20 Best Motorcycles for Little Kids

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If you are looking for the best motorcycles for little kids, you have come to the right place! Here we have a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect electric motorcycle or gas powered one, whether you are looking for a Ducati, a police bike or pretty pink motorcycle for a little princess. Kids motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something to suit boys and girls aged 1 years old and above, no matter how much prior experience they have with battery powered ride on toys.

In these reviews, you will find the latest and best electric motorcycles for children, as well as helpful tips and considerations to assist in choosing which one is right for your child. Each product has excellent ratings and is safe for little kids to use, so you can be sure they will have loads of fun no matter which you choose.


Best Kids Motorcycles Reviewed

Let’s now look at some reviews of the best ride on motorcycles for kids. You’ll find 20 to choose from, in a variety of different styles to suit both boys and girls, and all personalities. One thing these motorcycles all have in common however is their excellent safety features and the amount of joy they will bring to little kids!

1. Monster Moto 250W Mini Bike

This kids motorcycle features a speed limiter to allow users of different ability levels to enjoy it safely. The maximum speed is either 7mph or 11mph, depending on which mode is selected. The bike has two wheels and no training wheels, so kids have to be able to balance to enjoy this one safely! It has rear disc breaks for smooth and easy stopping, which are controlled using the lever on the handlebars much like on a bicycle.

Both red and pink decal stickers are included, so kids can customize their motorcycle to their preference. It arrives almost fully assembled, all that needs done is to add the handlebars and charge up the battery. The Monster Moto bike is tough and durable, with non-denting fenders and a reinforced steel frame.


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2. Lil Rider 3 Wheel Motorcycle

If you are looking for battery powered motorcycles for little kids aged between 2 and 5 years old, this offering from Lil Rider could be just what you need! With a choice of five color schemes, there is something here to suit everyone. The three-wheel design means the toy is stable, so it’s not a problem if your child can’t yet balance on two wheels!

The motorcycle can be used indoors and outdoors, provided the surface is flat and smooth. The 6V battery provides a max speed of 1.75mph, so parents can easily keep up if they are following on foot! The top box is fully functioning and can be used to store any small items your child might need when they go out for an adventure.


This is an image of a 3 wheel motorcycle ride on toy designed for kids.

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3. Razor MX650 Electric Motocross Bike

When it comes to children dirt bikes, many parents naturally get a little worried about sending their child out on two wheels. But with the Razor MX650 Rocket, you can be sure they are in for a great ride! With a top speed of 17mph, it’s not as fast as some of the other dirt bikes out there, giving parents some peace of mind. It features dual suspension for comfort when riding, as well as knobby tires for improved traction on loose gravel surfaces.

The motocross bike can travel 10 miles on a single charge, and it must be charged for 12 hours before the first use. It’s ideal for tween-aged kids, although it weighs around 100 pounds so younger kids might need some help to pick it up. They’ll have years of fun with this bike, as it can hold up to 220 pounds, so mom and dad can have a turn too!


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4. Best Choice Products 6V Pink Motorcycle

Best Choice Products have a few interesting options when it comes to pink motorcycles for kid’s. This one is excellent for the younger rider, aged 2 years old and above. The 6V battery means this bike is not too powerful for little kids to handle, and the bike also comes with three wheels for easy balancing. The rear storage compartment has enough space for a few small items, perhaps a snack and a favorite toy.

There is a foot pedal for easy acceleration, and to stop simply stop pressing the pedal. There is a button to change direction between forwards and reverse, too. For added fun, this motorcycle for kids plays music, has horn sounds and also has LED headlights.


This is an image of a pink 3 wheel motorcycle toy for kids.

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5. Peg Perego Ducati Ride On

When it comes to boys motorcycles, Ducati is the brand they dream of! This mini replica model is powered by a 12V battery and has two speed settings. For beginners, the maximum can be locked at 2.5mph. As your child learns to control the bike, the maximum speed can be increased to a cool 5mph. There are also removable training wheels for younger riders.

This cool motorcycle has rubberized tires, mechanical drum brakes and anti-slip rubber handles. One of the handles is used to accelerate, just like on a real motorcycle. There’s a spare battery also included, so kids can continue to ride for even longer. This is a great pick for boys aged between 3 and 8 years old.


This is an image of a red electric motorbike with extra battery for little kids.

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6. Razor Pocket Rocket

This kid motorcycle might be small but it sure packs a punch with an impressive top speed of up to 15mph! Charging takes 4 to 6 hours, which then gives 45 minutes of riding time. There are 10 inch pneumatic tires fitted to the bike for smooth riding.

The Pocket Rocket looks just like a real racing bike, so it is sure to be a hit with kiddies who can’t wait until they can have a real motorcycle of their own. Despite its small size, it can carry up to 170 pounds without a problem, so kids can have years of fun with it.


This is an image of a lkid riding a blue miniature electric bike.

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7. Alison Children Light Up Motorcycle

When choosing little motorcycles for toddlers, one with lights on is always going to be a winner! Even better, this one is bright pink, sure to be a hit with the girls. It even has an AUX port, so you can connect a device to play your child’s favorite songs as they cruise around. The motorcycle toy also plays fun sound effects such as the engine starting and a horn. There’s even LED headlights on the front of the bike.

Kids between the ages of 3 years – 5 years old are the perfect size for this trike. It charges in 8 – 12 hours, which should give up to 2 hours of driving time. The maximum speed is around 3mph, so it’s perfect for beginners.


This is an image of a pink 3 wheel motorcycle toy for kids.

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8. Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

This kids electric motorcycle has an impressive top speed of up to 14mph, and is just the right size for kids aged around 6 -10 years old. The maximum user weight is 140 pounds, so it can be used for many years before it will be outgrown. It comes in both blue and pink colors, so you can choose which your child would like the most. The twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake means this Razor bike drives just like a real dirt bike.

There’s a kickstand on the side so the bike won’t get dumped on the ground – hopefully! It also has knobby tires for optimum handling on off-road surfaces. The bike can be used for up to half an hour on a single charge.


This is an image of a blue motocross bike for kids.

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9. Razor MX400 24V Dirt Rocket

The Razor Dirt Rocket is one of the best real dirt bikes for kids, as it has a maximum speed of an impressive 14mph! It has similar features to the Razor bike above, including 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires. There’s a chain-driven motor which offers great power on all terrains. The handlebars can be adjusted on this model, so kids can easily reach the all important controls as they continue to grow. It’s great for kids under 10 years old.


This is an image of a green electric motocross bike for kids.

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10. Hover Heart 6V Motorcycle

There are a few excellent motorcycles for toddlers out there, but this one ranks highly thanks to its stylish looks and flashing blue wheels. It also comes with training wheels making it perfect for toddlers who can’t yet balance on just two wheels. It’s powered by a 6 volt battery, meaning it doesn’t have too much power for younger kids. The bike is suitable for kiddies over the age of 3, and weighing up to 70 pounds.

The Hover Heart motorcycle can travel in both forwards and reverse, and has working LED headlights for added fun. It runs for up to 2 hours on a single charge, and requires 10-12 hours to charge fully.


This is an image of a blue electric powered motorcycle designed for kids.

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11. Lil Rider Chopper Trike

This chopper is one of the best lil motorcycles for kids aged as young as 18 months old. The three wheel design is ideal for younger kids, as it ensures the bike is nice and stable. It runs well on smooth surfaces, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. It holds children up to 50 pounds, and is the ideal size for those up to the age of around 4 years old. The chopper trike can reverse, plays sound effects and has functioning headlights for added fun and interest.


This is an image of a chopper trike motorcycle designed for kids.


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12. MigoToys Orange Trike

When it comes to kids cool motorcycles, this orange trike is up there as one of the coolest! Suitable for toddlers between the ages of 1 – 3 years old, it has a stylish and realistic design sure to attract and hold their attention. The foot pedal accelerator is easy for young kids to use, and the bike can also travel in reverse. There are fun engine sounds effects as well as a horn to warn people to get out of the way!


This is an image of an orange trike motorcycle for little kids.

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13. Best Choice Products Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

Best Choice Products offer a wide range of kids small motorcycles. We have chosen this one as it as a low top speed of 2mph, making it excellent for beginners. It also has training wheels so even if your child can’t yet ride a bicycle, they will be perfectly safe on this motorcycle. Kids will be drawn to the stylish appearance of this motorcycle, and it comes in a choice of three colors. This motorcycle for little kids also plays music and features headlights – sure to keep kids excited about riding this bike every time. The tires on this model provide good grip in many surfaces.


This is an image of an orange electronic motorcycle bike designed for little kids.

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14. Street Racer Ducati

Moderno Kids offer some great electric motorcycles, here we have this trendy pink Ducati which is suitable for kids 3 – 6 years old. With two speed settings, offering a maximum of either 2mph or 4mph, as well as training wheels, this is an excellent offering for beginner riders. The 12V electric motorcycle offers a little more power than its 6V counterparts, whilst still being easy for younger riders to control.

This is a fun kids motorcycles for girls – they will love the pink details as well as the sporty styling. It has a leather seat for maximum comfort, head and tail lights and a shock absorber for a smooth ride. 


This is an image of a pink and white ducati motorcycle toy for kids.

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15. Burromax TT250

This could be one of the best motorcycles for kids as it has two speed settings allowing it to grow with your child as they become more able and confident. The low speed limit is 7mph, whilst the higher maximum is 14mph, perfect for slightly older kids. It charges in 8 hours, and also lasts for around 8 hours after charging so kids can use it plenty before it needs a recharge. There’s full suspension, an adjustable handlebar and a rear disc brake, making this a high-quality bike.


This is an image of a motorcycle dirt bike for little kids.

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16. Massimo MB200 196CC Mini Bike

If you prefer kids gas powered motorcycles rather than electric, this Massimo 196cc bike could be the right choice. It comes assembled, save for the handlebars, so just attach those and add some gas and you’re ready to go. With an impressive top speed of 24mph, this kids mini gas motorcycles are for more advanced riders, perhaps those who have already tried out some 12v battery powered models. It’s great for tweens and above, and can hold up to 200 pounds so there’s no worries about it being outgrown quickly!


This is an image of a green mini bike for kids.

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17. Red Hawk 12V Motorcycle

Red motorcycles for kids are a popular choice, and here we have a 12V model which is recommended for kiddies aged 3 – 6 years old. There’s a button on the handle to accelerate, and the brake levers are also on the handlebars just like a bicycle. The kids ride on motorcycle plays fun sound effects to give them a realistic experience.


This is an image of a red motorcycle for little kids.

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18. Rosso Motors Police Motorcycle Ride On

Kids Police motorcycles are always popular, and they make kid’s role-playing games a whole lot more fun! This BMW motorcycle is best for kids over the age of 2, but under 6 years old. It has training wheels and three gears for different speeds. There’s a foot pedal throttle which is easy to use even for first-time drivers. Kids will love the sound and light effects, and there’s even a noise when they start the bike up with the key. The top box opens for storage so it’s perfect for taking a favorite toy along for a ride.


This is an image of a police motorcycle bike for kids.

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19. The Piki Piki Bike

We have focused mainly on battery-operated motorcycles in this review, but of course some parents prefer non electrical kids toy motorcycles. The Piki Piki Bike has three wheels and no pedals, so it is used much like a balance bike or ride on toy. Despite weighing only 5.5 pounds, this bike can hold kiddies up to 70 pounds. It is suitable from 18 months onward, and can be used indoors or outdoors, so kids can enjoy it all year round.


This is an image of a blue ride on toy for kids.

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20. Costzon 6V 3 Wheel Motorcycle Ride On

The final of our battery powered motorcycles for kids is this 6 volt offering from Costzon. With three wheels for balance, this is a great pick for toddlers, but can hold up to 66 pounds. It can be used indoors and outdoors, provided the surface is flat and smooth enough. The bike comes with an MP3 player for kids to play their own favorite music as they drive around, and it also has a siren. The maximum speed is around 2.5mph, so parents can keep up as their toddler cruises along.


This is an image of an orange electric motorcyle designed for kids.

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Our Top Pick

So, after reading these reviews you will probably be left wondering ‘what is the best electric motorcycle for kids?’. Well, our top pick is the Ducati from Street Racer. It stands out as one of the best motorcycles for little kids because it looks incredible, has two speed settings for different abilities and has training wheels for the youngest riders. We also like the leather seat and spring shock absorber, which give this bike a premium feel.



This is an image of a pink and white ducati motorcycle toy for kids.

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Best Budget Pick

If you are looking for the best in cheap motorcycles for kids, go for the Lil’ Rider 3 Wheeler, found at #2 on our list. It’s great because it looks stylish, has a low maximum speed of 1.75mph for younger riders and can be used for around 3 or 4 years before it will be outgrown. An excellent pick at an excellent price!


This is an image of a 3 wheel motorcycle ride on toy designed for kids.

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Considerations When Buying Little Kids Motorcycles

Age – It is important to check the manufacturer’s suggested age to ensure it will be suitable for your child’s height, weight and level of development.

Safety Features – Many kids motorcycles have three wheels, allowing them to remain balanced more easily when compared with a two-wheeler. Some models have two wheels as well as training wheels on either side for added stability.


What are the Different Types of Kids Motorcycle?

Kids motorcycles are generally electric, powered by a battery. The size of the battery varies, with higher voltages resulting in a more powerful motorcycle. For very young kids, 6V is ideal. These motorcycles travel at low speeds, however they might not be powerful enough to cope with uneven surfaces outdoors. They’re ideal for children up to the age of around 3 or 4 years old. The next stage up is 12V, which offer a little more power and speed, so are ideal for kiddies around 3 years old and above. The most powerful type are those motorcycles powered by a 24V battery, which are best for kids over the age of 6.

Gas motorcycles for kids are another option, although these tend to be much more powerful and are therefore for kids around the tween age and above.

Of course, you can also find motorcycles toddlers and kids which don’t have any batteries, instead relying on ‘kid-power’ to get them moving! These can be used by children of virtually any age, depending on their size. You can also find some models which are styled on real sports bikes or dirt bikes.


Why Should I Buy My Child a Motorcycle?

Not only is riding a kids motorbike loads of fun, it can also help your child learn and practice some important skills. Coordination skills will be learnt, as your child figures out how to steer the toy to get to where they want to be. As your child gets better at riding their new motorcycle, they will also grow in self-confidence. You can also use an electric ride-on toy to teach your child to become more responsible and abide by the rules – for example by teaching them they can’t run over their friends or their pets! Motorcycles are also great for getting kiddies playing outdoors, instead of sitting indoors in front of a screen.


Motorcycle Safety Tips for Kids

Whilst the motorcycles we have chosen here are not particularly fast, it is important to teach your child how to use it safely nonetheless. A helmet should be worn when using these toys, so be sure to review the best kids motorcycle helmet. These motorcycles are toys, and as such they should never be ridden on the road. Ensure your child is familiar with the controls before they start riding – it’s especially important to make sure they know how to stop! Children should ride their motorcycle in an open area away from any obstacles they might hit, until they get better at steering and learn to avoid them!