Toys are excellent at distracting a child, sometimes for a whole three minutes if you are lucky, but they do more than that. A good toy can help a baby learn and grow certain skills. As your little one hits the six-month mark, you may be looking to get new toys for that particular age. The market is overflowing with all kinds of toys, so you won’t have trouble finding one that suits your child and is in your budget. Narrowing down the available options is usually the conundrum. However, when you know what you want a toy to do for your baby, the choice becomes simple.

What Are The Best Types of Baby Toys?

Toys are a crucial part of a baby’s development, which is why you have to invest in the right ones. Bouncy and floor seats are some of the common toys for children of this age. They are ideal for babies who can already hold up their necks properly. Floor and jumper seats have toys linked to them that babies can play with. As they try to grab the toys, babies build important muscles. Activity mats are ideal for children who are learning how to crawl. Kids can also learn numbers and letters using activity mats. Stacking rings and stones are used to teach children about organisation, which improves coordination.

What Can 6 Month Olds Learn Through Play?

Playtime is vital for a child’s growth. A fundamental reason to engage a six-month-old in play is to encourage movement. At this age, a baby’s muscles are developing, and anything to help with the process is useful. When a child crawls after a push toy or moves across an activity mat to collect a favourite toy, the muscles get much-needed exercise. A child can learn skills such as problem-solving, organisation and comprehension. Play teaches children about interacting with objects and other people. A toy with sounds will promote engagement, which is necessary for a developing child. Kids get to explore their surroundings more when they play, and they learn. Simple elements like the texture of a stacking stone or the sounds from a rhyme book can help a 6-month-old learn so much. Toys can teach children about contrast and how to identify objects and sounds.

Top Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

1. Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Activity Jumper

This activity jumper from Neptune has bouncy seats that swivel the whole way around, meaning that a child can get from one toy to the next without struggling at all. The seat also allows the baby to stretch. You get four height settings, so you can adjust the jumper to suit a particular child. The Neptune’s Ocean Discovery jumper is marine-themed, providing your baby with an opportunity to explore various aspects. Babies get several toys to play with, and the extra link loops allow you to change the toys or add different ones. The available toys include an octopus starfish and crab. A removable sea turtle makes up the activity panel where babies can learn about colours and numbers. They come in three languages- French, Spanish and English. Another advantage of this learning centre is that it is small, so it is not cumbersome to move around the house.

this is an image of Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Activity Jumper for babies

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2. B. Toys Skipping Stones

If you are looking to get your baby a classic toy, this set of skipping stones from B. Toys is one option. The set comes with 5 stones in different colours. Your child can stack the stones and learn a few things about construction. The vibrant colours make the toy fun. Babies also learn problem-solving skills by trying to arrange the rings in the correct order. The stones come in different textures as well, which helps the baby identify them. Stone stacking is an engaging activity that promotes development. The process of finding the right rings to stack facilitates mental development and motor skills. The B. Toy rings are perfect for teething children because they can chew on them when itching. B. Toys has used materials that are 100% BPA and Phthalate free, so buyers are assured of the safety of the skipping stones.

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3. Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Water Mat

A play mat is a good way to engage the development of muscles. As the baby moves around playing with the submerged toys, it boosts motor skills and strengthens the muscles around the neck, head and shoulders. After inflating the mat, you fill it with water, which causes the toys to float around. The Splashin’kids water mat designed with colourful graphics to attract a child’s attention. Different types of toys are included in the tummy mat to provide children with contrast and variety. As the toys float around, they stimulate the vision and help develop hand-eye coordination. This water mat is made from heavy-duty PVC, which increases its durability and functionality. Buyers don’t have to worry about leaks. You can easily fold the water mat when deflated and carry it around.

This is an image of a toy Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Water Mat

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4. Fisher-Price Sit Me Up Seat

If you want a toy that keeps a baby in one place for a while, a floor seat works wonders. This Fisher-Price seat is made with soft fabric that offers a baby maximum comfort. The sturdy base allows the child to jump while in the seat without tipping over. It is designed for babies who are learning to sit and may need a bit of support. A child can interact effortlessly with the surroundings when inside the seat. Any good floor seat must have toys, and this one has two- a butterfly and flower teether. The toys will keep the baby occupied and let you do a few things. As the baby chomps on the teether, he/she gets to exercise the jaw and gum. A baby will also improve gross motor skills when reaching out for the toys. The Sit Me Up Floor Seat is lightweight and easily foldable, meaning you can travel with it.

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5. Vtech Musical Rhymes Book

The musical rhymes book developed by Vtech is an interactive toy that provides children with learning opportunities. It has 6 pages with popular nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet and Hey Diddle. The words in the pages help a child sing along to the correct lyrics, which teaches reading and boosts comprehension. Your baby can develop language skills by listening to the rhymes and singing along. The book has buttons that a baby has to push to listen to the rhymes. These manipulative buttons are effective in building motor skills. They also stimulate the mind as a child tries to associate a button with a particular function. This book contains plastic pages, which means you can leave the child with and not worry about damage. In the case of spillages, you can wipe the pages with a cloth.

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The Ocean Discovery Activity Jumper by Neptune takes the position as the best toy for a six-month-old baby because of the features it offers. Its many benefits mean that you get what you pay for with this toy. For one, you can keep your baby in one place and not have to worry about him/her falling off. The child gets various toys, which you can substitute if you prefer something different. It also looks good anywhere.

If you are toy shopping on a budget, the B. Toys skipping stones are a nice bargain. For an average of £8, your baby can have a classic toy that is perfect for the teething age. Your little one can learn so much by building landmarks around the house with the 5-stone toy set. B. Toys is known for quality products, and it doesn’t disappoint with this one.