Kids and adults alike love toys that fly especially if they control the flight path. Drones for kids are the best examples of flying toys that give children complete control. Naturally, children adore these toys.

If you are looking for one to get for your kid or kids, you might be wondering if it is completely safe. This is a legitimate concern as drones are known to cause all sorts of injuries both to the controller and innocent bystanders.

This is as a result of the speed and the erratic flight patterns of badly made units. That is why we collated this guide featuring only the safest and best drones for kids.

30 are featured here. They are of different sizes and prices depending on the features. A common theme, though is, each is absolutely safe for kids to use and come with amazing features that are guaranteed to keep your kid or kids busy for hours on end.

Of course, it is entirely possible you would want to join in the fun too. Go ahead, and enjoy yourself as almost all the kids drone here are suitable for adults too.

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30 Top Drones for Kids

We now review the 30 kids drones that passed through our rigorous evaluation. The drones have enough variations in design and functionalities to satisfy a broad range of users.

1.Black B2W Shadow MJX Bugs 2 Long Range Quadcopter by Force 1

This sleekly designed quadcopter integrates the best features in drone technology even adults would want to play with it. You and your kid would love the breathtaking speed and power all thanks to the brushless motor system.

The premium features are not restricted to the speed and power, though. It comes with a GPS that can track the device up to 500 meters; an awesome camera that produces HD-quality crisp, clear video and pictures on your smartphone display.

And the battery? You get up to 30 minutes of flight time. And no matter how far away it is, the ‘Return Home’ function guides it back home easily. If you like this drone, we also recommend considering getting a mini drone which also offers a great flight time.

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2. White T25 FPV Drone With Carrying Case by Potensic

The thoughtful aluminum case with enough storage space for drone and the accessories is just one of the standout features of this device by Potensic.

This Uber-modern gadget is loaded to the hilt. The ‘One Key’  share feature that lets you share amazing moments to your social media would definitely appeal to both kids and young adults.

What else can it do? How about allowing you to plan your flight plan with the built-in map; unique hands-free feature that allows it to follow wherever you go while capturing 1080P HD videos and photos; WiFi camera for faster transmission of images; automatically return home when power is down or the signal is weak or lost; and much more.

And you get a control range of up to 300 m ensuring you can allow the 1000 mAh modular battery take it as far as possible for better shots.

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3. Black Portable Quadcopter Drone For Kids by Tenker

This Tenker’s mini quadcopter is simply a super-cool drone to get as a gift for your kid. It is so easy to operate with so many interesting features making it a great fun toy to get for kids. And if you add the modest price tag, you have a device that provides good value for money.

The portable drone for uses 4 AAA battery for about 8 minutes of flight time and allows up to 3m range control distance. Kids wouldn’t have problems figuring out the one-key return, night flying, 3D flips, speed switch, altitude-hold, and circle flying features.

The mini drone comes with a foldable design makes it easy for kids to take it anywhere with them.


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4. Black X11 RC Quadcopter by Syma

With super bright LED, 6-axis stabilization system for a smooth flight, 2.5GHz Spread Spectrum Technology controller and 1500 mAh battery capable of up to 7 minutes of flight, the X11 drone by Syma is just perfect for beginners and adults alike.

It comes with a propeller guard to protect and ensure the propellers last a long time. However, you also get four extra propellers in case of damage to the installed ones.

You would love how the 6-axis gyro system stabilizes it during flight. The onboard computer can detect movement from any direction to automatically compensate for wind speed or if it brushes against obstacles like walls.

All this means users would have plenty of fun with it. And they can even replace the battery with bigger ones for longer flight time.

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5. Red HS100 RC Quadcopter with FPV Live Video by Holy Stone

The HS100 is all curves and sleekness. Even the remote control is very cute. However, the simplicity in terms of operation is what makes this drone a great gift for kids.

For a simple drone, the GPS is awesome easily giving you accurate details of its positioning ensuring you can navigate smoothly and intelligently. It also features a ‘Follow Me’ mode that enables it to follow you and take excellent crisp images using the 1080P HD WiFi camera from different perspectives

The 2500 mAh battery is capable of about 15 minutes of flying. And with the control range of 400m, you are assured of great shots with the wide-angle camera. This is one of the best drones with cameras for kids!


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6. Red and White Round Drone for Kids by Tech RC

The unique round-shaped body of this red and white mini drone is enough to attract admiring glances. It is a fully-featured budget device designed for beginners but even experienced users would have fun putting it through its paces.

Though its fragile-looking, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how much it can handle once you take it for a spin.

It comes with two batteries, each capable of 6 minutes of flying time giving you about 12 minutes of fun. The controller is easy to use and needs just a single button to get it flying and executing powerful rolls.

The built-in WiFi FPV camera would send wonderful images via the app in your smartphone attached to the control pad. It also features an altitude mode for hovering and headless mode to fly the in any direction no matter the direction it is pointing.

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7. White Children Drone With Protected Black Propellers by Top Race

This kids drone is designed for daring pilots. Kids can afford to crash it and it would still buzz around like nothing happened thanks to the protective guard around the propellers.

But crashing should be a rare occurrence after mastering the controls. Kids 8 years old and older would easily come to terms with the control; and with the aid of the 6-axis gyro, 3-speed levels, and one key return, they’d become experts in no time at all. But it doesn’t require expert skills to do tricks like the barrel roll: flipping a switch is all that is needed.

It also features the headless mode precluding the need to adjust the helicopter constantly during flight. It uses rechargeable 4 AAA batteries capable of about 6 minutes of flying  time.

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8. Black S5C WiFi FPV Drone with Voice & Gesture Control by Snaptain

This is one drone guaranteed to keep you and your kids outside for hours on end enjoying its amazing functionalities. It is a black, sturdy and powerful gadget that delivers so many features it might take a while to discover all of them.

The road to discovery is fun though. You would love the ‘Gesture Control’ that allows you to use your hands to control video recording and camera shots from a distance of about 3m.

And talking about video, the WiFi-enabled camera can deliver video transmission up to a range of 80m which you can instantly share on social media through the app.

Other awesome features inside G-sensors that allows you to control the horizontal and vertical positions via the app by simply adjusting the position of your phone.

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9. Blue and Black Ninja Drone for Kids

You would want to get your kid this drone because it is suitable for beginners and the polyamide material the body is made of ensures it can take lots of knocks without a dip in performance.

It comes equipped with a HD camera making it suitable for aerial photography. And talking about being airborne, expect air time of about 7 minutes no thanks to the combination of brushless motors and 4500 mAh battery. The installed WiFi FPV video has a range of about 50 meters which is less than the maximum flying distance of 80 matters though.

Like most of the best performing kiddies’ drones, the 3-speed gadget can execute perfect rolls and flips easily.

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10. The U61W Red and Black Drone for Kids by Sanrock

This cute drone for kids compares favorably to adult quadcopters. This makes it a fully-featured gadget that is easy to operate and master.

Your kid would be able to take wonderful shots with the 720p camera and the FPV WiFi feature ensures the easy transmission of images to their smartphone. The beauty of the images is further enhanced by the wide-angle (90 degrees) landscape functionality of the lens.

It has a ‘weak signal’ feature that alerts kids when the drone is getting out of range or low on battery power so they can fly it back to base. And if the drone is getting out of control, the emergency landing feature would bring it down safely.

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11. Black H823H Nano Quadcopter by Snaptain

This Snaptain drone, specifically designed for kids and beginners, would surely turn heads with its unique design with complete propeller-protection. If you are on a tight budget, this would be a perfect gift for kids.

Notwithstanding the low price tag, it’s performance is amazing. It can easily perform 3D flips, antique hold, and 360 degrees rotation.

It doesn’t end there though. The 3-speed drone also features a one-way return home button; altitude hold and headless mode to hover it over a particular position and navigate the drone no matter the direction it is facing respectively; and LED lights for flying in low light conditions.

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12. Black H123D X4 Racing Quadcopter with 5.8G LCD by Hubsan

The H123D is amazingly fast drone equipped with brushless motors to enhance its efficiency. Beginners, who are yet to earn their racing creds, would be comfortable operating it in the low-speed mode making it very suitable for kids.

Users love the low-battery protection that returns the drone to the takeoff point automatically when the battery is almost flat. During the flight, it is capable of taking amazing shots using the 720p camera. That aside, you can view real-time transmission of camera footage via the 5.8G signal on the LCD or via your FPV goggles.

Expect up to 9 minutes of air time on the drone’s 980 mAh battery even at the top speed of 25 m/s. While in flight, you can also perform all possible stunts including 360 degrees roll, flips, etc.

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13. Black HS110D WiFi Quadcopter with Modular Battery by Holy Stone

Holy Stone’s HS110D is one of the top drones for beginners at its price range. But don’t let the price tag fool you, there are enough features and functionalities to impress even advance drone pilots.

The drone can be easily controlled via an app on the phone. Multiple functions can be activated using the app including the ‘gravity sensor’ that allows the user to operate and navigate by holding and moving the phone.

The VR-compatible device is equipped with a 720p camera for high-quality images with 120 degrees FOV lens to expand your viewing range. Other features include the low battery alarm, headless mode, adjustable speed modes, and LED lighting for easy night time navigation.

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14. Yellow and Black Altair 818 Hornet Drone by Altair Aerial

This is a professional quality drone for beginners and advanced users capable of up to 15 minutes of flying time on each of the 2 batteries. In effect, you get about 30 minutes doing what you love most.

It comes equipped with most of the features we love in our drones. These include altitude holding with automatic orientation adjustment; one-touch take-off and landing; emergency landing; headless mode, and many more.

And Depending on the user’s preference,  it can be controlled via a smartphone mobile app or the ergonomic controlling pad.

The 720p HD camera has a wide-angle range of 120 degrees to take amazing photos and videos. The control range is about 60 meters with a full flight range of 150 meters.

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15. The X100 Hands Free Syma Drone

If you are looking for a kid-friendly and safe drone that is also durable, this mini drone is just the perfect one for your kid. The propellers are covered by protective guards to prevent the blades coming into contact with and hurting your kid. The durability is guaranteed by the infrared sensors that can automatically avoid obstacles.

The easy-to-operate drone comes with 2 batteries for a total flying time of about 14 minutes to give kids longer fun time. There is also the altitude holding function to keep it hovering over a single spot.

The multiple LED lights make it fun to play it a fun toy to play with at night. Kids would love how the lights bounce off the propeller guards while executing rolls in a dark room or at night.

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16. Blue Mini UFO Hand Operated kids Pocket Drone by Temi

Hand operated drones are becoming the rage as the best safety-first kids’ drones. This Temi’s UFO mini Drone perfectly fits the bill for a great flying toy that is also very safe to play with.

Flying it is quite easy and it is all about the movements of the hands so the learning curve is quite gentle. Using very sensitive sensors, it moves in the opposite direction of the hands. Hand gestures are also used to control directions and altitudes.

It comes with a two-speed mode and can also perform tasks such as hovering and 360° turns. On a full battery, kids would have about 8 minutes of fun before they need to recharge the Lithium battery. That takes 40 minutes.

This is an image of kid's helicopter drone with lights in blue color


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17. The Black Syma X56W Foldable Drone by Syma

That this mini aircraft is foldable to about half its size for easy storage in a backpack is just one of the many awesome features in it. Kids, as well as adults, would have plenty of fun with it but might take a bit of time for them to master the controls.

Controlled via an app or the controller, it comes with a single key start and landing feature and can execute all the tasks to expect from such great drones. These include the multi-directional headless feature, altitude holding, one key return, and many more

With the included 2 pieces of batteries, kids can enjoy flying this drone for longer, to get as many aerial shots and videos from the 720HD camera as they wish. The fun doesn’t have to stop at night as the included flashlight would illuminate the surrounding.

This is an image of kid's Remote control quadcopter with camera in black and red colors


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18. Silver Mini Quadcopter with Foldable Arms by Spacekey

Spacekey have a winner with this device. It is the ultimate in portability as it can easily be folded to about half its size and stored in the controller. Kids can even store it in their pocket after folding it.

So you can take it anywhere and simply continue having fun where you stopped. The one key takeoff would get it in the air where it can perform 360° rotation automatically and cool 3D flips.

It features a one-way return home and headless modes, 6-axis gyro system to keep it stable easily, a flying time of up to 6 minutes with a control range of up to 50 meters.

This is an image of kid's mini remote control helicopter drone in gray and black colors


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19. Blue Hand Operated Drone with Remote Control by Free To Fly

This gravity-defying small drone would have heads turning with its cool design that has all the propellers encased by advanced ABS plastic material for protection.

Kids have the options of controlling it either by hand gestures in the hands-free mode or using the controller. Either way, they would love its 3D rolls and flips capability.

Able to stay in the air for up to 10 minutes, it also comes with other amazing features such as the non-directional headless mode, 6-axis gyroscope technology, and ‘intelligent levitation’ that automatically limits the flying height to within range.

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20. Black RC Drone Toy with Hands-free Sensors by Abco Tech

With its pitch-black color, unique design and easy functionality, this small drone is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for kids. Even adults would appreciate it as an anniversary gift.

It features smart sensors to avoid crashes ensuring it stays functional for a long time. The flexible but tough outer plastic shell also provides extra protection to enhance its durability.

With hand gestures or using the controller, the quadcopter can be made to execute 360° rolls, non-directional movement, flips and much more. The unique geometric design improves flight quality and the kids can squeeze up to 6 minutes of fun flying from the battery.

This is an image of kid's remote control drone in black color


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21. White HS220 Beginners Quadcopter with APP Control by Holy Stone

Holy Stone have some of the top drones for both kids and adults and this HS220 is another very impressive unit from them.

Easily controlled by a controller or via the smartphone app on, it features two 750 mAh modular batteries each able to keep it flying for 9 minutes for a total flight duration of over 15 minutes. With the easy to master controls, kids would plenty of excitement with complete 3D rolls, flips, and headless mode flight and many more.

Featuring one-key start, the pilot can take amazing images and videos with the onboard 720P camera. And one can enjoy real-time viewing of the images with the WiFi FPV feature.

This is an image of kid's drone with 720P camera and quadcopter in white color


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22. Green EO16H Nano Drone by Eachine

With detachable protective cover fully enclosing the propellers and lot of awesome futures, the E016H by Eachine is designed for kids with energy to burn and adults who love experiencing the thrill of navigating drones at high-speed.

That thrill can last for up 16 minutes with the two batteries that come with the package. One can execute perfect rolls and flips, hover over a particular spot, and move in any direction on any of the 3-speed modes.

The Drone’s controls have a gentle learning curve and feature a convenient one-way start/land function.

This is an image of kid's mini drone With remote control quadcopter in green color


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23. Black Beginner’s and Adults Drone by Koome

If your kid loves taking scenic pictures, they would love the 1080P camera on this drone that delivers very sharp images that can be saved directly on the smartphone. They would also be thrilled by the WiFi FPV to view images in real-time.

It comes with two 650 mAh batteries capable of 14 minutes of flight duration each! While in the flight mode, they can pilot it in any direction no matter where it’s facing; enter hover move; and with the app installed, control it’s horizontal or vertical movement by simply moving the phone.

Koome’s sleek drone is easy to use and features LED lights for night flying and one-press lift-off/land function.

This is an image of kid's drone with 1080P HD camera in black colors


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24. Red kids and Beginners Mini Drone by Fubosi

It would be love at first sight once kids behold this red drone with protected propellers. The love affair would continue for a long time once they get to play around with it.

With 3-speed modes, kids can test their skills at 3D rolls and flips with it at whatever speed. Getting hurt is unlikely to occur with the propellers encircled by plastic guards. This also prevents damage to the propellers.

Kids easily hover in one location or fly in multiple directions no matter where it is facing. And with the 3 batteries included, they can do all that for a total of about 21 minutes.

This is an image of kid's mini drone with remote control quadcopter in red color


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25. Hasakee Q9 Quadcopter for kids with Blue and Green Lights

Kids would most certainly be enthralled by the blue and green lights. This is a colorful addition to what is already a beautifully-designed sleek device.

With the two batteries, they have a total flight length of 18 minutes to pull off perfect stunts such as 3D rolls, flips, non-directional movement, and auto-hover using the ergonomically-designed remote.

The 4 propellers are protected by high-quality ABS material ensuring that crashes or drops won’t result in malfunction: the small craft is designed to be resilient.

This is an image of kid's drone with leds in colorful colors


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26. Red Sparrow GD90-C kids Nano Quadcopter by Tec.Bean

Fancy recording some wonderful family moments with a Nano drone? The red Sparrow GD90-C is just the perfect toy for that. The family would be in for a treat if you decide to purchase it. You would get amazing images from the awesome onboard 90° camera. The images are saved directly on the 8GB SD card that comes with the device.

Featuring easy-to-use controls via the remote, it comes with a one-key return function; altitude-hold and headless modes and 360° flips. With the 3-speed mode, users could pilot the drone at a speed they find comfortable making it great for learners.

Other great features include the propeller guards to prevent injury to users and damage to the device, and a low battery warning after about 8 minutes of continuous flying.

This is an image of kid's mini drone with 720P HD camera in red colors


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27. Green Mini Quadcopter for Kids with Paratrooper by Eachine

With a handsome paratrooper standing confidently on top of this quadcopter by Eachine, there is a cool extra layer of fun added to the normal fare.

First, though, kids can enjoy up to 7 minutes of non-stop flight time doing fun things like 360° flips and rolls, altitude hold, non-directional flying and many more with the easy-to-use control pad. And the 6-axis gyroscope would keep the craft steady for the pilot.

The ‘Paraglider mode’ is where the extra fun comes from. In this mode, a parachute is deployed and the paratrooper glides to earth using the drone for stability.

this is an image of the eachine stunt paraglider


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28. Black Quadcopter for Kids by LBLA

This black quadcopter would appeal to folks of all ages. For kids though, a wonderful time awaits them with this multi-functional machine featuring a HD cam capable of sending crisp images to a smartphone via the app.

This simple-to-use gadget is capable of 8 minutes of uninterrupted flight time on the rechargeable battery; 3D 360° flips; multi-directional flight; and one-key takeoff/landing/return.

It is a 3-speed device that comes equipped with a 6-axis gyro system to maintain stability during flight; LED lights for nighttime fun; and crash guards to ensure the durability of the product.

This is an image of kid's drone with camera in black and green colors


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29. Yellow Foldable Drone with Smart Watch Induction Control by Dazhong

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, this Dazhong drone delivers a unique way to control drones: with a smart watch and using gravity induction technology, your kid can make the drone move in any direction by hand movements only dispensing of the need for a normal controller.

Featuring a one-key return and altitude mode, the pilot can make it rise or fall, spin left or right, roll 360°, and execute a perfect landing via the remote button on the smart watch.

Easily foldable for storage and convenient portability, it comes with 4 colored LED lights to make flying in low visibility easy and a 550 mAh battery capable of powering it for about 7 minutes.

This is an image of kid's drone with smart watch gravity control in yellow colors


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30. Green Auto Hovering A20 Mini Drone by Potensic

Potensic’s A20 is a fast and agile mini quadcopter with a variable speed feature to accommodate kids who are just learning the ropes of drone piloting.

Whether expert or beginner, everybody is going to have fun taking it for a spin. For instance, the altitude hold ensures you simply control direction while it keeps a constant height while the emergency stop button ensures you bring the craft swiftly and safely down if you have to.

It comes with two batteries each a capable of delivering 6 minutes of non-stop excitement. The usual features like headless flying, one-key takeoff/landing we expect from the best quality drones are also present.

This is an image of kid's remote control helicopter quadcopter in black and green colors


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Buying Considerations when Choosing a Drone

Before going out to buy a drone for your kid, some things must be considered. These considerations are important in making the right decision and ensuring the kid gets the best out of the product.

One of the first things to consider is whether it would be used indoors or outdoors. For outdoor play, you might consider the bigger units since they can withstand gusts of wind, unlike the smaller units. For indoor use though, it’s better to get the mini-sized units due to lack of space. You want to avoid it crashing into walls and furniture.

Also, drones with more features are more exciting. No matter the size of the drone, it should come with features like the altitude mode, one-key takeoff/landing, headless flying mode, gyroscopic stabilization for stability, and the ability to pull stunts like 360 degrees rolls and flips mid-air.

Depending on your budget, you could get extra features such as camera and sensors that perform several tasks including tracking the pilot automatically.

The drones in this guide come with all these functions. A couple or three have premium features and you’d have to shell out a bit more extra money to purchase them.


Best Buy Overall

There are so many things to like about the white HS220 quadcopter by Holy Stone. The fact that the makers were able to pack so many premium features while also keeping the price modest is hard to ignore.

It easily competes with most of the more expensive products in terms of features and we love that it is made to last with the protective guard around the propellers.

This is an image of kid's drone with 720P camera and quadcopter in white color

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Best Budget Pick

The mini drone by Tec RC is easily the best drone for kids for this category. The ball design is compelling with an eye-catching red and white color combination.

It comes with many of the features awesome children’s drones must have including HD cam and WiFi capability to view the images in real-time.

This is an image of kid's remote control mini drone with hd camera ine white and red color


What are the Best Drones for Kids?

Picking drones for this category depends on several factors such as the age of the kid and what they love doing. Is your kid interested in photography as well as piloting a mini aircraft?

You would find several awesome drones with camera for kids in this review that would satisfy young ones with a passion for photography.

Generally, though, the best ones would balance features and performance as well as not being too difficult to master.


Alternative Gifts for Kids who Want Drones

There are some exciting gifts you could get as an alternative to a drone. What you have to keep in mind is the item must deliver similar or more levels of fun; though it is hard to see how that is possible.

Consider gifts like electric racing car toys. Many of these toys are very exciting to play with and even simulate real racing cars in some cases.

A pogo jumper is another fun game for kids. Many kids never get enough of it as they practice balancing while bouncing off the ground.

These are just two alternatives to drones. There are many out there that would task kids’ imagination including some safe, age-appropriate video games.


Where to Buy Toy Drones for Kids?

Fortunately, locating a good place to purchase drones is unlikely to be a problem. The problem would be picking out the best from so many competing products.

That said, you could order them from several online stores. Many mall and hardware stores have drones for sale too. Before making a choice though, ensure the product is of good quality. Perhaps, a little online reading of users reviews of the product is the way to go before paying for a particular drone.