Kids, in general, love playing in the outdoors and there’s no better toy to ensure that they’re getting the most thrill out of it than an electric dirt bike. Unlike traditional bikes, these battery-powered monsters are not only environmentally friendly but also make the experience easy and fun for children.

They can comfortably plow through the backcountry terrain and give your kid a taste of what professional motocross feels like. But with so many exciting models flooding the market, you’ll have a hard time picking the most relevant option for your budding rider.

That’s why in this review, we’re considering the best electric dirt bikes for kids under 15 to save you all the trouble.

In a hurry….

Our top pick after 30 hours of rigorous testing is the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket. The dirt bike boasts a formidable stainless-steel frame that will support up to 140 pounds of rider weight. Despite this, the MX350 still maintains a lightweight design so that your kid manages the ride comfortably.

The 350W motor is powerful enough to offer a decent top speed without compromising the safety of your child during the 30 continuous minutes he’ll be on the bike.


Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket  

The Razor MX350 electric dirt bike is a legitimate off-road beast that your son will make unforgettable memories with. This remarkable machine mixes a durable stainless-steel construction with high-quality specs to take outdoor dirt bike riding to a whole new level.

The MX350 is strong enough to comfortably accommodate a maximum rider weight of around 140 pounds. It was designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 10, although 13-year-olds will feel right at home on this dirt bike.

Riser handlebars on the bike allow your boy to achieve the most comfortable posture and their ergonomic grips ensure that the ride remains stable throughout. The seat is also spacious to enhance comfort and makes sure that your child has a sleek ride on different surfaces.

Thanks to its lightweight design, your kid will have an easy time managing the bike on the trail and a retractable kickstand, as well as foot pegs, have conveniently been included for when you want to store the bike. The 65-pound bike will also be easy to carry in the boot of your truck when you want to transport it.

This bike comes with a 350W chain-driven motor that offers just the right amount of power to achieve a decent 14mph top speed. Its torque is not the strongest in the market, but it will surely get your boy’s adrenaline pumping without compromising his safety.

You also get a 24V battery pack on the bike composed of two 12V lead-acid batteries that will keep the bike roaring continuously for 30 minutes on a full charge cycle. However, the battery will require almost 12 hours of charging to get back to full capacity.

To enhance your child’s safety, hand-operated rear brakes provide sufficient stopping power on the rugged terrain. These will engage seamlessly when your kid squeezes the levers.

Finally, large pneumatic 12” knobby tires have been included to ensure full power transfer to the wheels. These are also well-treaded to improve traction when riding on slippery and loose surfaces.


  • Silent motor operation
  • Lightweight frame design
  • Decent top speed
  • Durable stainless-steel build
  • 30-minute riding range
  • Chain-driven motor


  • Long recharge time
  • A little pricey


Razor MX650 Rocket 

The MX650 Rocket is another great offering from Razor that some consider to be among the best new dirt bikes you can find in the market. Its relatively scaled-down design ensures that it can serve small and big-bodied riders, leaving you with a versatile bike for riders around 15.

The bike is equipped with a 650W motor that produces a powerful torque to easily take on backcountry terrains. This allows your child to reach an adrenaline-rushing top speed of 17mph. A twist-grip throttle control makes it easy to command the acceleration of the bike while dual disc brakes will bring the ride to a stop on a dime.

Razor uses a 36V battery pack on the MX650, which will allow your young champion 40 minutes of continuous fun on the trail. The battery will, however, take 8 hours of charging to fully recharge once it’s empty.

This bike boasts a sturdy steel construction that will take the punishment from riding on the tough off-road terrains without wearing off easily. At 98.2 pounds, the bike is a little weighty, so it is more suitable for 10-year-olds and above. It will also support a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds.

The riser handlebars on this bike are ideal for the tricky backcountry roads. They allow your boy to adjust his posture for a comfortable fit, depending on the kind of surface he is riding on. Dual suspensions help to make for a smooth ride when the trail gets bumpy and rocky.

Another great feature on the bike is the large pneumatic tires that allow maximum power transfer when tackling those steep ascends. Overall, the MX650 offers a stealthy ride to ensure that you won’t be a bother to your neighbors.

Finally, the manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty when you purchase this electric dirt bike!


  • 17mph top speed
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Large tires for stability
  • Dual suspension


  • Needs assembly
  • Long charge time



Burromax TT350R Electric Motorcycle

The Burrowmax TT350R sports a nice blend of playful colors that will appeal to your kid almost instantly. The frame design is comfortable with a spacious seat to ensure that your outgoing kid makes the most of his time outdoors.

The 350W motor on the Burrowmax may not be as powerful as the one on the Razor 650W, but it is suitable for a kid who is still getting used to the power of dirt bikes.

The bike features a high-grade steel frame design that can comfortably support riders under 145 pounds. Its heavy-duty folding footrest comes in handy when your child has to take a breather after a grueling ride on the trail.

The Burrowmax TT350R offers two-speed modes, which will be convenient for riders with varying skill levels. Your child can choose between a high speed of 17mph for high-octane fun and a low speed of 8mph which is best for beginner riders.

This bike comes with a 24V 10Ah lithium-ion battery that will offer you a range of 14 miles when it is fully charged. This is enough to provide an enjoyable time in the outdoors for your little champion. The battery will also require 8 hours of continuous charging when it finally runs empty.

Large pneumatic 12.5” aluminum alloy wheels provide great support for the bike. These are durable and offer the kind of stability needed on rugged and loose terrain. A twist-grip acceleration control makes it easy to manage the ride while rear disc brakes will stop the bike in its tracks if need be.

Adjustable riser handlebars on the TT350R make it a better choice for taller kids. Its full suspension design also reduces the discomfort of riding on rocky and bumpy tracks.

If you’re searching for the perfect present to surprise your teenage kid on his upcoming birthday, then look no further than the Burrowmax TT350R.


  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Strong construction
  • Reliable disc brakes
  • Dual speed modes
  • Comfortable frame geometry
  • Full suspension


  • Won’t be a good fit for shorter riders


Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike 

The Qaba Kids Electric bike will be a nice way of introducing your introverted child to the fun of outdoor riding. It comes with a cute design that will appeal to any kid, as well as a range of safety features to ensure your boy is always protected.

The bike features bright front lights to go with horn sound effects that should be exciting for children. An on/off function also makes for easy overall operation.

The Qaba bike consists of detachable training wheels that help first-timers to learn the ropes more comfortably by improving their balance. These are especially useful in the early stages of developing the confidence your kid needs for dirt bike riding.

Kids between the ages of 5 and 8 will find the perfect fit on this bike, which can also accommodate riders of up to 45pounds. The motor delivers a decent 25 watts of power to enable your child to achieve a top speed of 2.5km/h. The speed is not much but safe enough for a learner.

The bike also comes with authentic reverse, stop, and forward functions that enhance its ease of operation for newbies. Meanwhile, the battery will offer 45 minutes of interrupted fun but it will take almost 8 to 10 hours to fully recharge, which might seem like an eternal wait.

The bike will require a little bit of assembly once delivered, which shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. It is a simple matter of affixing a couple of components and there is an instructional manual provided to guide you every step of the way.

The bike package comprises a set of screws, one battery and its charger, which will be essential when putting the bike together. The frame is formidable and comes in three exciting colors for you to choose from.


  • Detachable training wheels
  • Instructional manual for home assembly
  • Great value for money
  • Sound effects for a fun ride
  • Convenient max speed
  • Long battery range


  • The charging time is too long


 Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath 

One look at the McGrath dirt will be enough to get your 15-year old interested in dirt bike riding. The bike features an appealing design that was inspired by the motocross great, Jeremy McGrath. A replica of Jeremy’s MX dirt bike, your child will enjoy its authentic dirt bike frame geometry.

With a strong steel frame, the bike will easily support riders weighing as much as 175 pounds. Any rider 14 and above will find it to be the ideal fit when riding on those unforgiving and tricky off-road tracks.

The bike produces a high-torque that will come in handy when scaling steep slopes. Its variable-speed motor will propel your boy to a top speed of 15mph while a twist-grip acceleration control makes it easy for your kid to manage the ride.

Dual suspension ensures that the ride remains comfortable when the trail gets bumpy and this is complemented by adjustable handlebars, which allow your child to achieve the most comfortable posture for the terrain.

Razor used a powerful dual disc brake system on the SX500, which will come in handy when your kid wants to bring the bike to a halt. A 36V battery pack on the bike provides 40 minutes of continuous biking, which is pretty decent by industry standards.

The SX500 McGrath rides on large pneumatic knobby tires that enable maximum power transfer while offering the needed stability on loose surfaces. A retractable kickstand has been included to make for easy packing when your kid needs to have a rest on the trail.

The only grievance about this bike, according to customer reviews, is that some of its components tend to collapse after a few days of riding. This may be a result of poor-quality control; something the company should resolve.

Other than that, the McGrath electric dirt bike is a reliable off-road monster that will provide your budding motocross rider with the feeling of a true champion. The best part of it all is that it comes with a decent price tag; offering the best bang for your buck!


  • 40 minutes of non-stop riding
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Variable speed motor
  • Great design
  • Durable steel construction


  • Quality control issues


After it’s all said and done, we recommend the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket  for those searching for the best electric dirt bike for kids under 15. It has a robust construction and great maximum speed, among a host of features that make it the right investment for your boy. These include:

  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • 30 minutes of continuous fun
  • Folding pegs and retractable stand
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Hand-operated brake system



Electric dirt bikes will be the perfect solution to getting your kid off the couch and make them more active. They not only provide unrivaled outdoor fun but also contribute to the general growth and development of your little ones.

If you’re looking to get your boy started on electric dirt biking, the above brands should be at the top of your list of considerations!