In terms of popularity and fun, it’s hard to find a collection of toys better than LEGO. Apart from delivering incredible fun, they are awesome in the physical, cognitive, and social development of kids including young boys.

What makes LEGO toys even more desirable is the amazing variety of the toys. The product line caters for all ages including adults. And because they are hugely popular, it is easy to find Lego sets for boys and girls in many online stores and malls.

The fact is, the options for LEGOs out there are astonishing. You could spend a whole day looking at the collection of these toys without coming close to a decision on which one to purchase. That difficulty in making a choice, especially if you are looking for boys LEGO sets, is what this guide will attempt to redress.

We have reduced your choices to 25 of the best LEGO for boys from several dozen awesome toys. Hopefully, the heavy lifting we did on your behalf would pay off in pointing you in the right direction without going through the stress of tedious research before making a choice.

this is an image of boy's lego ship in a bottle building kit in multi-colored colors



25 Best LEGO Sets for Boys

We now present the 25 sets we considered the best of the lot as far LEGO toys for boys are concerned. The range of toys covers a variety of themes and ages that even adults would love playing with some of them.

1. NASA Apollo Saturn Rocket

This is a beautifully designed and detailed LEGO building toy of the famous Saturn V Rocket scaled down to 110th of the original size. Your boy would learn a lot about how the various pieces of the rocket meshed together to form a rocket and then fell apart during space flights.

With the detailed manual, your kid should be able to put together the 1900 pieces in the right places to construct the 36″ high model. The set includes 2 astronauts, a lunar lander to dock the spacecraft and Lunar orbiter to launch the rocket.this is an image of boy's lego outer space model rocket in white color

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2. 790 Pieces Classic Brick Set

Designed for boys 4 years old and above, this 790-piece building would make all your kid’s building dreams come true. With 33 different colored bricks, 8 Windows and doors, 2 baseplates, and 6 toys, your kid has a chance to test the limit of their creativity.

The set comes with a plastic container for convenient cleanup and storage. And if your kid is understandably overwhelmed by the sheer number of pieces, the pack includes guided projects to get them started. This kit is sure to be a part of your boy’s life for a long time.this is an image of boy's lego lassic large creative in yellow color

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3. Police Chase Building Toy

Who doesn’t love the thrill of the chase especially if you are a cop bearing down on the bad guy in a flashy sports car with your high-speed cops and helicopter backup?

Your boy would certainly love the intense role-playing after assembling the LEGO pieces. The 294 pieces include all they need to create this exciting scenario including the helicopter, police car, sports car, and the famous Chase McCain of LEGO City police.this is an image of boy's lego police helicopter in white and bleu colors

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4. LEGO City Police Station

With 4 police officers, 3 criminals, a police dog, helicopter, watchtower, jail cell, police motorcycles, a truck for the crooks (with an extendable, rotating cherry picker), and over 800 building pieces, your boy has enough to create an exciting world of endless police vs crooks drama.

Suitable for boys age 6 and above, the stories boys can create with this kit is limitless. That is generally what happens when you buy an awesome building kit for boys to play cops and robbers with.this is an image of boy's lego city police station in bleu and white colors

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5. LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster

Your kid wants to be a pirate, conquer the Seven Seas and live in exotic islands? This LEGO building set is the key to unlocking that chest filled with exciting adventures.

The pirate-themed kit is a mix of classic pirate adventures with modern props. It comes with a sunken galleon, an octopus, ticket booth, a spinning skull to scare the lily-livered, 4 figures, a roller coaster and much more.

Interestingly, the 923 pieces can be rearranged to create a fairground-themed adventure with Ship or Skull Rides.this is an image of boy's lego pirat roller in yellow color

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6. LEGO City Fire Truck

Building this fire truck is going to be one exciting project for the little man. Additionally, he gets to be the hero fireman that saves the day. And with the extending ladder capable of spinning full circle, and fire hose able to put out flames, there are more reasons to adore this LEGO building toy.

The 214 pieces in the pack include 2 firefighters, fire extinguisher, shovel, water studs, circular saw, and ax.

Recommended for 5 years and older boys, it provides endless and imaginative role-playing opportunities for children as they weave interesting scenes to back up the LEGO landscape they created.this is an image of boy's lego city fire ladder truck in red color

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7. LEGO Duplo Big Construction Site

This LEGO building set packs all the variety and fun that comes with constructions sites. Your boy can create his customized construction site complete with a bulldozer, dump truck with tipping bucket, and toy crane with a rotating cabin to control the crane.

The 67 pieces in this set are designed for boys between 2 – 5 years old. You can sure that with the 2 miniature figures and other accessories, your boy’s imagination would be sparked to create interesting tales around the workers and their construction equipment.this is an image of boy's lego duplo big construction in colorful colors

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8. LEGO Juniors Jurassic World

Jurassic World toys are always a favorite of kids especially boys. With this kit, role-playing is at its best for your kid. He can build the impressive T-Rex and a massive gate to keep it away from tourists.

To make it more realistic and fun, the pack comes with a science station, four figures including the famous Claire, one scientist and guard, and a baby dinosaur. You’d be surprised how far the 150 pieces can go when creating a pre-historic fantasy world.this is an image of boy's lego juniors in colorful colors

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9. LEGO Duplo Box of Fun

Creative LEGO bricks like this one are some of the best building kits when it comes to open-ended imaginative play. The bricks are flexible and kids get to build whatever they want. It is all about how creative and imaginative they can get.

With the 65 pieces including a vehicle, a boy and dog figure, windows, and wheels, your preschool or toddler kid has everything to create so many things. It is all about how far they are willing to explore their innate creativity.this is an image of boy's lego duplo creactive in green color

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10. LEGO Juniors Fire Patrol Case

How prepared is your kid for a fire emergency? The answer could be ‘Fully prepared’ with this suitcase packed with all the pieces needed to build important firefighting equipment.

Inside the easy carrying case are enough pieces to build a fire vehicle, trailer with adjustable cherry picker, and motorcycle. It also comes with a house with doors and windows that open and close.

And if your 4 – 7 years old is having problems getting started, there is a detailed and simple-to-understand guide inside to get them off the mark.this is an image of boy's lego juniors fire building sit in red color

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11. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

A Harry Potter-themed LEGO is all shades of irresistible for kids of any age. This Hogwarts Express building kit is for 8 – 14 years old kids though. They get to assemble the pieces to create a detailed Hogwarts Express train with removable side-panel, a railway bridge, and platform.

Onboard the train for the enchanting train ride are figurines of famous Hogwarts characters such as Weasley, Hermione, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter and the Trolley witch.

Kids have 801 pieces to build this magical world. That promises to be hours of fun.this is an image of boy's lego harry potter in colorful colors

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12. LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer

The famous space shuttle Explorer comes to a LEGO building set. If your kid loves the infinite world of outer space, this 285-piece allows him to build an impressive space shuttle to take a ride to outer space.

There is more though, the space shuttle can be rebuilt into a moon station or a Space Rover to explore the surface of the moon. The pack contains wheels for the Space Rover, robotic arm and hatches and doors that open and close.this is in image of boy's lego creator space in white color

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13. San Francisco Skyline

Unveil the mystery behind the construction of one of the most famous bridges in the world, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. This LEGO building kit also features the famous arches and massive suspension steel wires.

Made for 12 years old boys and older, it comes with 629 pieces your boy can use to make realistic looking replicas of other famous structure in the city such as Coit Tower, Alamo Square, Transamerica Pyramid and more.this is an image of boy's lego architecture skyline in colorful colors

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14. LEGO Star Wars Starfighter

If your kid is a Star Wars fan (what kid isn’t?) he would surely adore this building kit that allows him to create the famous Y-Wing Starfighter complete with rotating guns, weapons loader with a turning crane and extra ammunition.

The kit is recommended for 8 – 14 years old boys and comes with 691 pieces that include the Y-Wing pilot, a stormtrooper, Moroff, and Rebel Astromech Droid. In essence, your boy has enough to create an interesting storyline featuring a conquering hero and villains.this is an image of boy's lego star wars in multi-colored colors

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15. LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House

When it comes to providing endless creative possibilities and role-playing for 6-12 year old boys with a building toy set, Mia’s Tree House by Lego is simply one of the best. From 351 pieces, your boy will create a beautiful and intricate house of his dreams. The design includes an attic with a roof, a net for the treehouse and a zip wire.

The set is compatible with all other LEGO building sets for boys and comes with mini figures Mia and Daniel, one bunny, bird, and cinnamon.this is an image of boy's lego tree house building sit in multi-colored colors

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16. LEGO City People Pack

The best adventures take place outdoors especially far away from the city center. This LEGO toy of 164 pieces is all about recreating different outdoor adventures right inside the home.

Made for boys between 5 and 12 years old, the pack includes 14 assorted minifigures representing the type of folks you meet during regular outdoor activities. A tent, mountain bike, dinghy, eagle, motorbike, mountain, and other pieces are also included to help design the perfect outdoor scenario worthy of a movie set.this is an image of boy's lego city people pack building kit in multi-colored colors

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17. LEGO Ninjago Blue Dragon

Chances are your kid loves the Ninjago TV series. Now you have the chance to make him happier with this LEGO set so he can relive the stores and create his own awesome stories with intricate plots leading to epic battles.

The 493 piece set allows him to create different scenes with Stormbringer the Lighting Dragon; several Ninja weapons like the Dragon Blade Ninja sword; and the figures of Jay, Daddy No Legs, Zane, and Muzzle.this is an image of boy's lego ninjago building kit in blue color

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18. LEGO Friends Mia’s Campervan

It’s time to go camping with Mia and Stephanie in this fully-fitted RV. First, though, your son has to build the camper from the ground up along with all the essential items needed for the trip to be memorable. He shouldn’t have much problem creating the kitchen, bathroom, upstairs sleeping area, and opening roof.

With 488 pieces, he has enough to get things ready for the road. The pieces include an inflatable dinghy, tent, the horse Aria, and much more. This would make a great Lego present if your boy is between 7 and 12 years.this is an image of boy's lego mia's building set in multi-colored colors

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19. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Starship

Let your kid be a part of one of the greatest movie franchises with this Super Heroes building kit by LEGO. And it doesn’t come any bigger than the Guardian of the Galaxy Starship and Iron Man, Gamora, Star Lord and Thanos having it out in epic battles improvised by your kid.

There are 674 pieces in this awesome pack. These include the all-powerful gauntlet, Infinity Stones, a sword, and space scooter. Just enough to get the little man’s imaginative role-playing ability into overdrive.this is an image of lego super heroes building sit in multi-colored colors

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20. LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

Stand back and admire the intricate building your child created with the pieces in this set. The building, though, is just a cog in the epic battle about to take place between Marvels heroes and some of the deadliest arch-villains known to man.

With an amazing 1004 pieces, the kid must somehow build a 3-level house, that includes Spider Man’s apartment, with a window exploder function and fire extinguisher. Figures of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider Man and a variety of weapons are also included in the pack.this is an image of boy's lego marvel building sit in multi-colored colors

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21. LEGO Technic 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

This 2019 Chevy ZR1 is an iconic supercar and your son gets to build and own one just like that. Though it is a LEGO version, the attention to detail in this scaled-down replica model is truly breathtaking.

The 579 pieces feature 4 tailpipes, black spoked rims, large rear wing, low profile tires, working steering, and moving V8 pistons that can be seen.

These are gifts recommended for 9 year olds and older, this gift is a collector’s item and could be what sets your kid on the path to becoming a designer of supercars.this is an image of boy's lego technic building kit in orange color

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22. LEGO Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

This is another awesome Star Wars LEGO building set for boys 8 years and older. And like all Star Wars-themed toys, it is going to be one of your kid’s favorite toy collections.

This contains 329 pieces to assemble the Droid gunship. The design includes stud shooters, eight flick missiles, and a cockpit that can open and close. Other Star War pieces in the pack include mini figures of Yoda and Chief Tarfful; and two battle droids.this is an image of boy's lego star wars building kit in bleu color

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23. LEGO City Great Vehicles

Boys between 2 and 5 years old would love using the bricks in this set to build, drive and camp with these vehicles. What they created would naturally inspire them to spin colorful and imaginative stories to match the outdoor life.

The 250 pieces in this gift set include a van featuring opening doors, a caravan that can be attached or detached to the van, a grill for cooking and barbecue, a dog figure, a bone for the dog, and two minifigures.

Kids can also outfit the caravan with a back entrance, a small kitchen, and a bed.this is an image of boy's lego city vehicles building sit in colorful colors

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24. Batman Movie Ultimate Batmobile

A present of this LEGO Batmobile is one of the most awesome building experiences your kid will ever have with a toy set. The gift gives him a chance to build and own everybody’s favorite vehicle that is featured in all Batman movies including the LEGO version.

The pack comes with figures of Batman, Robin, Bat-Girl, Polka-Dot Man, Alfred Pennyworth in a bat suit, 2 flying monkeys, rotating Bat Signal, and many more.

There are 1456 pieces to work with. That would provide hours of fun for the lucky boy.this is an image of boy's lego batman building kit in multi-colored colors

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25. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

How do you put a ship inside a bottle? This LEGO kit provides an exciting answer to this puzzle with 962 LEGO pieces. If you have a boy at least 12 years old interested in puzzles, a present of this LEGO lot should get him super excited.

He would be able to build a very detailed ship that includes masts, crow’s nest, cannons, and the captain’s quarters among others.

The pack also features pieces to build the bottle, cork to seal the bottle, a stand to display the completed project, compass, globe elements and many other objects needed for a successful adventure at sea.this is an image of boy's lego ship in a bottle building kit in multi-colored colors

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Considerations When Buying LEGO Gifts for Boys

Though LEGO sets for boys are easy to find with the quality guaranteed, there are a few factors you must not ignore when purchasing these amazing building toy sets for your boy.

Some of the factors include:

Age of the kid – When choosing a LEGO product, make sure it’s not too hard or too difficult for it to grab the attention of your kid.

You should pick only toys that are recommended for your kid’s age range. To make things easy for you, the toys in this guide come with the recommended age range.

Difficulty level – The primary aim of toys is to deliver sufficient levels of fun and excitement keep kids engaged for as long as possible.

When choosing LEGOs, make sure they are not too complicated or hard to understand for your kid. Otherwise, they’d lose interest faster than you think.

On the other hand, toys that are too simple wouldn’t have much use for very smart kids.

Variety – Adding variety to LEGO brings another layer of fun. You could opt for sets that have moving objects like cars, motorbikes with turning wheels, doors and windows that open, or even helicopter with blades that spin.

This factor increases the entertainment value of the toy exponentially.


Best Buy Overall

Choosing the best buy from these toys was as difficult as choosing the strongest super hero. But you have to give it to the LEGO Guardian of the Galaxy Starship featuring a host of Marvel’s superheroes.

The opportunity for role-playing and weaving amazing tales to surpass the movie is too tempting to pass up. With almost 700 pieces, there is enough variety and engaging fun play to last several hours at a time.

this is an image of lego super heroes building sit in multi-colored colors

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Best Budget Pick

Kids love movie-themed LEGO, especially blockbuster movie franchises. None comes any bigger or better than the Jurassic World franchise.

Considerable effort was invested in making sure the building kit captured the essence of the movie as closely as possible given the limitations of using bricks. Again, the opportunity for using the imagination to create fascinating stories is limitless.

this is an image of boy's lego juniors in colorful colors

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What is the Latest Star Wars LEGO for Boys?

LEGO are constantly upgrading all their toys with additional features to make them more interesting. The interesting thing is, the latest Star Wars-themed LEGO sets are not necessarily the latest movies in the franchise. The latest is mostly about the release dates of the toys.

For instance, the Starfighter and Revenge of the Sith Gunship kits are just two of the latest sets in this range. Fortunately, they are both featured in this guide.


What Type of LEGO Sets are 15 Year Old Boys Interested In?

LEGO for boys age 15 must necessarily come with plenty of pieces and variety. Kids at this age are too advanced for sets that are easy to assemble.

The toy must also reflect their interest in adult activities. Generally, they love LEGO toys that replicate iconic pieces and can be kept as collector’s items.

Get then LEGO sets like the Chevrolet Corvette, Marvel Heroes Sanctum Sanctorum, or even the Hogwarts Express Train and watch how they would squeal in excitement.

A common theme is that these toys require intense concentration to build. 15 year old boys love challenges like that.