10 Best Swing Sets for Older Kids

This is an image of a colorful tree swing set with 3 kids sitting on it

Are you looking for new ways to deck out your garden or yard to max out outdoor entertainment for your child? Whether you’re buying a gift for your child’s birthday or simply want to give them something new and fun to play on, swings for older kids are a great addition to any outdoor space!

From metal swing sets for older kids to traditional wooden versions, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a swing for kids. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the best swing activity options out there right now, we’ve got you covered. Swings for older children come in lots of varieties and with each different price tags too, read on to see which ones we’ve selected for you…


10 Best Kids Swing Sets

Swings are enjoyed by children (and adults) of all ages, if you’re searching for swing sets for older child you’ll have to be selective to ensure they are supportive when it comes to weight. You will also want to consider the material and how age-appropriate the set is too.

1. Round Outdoor Tree Swing 

Looking for a cool swing for your child or children that’ll fit nicely in your outdoor space? Including a 40″ round seat, this is a great swing for heavier kids and, can be used by two children at one time too! Kids can kick back and relax together on the awesome seat which provides plenty of space. The sturdy frame is capable of holding up to 220lbs and it’s easy to install too. We love this colorful set and guarantee it’ll provide plenty of fun and entertainment, especially throughout the summer months. As one of the best kids sets, this option is affordable, great value for money and is top rated.

this is an image of a round tree swing

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2. Waterproof Wooden Swing

Wooden swings look beautiful, no matter where they are. Available in many varieties, this awesome outdoor activity for kids is water, wind and sun resistant. Guaranteed to last for years, it’s composed of high-quality hardwood and is rustic in style. As an alternative to a metal swing for older kids, this fantastic playset is robust and won’t be damaged by weather, unlike other swings. Tie it to your tree using the 10 feet of rope included or, why not take this awesome activity with you camping for plenty of family fun? This is one of the best swings for a child that is older and, it carries that authentic style that everybody loves!


This is an image of kids waterproof wood swing

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3. Heavy Duty Swing 

Backyard swings can be heavy duty and this cool product is proof of that! When looking for an outdoor swing for kids it’s important to choose one that is age-appropriate. A lot of plastic swing sets for kids are aimed towards a younger age range, however, this set is made of high-quality materials and has a super-strong metal chain for reassurance. It can support up to 250 pounds with the chain being wrapped in a plastic coating for ultimate comfort. If you’re looking for a new outdoor playset, consider a swing which provides endless hours of simple fun. Is this the perfect set for your outdoor space?

This is an image of kids swing seat heavy duty in green color

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4. Rigid Blue Swing Set

There are lots of large swings for older kids out there and, the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune. Thanks to the outdoor activity being one of the most popular forms of entertainment, you’ll have plenty of choices. We’ve picked out this cool option because of its price tag and quality, which isn’t compromised. If you’re looking for cheap kids swing sets, this rigid blue set has a heavy-duty plastic seat that is supported by robust nylon rope which can support up to 190lbs. Suitable for both outdoors and indoors, its seat is anti-slip and the rope comes preassembled for ease. If your child has a favorite color, why not go for an alternative? This set comes in red, green, orange and blue.

This is an image of kids blue swing set

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5. Ring And Trapeze Combo Set

All swings are special, we love them for the simple entertainment and endless fun that they provide. However, this cool ring and trapeze version is truly one of a kind. Kids backyard swings needn’t be plain and boring, stand out from the crowd with something awesome and a bit different! Constructed of powder-coated steel, this swing is durable and can support up to 115 pounds making it a great kids metal set. Children can build their strength and core power using strong plastic rings to lift themselves and swing. A versatile activity for budding gynasts, this set can be used both indoors and outdoors and is a great addition to outdoor playsets.

This is an image of kids swing set combo in yellow and blue colors

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6. Swing Set Combo

A versatile outdoor activity, this awesome combo frame has a large round seat that makes it an ideal swing set for teenagers too. Children can sit or stand as they enjoy the effortless fun that this outdoor set provides. Thanks to its excellent quality, the swing is protected against the weather and is one of the top metal swings out there. Able to handle years of rain and even snow, the one-sheet metal frame can hold up to 660 lbs and is 40″ in diameter, so everybody can get aboard for a good time. Its robustness lends itself well to kid’s parties, as multiple children can use the swing at one given time. While this is one of the larger swings available, it is easy to assemble as it comes predrilled for a no-fuss setup. If you’re looking for an alternative to a plastic swing, this fantastic product is sure to last years and will entertain children when they’re outdoors.


This is an image of kids swing set combo in blue and black colors

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7. Braided Indoor Or Outdoor Swing

Are you wondering – do they make plastic swing sets for older kids? If so, you may want to ditch the plastic altogether and opt for an environmentally-friendly braided set. We love this cheap kids swing comes with a beautiful braided design. In a bold, bright color, it can be used indoors or outdoors and, comes with all the components you need to easily set it up. The braided material is supportive for heavier kids and it provides maximum comfort, unlike the nasty pinching that sometimes comes with other sets. While it is composed of natural materials, this doesn’t affect the durability or sturdiness of the product at all thanks to elements such as the iron rings. With an adjustable rope design, this swing can be tied up just about anywhere. Take it camping, or hang it in a bedroom for extra fun, the options aren’t limited. Swings for sale needn’t be traditional or boring, this unique braided option is unique and sure to bring fun to any child’s leisure time.

This is an image of kids swing seat in orange color

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8. Super Spinner Swing

Kids can swing and spin at the same time on this awesome big kid swing set. With a super sturdy yet comfortable seat and, easy to install, this cool option has a curved seat design for added safety and comfort. When it comes to choosing swings for teens, you’ll want to choose something that bit more exciting and this outdoor activity is just that. Including strong UV-resistant rope, the swing is sure to last longer than the average cheap kids swings and it can support a weight of up to 200lbs making it ideal for heavier kids. If you want to get the entire family involved in outdoor activities, this versatile swing is suitable for children ages 3 years and above, making it a great option for younger kids too.

This is an image of kids spinner swing set in pink color

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9. Adjustable Tree Swing

Are you unsure how to make a decision when it comes to outdoor swings? When deciding on a new set there are a few boxes that you’ll want to tick. This adjustable tree swing is an ideal choice thanks to its durability, size and weight limit. Capable of supporting up to 400lbs, this set will last years as your child grows. It’s an excellent choice for an outdoor party as it can provide entertainment for multiple kids at one time. Made using premium materials, the rope is durable and UV resistant. The swing’s comfortable seating area is 40″ in diameter and is one of the best large swings available. Thanks to detachable parts it’s easy to set up and comes with clear instructions that any adult can easily follow. The straps of the swing can be adjusted to fit trees, giving you the freedom to decide on how high it’ll be positioned.


This is an image of kids tree swing set with haning ropes

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10. Swurfer Stand Up Swing

Does your child love surfing AND swings? Now you can give them the experience of swurfing – a stand-up replica surf set. An awesome gift idea for any child, this wooden set is truly unique. Any adult or child can simply hop on to the board and soar away using the comfortable handles for balance. Great for enhancing hand-eye coordination, this outdoor swing is a good use excuse to reduce screen time. Crafted from 100% Maplewood, the swing supports up to 200lbs and features adjustable handles for children of different heights. As one of the best wooden sets for older kids, it can be set up in minutes and as easily detached. Children can naturally improve their core body strength with this outdoor activity and tone arm/leg muscles too!

This is an image of stand up surfing swing for kids

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Our Top Pick

When it comes to choosing a top swing for older children from the selection above, the super spinner swing was selected due to its lower-end pricetag and awesome design. We’re a huge fan of this set as it’s top rated and can provide your child with two types of activity – swinging and spinning all in one!

Great for children ages 3+, this plastic product doesn’t fall low when it comes to quality. In fact, its seat is sturdy and comfortable thanks to a clever curved design. With robust UV resistant rope, the spinner swing can hold up to 200lbs of weight making it a great alternative to traditional and tire options. Locking safety clips will keep worries at bay as children entertain themselves for hours on end.

The swing’s seat features a draining hole too, which helps to avoid any pools of water from forming during rainy days, isn’t that cool?


This is an image of kids spinner swing set in pink color

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Best Budget Pick

If you’re on a budget but still want to buy a swing set for an older child, you won’t miss out! There are lots of options when it comes to budget buys and the rigid blue swing is great for any outdoor space. Kids can have plenty of fun on this swing as they are supported with a strong plastic seat and nylon rope that can support up to 190lbs in weight.

We love that this budget set comes with different color options too, meaning that your older child can customize their outdoor space with their favorite color. This awesome outdoor set proves that you don’t need to skip quality if you’re looking for a product with a cheaper price tag.

This is an image of kids blue swing set

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Considerations When Buying Swings For Children

There are a few different factors you’ll want to consider before buying a swing for an older child. We’ve outlined a checklist below for you:

Age – When choosing a set, you’ve always got to consider age. This is particularly true for the sets where children can stand up and sit. If you’re buying a swing for an older child be sure to consider how the activity could challenge them. Some are traditional while others, as seen above, can help your child to strengthen core muscles and develop skills.

Material – As you can see swings can be made using many different materials. From wooden sets to metal swings, there are lots of different types to choose from. We’d always advise opting for an option that is appropiate for the weather where you are. If your location is susceptible to rain and snow, go for a metal option. If you live in a warmer area, braided or wooden swings are suitable. Don’t forget to think about comfort too!

Weight support – Older children are naturally heavier. Therefore, it’s super important to check the maximum weight that any swing can support. In our list above, you’ll find swings that can support several children’s weight at one time. This is generally true for the round tree swings, whereas some of the smaller sets are more likely to support less weight. Make sure that you check this information before buying a set for an older child.


What Are The Different Types Of Swing Sets?

Swings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and variations. In the list above we’ve aimed to present you with lots of options to choose from and have outlined their features for you. However, you may still be left wondering what the different types of swings for children there are. We’ve created an overview for you, so that you can confidently go ahead and buy the perfect set for your teen or older kid.

When it comes to types of outdoor sets, they’re typically categorized by the material they’re made of.

Plastic sets are generally great for smaller children, though with that said the spinner set made it to our top pick and can support an older child’s weight. Plastic options are generally easier to use and will provide a comfortable seat for the user most of the time. You’ll find that plastic sets are usually curved in design or round, they’re resistant against harsh weather but are not as durable as their wooden counterparts.

Wooden swings are traditional and look great. If you want a classic looking swing for your older child, this type is a great option. Durable and robost, wooden options won’t break easily and can generally support more weight due to the natural strength that wood has. Wood can be easily treated making it great for being resistant against the outdoor elements such as rain and snow. Downfalls of this type of swing include lower comfort than other options and risk of injury due to the heaviness that comes with this type of seat.

Fabric swings such as the braided option we added to our list and the rounded larger swings for older kids, are great in many ways. You’ll find them to be great value for money due to their quality which is derived from using both metal and fabric components. The seats of these type of swings are comfortable, however, you may experience an unpleasant damp seat if left out in the rain and not covered! Capable of supporting more weight, this type of swing is a great option for multiple children and is ideal for party entertainment too.


Why Should I Buy My Child A Swing?

It’s a common misconception that swings are targeted towards younger children, they too can provide children with many things beyond entertainment. While they do provide both babies and children with great ways to improve skills and fun, teens can greatly benefit from a swing set too. Here are just some of the ways in which a child of any age can benefit:

Physical activity – Any outdoor activity is good for children. Swings encourage kids to get physical as they push themselves or friends for fun.

Motor skills – Locomotion, balancing and coordination are all strengthened when a child interacts with a set. This is thanks to gripping and circling motions of both arms and legs.

Communication – When playing with friends children communicate and swings facilitate this. Whether you buy a single or double set, kids will talk to each other to set boundaries when it comes to pushing each other.

Imagination – Any opportunity that children have to use their imagination and explore the possibilites of it, should be embraced. Developing imaginative skills is crucial for children of all ages. Swings are another activity where kids can get creative with their play.


Swing Set Safety Tips For Children

Though they are super fun to play on, there are some risks of injury that can come with interacting with them. No matter how old your child is or how much experience they have with the toy, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider to avoid any potential accidents from occuring.

As a general rule, you should select a high-quality set that is made using premium materials. Whether you opt for a plastic, wooden or fabric option, there is lots of choice when it comes to the retailer that you choose to buy from. Check the materials used to make the swing, especially the ropes. Nylon rope is super robust and is a sign that a swing is of high quality. You should also consider the placement of a set, ensuring it isn’t going to collide with anything else in the area and think about the surface below it. Choose to put down a soft mat if needs be to take the edge of any potential falls or alternatively, grass is a great option.

For children who have never used them before or who aren’t confident with the activity, underline that at all costs they shoud never walk infront of or behind a swing when it’s in use. It’s also good to advise children not to kneel or stand on a swing if they’re not familiar with using them regularly. Of course, as a child grows in confidence with the activity they’ll be likely to want to explore fun ways of enjoying the activity.

Inspect your swing regularly. No matter the quality set you opt for, all outdoor objects are prone to damage due to the weather. Likely to get worn over time if frequently used, means it’s a wise idea to check the structure for any signs of wear and tear. If you spot any concerning cracks, it’s best to invest in a new set for your child.