For parents with cars, these girls RC cars offer a way out from the constant bother from kids who are impatient to grow up and start driving. Now the kids have their own ride, parents can rest easy until they outgrow the toy and demand for bigger ones or different toys.

Outgrowing the toys might take a while though. Because, by their nature and design, there are multiple ways kids can play with them including trying to chase and outrace the cars: simply clear evidence that everybody loves speedy and shiny things.

Another reason these toys make great gift items is that they encourage imaginative role play. Kids feel like grown-ups while playing with the toys spending hours creating adult scenarios. This helps in the development of their social skills and creative thinking while the running around provides the much-needed exercise.

So if you are looking for girls remote control cars for your baby girl, you are in the right place. We have selected 20 products we believe would meet all you and your kid’s expectations.

this is an image of Toys girlmazing in pink color


20 Best Remote Control Cars for Girls

So, it is time to look at the 20 cars we recommend for girls. The toy cars in this guide went through a selection process that was very rigorous to ensure only the best made it through.

1. Pink 2012 Girlmazing Ford Mustang Boss By Jada Toys

This hot pink,  faithfully-reproduced, mini version of the 2012 Ford Mustang is designed with a single purpose: to totally capture the attention of any girl. After all, it comes in girl’s all-time favorite color, pink. The car is also stylish and looks like the sort of hot car a trendy girl would drive to a movie premiere or a fashion show.

Suitable for 6 years old and above, it comes with stickers your kid can use to further customize the car to match her personality.

For a mini car, it is incredibly fast and the 4 AA batteries that are required to power the car last a long time. And the remote? It comes with a flexible antenna and is just as beautiful as the car and easy to operate.

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2. Pink Pinkie Pie Scooter by My Little Pony

A pink pony riding daintily on a blue scooter with pink wheels? And your little girl gets to control the where it goes with the adorable, pink, easy-to-use remote navigator shaped like a butterfly? This is just the tip of the fun ride she’ll get with this scooter by My Little Pony.

Depending on your girl’s mood, she can make the scooter spin or beep out a warning to pedestrians standing in the path of the majestic pony.

For additional fun, you can use the downloaded app on your device to scan the code on the pony to reveal the mystery character in the Friendship Celebration app.

this is an image of girl's pony pinkie pie in pink color

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3. White Pixie Cruiser Buggy with Purple Wheels by Sharper Image

The Pixie Cruiser is a fierce-looking, tough buggy but also cute to look at. Girls would love the pink wheels that make a brilliant contrast to the white body with flowered designs.

Talking about the wheels, they are huge, all-terrain grip tires made of tough rubber. Even on smooth surfaces, the car can easily zip around at its maximum speed of 5 mph without slipping or sliding.

Made for girls 6 years and above, the car comes with a standard 27 MHz frequency wireless controller that is easy-to-master to give your kid total control of the cruiser.this is an image of girl's remote control car in pink and purple color

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4. Pink Off RC Control Monster Truck by NQD

This pink beauty would thrill your little girl in more ways than you could possibly imagine. It is an all-terrain, stunt vehicle packed with features designed to let it withstand the rough and tumble typical stunt cars are subjected to on different surfaces.

With the easy-to-hold and operate removed control, the little one can make the truck rotate a full circle while standing upright; do dancing movements; and many other stunts.

The 2.4 GHz remote is capable of controlling the car up to a range of 250 feet. While the included 800 mAh battery ensures the fun time would last for as long as 30 minutes.

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5. Pink Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car

This pink Junior Minnie Mouse roadster is simply one of the cutest for girls that comes with a remote. With the 27 MHz single-frequency pink and purple control pad, Minnie can be easily taken for a fun ride around the house complete with thrilling spins.

Suitable for girls 4 years and up, this remote control toy for girls uses 3 AA and 2 AA alkaline batteries for the car and remote unit respectively. Both car and navigator are made of durable, non-toxic plastic material.

Your little girl would surely want to be part of Minnie’s adventures as she chases after the car ensuring she gets the much-needed exercise while having fun.

this is an image of girl's minnie mouse remote control car in pink color

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6. Black and Pink Waterproof Monster Truck

Like all monster trucks, this remote-controlled monster truck for girls looks fearsome, tough and extremely resilient. It is designed to handle everything your little girl is expected to throw at it and still be in one piece.

Made from strong ABS plastic material, the 4WD girls truck can race up to a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. She can make it climb walls, flip, turn left or right, race over rough terrain, sand, and rocks for 20 minutes non-stop on the 9V 1000 mAh rechargeable battery.

It comes with an easy-to-operate 2.4 GHz control stick with an effective control distance of more than 80 matters. You also get a charging cable and one transmitter in the pack.

this is an image of girl's tumbling waterproof remote control car in pink and black color

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7. Red 4WD Off Road High Speed Stunt Car by Beatheaces

What is a stunt car if it can’t flip, bounce around effortlessly, spin full circle at a dizzying speed and conquer all types of terrain? Just an ordinary car. But this red racing car with huge wheels by Beatheaces is the real deal: it does everything a stunt car should do and much more.

Your little girl would have so much fun using the ergonomically-designed 2.4 GHz blue remote device to take it through the full spectrum of its capabilities. And she can do all that non-stop for about 10 minutes on the rechargeable battery before it needs to be recharged.

This is a durable product made from premium material that can withstand scratches, bumps, impacts, and scrapes. The pack also contains a pump to inflate the tires, a screwdriver, and a manual. That is everything you’d need to assemble it.

this is an image of girl's betheaces remote control car in red color

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8. Green 4WD RC Stunt Car by Minsk

This green remote-controlled off road car is built for speed. Even you would be surprised by how fast it moves on 4 huge grip wheels no thanks to the twin motors and 4WD systems which ensures lack of traction is never an issue on any surface.

Apart from speed, and using the 2.5 MHz remote unit, it can be made to reverse, turn left or right, spin 360°, flip and execute double sides runs easily.

Made from high-quality plastic material to ensure durability, it features a 400 mAh battery which can be recharged with a USB cable. It takes about 2 hours to get a full charge for about 15 minutes of playtime.

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9. Pink 3-Speed Ride On Truck by Best Choice Products

This pink truck is a realistic scaled-down version of many of the stylish trucks on our roads. But it is big enough for 3 years olds and above to above to sit comfortably and enjoy a cool ride around the backyard.

All the controls of the truck are in the cute controller so adults can take care of navigating it while the kids are in the truck. You can also play your kid’s favorite music via the built-in aux outlet connected to a mobile player.

It features a 14″ traction wheel with spring suspension, durable plastic body, LED headlamps and a 12V motors powered by a 7 amps rechargeable battery.

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10. Liberty Imports Pink RC Racer

The pink racer vehicle for girls is one of the best girls car gifts to introduce a little girl to the world of miniature racers. It is chunky-shaped making it small enough for 2 – 4 years old to hold easily with their little hands.

They would have lots of fun using the pink wheel-shaped remote to make the car move forward very fast or spin. Even the wheels would grab their attention with its flashing lights.

The car can speed easily on all types of floor surfaces including hardwood, concrete, tile, and medium carpet.

this is an image of girl's remote control racer vehicle car in pink purple colors

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11. Pink RC Truck with Black Wheels by Double E

This truck isn’t your typical RC ride for girls; it is a monster truck on monster wheels with the realistic design of robust off-road vehicles frequently used for extreme driving on challenging terrain.

The truck comes equipped with two NiMH batteries each capable of powering the truck through grassland, mud land, mountain trail, and rocky terrain for 20 minutes each. The dual built-in motors make driving on these terrains look effortless and smooth.

All kids from 4 years and above would love the superior control experience and the excellent climbing performance that comes from a design that includes shocks absorbers and huge anti-slip wheels.this an image of girl's double newest remote control car in pink and black colors

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12. Hacktoys Blue Hack 101

Little girl as young as 10 months to 7 years old would easily fall in love with this amazing stunt car. It packs a combination of features and functions kids find enthralling: It is brightly colored, plays music, has flashing LED lights and can pull the most amazing stunts on its huge translucent wheels.

The 500 mAh battery can deliver up 20 minutes of driving time. In that time, and using the remote navigator that is easy to operate, the little one can make the racer execute spiral spins, flips, 360° coiling and tumbling, and much more.

And you don’t have to remove the battery to recharge it; simply attach the USB charging cable to the appropriate adapter to get the juice up again. Less than 2 hours is all the time it takes to have a full battery again.

this is an image of girl's acrobatic stunt remote control car in colorful colors

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13. Red Light Up Sports Car with Flexible Antenna by Haktoys

Your little girl would be super-excited with this Light Up sports car by Haktoys. With so many LED flashing lights around the red body of the sports car,  the kid is definitely going to get lost in her imaginary racing world.

The black control pad is easy to hold and features a flexible antenna for added child safety and durability of the product. With the 40 MHz controller, the girl would quickly learn how to drive forward and backward and turn left or right on various surfaces including low carpet and tile floors.

The control distance of the 5 AA (1.5V) battery-powered controller is an impressive 50 feet.

this is an image of girl's spectacular flashing remote control car in colorful colors

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14. Pink Hello Kitty RC Car by Jada Toys

This is a super cute little convertible to go with the cuteness of your adorable little daughter. How can she not far in love with the little kitty sitting in the car or the Pink and baby blue round navigator with a flexible antenna.

And there is more to it aside from the cuteness. With the remote, she can control lights and sounds effects that play in the controller. She can also remove the kitty so they can go and have a rest and nap after a long drive.

The buttons and functions on the control pad are simple ensuring driving is very easy.

this is an image of girl's hello kitty remote control car in pink color

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15. Cyan Cartoon RC Car with Music by Beebeenum

At just 7″ long with a compact body, 3 removable and adorable bunnies as drivers, and an easy-to-use ergonomic controller, this is one toy for girls that kids between 3 – 5 years wouldn’t need any persuading to play with. And you bet they would have a great time while at it.

With the 2-channel remote, they can control lights and sounds including the honking sound and music; and of course, they can also make the car drive forward or backward even from as far as 20 meters.

The little ones can switch drivers with any of the other drivers. And you don’t have to worry about the battery going dead easily, the toy goes into sleep mode after 4 minutes of inactivity to conserve the battery life.

this is image of girl's remote control car with music in pink and bleu colors

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16. Black and Blue High Speed RC Stunts Car by Andals

One thing is certain, this small car with a big heart would win the heart and mind of any girl fortunate enough to get it as a gift. It is not just that it can move forward in a flash, the stunts it’s capable of are remarkable given its small size.

Controlled from an ergonomic remote pad, it can easily execute both left and right turns, tumble over and even do flips with ease. Kids can make it do all that from as far as 50 meters away: the 2.4 GHz RC is that responsive.

Apart from the design, bright colors, and huge grip wheels, kids would love that it is lightweight making it convenient to carry along to a different location to resume playing with it.

this is an image of girl's rolling remote control car in bleu and black colors

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17. Green Twirling Tumbler Monster Mini Truck

On the strength of the design alone, this truck by Sharper Image could qualify as one of the best girls toys cars. But it has so many other fun features going for it including the ability to perform 360° spins, wheelies, flips, and other stunts.

You and the kids would love the extra wheel at the back and the unique dual joystick control with each stick exclusively controlling one side of the car. This combination of 5th wheel and dual joystick makes it easy to perform a dizzying combination of amazing stunts with the vehicle.

Recommended for girls 6 years old and above, it is powered by a 1.9 V battery while the controller uses 4 AA batteries.


this is an image of girl's remote control twirling tumbler car in mint green color

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18. Pink Dual Driving Modes Kids Electric Ride on Car by Uenjoy

Let your girl get the full-on experience of driving her own car with the top down, and cool air fanning her face while listening to her favorite songs jamming out of the speakers connected to a mobile music player via the built-in aux-in port.

The dual driving mode allows the kids to drive the car using the electric foot pedal. This is in addition to the remote that allows parents to exert a level of control over the car from a distance for safety concerns.

No design feature is left out to make this look like a real car. It features headlights, adjustable seat belts, working horn, push-button start, and a real engine sound all powered by a 4 amp battery capable of delivering up to 60 minutes of driving time.

this is an image of girl's remote control in pink color

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19. Raster Pink and Black Beetle

With glossy finishing, authentic-looking rubber tires, headlights, side mirrors, and tinted windshields, this scale-down Volkswagen Beetle is a perfect mix of functionality, realistic features, and beauty; you could just as well use it as a decorative piece in your apartment.

However, you have to watch in envy as the little one uses the full functions of the controller to push the car to the limits of its capabilities. It can be steered in any direction at a maximum speed of 10 km/hr up to a range of 40m; and it’s so balanced it can navigate corners very fast.

All these and more are achieved with the aid of the 3 AA batteries for the car and 2 AA batteries for the remote unit.

this an image of girl's remote control volkswagen car in pink color

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20. Holy Stone Cartoon Racer

Simply looking at this cartoon race car for kids, you’d know much time and effort was expended in making sure the designed addressed all the expectations of kids especially girls.

The car is a nice blend of three primary colors, red, yellow and green with a glossy blue race driver commanding the cabin. It’s very cute which belies the sturdiness that can withstand the knocks it would surely get from racing around.

It’s easily started by pushing a button on the steering and features a button on the driver’s helmet that emits a little noise when pushed; a push button at the back to produce music; honking sounds; and flashing headlights initiated by pressing buttons on the remote.

this is an image for girl's remote control car with lights and music in colorful colors

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Buying Considerations when Choosing Girls RC Cars

In an ideal world, buying a remotely navigated car for your daughter shouldn’t involve more than walking into the nearest mall or shop and picking the first toy you see. The reality is quite different.

You’d have to consider a lot of factors or you would end up with a product that is disappointing in so many ways. The bottom line is, you have wasted money and time purchasing an inferior or inappropriate product for your girl.

The important variables to take into consideration include the following:

Age – You want to make sure the car you purchase is suitable for her. If she is a toddler or younger, a remote-controlled vehicle that has many features and is very fast would not be suitable.

Conversely, purchasing a rather basic car toy suitable for toddlers for an older daughter is repeating the same mistake above: the result is money and time down the drain.

Battery – The best toys must come with batteries that deliver several minutes of playing time. It is a bummer having to buy a new toy only to discover it can’t power the toy for more than a couple of minutes.

If you purchase a unit that comes with disposable batteries, it is smart to purchase as many spare batteries as you can afford.

Note that the rate of the drain on a battery would depend on the number of features in the car. More features drain the batteries faster.

Operations – It is better to purchase cars that are easy to use and assemble. This factor played a huge role in the selection process. Kids easily get bored with complicated toys that require them to go through several hoops before using some of the important features.

Parents would hate it if expert knowledge is required to assemble the car or even to open the battery compartment when it’s time to replace it with a new one.


Best Overall Buy     

Double E’s pink remotely controlled monster truck was hard to ignore. The all-terrain vehicle comes with several exciting features and robust design. We love the that it can perform some very serious stunts while the shock absorbers and huge grip wheels enhance the image of the realistic truck it is trying to convey.

this an image of girl's double newest remote control car in pink and black colors

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Best Budget Pick

Hacktoy’s Hack 101 Invincible Tornado is a small bundle of amazing features. It is a very colorful, well-designed toy that captures the attention immediately.

Apart from the stunts it can perform with ease, you also get flashing lights and music; two features that kids love very much.

this is an image of girl's acrobatic stunt remote control car in colorful colors

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Where to Buy Remote Control Cars?

It is easy to purchase one if you know where to look. The problem could be making the right choice from so many cars on display.

Reputable shops at the mall have several of the toys on sale. You could also use the services of several online stores to order. But make sure you restrict yourself to only online stores with excellent pedigree or you might end up purchasing sub-standard toys.


How Much Are Girls RC Cars?

How much you pay for a product would depend on the features. Generally, cars with the most features are more expensive.

The price range of cars in this guide is very broad. Essentially, no matter the size of your budget, you would great products to fit your budget.


Who Makes the Best RC Cars?

The argument on who makes the best  cars is very subjective. But a good rule of thumb is to consider the pedigree of the manufacturer in question. Have they being in business for long and generally have a reputation for making the best cars?

A positive answer to both questions makes the task of identifying the best makers of rc cars for girls easier.