20 Best Nerf Rival Guns

This is an image of a 2 pack red and black Deadpool Kronos Nerf blaster.

As your kids grow up, they become increasingly interested in more exciting toys so if you’re on the hunt for a Nerf Rival Gun you’re on the right track. Nerf Guns have long been a favorite of children all over the world proving hours of fun and endless battles.  Every year more and more kids are asking for them for their birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations.

20 Best Rival Nerf Guns

So, below we have looked at 20 of the top options on the market and have compiled this list to help you consider what the best Rival Blaster is for your child depending on their age and taste. By the end of this collection you will know what you want to get for your child from the Nerf range and you will be able to buy with confidence.

1. Nerf Atlas Double Firing Gun

Kids will absolutely love the new Rival Blasters, like this one which shoots two rounds at the same time. You can even get your friends to team up and choose which side they’re on because you can play for the red team or the blue team and have an epic battle together. There are great features that make this gun really exciting, such as a trigger that locks with a spring action blaster which makes shooting rounds fast and furious. It comes with a twelve round magazine holder and twenty four rounds of Nerf darts so the fun will never end! It is best used from age 14 and upwards, so be aware of this if you’re buying as a gift.

This is an image of a blue Atlas Nerf blaster.

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2. Easy Load Rival Apollo 

Another great offering from Nerf is this incredible blaster. It boasts seven round that promise high impact because they load up on a spring action mechanism. It is really easy to load the darts so children will find it hassle free so they can play for longer and simply have fun. You can choose between either red or blue and make up teams with your friends for added excitement and battle play. There is a tactical rail also as well as a trigger lock so every feature a child could want is thought through with this design. The gun comes with seven rounds as well as a magazine.


This is an image of a red Apollo Nerf blaster.

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3. Nerf Nemesis Motorized Blaster 

Parents will be delighted when they open this toy because the makers pride themselves on sending it in hassle free packaging, without lots of plastic and tags to cut off and unwind. Therefore, the kids can quickly get their hands on their toy gun and just start playing without any problems or delay. This particular gun is motorized which makes it really exciting and any Nerf Rival review that you read about it is really positive because of this. It comes in two colors, red or blue so you can choose your ‘team’ and get going! It comes with a very generous offering of 100 rounds so kids truly will get hours of fun out of this toy gun.


This is an image of a red rival toy blaster.

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4. NERF Kronos Hand Gun

A little different from previous versions, this blaster is a breech loaded one. It means you slot the darts in on the bolt at the side, so it feels really realistic and exciting to shoot. Because of this clever mechanism it can fire a round as far as 90 feet every second. The other fun part of this Rival is that it has team flags with it, for more red and blue fun with your friends. There is a spring action mechanism as well as a tactical rail and trigger safety lock so it has a lot going for it. Your kids are going to have so much fun and excitement playing with this gun, so it is definitely worth a look.


This is an image of an outdoor Kronos toy gun.

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5. Rival Phantom Helios MiniGun

Many new Rival Nerf Guns seem to go one step further with their design and this one is no different. Offering seven rounds with high-velocity impact (around 100 feet a second!) this one is sure to make games and playtime really fun. The magazine has an easy-load design so kids can easily load up their darts for instant game play. The set comes as standard with team flags in both red and blue so you can have hours of team battles and epic games outside with your friends.


This is an image of a Phantom Corps toy blaster.

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6. Rival Motorized Zeus Nerf Gun

Another offering from Nerf that boasts motorized mechanisms. The rounds come blasting out at high speed, creating really exciting game play for all involved. A great feature of this particular gun is that it works well regardless if the user is right or left handed, with a clever ambidextrous magazine that has been specially designed. It comes with twelve rounds that impact at high velocity. Another aspect that kids will really like is a flip up sight so they will really feel like they are playing a really interactive game with their friends. You can purchase separate tactical rails to enhance your fun even more.

This is an image of a blue Zeus Nerf toy gun.

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7. Nerf Mega Loader Khaos

This is a serious blaster only for the true diehard Nerf fans. Any teenager who receives this for a birthday or Christmas gift will be beside themselves with excitement. It has a massive forty round magazine so they won’t have to refill very often, leaving lots of time for playing battle, sneaking up on enemies and stalking around the garden trying to win over the other team. You can choose a red or blue color and choose sides with your friends to make it even more exciting. It comes with forty rounds for the magazine and when it shoots it is a thing to behold with blasts that are fast and furious. It takes batteries so make sure you purchase them so that your child can get started straight away.


This is an image of a blue Khaos Nerf blaster.

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8. Rival Artemis Barrel Gun

Bright and stylish, this rival gun is a really amazing Nerf product. Its modern look and colors will be exciting for young people to use and it will make them feel like the real deal when they are playing with their friends during epic Nerf battles. They won’t want to put it down, because it holds thirty rounds of Nerf darts and the barrel rotates around easily, so they can have lots of fun handling their new gun with style and flair. The magazine is easily loaded and they will be the envy of all their friends with this exciting gun in their hands.


This is an image of a red Artemis Nerf toy gun.

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9. Deadpool Style Apollo

Another Deadpool themed Nerf toy, and this one will go down a storm with your children, especially fans of the movie. It has the motif of the well-known and popular character on the side with the logo of the movie also. It contains seven rounds that are high-velocity impact and it features an easily loaded magazine that fits all seven rounds. The mechanism is spring action and there is also a trigger safety lock, so there is all you need for proper Nerf action. It is best used for aged fourteen and upwards, so make sure that you are buying it for the appropriate age group if you’re buying as a gift. 


This is an image of a red deadpool edition nerf toy blaster.

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10. Nerf Deadpool Twin Pack

What’s particularly great about this is that it comes as a pair so if you’re looking for the best Rival Nerf Gun then this is in the running. So there will be a great opportunity to play with a sibling or a friend as soon as you open the box. You won’t have to wait for a friend to be gifted their own Nerf gun, you can just share this pair with them and you’re good to go. Included in the set are two blasters so its a dual pack, and each come with five rounds as well as an instruction manual. The box and design of the guns is based on the very popular Deadpool franchise so fans of the movie will really love this as a gift.


This is an image of a 2 pack red and black Deadpool Kronos Nerf blaster.

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11. Overwatch Nerf Blaster Weapon

A compact Nerf blaster, this one is a great buy because it is easy to handle and dodge about the garden while playing battle and hiding from your ‘enemies’ during play. It is designed to look like D. Va’s weapon from the popular arcade game, Overwatch so it will be instantly desired and recognizable by children and teenagers. It has some great features such as a recoil action which makes it really snappy to use and it comes with three rounds which have extra impact upon triggering. It fires at ninety feet a second – really impressive. There is also a lockable trigger for extra safety.


This is an image of a pink overwatch blaster.

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12. Streamlined Combat Blaster

A more streamlined and modern design from the Nerf Rival line, this Hera blaster is a good choice for older teenagers. It comes with something different with uniquely designed darts that make a whistling and screaming sound as they slice through the air towards the enemy. It has FireVision sports gear also that glows up and attracts attention. The rounds blast at 30 metres per second which is really impressive because of the motorized blaster. It takes normal or rechargeable batteries too so there is lots of choice for how to use this gun.


This is an image of a white Hera combat toy blaster.

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13. Dual Team Battle Guns

This Rival pair is really eye-catching and fun. There is hours of endless excitement and game play to be had with this dual pack. If you’re buying for two children of your own or you want your child to be able to play with a friend then this set is certainly worth considering. The magazines are designed to hold seven rounds and have safety trigger locks to make sure they aren’t fired accidentally. The design is created with a spring action blaster so the darts come out with velocity and attack – real excitement for any teenager.


This is an image of a 2 pack red and blue Apollo Nerf Blasters.

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14. NERF Folding Gun

This next offering in our Rival Guns list is the Hypnos. It has a stock that folds downwards so it can be packed away easily, despite its larger size. With purchase you get two twelve round magazines as well as the rounds to fill it completely and it even comes with clips that attach on to the rail. This makes them easier to load than other guns of similar design. It fires at an amazing velocity – around 100 ft per second, so there will be real excitement and fast paced game play with this gun.


This is an image of a Hypnos Nerf gun.

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15. Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster

Another clever design based on the Overwatch franchise – a blaster designed to look like McCree’s weapon. Such a popular game with teenagers, anything based on the Overwatch style is going to be really popular. It comes with a die cast replica badge so fans of the game will just love that feature. There are six rounds on offer with this gun and it has a decent velocity of eighty feet. It also has a little spur that spins at the end adding another fun feature based on Overwatch. This gun also has a locking trigger and a clever ‘ready’ indicator to tell you when it is time to fire.


This is an image of an Overwatch McCree Nerf blaster.

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16. High Velocity Nerf Blaster 

Offering real intensity of game play, the Rival Khaos Blaster pair is a set that two children can really have fun with. It has forty rounds to blast your way to victory at a high velocity so that you can beat your enemy and be the final winner. The fact that one gun is red and the other is blue means you can easily form two rival teams and see who can win the epic battle. These guns are sure to really excite and entertain your teenager.


This is an image of a 2 pack red and blue Khaos motorized blaster.

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17. Monochrome Rival Series Apollo

This rival has a great modern design with a monochrome color palette. It also has bright orange accents that make it stand out as a dramatic and exciting toy. Older teenagers will really like this design because it is so edgy and cool. It comes with seven rounds for the magazine and it has a viewfinder that helps you aim better. The trigger lock is also really helpful because it means it won’t fire accidentally. This is a great choice because as you child gets older the Rival Gun will grow with them and won’t ever seem too childish for them.


This is an image of a white Camo Series Nerf toy blaster.

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18. NERF Mega Bundle

This is the full-on kit that you can buy as a really epic gift for your child or children. The entire bundle offers a massive amount of Nerf accessories for the recipient and they will be so grateful for them. So what comes with this kit? You get a red Artemis blaster as well as a blue blaster also, so you can create teams with all your friends. You also get matching colored face masks to keep you safe and to identify your teammates and enemies also during battle. There are also two sets of twenty five rounds that boast high-velocity impact during play. This set should keep them outside in the fresh air and entertained for days and days.


This is an image of a red and blue Artemis Nerf toy blaster and mask bundle.

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19. Double Shot Nerf Atlas Blaster Bundle

Another set that offers a pair of blasters for hours of fun with your friends and family. Kids can have fun choosing the team color they want to be part of and then have endless fun playing with the blasters. These guns fire a double-shot so there is twice the fun as two rounds are fired at once, so you will need to be quick on your feet to get out of the way of your enemies. It takes twelve rounds and is easily loaded for quick play. The bundle comes with 24 rounds so both team members have a chance to load up and get ready for battle.


This is an image of a red and blue Atlas Nerf toy blaster set.

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20. Maximum Capacity Nerf Phantom

Another stylish offering from is this black and white monochrome design with orange detailing and accents. It has a very large capacity with the blaster being able to manage sixty rounds at a time. The rounds fire at a furious pace coming out at 100 ft per second so the play will be really exciting and fast. The blaster comes with two flags also so the teammates can be easily identified. Making it safer and cleverly designed it also has a trigger lock and tactical rail so this gun really has everything you need for fun.


This is an image of a white Hades Nerf gun.

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Best Overall Buy

It had to be the twin pair dual pack of Deadpool themed best Nerf Guns. They’re just so cool and worth the money when you’re getting two together with the same purchase. We thought that it was great that the set came with ten Nerf dart rounds, five per player, so there would be lots of opportunity for hours of game play and battle fun with your friends. It is also a great set to buy for siblings so no one will be disappointed and they get the same toy to play against each other outside in the garden. The Deadpool design also made it quite simply, very cool.


This is an image of a 2 pack red and black Deadpool Kronos Nerf blaster.

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Best Budget Buy

This comes a solid winner in the Budget Buy category because not only is it very affordable Nerf Rival minigun, and it will suit anyone’s budget, but it still offers loads of great features and aspects so even though you don’t pay as much for it, you’re not missing out on good quality fun. Because it is based on the Overwatch game, and is designed to look like D.Va’s weapon, we know it will be really popular with children who are fans of the game itself. For a budget buy, you don’t have to buy separate rounds as it even comes with its own and has a trigger lock for safety too and a high-impact round mechanism.


This is an image of a pink overwatch blaster.

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Can Nerf Guns Hurt My Children?

No, not really. To be fair, you can of course feel them when they make impact, they’re designed to do just that. But because they are made of soft foam material they sort of ‘squish’ on impact, absorbing some of the force within themselves. You do feel them, but they don’t cause pain. If they did, children wouldn’t really want to play them! If you shoot at close range, they might cause more discomfort than from further away but if you play safely then no-one will have any issues.


What Is the Best Nerf Rival Gun?

It is really too hard to pick just one. So many of them have amazing features and added accessories and exciting attachments that you could go crazy choosing all the separate parts to enhance your game play. The bottom line is, that the best one is really the one that suits your child best. You’ll want to choose according to their age and size, so thinking about which gun they can handle easily is a consideration. Some people prefer the ones that shoot at a faster velocity so they feel that those guns are the best. Others like the guns that have as large a magazine as possible so they don’t have to reload often.


How Far Do Rival Blasters Shoot?

You’ve probably been impressed while reading this that these guns can really shoot far. Who’d have thought a kids toy gun could be so exciting? They are of course engineered to be extremely good quality with a high performance so you can rely on them to shoot far and true, especially when used properly. With the best Nerf Rival Gun, the foam balls can be shot pretty fast out of the magazine, and can reach speeds of around 105 feet a second. This can cover a very long range, sometimes as far as 100 feet so the possibilities are endless for hours of fun playing with friends. This is a toy that really performs.


What Eye Protection Should My Child Use With Nerf Rival Guns?

Of course, when considering safety, let’s remember that toys like Nerf products should be used sensibly and as the maker instructs. So this means never shooting at someone’s face or at close range. This can’t be stressed enough, really. Another very important thing is to make sure that the players’ eyes are protected properly. This means wearing appropriate eye protection like sturdy goggles that are created for this type of play. Players should never remove their goggles while playing because it stands to reason that a Nerf round hitting the eye could case proper damage. Make sure to invest in a very good quality pair of goggles and insist that your child wear them every time they play.