Are you looking for a walkie talkie for kids to play with when they’re having outdoor adventures? You’ve come to the right place, as here we have reviewed some of the best ones out there. There’s something to suit all budgets and requirements here, whether you are looking for a toy handheld two-way radio for little kids to play with at home, or something for older kids to keep them safe when they’re out and about.

Kids walkie talkies can have a range of uses, so selecting the correct set is important. They can be useful for friends to keep in touch with one another, and are much more fun than texting or communicating via social media. They’re also fun to use as part of a role-playing game, where your child might take on the role of a secret agent. A long range radio can be useful for keeping in contact with your kids when you might be giving them a little more freedom to explore on their own. It could be during a camping trip, a day at the beach or perhaps going to a theme park or similar crowded place. They’re great for giving kids the freedom to explore alone, whilst you know you can still contact them at any time.

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Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Now we will move on to the best kids walkie talkie reviews. We have looked through many available options to bring you the very best. There are models suitable for kids of all ages and for any occasion. We’ve even chosen a range of colors and styles so you can choose something your child will love to use.

1. Favorest Kids Walkie Talkie Rechargeable

These radios are lightweight and small, weighing under 3 ounces, which makes them perfect for kiddies. They are also easy to use – simply press the ‘talk’ button and start speaking. The range is 2 miles in an open area, and there are 22 channels to choose from. There are two radios in the set, but it’s possible to connect more by choosing the same channel and sub channel on the other units.

The battery life is good on this model. It can be used for 4 hours, or left on standby for 9 hours. There are eight AAA batteries included, which can be charged in around an hour or two. There’s a battery life indicator on the LCD display, so you have some warning if it is getting low. A flashlight is also built in to the radio, as well as a belt clip holder.

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2. Motorola Talkabout

The Motorola walkie talkie, like on talkieman, comes as a pack of 3. It has a low battery warning, so you know when it’s time to recharge. There are 22 channels available, so it’s always easy to find one which is available, and you can also connect with other brands of radio by selecting the same channel and using the same privacy code. It’s possible to lock the keypad so settings aren’t adjusted by accident when the radio is placed in a pocket.

The Motorola radios can be used for up to 18 hours, and require 3 AAA batteries. The range is a very impressive 16 miles, so they can be used virtually anywhere. One useful feature of these radios is the inclusion of a tone which is played instead of saying ‘over’ when you’ve finished saying your message.

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3. Fayogoo 22 Channel Radios

These Fayogoo walkie talkies for kids have loads of great features and also come in fun, colorful camo designs. They are drop-resistant which makes them ideal even for younger kids. There’s a flashlight built in, and the range can be up to 4 miles. There are 10 calling tones to choose from, and the radios also have a beeping tone which is played when the person speaking has finished.

Even within built-up areas, these radios offer a range of half a mile or more. So, they are fun for playing around with friends as well as using when hiking or camping. There are 22 channels as well as 38 sub channels, or privacy codes, which is excellent for keeping communications private. Kids can enjoy clean and clear communication with these radios.

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4. E-Wor Mini Kids Radios

These mini radios are perfect for kids as young as 3 years old, as they are light and small, perfectly sized to fit a kid’s hand. There is a choice of four colors – pink, purple camo, green camo or blue camo. There are two ways to talk over these radios – either using the talk button located on the side of the unit or by using the ‘hands free’ VOX mode.

The ‘auto squelch’ function on these radios helps remove background noise, ensuring crystal clear sound even in busy places. There’s also volume control to help get the perfect sound quality. In built up areas, the range on these radios is expected to be up to one mile, whilst in the open this rises to a respectable four miles.

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5. USA Toyz Two Way Radios

These radios from USA Toyz are voice activated for easy use. They cover a range of 2 miles, and have 22 channels as well as 99 subchannels for security. There’s also a headphone jack on the radios to ensure messages are kept top secret! The backlit screens ensure the information on them can be seen even in poor lighting conditions. There is an LED flashlight for use at night too.

The radios each require 4 AAA batteries, so it’s a good idea to stock up on rechargeable ones. They come with a detachable belt clip for even easier hands free use. For younger kids, the buttons can be locked to prevent them from changing any settings after the radios have been set up by parents.

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6. Playco 2 Way Radio Set

These Playco radios are easy to set up, and once a suitable channel is selected it can be locked so it’s not accidentally changed. Two miles is the range, which should be adequate for most situations. Each radio needs 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. Some of the other fun features include the flashlight, belt clip and call alert sounds, which allows kids to call the other unit much like a cell phone.

The radios from Playco are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are just a toy!

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7. iKsee Dung Beetle

The ‘Dung Beetle’ might be one of the best 2 way radios for families, thanks to its range of awesome features. There is an extra bright LCD screen as well as an LED flashlight, so the radios can be used day and night. The compass on top of the radio is a nice addition and can be useful when the radios are used outdoors in the forests for example.

Like many of the other radios offered here, there are 22 channels available and the range is around 3 miles in an open area. There is a VOX hands free function. When this mode is enabled, signal will be transmitted to the other units as soon as a sound is made. So, it doesn’t work well in noisier locations.

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8. Spy Gear Walkie Talkies

These Spy Gear kids walkie talkie with video have a short range of 160 feet, so they more toys, not suitable for using to keep track of your kids when out on an adventure. They are easy to use however, making them a great pick for younger kids. Simply press the button to activate the audio and video transmission. It’s also possible to plug headphones in to the radio to communicate in secret with fellow agents!

The video talkies can also be used as secret surveillance cameras. Place one, opened, in a hidden location and press the button. Then, watch on the other monitor for a live surveillance video stream. The machine will automatically shut down after 15 minutes to help preserve battery life.

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9. Ohime 3 Pack Radios

This pack of 3 radios is great for larger families who wish to maintain contact when out and about. With the 3 mile range, they are perfect for most situations. Each unit takes 4 AAA batteries so it’s best to buy a large pack of rechargeable batteries. The sound quality is excellent on these radios, as there is anti-interference technology.

There are power saving features to help prolong battery life – the radios can be used for 12 hours on standby or 4 hours continuous. They are drop-proof from around 4 feet, making them suitable for clumsy kids! The backlit LCD screen shows the battery status, and there is also a belt clip holder for easy carrying. The torch which is built-in can be used as a flashlight or for making emergency signals.

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10. Retevis RT628

These Retevis radios weigh just over 3 ounces so they are perfect for kids of all ages. The features are simple to use yet effective, such as the easy to use PTT (push to talk) button. VOX is also an option if this mode is preferred. There are four color options to choose from – red, black, camo or silver. Removable belt clips are also included with the radios if required.

The radios come with an LCD display for use at night, and they require 3 AA batteries each. Once the correct channel has be found, it’s possible to lock it on so kids won’t accidentally change it and lose contact. There’s the option to set the call ring tone so you know when there’s an incoming communication. You can also set the tone the buttons make when pressed.

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11. Qianghong T3

This twin pack of radios comes in a great choice of colors, including bright green, yellow or pink, blue or black. They have power saving features to help prolong the battery, which lasts 12 hours on standby or 4 hours continuous. Each unit takes 4 AAA batteries, so be sure to stock up on a large back of rechargeable batteries! There are 22 channels available on both the FRS and GMRS bands.

The radios include auto squelch which is useful for eliminating background noise in busy places. This ensures kids can always hear clearly over the radios no matter where they are used. The radios are good for use at night or in poorly-lit locations, thanks to the LED flashlight and LCD backlit screen. In an open area, expect the range to be in the region of 2-3 miles, but do be aware this can vary in poor weather or if there are obstructions.

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12. Yihoo Kids Radios

These radios can be used either for two people to talk to one another, or more if more radios are purchased. The camo design is sure to appeal to kids, and makes the radios even more fun and realistic to use as part of an army game! The sound quality is excellent with the Yihoo radios. There’s volume control, auto squelch functionality and a crisp and clear sound, so you never have to worry about mishearing what is said over the radio.

The radios are excellent for children, as they are light and have an ergonomic design to ensure they easily fit into a child’s hand. Belt clips are also included for hands free use. Communication can be made by either PTT or VOX systems, so there is flexibility for all situations. The radios also include a call button and a flashlight on the top.

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13. Huaker Radios – 3 Pack

This pack of three camo design radios is great for families with more than one child to keep an eye on. They include the use of up to 99 subchannels over 22 main channels, which is great for privacy. In an open area, the radios can be used over a distance of 3 miles. Communication can be made to either one unit or all of them, depending on what is required.

Call alert functionality is included on these radios, making it even easier to contact fellow users. There are 10 unique tones to choose from, kids are sure to love picking their favorite! The radios also have anti-interference and crisp, clear sound quality to make sure communications are always clear and easy to understand. There’s an adjustable volume control so fellow users can always be heard easily even if it’s noisy. Each radio takes 4 AAA batteries, so you will need 12 at a time to use all the radios.

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14. Midland Long Range Two Way Radios

These radios come as a pack of 4, making them excellent for large families or for sharing with the extended family on a vacation. When there are no obstructions, the range is a very impressive 16 miles, meaning these radios can be used virtually anywhere. There are belt clips included for each radio, as well as eVOX. Both of these factors combined allow for easy hands free operations.

Another unique feature of these radios is the NOAA weather alert system. This will play an alarm tone when there is a risk of extreme weather conditions approaching, meaning it’s time to take cover. The usual 22 channels can be accessed on these radios, and they also have 38 privacy codes on the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. This allows other conversations to be blocked, so it’s easier to communicate with your own family and friends.

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15. Qniglo Rechargeable Radios

These radios come with a rechargeable battery pack, which offers a great usage time. Expect the radios to last a very impressive 5 days on standby, or 18 hours continuous talk time. You can easily see when they are charged, as the light will turn from red to green to indicate a full charge. The usual 2 channels and 3 mile radius can be expected from the Qniglo radios.

There are two color options, the blue pattern pictured below, or a green camo design. If you can’t decide, you can choose a pack with one of each design! The radios have noise cancelling technology and an easy to use PTT system. Choose between one to one or one to more contact, meaning you can communicate easily with whoever you need to.

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16. Kids Paw Patrol Radios

These toy radios are excellent for younger kids who love to play imaginary games. Whilst they won’t give as good a range as some of the other models, they can still be used up to around 1000 feet apart. These radios are durable enough for young children to use – they can stand up to being dropped a bit, and the antenna is flexible so it won’t snap.

Kids will love the Paw Patrol characters as well as the fun shape of these radios. For girls, there’s the option to choose Skye and Everest instead.

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Best Buy Overall

Now we have reviewed over 15 products, it’s time to choose the best kids walkie talkie. Midland’s long range radios at number 14 on our list come out on top for many reasons. The extra long range means these radios will probably never go out of range, and the 4 pack means they’re great for larger families. They are easy to use and come in four nice colors. There’s nothing to dislike about these great radios!

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Best Budget Pick

The Paw Patrol radios are the best choice if you are looking for a cheaper option simply for use around the house or backyard. They are great fun for younger children to use as part of an imaginary game, but they are not suitable for long-distance calling. Kids will love seeing their favorite characters too!

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Considerations when Choosing Kids Two Way Radios

There are a few things worth thinking about before buying a talkie walkie set for your kids. Some of the key factors are discussed below.

Ease of Use – You should choose a product which is not too difficult to use, particularly when buying for younger children. You probably don’t want too many fancy features which can make the radios more complicated. A simple push to talk system is ideal.

Range – The range required will vary from family to family, depending on where the radios will be used. Two or three miles is usually a good range, although less can be acceptable if they will mainly be used for play without wandering too far. A larger range is often available, although the models which offer this feature are usually more for adult use and are not toys.

Features – Many walkie talkie kids radios share the same basic features, although there might be something in particular you are looking out for. A push to talk system is ideal, as it is easy to use. You might also wish to look for an LCD screen which shows the current stats. Some handheld radios have a flashlight for emergencies. As with anything bought for kids, it’s always a good idea to make sure it is durable! You might like to consider the number of channels available, or whether the radio has a clip to attach it to a belt.

Battery LifeĀ – Having a good battery life is an essential feature to look out for – there’s nothing worse than having the battery die when you are far from home! It’s also a good plan to take a spare set of well-charged batteries just in case the worst happens.


Why Kids Love Walkie Talkies?

Many kids love to play with these toys because they allow them to use their imagination to take on a variety of roles. It can also help give them more freedom and independence, whilst still keeping them safe – kids can wander off from mom and dad a little further than they normally would be allowed to, as they can still maintain communications.


What Are the Risks of Kids Using Walkie Talkies?

Using these radios as a form of communication is generally pretty safe, however there is a risk of someone else who is within range listening in on conversations. For this reason, it’s wise to teach your child not to give away any personal information when talking over the radios, such as where they live or the school they go to.

There’s also a chance the radios will go out of range, perhaps hitting a dead spot. Similarly, the batteries could run out unexpectedly, so we always recommend taking a spare set as well as making sure they are fully charged before leaving the house.


What Channel Are Kids Walkie Talkies On?

Most sets come with various channels to choose from, helping avoid interference or avoid others listening. Some sets come with just a couple of channels, whereas others have over 20.


What Is a Game That Kids Play with Walkie Talkies?

Your child will probably have loads of ideas as to how they are going to use their new gadget! Many kids love to play spy games, or they could be soldiers or even air traffic controllers! You could even find a list of actual radio codes for your kids to learn to give them an even more fun and realistic play experience. Radios can also make games of hide and seek more fun, or can be used to coordinate a large-scale scavenger hunt!