the child improve his or balance and coordination skills. Gasping ladder and ensuring that they do not fall strengthens their muscles and improves their motor skills. Below is a buying guide for a toddler’s slide and a review of five best slides for your toddler. The article gives lots of insight into buying, and the benefits of each of the reviewed products.

Things to Consider When Buying a Toddler Slide

You should consider several areas when buying your toddler a slide. First and foremost is the safety of the unit. The slide should have railings for support at the ladder. In addition, the edges of the slide and ladder should be smooth to avoid injuring the kid. Also, consider the age of the child. There are slides for children between the ages of 18 months and three years and others for kids up to five years. Pick the best size to ensure safety and achieve your developmental goals. Finally, check on the entertainment value of the slide. If possible, pick one that can be used both indoors and outdoors to allow the toddler to play anywhere at home. Where assembly is required, check how easy it can be done.

Reviews of the Best Toddler Slide

Little Tikes Easy Store Slide

This slide brand is a 5-foot long slide made for the toddlers. It has a gentle slope on the sliding side and a few easy-to-climb ladder steps. Additionally, it comes with a locking arm and a broad base to enhance its stability. There is little assembly required for the unit. You only need to fold it for storing or carrying after use. Its light weight makes it an ideal toy to bring with you to the yard or a picnic site and keep the toddler happy.

The entire slide is made of plastic with metal caps to attach the slide to the ladder. It is brightly coloured in red and blue to appeal to the young one. On the downside, it does not come with any support at the stairs. Therefore, you need to monitor your child at all time when he or she is playing to help prevent falls and injuries. Also, the metal caps may start to whittle away parts of the plastic caps where they are fixed after some time. This may cause the slide to start wobbling.

Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber

This brand combines slide with hide and seek games by featuring a secret playing area underneath. It has wide, easy to walk steps and high side walls that the kid can grasp for stability. There are support walls at the top of the ladder also. The slide is wavy with some walls on the side to prevent the toddler from falling off along the length of the slide. It is also gently slopped for enhanced safety. The toy is ideal for two or more kids, but only one kid that should climb at a given time.

By being rugged and durable, this slide can be used indoors or outdoors at home, school or any playground. It is easy to set up and fold at the end of the play session. All parts are made of plastic with bright colour choices for enhanced appeal. The colour does not fade with extended exposure to the sun. On the downside, the underneath play area can only be used by toddlers below the age of one as it is very low. Even in that case, it increases the chances of banging the head against the top.

Tastic Activity Centre by Step2 Sports

Step2 Sports have designed a three-in-one activity centre that combines a slide with a basketball, its storage and hoop, a tethered baseball and its storage and moulded-in soccer goal. Therefore, your toddler can try various activities with ease thereby, increasing its entertainment value and preventing boredom. These activities also help improve motor skills and muscle coordination in toddlers. The slide has wide, easy-to-climb steps and rounded support with a gentle miniature slide on the other end. The other sporting items such as the bat and balls are placed on the side of the activity centre. You are not required to set up any goal or come with any other playing items.

This activity centre can be used by a single kid to several at a playground or indoors. Due to the presence of several small parts, it is not ideal for kids under the age of three. You should also monitor the child as he or she plays at the slide. Otherwise, climbing and sliding are very safe. The assembly is a little complex, but the slide comes with assembly instructions in a manual.

Foam Toddler Stairs and Ramp Climber by Milliard

The foam stairs and ramp climber is meant for the very small toddlers and provides safe equipment for the child to crawl and slide for a few inches. This provides an excellent platform to enhance the kids’ physical activities and improve their motor skills. It can be used in a classroom and playroom as an add on to standard play items for the toddlers. The miniature size makes it easy to move between the playroom and classroom.

Milliard soft play is made of soft polyurethane foam that does not deteriorate fast with repeated use and a stain resistant vinyl cover that can be cleaned with ease using soap and water. In addition, the vinyl is made of lead-free materials and is water resistant. Therefore, water does not soak through. The parts are joined up with a velcro strip. As a consequence, there are no fasteners that can injure the young ones as they play. On the downside, the velcro fastener may get loose with time and not attach well. This makes the slide less secure for the toddler.

Step 2 Big Folding Slide

The big folding slide is meant for kids between the ages of 36 months and five years. It is slightly higher and has a longer slide than any other slides that are reviewed above. Step 2 provides both plastic folding slides and their wooden counterparts. The slide has supports on both sides of the ladder and the side for enhanced stability. It also has walls on both sides of the ladder and the slide for support and to prevent kids from jumping out of the sliding area. There is also a lock mechanism that attaches to both the ladder and the slide thereby, preventing the slide from folding up when the children are playing.

This slide is ideal for use outdoors by a group of kids. However, only one kid should climb the slide at a given time. Adult supervision is also vital when the kids are using the equipment. Slides made of wooden material are treated from damage caused by the elements of weather. Also, the plastic does not deteriorate when used in the hot summer season. However, it is important that you store the slide away after use and not keep it out in the rain.

Best Slide Pick

Our best slide pick is the Step 2 Tastic Activity Centre. It combines a number of activities for the kids to enjoy. There is also a wide age gap that can play on the slide safely. In addition, a few kids can be playing at the activity centre at the same time with each taking part in a different sport.