Board games are so much fun, for children of all ages. They’re great for cognitive development too as they promote problem-solving and coordination skills. Games for toddlers that are two years of age come in many different varieties, but if you’re looking for a new game for your little one, our top 20 games list will have you covered below.

From games that promote learning to count to those that help children to identify animals and objects, there are lots to choose from. You may be wondering what are the best games for a 2 year old? We’d always recommend choosing an option that can help your child to develop their skills as they continue to learn and grow.


20 Best Board Games for 2 Year Olds

Now that we’ve introduced you to some of the benefits that a toddler can experience through interacting with these games, it’s time to dive in and present our top 20 board games for for 2 year olds.

1. Busytown Game Board

This Busytown Eye Found It game is a great choice if you’re on the hunt for gifts for 2 year olds. Toddlers will join two friendly characters, Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm on an adventure-packed race around the busy town as they search for objects that are hidden. The gigantic board is filled with color, characters and more and is a great activity for promoting attention to detail and building teamwork skills. Why not bring the family together to enjoy this unique game, and watch your toddler learn as they go?

This is an image of an Eye Found it board game for kids.

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2. Roll and Play Plush Cube

Is your toddler ready to move on to new challenges and you’re not quite sure what type of toy or activity would be suitable? The Roll & Play game is one of the best toddler games for a two year old out there. The soft cube features 48 game cards, each illustrated with characters and activities that your toddler can play along with. Encouraging creativity, active play and development of gross motor skills, your child will enjoy hours of fun with this activity. The set comes with a guide to assist parents to promote stimulating learning through this toy and, it is a great, flexible toy for the entire family to enjoy together!

This is an image of a toddler's colorful roll and play cube.

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3. Pirate and 24 Color Swords Pop up Game

If you’re looking for a game that will provide plenty of surprising entertainment, this is the right choice for you! This pirate-themed game centers around up to 4 players taking turns to slide plastic swords into a replica barrel in anticipation of the pirate character popping up. A classic amongst good games for a 2 year old, we love the shock factor when playing this game and are sure that your toddler will too. The player responsible for sending Pirate Pete flying is a loser and can no longer play. This learning toy encourages decision making and will support speech development as children interact with each other while playing. No two games are the same as Pirate Pete will pop up differently each time when swords are slotted into place. This unpredictable game is going to provide lots of laughs all round and is fantastic for any 2 yr old.

This is an image of a pirate in a barrel with colorful swords.

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4. Preschooler’s Educational Kit

Some of the best learning games for 2 year olds take simple concepts that make education fun and simple, this is exactly one of them. Containing 68 different pieces to teach your toddler about the alphabet, numbers, shapes and more! The kit includes 4 boards, 4 posters, 7 puzzles and 55 flashcards for plenty of interactive learning and entertainment. This game will promote numeracy, literacy, spatial reasoning and motor skills all in 1. Use this game to bond with your little one, with just 20 minutes of play each day toddlers will learn and develop.

This is an image of a 68-piece learning set for kids.

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5. Avengers Up and Down Game

This cool adaptation of the classic snakes and ladders game takes a superhero twist on the original game for toddlers. Toddlers can play as their favorite superheroes as they navigate themselves up and down chutes to compete to the finish. Ladders will zoom toddlers forward on the game board, but be careful not to land on one of the many chutes that’ll slide a player back. This game is high quality and is a great activity to help your two year old to develop their counting and hand eye coordination skills too.

This is an image of an up and down classic game in super hero edition.

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6. Classic Orchard Game

We love this First Orchard game which is by far one of the best games for 2 year olds out there. As a more simplified version of the classic Orchard game, this game is suitable for 1-4 players and will see toddlers taking turns and working as a team to pick the fruits from trees before the raven reaches the end of the path. By promoting working together, if players succeed in harvesting all of the fruit before the raven reaches the orchard, they win together but if the hungry raven gets there first, they all lose against the bird. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get playing this tactical game including a fruit basket, pears, apples, plums, dice and much more! Children will improve social skills and develop color recognition skills along the way too.This is an image of a cooperative game for kids.

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7. Counting Chickens Activity Game

Counting is a crucial skill that all toddlers should learn from an early age. Perhaps you’re looking for a game that’ll strengthen your child’s counting skills and help them to improve their mathematics skills along the way? If so, this is one of the best games for toddler who are two. The cooperative game takes place on a farmyard and encourages social interaction as children work together to help the mother hen to collect her chickens as they move along the board’s pathway. Children will have the opportunity to take individual turns and work together to safely return all the chicks that have flown the nest.

This is an image of a counting chickens cooperative game for 2 years old kids.

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8. Dinosaur Development Toys

Lots of children love dinosaur-themed games and toys and this Dotty Dinosaurs shape matching game is a great activity for toddlers aged 2 years. With 2 games in 1, little ones can get busy matching colored shapes and slotting them into the dinosaurs to complete them. Suitable for 2-4 players, the friendly dinosaurs will teach your children problem-solving and motor skills as they get underway working out the multiple puzzles included in this set.

This is an image of a dinosaur matching game for kids.

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9. Colorful Bugs Matching Game

This colorful snug as a bug in a rug game is a great way to help your kids learn to count, match shapes and colors! This cooperative game will bring toddlers together as they learn to differentiate between different sizes and more. The game aims to help children learn a number of skills as they work together across three different games included in the set. Give your child a boost when it comes to important developmental skills and see them grow and learn with a simple set of activities that will also provide a ton of entertainment too.

This is an image of a colorfuls bugs board games for kids.

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10. Ladybug Playing Cards

We love the adorable, colorful graphics that this ladybug game features. An ideal first board game for a toddler, this fun activity will encourage cooperative play as kids can come together to navigate themselves around this awesome board packed full of surprises. The board revolves around the story of four ladybugs that each embark on their own adventures. The ladybug to find his or her way home wins!

This is an image of an educational ladybug game for little kids.

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11. Stacking and Hiding Block Game

This awesome stacking game is an ideal introduction to this type of activity for 2 yr olds. We’ve rated it as one of the best games for toddlers aged 2 as it promotes counting, problem-solving and much more all of which is packed into a cheerful story focussed on finding a cute bear character. Play along with your toddler and enjoy the giggles along the way as they immerse themselves in this delightful hide and find activity game.

This is an image of a kid's stack, hide and find game.

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12. Seek A Boo Memory Game by MindWare

This seek-a-boo game for toddlers is a great way to improve memory-building skills and it’ll teach lots of fun things along the way. The active interactive play will get little ones questioning and learning the names of colors, animals, shapes, foods and much more as they seek out a match to their cards. Including 36 different large, round cards, 2 yr olds can take turns enjoying this game or alternatively work in coop mode to match the cards together.

This is an image of a hide and find activity game for kid.

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13. Musical Nursery Rhyme Book

Singing nursery rhymes together can be so much fun and, this Ditty Bird game set promotes just that. Toddlers can read, listen and sing along as the bird sings their favorite nursery rhymes. With an electronic push-button on every spread, kids can interact to select one of the six most popular rhymes known by children. Including itsy bitsy spider, baa baa black sheep, row row your boat and more, this is one of the sweetest family games for this age range as it can be enjoyed by both toddlers and older siblings too. Your child will improve their language skills and will help to promote motor skills as they interact with pages.  

This is an image of a blue nursery rhyme board book.

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14. Find and Match Lotto Game

Matching games are an excellent activity for helping toddlers and children to improve their memory-building skills. This new baby lotto game not only helps your toddler with memory, but it’ll also prepare them for a new baby arrival into the family. If you’re expecting a new baby, this is a great way to introduce your child to what they can expect from their new sibling entering their lives. A great bonding game for parents to play with their toddler, this matching game is unique and charming.

This is an image of a baby's lotto game.

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15. Toddler’s Card Game by ToDo

This creative, fun and engaging game for toddlers will have the entire family coming together to play as they engage in a series of activities using cards to discover and learn. The award-winning game is ideal for 2 yr olds and features 30 different activities to enjoy all of which are designed to help families spend more quality time together. Away from screens, this easy to play game doesn’t have any complex rule books or any right or wrong answers. Simply pick a card at random out of the box and follow the clear instructions on the card. Focussed on creativity, imagination, and fostering of social interaction between parents and children, this game is guaranteed to entertain everyone. 

This is an image of a toddler's activity card game.

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16. Crazy Toaster Catch and Match Game

A unique game, this crazy toaster matching activity game really stands out when it comes to games for toddlers aged 2. With 40 pieces of toast, toddlers will get to cook their own delicious recipes using the utensils included. Put the pieces of toast in the toaster and wait for them to cook, toddlers playing together will then have to challenge themselves and each other to wait for the toast to pop out so that they can catch it in their pans. The player to set up their toast placemat first is the winner! This game is great for improving any child’s hand-eye coordination and it’ll help them to learn about dealing with unpredictability too.

This is an image of a catch and match board game for preschoolers.

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17. Learning Set for Toddlers

We love this toddler learning set which promotes lots of different skills including use of imagination and problem-solving. When it comes to educational games for this age range there is a lot of variation. Designed by professional educators, this set includes 4 educational posters, 58 flashcards that appeal to visual learners, a practice book with 58 exercises, 4 crayons and, 36 reward stickers to motivate curious minds. This is a great activity for parents to enjoy with their children and, just 20 minutes of play each day will see your toddler develop their skills in numerous ways. 

This is an image of a toddler's educational set.

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18. Disney Matching and Memory Game

Lots of little children love Disney and, this matching and memory game is ideal for both toddler boys and girls. Most games for 2 yr olds will center around skill-building and with this matching game children will strengthen their memory while interacting with their favorite Disney characters. A game that is played together, toddlers will learn to be patient as they take turns to interact with the cards, it’ll also encourage the development of social skills too.

This is an image of a disney characters matching game for kids.

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19. Sesame Street Book and Block

Toddlers can play along with the infamous characters from Sesame Street: Elmo, Big Bird, and their pals! The game allows little ones to explore fun concepts around counting, sounds, rhymes, shapes, colors, and music too. Including 12 sturdy board books with “just-my-size pages” making them ideal for little hands, children will nourish their love for reading as they develop vocabulary skills. All the books included in this set come packed into a convenient carry case with a handle, for fun and fashion on the go!

This is an image of a book and block in Sesame Street Edition.

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20. Matching Letter Activity Game

This fun, interactive game is perfect for preschoolers as they learn to match letters and improve their memory skills. Toddlers can learn strategic thinking, social skills, spelling and much more as they make connections between objects and their names. Using flashcards and letter cubes, this game not only teaches spelling and memorization, but it will also help children advance their hand and eye coordination skills too. A great family activity and one of the easy games out there for little ones, there are lots of learning opportunities to be had in a creative way with this matching letter game.

This is an image of a little kid's matching and memory game.

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Best Overall Buy

Now that we’ve presented 20 of the best board games for 2 yr olds out there, we’ve come to the part where we select our personal favorite. Our top pick is the Avengers Up And Down game which takes a modern twist on the classic snakes and ladders game. This game is great for the whole family to join in with the fun as they get to play as a superhero character and climb their way up the board watching out for the chutes, to avoid sliding back down. Great for multiple players, we think that this game is undeniably entertaining and is fantastic for developing skills such as counting too.

This is an image of an up and down classic game in super hero edition.

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Best Budget Pick

If you’re on a budget but you still want to buy your toddler a brand new game this Dotty Dinosaurs activity is a fantastic choice! The game will teach your child about matching shapes and colors as they put together dinosaurs and learn along the way. Ideal for 2-4 players, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by siblings or friends. It’ll help to teach color recognition, shape identification and much more along the way. This 2-in-1 game has been teacher-tested and is one of our top picks especially when it comes to cheaper activities for kids.

This is an image of a dinosaur matching game for kids.

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Considerations When Choosing Games For 2 Year Olds

When choosing a board game for toddlers age 2 there are a few considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure that the game you pick is suitable.

Age suitability: Lots of these type of games contain small parts that can be dangerous for toddlers. These parts may include plastic counters or parts that could cause injuries. You should be extra attentive when choosing a game that is suitable age-range wise for your child. Always check to boxes for age recommendations and ask a retailer if in doubt.

Skills and learning: While a large element of interacting with games for children is all about fun, you should also aim to choose one that promotes skill-building and learning. Most game’s boxes will clearly explain how your child can benefit and what they’ll learn. Though it’s tempting to choose a game that is within your kid’s comfort zone, we’d always recommend opting for something that will challenge them and help them to develop.

Entertainment: It’s a top factor when deciding on a game or activity for kids. You won’t want your toddler to grow bored with a new toy within a matter of minutes. Make sure that you’re not buying a game board that is too similar to something that they may own already. Always go for something new and challenging that will keep your toddler interested for longer.

Complexity: Though we’ve pointed out the need to challenge your toddler with a game that will provide lots of mental stimulation, it’s equally important to not choose one that is too complex. You don’t want your child to grow frustrated or to feel like they aren’t capable of playing a game.

Safety: Safety is a priority when it comes to buying toys, games, and activities for toddlers. Always check a product’s box or packaging for age recommendations and be sure to not put your child at risk of an accident. It’s super important to supervise your child when they’re playing with any toy or activity, new or old.

How Can A Child Benefit From Board Games? 

There are plenty of ways in which your child can benefit from interacting with such games from as early as 2 years. Games can help your child to develop numerous skills and because a lot of them require multiple players, they’re great for social interaction. Through moving counters or navigating aspects of a game, toddlers can improve their hand and eye coordination as well as their fine-motor skills.

This type of game can help children to learn vital skills such as color identification, counting, shape memorization and much more. Lots of games feature animal characters which will help a child to learn about the world around them.

Some games require spatial awareness and for players to take turns, by taking turns your toddler is learning to be patient and engaging in positive team play.

Overall, there are lots of ways in which your little one is going to benefit from game activities. Whether you choose to buy them a memory matching game or a more complex game that involves counting and mathematics skills, interacting with games is positive and can help to bring families together too.

Why not add some board games to your daily playtime with your toddler? There is lots of knowledge and skills to learn, tons of entertainment to be had and interacting with them together will build stronger family bonds over time.