Walkie talkies are used by people who want to communicate with each other. As much as it can be used for serious communications, it can also be used by kids who want to play and have fun. In this guide, we will highlight some Nerf walkies perfect for children and playtime. 

Tips Choosing Nerf Walkie Talkies

When choosing a Nerf walkie talkie for your kid, there are some factors you need to consider. These factors will help you to determine the best walkie for your kid. Here are three of the factors you should consider. 

Ease of Use – Kid-friendly!

How easy it is for your kid to control and use the walkie is important. Some walkies are more complex to operate than others hence you should settle for walkies that your kid can easily operate. 

Age Appropriate

Your child’s age would give you an idea of the kind of walkie talkie you would need to buy. If your child is old enough to go camping with his friends, a walkie talkie with a long range would be most ideal. But if the walkie talkies are for indoor play or to be used in the backyard, you can settle for medium or short range walkies. 


The range of the walkie is important when you are purchasing a walkie. If the walkie is going to be used outdoors a longer-ranged talkie will be needed but if it is going to be used indoors a shorter ranged walkie won’t be all that bad. 

Best Kids Nerf Walkie Talkies

1. Nerf Night Action

Nerf Night Action is a great product that will allow your kid to have fun with his friends. This two-way radio is perfect for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It comes equipped with large speakers, LED lights, and crisp voice quality. The radio utilizes AAA batteries to power its operations and the durable body build enables the walkie to survive falls and drops while your kid is playing outdoors.

2. Nerf 10 Mile Talkie

This Nerf 10 is a long-range beauty that is great for both outdoor and indoor play. It has a creative blue and orange design that makes it easy on the eyes while it also delivers quality sound transmission regardless of the range. I

t has an impressive 10-mile range that allows your kid to communicate along far distances thereby allowing them to play in a large outdoor area. It is great for camping and other trips and it sits perfectly in outdoor vests allowing for effective storage while it is not in use. The one-year warranty is a guarantee that the manufacturer gives to you so if you have any problem with the product within a year, you can return it.

3. Nerf Kids Talkie

With a range of 1000ft, this walkie aims to keep friends closer together. It is a great indoors walkie walkie and should be your choice if you want a durable product your kid can use indoors. Its durable build makes it useful for short-range outdoor activities and it utilizes two nine volt batteries for operation. The walkie is made of safe material and is suitable for kids between 5-8 years old and its one-touch communication system makes it easy for your kid to enjoy the fun of instant communication during play with friends. It is a gift your kid will never forget. 


These products have been selected from among the multitude of products available for purchase. We know how tedious it can be trying to select a perfect product for your kid so we have gone through the trouble to select three products we know you would love. If you are not satisfied with the options we have discussed in this guide visit walkietalkiespot.com for more options. Happy shopping!