Are you looking for a LEGO set for a girl and unsure which ones are best? Here, we’ve done all the hard work for you, and found 25 of the latest LEGO which are sure to appeal to girls of all ages. No matter whether you are looking for her first LEGO set or she already has a lot of experience building models, you are sure to find the perfect set here.

LEGO is designed to appeal to everyone, but many of the traditional sets feel a bit more ‘boyish’. So, here we have some sets which are aimed more towards girls, such as the LEGO Friends range or the Disney themed sets. Building LEGO is great for entertainment as well as developing important skills such as concentration, problem solving and fine motor skills. The bigger sets will keep girls busy for hours, and many of them have interactive parts making them fun to play with after building too.

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25 Best LEGO Sets for Girls

Now we know a little more about girl LEGOs, let’s look at some reviews of the different sets available. There are 25 to choose from, for aged as young as 2 right up to 12. You are sure to find something she will love here!

1. Heartlake Summer Pool

Suitable for girls aged 6 – 12 years old and containing nearly 600 pieces, this LEGO can be used to build the Heartlake Summer Pool complete with swim-up bar for the ultimate summer fun! Andrea and Martina mini-dolls are included to make the set even more fun to play with. Some of the fun features of the pool set include the slide, diving board, shower, fountain and rubber ring – everything the mini-dolls need for a fun day at the pool! Girls will have hours of fun building and playing with this set.

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2. LEGO Disney Cinderella’s Castle

If you are looking for the perfect LEGO for girls, any set by Disney is worth considering. This one is a model of the classic Cinderella castle, which girls are sure to love having on display in their room. Again suitable for aged 6 – 12, this set has 585 pieces making it a reasonably lengthy build. Five LEGO figures are included, as well as fun accessory pieces such as a carriage and food pieces which makes this a great set for playing with. The castle has interactive elements such as secret storage compartments and turning pieces for added fun.

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3. Heartlake City Pet Store

If your girl is a fan of LEGO Friends, she is sure to love the Heartlake Pet Center. With over 470 pieces, this set is perfect for girls up to the age of 12. It comes with three mini-dolls and their various pets, as well as a grooming van for them to ride in. The pet center has two floors, containing a pet store, vet center and grooming salon – everything the mini-dolls need to care for their pets! There are fun elements such as a see saw for the pets to use, and a cart to pick up important items at the pet store. Hours of imaginative fun can be had with this great set!

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4. LEGO Frozen Playground

Frozen has to be the top of the list when it comes to girl LEGOs – what little girl doesn’t love Frozen?! Coming from the LEGO Juniors range, this set is perfect for girls between the ages of 4 – 7 years old. With just under 100 pieces, it won’t take too long to build, especially with a little help from mom and dad. The castle is around 7 inches high, so it’s a good size to play with, and there are Anna and Elsa figures included to make it even more fun. There’s also a cute polar bear figure, and fun parts such as the slide and the snowball catapult to give hours of fun.

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5. Heartlake City Resort Hotel

With a whopping 1000+ pieces, the Heartlake hotel is a great set to keep your girl busy for hours! This set has a slightly higher minimum recommended age of 7, although younger girls will love to play with it if they have some help with the building. There are four friends included as well as a cute dolphin figure to play with. The resort has a water park, monorail and roof terrace, with loads of moving parts and accessories. The figures will love to vacation at the Heartlake City Resort!

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6. LEGO Classic Box

This is a great box for a girl who is just starting her journey into the fascinating world of LEGO. With just under 800 classic pieces in all shapes, sizes and colors, this box can be used to build just about anything your girl can dream up! The large LEGO shaped box is excellent for storing the pieces in after use too. As well as bricks, there are also base plates, tires, windows and doors included for more building fun.

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7. Stephanie’s House

The LEGO Friends Stephanie’s House has two levels and over 600 pieces, so is suitable for girls aged 6 and above. The LEGO girl set is packed with fun features little girls are sure to love. There’s the spiral staircase leading to the upper level, balcony on the upper level and loads of furniture pieces and accessories making it really fun to play with. There are three minidoll figures included as well a little rabbit in a hutch for the dolls, and your little girl, to look after!

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8. Olivia’s Hamster Playground

We’ve already seen some great Friends girls LEGOs, and here we have a smaller set with just 81 pieces. In this set, girls have to build a hamster wheel, which the 3 cute hamster figures will love to play in! There are other fun accessories for girls to put their new pets on too, like the slalom course, mini motorcycle or the hoop to jump through!

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9. LEGO Disney Royal Celebration

If your girl is a fan of Disney Princesses, she is sure to love the Royal Celebration set. It features three of the most popular princesses: Ariel, Aurora and Tiana, and has just under 300 pieces to build. The set includes elements from each of the three movies the princesses feature in, such as Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Ariel’s dolphin friend. There are loads of interactive, moving parts, such as the spinning dancefloor in the castle or the oven in Tiana’s restaurant which opens up. Girls will love playing with the princess minidolls over and over again!

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10. Disney LEGO Ariel’s Boat

We have already seen some great Disney girl LEGO sets, and here we have another – this time it’s Ariel’s Celebration boat. The set has 380 pieces and comes with four figures including Ariel and lovable Sebastian. Girls will love to use their imagination to re-enact some of their favorite scenes from The Little Mermaid, and there are plenty of fun pieces to help them do so. For example, there’s a fireworks launcher and a vanity station where Ariel can brush her hair. This is the perfect set for Little Mermaid fans!

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11. LEGO Duplo Playground

When it comes to LEGOs for toddler girl, Duplo is the best choice. With larger, chunkier pieces, it’s easier for younger children to hold, and is less of a choking hazard. This set has 71 pieces, which can be stored in the LEGO shaped storage box. The pieces are used to build a playground set complete with a slide, lookout tower and ride on car for the two included figures to enjoy. The set measures 7 inches high and 11 inches wide, so it is a great size for toddlers to play with and enjoy. Girls will have loads of fun playing with and building this set, and you can teach them how to tidy up thanks to the large box which is included.

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12. Stephanie’s Sports Arena

Here we have another fun LEGO Friends set, and this time it’s the Sporting Arena. With 460 pieces and two minidolls, this set is sure to entertain girls for hours. This LEGO for 6 year old girl has loads of fun and moving parts which makes it even more fun. There’s a tennis and basketball court, with moving balls, a stand for spectators to watch and even floodlights (which don’t really light up). There are two figures included to play the sports, but if your girl already has some other sets, she can use the other dolls to watch, or make a bigger team! There’s even a food stand for the dolls to relax and celebrate with an ice cream after the game!

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13. Disney LEGO Aladdin’s Palace

Girls who are fans of Disney Princesses are sure to love this set, which comes with a figure of Princess Jasmine. With just under 200 pieces, this set is suitable for younger girls, aged around 5 and over. After building, there is loads to do with this set. Perhaps the best feature is the flying carpet! It attaches to the roof of the palace with a rod so it can spin around the top for a magical ride. There’s also a market stall and the entrance to the Cave of Wonders for kiddies to act out their favorite scenes from the movie. Plenty of accessories are included too – even the magic Genie lamp!

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14. Ariel’s Seaside Castle

This girl LEGO set is perfect for younger builders, aged around 4 and over. It has 115 pieces, which are used to build a castle complete with lookout tower and slide to reach the bottom. There’s also a rowing boat and a kennel for Ariel’s pet dog. Ariel and Flounder figures are included so young girls can have hours of fun playing with this set. The set is easier to build, with some of the larger pieces simply slotting together. Girls will love using the treasure chest, seashell bed and other accessories to act out fun scenes from the movie or make up their own adventures.

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15. Cinderella’s Carriage LEGO

This Disney girls LEGO is suitable for girls as young as 4 years old, and has 91 large pieces making it quite easy to build. There’s a small castle tower as well as a white horse with carriage for Cinderella to ride in. As well as Cinderella and the horse, Lucifer the cat and Gus Gus the mouse figures are also included. Girls will love using the accessories and figures to create scenes from the movie – Cinderella shall go to the ball with the help of your little girl!

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16. LEGO Friendship House

Perhaps one of the best girl building sets is this huge Friends house with over 700 pieces. If your girl is a fan of the LEGO Friends series, she will absolutely love this set, which makes a great gift for a special occasion. The kit comes with three dolls and some pets, as well as loads of accessories to play with. There are loads of interactive areas to enjoy, such as the moving swing, slide for dolls to use, pole for them to slide down and the functional pulley system for taking objects to the roof terrace!

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17. Duplo Belle’s Tea Party

Duplo have some great LEGO set girl and this one has just 19 pieces making it an excellent first LEGO set. It has some adorable figures from the movie, including Belle, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip. Young girls will love making a tea party with this adorable set, which includes a table and two chairs for characters to sit at. There’s also a kitchen with opening fireplace which is sure to be enjoyed by toddlers.

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18. Ariel’s Magic Spell Building Set

Disney have some great LEGOs girls sets, and here we have Ariel’s Magic Spell set. It has 222 pieces and is recommended for girls between the ages of 5 – 12, so it will give years of usage. Ariel’s cave has loads of fun pieces such as the sliding door and secret hiding spot for Flounder. Kids can choose to play with Ariel as a princess or switch her to having her mermaid tail. A figure of Ursula is also included, along with the pieces to build her grotto. Kids will have hours of fun recreating their favorite moments from the movie, or writing their own scenes!

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19. Frozen LEGO Elsa’s Market

There are some amazing Frozen LEGO girl sets out there, and here we have Elsa’s market set, which has 125 pieces to build. The set includes the clock tower, market wagon and rowing boat, as well as Elsa and Olaf figures. There are loads of sweet details from the movie, such as Olaf’s personal snow shower and Elsa’s icy powers. The clock tower can be turned to change the season from summer to winter, just like in the movie! This is an excellent gift for someone who loves Frozen.

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20. Emma’s Vet Clinic

If you’re looking for smaller LEGO kits for girls who haven’t much previous experience at building LEGO, this is a good pick. With just 50 pieces which are easy to build, this set is suitable for girls as young as 4 years old. The set tasks kids with building a truck, with just a few simple pieces to join together. It comes with a minidoll figure and a pet dog, as well as accessories for the vet to look after the dog such as a bone, bowl, brush and bottle. There’s also an examination table for when the dog is unwell!

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21. LEGO Movie Party Bus

There are some great Movie LEGOs for boys and girls, and this party bus is sure to offer hours of fun! It has a whopping 1000+ pieces, including some which can be used to build Unikitty and Zebe. There’s also Melody and Tempo figures included, and a light brick which can be used to illuminate the dancefloor! Kids will love to play with this over and over again thanks to these fun and unique features. The roof and sides of the party bus open for easier access when playing. This set is ideal for ages 9 and above.

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22. Frozen LEGO Elsa’s Palace

If it’s new LEGOs for girls you’re looking for, what about this Frozen Ice Palace set? It’s best for ages 6 – 12, and comes with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Marshmallow for fun playtime. The palace looks just like in the movie with the cool icy blue color scheme. There’s a movie see saw to play on, opening doors and a balcony on the top level for hours of fun.

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23. Rapunzel’s Tower LEGO

If it’s little girl LEGOs you’re searching for, consider this cute little set which is used to build Rapunzel’s tower. It also has a Rapunzel figure included, as well as a hairbrush to brush her long hair. With just 44 pieces, this is a great first LEGO to build, as it is pretty straightforward to put together. It’s great for travel too, keeping kids busy on the go without taking up too much space.

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24. Drifting Diner Friends LEGO

This LEGO set for girls has almost 350 pieces, and is used to build a go kart racing event complete with diner. There’s a launcher to get the go kart moving, as well as two dolls to race and dine. There is also a drive-in theatre, which is the right size to fit a cellphone to really play videos for the dolls to watch! The diner has a grill with various food pieces, which is loads of fun to play with and is great for the imagination.

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25. Mia’s Camper Van

Friends have some big LEGO sets for girls, so if you’re looking for a good set to keep an older girl busy, Mia’s Camper Van with almost 500 pieces is a great choice. There is loads of fun to be had with this set! It includes two dolls and a horse figure, a tree, a tent and even a dinghy for the dolls to ride on! The camper van is 5 inches high and 8 inches long, and has opening sides making it easy to play with. If your girl loves the Friends collection, she is certain to love this excellent set.

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Best Overall Buy

We have reviewed many of the best LEGO sets for girls, but the top pick is the LEGO Friends house. It’s a great size, both for playing with and the number of pieces it has. So, it will keep kids busy building for hours, as well as offering loads of fun, imaginative play opportunities after building. There’s a great range of figures and accessories included too, which makes this an all-round great pick.

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Best Budget Pick

If you prefer cheap LEGO set for girls, Aladdin and Jasmine’s palace is a good pick. There are almost 200 pieces to keep kids occupied, and they will love the unique flying carpet feature! The Jasmine and Aladdin figures are sure to popular with fans of the movie, too.

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Considerations When Choosing LEGOs for Girls

When it comes to finding the best girly LEGOs, there are a few things to consider. First the number of pieces – too many will overwhelm a younger child, but too few will not hold a more experienced builder’s attention for long.

Most LEGO toys come with a suggested age range on the box, but also think about whether or not she has previously built LEGO models. For example, some LEGO for 5 years old girl may also appeal to older kids who have never played with these toys before.

Also think about the theme – if she is a Disney fan, she will love one of the Disney Princess themed sets!


What are the Newest LEGO Sets for Girls Age 9?

There are new LEGO set for girls being released all the time, one of the latest which we love is the LEGO Movie party bus set. The Friends range is perfect for girls this age and also has new sets added all the time.


How Much is Girls LEGO?

You can find girl LEGOs for sale at a variety of price points, generally it depends on how many pieces are in the set. Smaller sets can be found for around $20 or less, whereas the very large sets with 1000 pieces can sell for upwards of $100. But remember, larger sets can be a great investment as they will give years of enjoyment to your child.