20 Best Erector Sets for Kids to Build

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Are you looking for the very best kids erector sets? Here, you will find our top 20 picks, suitable for all ages and building abilities, in various themes to suit all interests. These sets are perfect for kids who love to build LEGO and other similar construction toys but are looking for a new and unique challenge. Some of these sets are motorized for even more fun!

Original erector sets contain pieces such as nuts and bolts, as well as all the tools required to fix them together and build the model. This is great fun for kids, and will also challenge them to learn new skills. So, these building sets are great STEM toys and will really help children to develop their skills in these areas. They will be so proud when they finish building a model!

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20 Best Ever Kids Erector Sets

Now we will review the best erector sets available on the market today. No matter what your child’s interests are, you are sure to find the perfect mechanical building kit here for them to enjoy.

1. Meccano Micronoid

Meccano has some great builder kits for kids, and this one is perfect as it allows kids to build their own robot! It is best for kids over the age of 8, as it contains 123 pieces making it a reasonably challenging build. Kids will love to make their robot come to life after building it, by using the simple programming techniques.

There are three modes of play with the Micronoid robot – he can answer simple yes or no questions in 8 ball mode, dances if he hears music in the dance mode or switch to autonomous mode and let the robot do whatever he wants! In this mode, he can walk around, laugh and even pass gas – sure to entertain your kids over and over again!

There are two tools included to help with assembly, as well as one motorized part. The robot comes in a choice of three different models – the red Rocket pictured below, the green Switch or the blue Basher. Why not collect them all?

This is an image of STEM robot building kit

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2. Schylling Steel Works

This building set for kids has an impressive 300 steel pieces which can be used to build a variety of interesting models – 10 in total. There are instructions included to build the different models, including a helicopter, forklift, fire truck and more. Each model has moving parts so they are fun to play with after building too. The required tools are also included, so the toy is great for improving fine motor skills as well as the ability to follow instructions.

The Schylling model kit is suitable for ages 8+ and it is sure to be used for many years to come. The kit can be combined with others of the same brand to make even bigger and better models – kids can let their imagination run wild and come up with their own inventions!

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3. Meccano Micronoid Code ACE

This Meccano erector set is excellent for kids who have a keen interest in STEM subjects. The robot is programmable, and can be connected to a computer to do this. There are 115 parts to assemble, although building is not too difficult, so it can be enjoyed by beginners. Like the previous models, 8 year old is the minimum recommended age for this one. Building should take around an hour, but the programming and play is where the real fun is at!

There are different modes of play, including the fun DJ mode in which ACE will play some tunes! There’s also the fighting mode and the 8 ball mode, which provides endless fun. The robot will start dancing if he hears music, moving his body and eyes in time to the beat!

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4. LEGO Boost Robot

LEGO have some fun metal building toys on offer, such as this Boost coding robot. With almost 850 pieces, building this robot is sure to keep them busy for hours! There are 5 different models which can be built with the kit, so it kids can redesign their robot again and again. It can be turned into a cat, a guitar and more!

A tablet or cellphone is required for the coding part of this toy, with any of the major operating systems. You can find full instructions for the 5 different models by downloading the Boost app. This is also where kids can access the program required to code their models to do what they want them to! There are hours of fun to be had with this great toy!

This is an image of kids LEGO Robot building kit in blue color

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5. Brickyard Building Kit

If you are looking for erector style building kits for younger kids, this set from Brickyard is a great choice. The pieces are made from plastic, but there are wrenches and nuts and bolts included just like in the steel sets. There are over 160 pieces in the set, and it is suitable for little builders as young as 3 years old. Everything can be stored away in the big plastic box which is included, and it has a handle for easy carrying too.

This building toy is great for STEM learning, and can also help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. There are instructions included for building over 40 great models such as a helicopter, a dinosaur, and various types of vehicle. There are simple designs for beginners and more difficult models for when your child has had some more practice.

This is an image of kids STEM kit with 163 pieces

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6. K’NEX Imagine

This motorized building kit has over 500 pieces, including a motor to make the models move! It’s suitable for kids between the ages of 7 – 12 years old, and is sure to keep them busy for hours! There are classic K’NEX parts included such as rods and connectors, as well as wheels to make vehicles. The pieces are stored in a suitcase with a handle, which is ideal for taking the set elsewhere – kids won’t want to leave it behind!

There are instructions to build an amazing 50 different models, ranging in difficulty so there is always something to keep them challenged. The pieces can be used with other K’NEX kits for even more opportunities to invent amazing models. Some of the models which can be built with the pieces in the box include a carousel and even a basketball game. The motor takes two AA batteries, which are not included.

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7. K’NEX 35 Model Kit

This construction set is aimed at kids aged 7 years old and above, and can be used to make 35 great models ranging from a T-Rex to an airplane! There are almost 500 pieces included, so the building possibilities are endless with a bit of imagination! A useful storage box is included to keep all the pieces together, as well as store partially-finished models.

Classic K’NEX rods and connectors are included, so the set can be combined with other K’NEX sets to make even bigger and better models! There are also wheels to make moving models, which are great fun to play with as well as build. The pieces are easy to fit together, yet will stay securely attached until your child decides it’s time to make something different.

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8. Mochoog 4WD Climber

This STEM toy is ideal for entertaining kids aged 8 years old and above. The car is built by screwing together the included pieces, as well as some simple wiring. The car can then climb obstacles of different heights by adjusting the chassis angle into one of three different positions. Building the model takes around 1-2 hours depending on previous experience with toys such as this.

After building, kids will have hours of fun playing with their new car! They will be amazed to watch as it appears to ‘climb’ over obstacles with a height of up to around 2 inches.

This is an image of kids building kit with electric mechanical assembly

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9. Erector Super Construction Set

This Erector building set contains a whopping 638 pieces, and can be used to make 25 different models. The kit is recommended for kids aged 10+ as some of the models are fairly large and complex to build. Some of the models which can be built include a helicopter and a windmill, but the star of the show is the crane which can be motorized using the included 6V motor. Kids will love to make the body of the crane move, and raise and lower its hook.

Instructions are included for building the various models, and there is also a plastic carry case to keep the pieces nicely together when not in use. Two real tools are also included to help make assembly easy.

This is an image of a super construction building play set for kids.

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10. K’NEX 25th Anniversary Case

The Ulimate Builder’s Case from K’NEX contains an incredible 750 pieces, with instructions to create over 50 great models. The set can be used to build things like a pirate ship or a model robot, so no matter what your child is interested in, there will something here to capture their interest.

The instructions feature color coded diagrams to easily show how to build each model. When building is finished, the pieces can be stored in the durable, reusable case. Recommended for ages 7 – 12, this set is sure to give years of fun to any child interested in STEAM subjects.

This is an image of a 750 piece building set with storage case for kids.

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11. K’NEX Thrill Rides Set

This awesome set is used to build a fairground in your own home! This set is for slightly older kids aged between 9-14 years old, although mom and dad will probably want a go too! The Ferris wheel stands at an impressive height of 34 inches, so it looks great proudly displayed in your child’s room too. A swing ride can also be built, as well as a boom ride, but unfortunately only one can be made at a time.

There is a motor included to make these rides come to life, which is sure to amaze your kids! Two AA batteries are required for the motor, and these are not included.

This is an image of kids classic park building set by K'NEX

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12. Erector MultiModel Set

Here we have another of the best Erector building sets, and this time it’s the 10 model set from Meccano. With over 250 pieces and 2 tools, building these models is a great way to keep kids aged 8 and above busy for hours. There’s an instruction sheet included which shows how to build models such as a forklift, dump truck and race car. They have real moving wheels so they can be played with after building too. The metal parts and tools ensure this is a durable set which can be taken apart and rebuilt over and over again.

This is an image of a yellow dump truck building toy kit.

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13. Meccano Rally Car

Yet another of the coolest Erector toy sets is this rally racer kit, which can be used to build 10 models. There are 159 pieces, and the set is suitable for 8 years and above. Depending on previous experience, expect building this set to take between 1 – 3 hours.

The toy is great for developing STEM skills, and like other Meccano sets comes with real metal tools. There is an electric motor included which will make the car move along flat surfaces after building.

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14. Erector Off Road Racer

If you are looking for motorized erector sets to impress your kid with, this off road racer is a great choice. There are over 400 parts, 2 tools and a motor included to bring the model to life. Building takes between 1-3 hours, depending on previous experience. There are 25 different models which can be built with this set. Instructions are given for 3 of these, whilst the others can be found online. This set is best suited to builders aged 9 years and older, and it’s sure to give many years of fun. Kids will love to play with the motorized model after it is built, or even keep it on display in their room.

this is an image of a meccano off road racer car

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15. Iron Commander Crane Building Set

This set contains 235 metal pieces, and is used to build a large model crane. There are step by step instructions which make building the model easy for kids over the age of 8. The necessary tools are also included to make building fun. The model isn’t motorized so no batteries are needed. However, it can still be pushed around to play with, or taken apart and rebuilt again!

This is an image of a metal crane construction vehicle toy for kids.

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16. K’NEX Imagine Box

This huge box has more than 600 pieces which can be used to make any of the 52 included model ideas. There are both micro and classic parts included, so the building possibilities are endless. Some of the models which can be built include a giraffe, fire truck or a tank, or anything else your child can imagine! Creating their own models is a great way for kids to develop their imagination and creativity, whilst allowing them to improve their problem solving skills too.

This is an image of kids building set with 52 models

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17. 2 in 1 Excavator

The excavator and bulldozer 2-in-1 set is perfect for tweens aged 10 years old and above. It has over 250 parts and 2 different tools to help assemble them with. Kids will love Erector kits such as this excavator, as they have loads of fun interactive elements to keep them entertained even after building is finished. It has treads to move on, a functional boom and a cab which can rotate through 360 degrees. Then, rebuild it as a bulldozer and use the front scoop to shovel up dirt! This kit is rated 2/4 in terms of difficultly, so it’s ideal for those who don’t have much previous experience.

This is an image of a 2 in 1 yellow excavator building toy for kids,

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18. Pagani Huayra Building Set

This set is excellent for kids who are interested in cars, as it challenges them to build their own Huayra Roadster! There are just under 300 pieces in this set, which is expected to take between 1 – 3 hours to assemble. Once built, the front wheels can be posed, making this an excellent display item. There’s also a sticker sheet to decorate the finished model to taste. To make the car more realistic and streamlined, some of the panels are made from flexible plastic known as FLEXTech. This is a great project for kids over 10.

This is an image of a blue sports car building toy set for kids.

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19. Whirligig Engineering Set

This colorful set is a great pick for younger kids, around the age of 5 and over. There are just over 100 pieces, as well as an instruction sheet showing just some of the possibilities with this toy. There’s a sturdy plastic carry case with clips and a handle to keep the pieces in when not in use, so you won’t have to worry about standing on them!

There are moving parts on these toys, which makes them fun to play with after building. The moving piece can be used as wheels for a vehicle or simply to add life to other models such as a swing that really swings or a Ferris wheel which spins. No tools are required to assemble the pieces, which is why this is a great set for younger children. You can find videos on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel showing how to build some of the models, one step at a time.

This is an image of kids STEM construction toys kit set for kids

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20. IQ Toys Ferris Wheel

This is the biggest set on our list with an incredible 954 pieces! It’s best suited to advanced builders who can handle the smaller models with ease. Building the Ferris wheel will keep kids occupied for hours, and will be a challenge which will help them learn some new skills. There is a full instruction booklet included to guide kids along the way. Once built, the wheel comes to life with sounds and music, so it makes a stunning display item in your child’s room. They will be so proud to show it off to everyone!

This is an image of a colorful ferris wheel building set for kids.

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Our Top Pick

We have looked at loads of Erector set building toys but the Super Construction set is the best. It has loads of pieces, as well as loads of ideas for what to build with it, so it is sure to keep kids busy for hours! The fact it is motorized makes it even more appealing.

This is an image of a super construction building play set for kids.

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Best Budget Pick

The Meccano Erector Micronoid ACE robot is the best pick if you are not looking to spend too much money. Building is not too difficult, but playing with it will give hours of fun! Kids will love having their very own robot to code and interact with.

This is an image of robot building kit in yellow color

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Considerations When Choosing Meccano Erector Sets

Ability – These toys come with a suggested age range from the manufacturer, which reflects the typical abilities of a child that age. This should give a rough idea of the complexity of the set and therefore if your child will be able to successfully build it or not. Of course, if your child has a lot of experience with these toys already, they may be able to build a model which is aimed at slightly older kids.

Theme – Meccano sets have different themes, so think about what your child is interested in before purchasing. For example, if they love robots, there are plenty of robot themed models to choose from. Other kids might love motorized models, and there are loads to choose from in this case too.

Brand – The original Erector toys are made by Meccano, but other brands offer similar building kits which are just as fun, some of which can be seen above. Consider K’NEX or LEGO Boost, amongst others.


Where to Buy Erector Sets?

Erector sets can be found online at retailers such as Amazon, which offer a huge selection. You can also buy directly from the manufacturer, Meccano which ensures you receive top-quality customer support if anything happens to go wrong. Be sure to check the local toy store as you might find some there too, where you can see the sets in person or take your child to pick out their favorite. Also look out for used, retro kits at yard sales or on online auction sites if the classic sets are your favorite.


What Age for Erector Set?

Check each erector sets instructions, which will show roughly which age the kit is suitable for. Most are best for kids over the age of 8 due to the high number of pieces, some of which are quite small and complex. Some of the more difficult models are better for the over 10s. However, if you are looking for an erector set for 5 year olds and above, check out the Meccano Junior range, which is suitable for younger builders.


Are Different Types of Erector Set Available for 7 to 10 Year Olds?

There are a few different types of these kits which are designed to suit kids with different experience and skill levels. For younger kids or those who have little or no experience, the Junior Meccano sets are well worth considering. They’ll help ensure your child doesn’t get frustrated by trying to build something which is too difficult and complicated for them to build. Once your child reaches 10, they will probably be ready for the most advanced models, especially if they have had a few years of practice already!