20 Best Toys for 1 Month Old Baby

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At the age of one month old, many babies have developed the ability to focus on brightly colored objects, such as toys with strong patterns. So, at this age, you’ll probably want to start thinking about some simple toys for them to play with. Here, we have chosen 20 of the best toys for newborns, so you can choose a couple of new items for them to play with, learn from and enjoy.


Best Toys for 1 Month Old Baby

Here, we will review 20 of the best, safe toys for newborn babies to play with and enjoy. We’ve chosen toys which are age-appropriate and great for development, so you can be sure your baby is learning as they play.

1. Yoee Baby Puppy Toy

When it comes to newborn toys, simplicity is key. That’s why this cute puppy toy is such a great pick! It has interesting textures and sounds for babies to explore, as well as contrasting colors which help attract baby’s attention. So, it’s great for developing both hearing and eyesight. Babies will love the soft feather, which can be used to tickle them when they’re feeling playful, or to help soothe them when they need it.

The toy is safe to use from birth, so it makes an excellent baby shower gift too. It’s totally safe for even the youngest babies to play with. It’s BPA free, made from baby-safe fabric and can be washed in the washing machine to keep it clean and hygienic.

The teether is made from food grade silicone so you can be sure it’s safe for babies to chew on. On the back of the toy is a soft handle, so it’s easy for parents or babies to hold and play with. Babies will love the cute character, especially if mom or dad makes him talk!

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2. HAHA Baby Stroller Toys

When it comes to toys for newborns, stroller toys with clips are ideal. They can be used to soothe and calm babies on the go, and they will never get lost. This set comes with four different animals – an owl, an elephant,  a monkey and a dog. So, you can keep some on the stroller and the car seat, or keep a couple at home. The toys pass all current safety standards and are made from non-toxic materials.

Each of the stroller toys comes with a teether attached, so they are perfect for chewing on. They have different sounds and textures to explore to assist with sensory development too. Some of the toys contain squeakers whilst others have crinkle paper or even wind chime sounds. The toys are a great size, measuring between 15 – 18 inches long each.

These toys make an excellent gift, as they come packaged in a drawstring gift bag.

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3. Skip Hop Bee Toy

If you are looking for light up toys for infants, why not consider this cute bumblebee? It has colorful lights as well as fun sounds, to ensure your baby stays engaged for a long time. There are different modes available – for the youngest babies the toy stays still so they can enjoy looking at it and holding it. As they get older, you can make it move round in circles, encouraging them to move and reach for it. Once they have mastered the art of crawling, the bee can be set to move in random patterns around the room, making for a really fun chase!

The bee can be removed from the cloud base for younger babies. They can move the beads around on the wings, and enjoy chewing on the rubber parts of the toy. This toy will be enjoyed for many months before being outgrown, which gives it an advantage over a lot of other toys for babies.

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4. Macik Play Mat with Soft Blocks

It’s quite likely that your babys first toy will be a playmat of some kind. This one is a good choice, because it also comes with six soft building block cubes as well as a cloth book with a teether attached. The mat is a good size for babies to lie on, either on their back or on their front for tummy time. It has bright and colorful pictures to hold their attention, such as animals, objects, fruits and numbers. So, you can also name the items on the mat as it’s never too early to start teaching your baby some words.

The cubes are good for babies to hold and look at, and as they get older they can start to build them into a tower too. They are soft with smooth edges to ensure they can’t cause injury. The book is equally fun for babies to look at, and they will love to hear you talk about the pictures inside. The teether is ideal for giving them something to chew on, and all the pieces in this set can be machine washed if they get too much drool on them! All parts of the set are BPA free and safe for newborns.

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5. Blige Baby Sock Rattles

These new baby toys provide a unique and interesting play experience! The pack of four sock and wrist rattles have high contrast patterns which is perfect for helping the visual development of young babies. Each rattle contains a cute insect character which makes them even more interesting to look at. There are two sock rattles and two wristband rattles included in the set, so they can all be worn at the same time, or choose just one if you don’t want to overload the senses too much.

The baby rattles are made from cotton for comfort and safety, and the rattling sounds inside are gentle. They will keep your baby entertained for ages, and as they get older they will still continue to enjoy them. They might even laugh at themselves too!

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6. Teytoy Soft Baby Book

This baby developmental toy is sure to keep infants happy for hours, as there are loads of fun and engaging ways to use it. Of course, you can look through the pages of the cloth book with your baby and talk about what you can see. However, there’s also the teething tab on the corner of the book which they can chew on. On the handle are different colored beads which can be moved around the handle, or chewed on too!

Each page of the book is filled with photographs and words, so it’s sure to hold baby’s interest for a long time. As they get older, it’s great for encouraging them to learn to recognize different animals, colors, toys and more. The closing strap to the book makes a crinkle sound, however the pages do not. The book can easily be washed after being chewed on or if milk is spilled on it, so it’s a win-win for parents and babies alike!

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7. Tumama Soft Rattles

If you are looking for the most suitable toys for 1 month old, soft rattles are perfect! These ones have a contrasting striped pattern, which is excellent for baby’s visual development. The rattles are plush to ensure they are safe for even the youngest babies – no need to worry if they accidentally hit themselves! The four cute, smiling characters are sure to hold baby’s attention.

The rattles are BPA free so totally safe to use and chew on. They can even be machine washed to keep them clean. The colors will stay bold after washing, and the seams are securely stitched so as not to come loose during washing either. They’re perfectly sized for tiny babies to play with and hold – they will love to hear the rattling sounds!

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8. Bright Starts Rattle Bracelets

We’ve already seen how rattles make great toys for 1 month old baby, but what about these adorable little wrist rattles? They are possibly even better for younger babies, as they don’t even need to be able to grasp to make use of these. The bracelets come in a twin pack including a butterfly and a flower design. Both fasten using Velcro to ensure a comfortable fit – they are easy to put on and take off too.

Babies will love to look at the interesting patterns on these rattle bracelets, as well as exploring the different textures found on them. Babies will love the crinkling noises they make! The bracelets can be washed if they get chewed or otherwise get dirty.

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9. Baby Einstein Discovery Activity Gym

Baby Einstein make some fabulous toys for one month old baby, such as this comprehensive play gym. It has many great activities for babies of all ages to enjoy – it grows with your baby to ensure it doesn’t get boring as they grow. The mat can be used for tummy time, which is a great way to strengthen their muscles which will help them learn to sit up in the long run.

The mat comes with 10 balls to play with, and on the mat you can find various mirrors as well as hanging animal toys. The sides of the mat can be folded up to create an enclosed play area. This is great for using the included plastic balls as a mini ball pit! The mat and toys can be cleaned off with a damp cloth in the event of accidents or too much chewing. Music from around the world is also played by this toy, which is great for hearing development as well as introducing your baby to a variety of styles of music from a young age.

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10. Infantino Topsy Turtle

Infantino have some very good toys for 1 months old baby girl, and here we have chosen the Sparkle Topsy Turtle. It has a large clip attached, which makes it good for clipping on to a stroller or a car seat for easy entertainment on the go. There are loads of interesting patterns and textures for infants to explore on this fun toy. They will certainly love the mirrored tummy for checking their reflection!

The feet of the turtle rattle and crinkle which babies will love the sound of! It’s soft with no small parts, so it’s safe for babies and won’t hurt them. It’s the perfect length when hanging from an activity gym or similar too.

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11. Manhattan Toy Crib Mobile

Crib mobiles are ideal 1 months old baby toys, they can help soothe babies off to sleep, something all parents to newborns know can be difficult! This one is particularly useful to young babies, thanks to the black and white, highly contrasting patterns it has. The cards can be swapped around into different positions, and each is labeled with the age it is best suited to. So, as your baby’s vision develops, you can change the cards around to show the ones which are most suitable.

The adjustable cord on the mobile also lets you change how far the mobile is from the crib. This is great for ensuring it is the optimal distance according to your baby’s eyesight development. You can also, therefore, make sure the toy is safely out of reach as your baby grows. Manhattan Toy is an excellent, respected brand, so you can be sure this is a top-quality toy.

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12. Mickey Mouse Teether Blanket

Mickey Mouse toys for 1 months old baby boy are always popular – the lovable character is a classic! Here we have a teether blanket which is excellent for sensory development and can also serve as a comforter. Babies will love to explore the different sounds such as rattling, squeaking and crinkling. There are also different textures to explore, with the hands and mouth. Babies will also love to chew on Mickey’s sticking out nose!

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13. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncy Chair

Bouncy chairs are an essential for many new parents – they provide a safe and entertaining place for baby to sit whilst you get on with some chores or simply have a sit down! This one comes with a built-in blanket which is great for keeping babies warm as they play, as well as helping soothe them if they are getting fussy.

There are three hanging toys above the chair, which provide interesting visual stimulation for young babies. The chair also gently vibrates if required and playing calming lullabies, so your little one might even take a nap in the chair. It has a sturdy harness for safety as well as non-slip feet.

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14. Wishtime Teether Rattle Toys

This bumper pack of rattle toys ensures little babies will never be bored! There are nine pieces included, each of which has different colors, sounds and activities for babies to enjoy. The toys come in a large baby bottle for storage, which is useful for keeping them all together.

The toys are of course non-toxic and are BPA free. The toys can promote hand-eye coordination, as well as sensory development. Some are suitable for use as teethers too, to help reduce pain and give babies something suitable and safe to chew on.

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15. Fisher Price Snugabear Swing

This baby swing seat is as good for parents as it is for babies! It has two different swinging motions, either side to side or back and forth, which can prove to be invaluable in helping soothe worked up babies. It comes in beautiful neutral colors to ensure it looks great in the house too. The swing seat can be plugged in, or also runs on batteries when a power supply isn’t available. There are various swing speeds and 16 options for songs and sounds to be played to further help soothe your infant.

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16. Jellycat Unicorn Rattle

Jellycat make some excellent plush animals for babies, and here we have an adorable, super soft unicorn! It stands 6 inches tall and can be used safely from birth onwards. It has a rattle inside which is sure to delight babies. It’s soft and comfortable to hold and cuddle, and sized just right for babies to grasp. The only downside is that the toy is suitable for spot cleaning only.

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17. Manhattan Toy Skwish

Here we have another great offering from Manhattan Toy, this time it’s the classic Skwish rattle and teether toy. It is brightly colored to grab baby’s attention, and it’s made of wood for durability. Babies can do whatever they wish with this toy – slide the beads back and forth, shake the toy to hear it rattle or pull and squeeze the toy and watch as it returns to shape thanks to the elasticated bands. This is an award winning toy which is sure to entertain your baby for hours!

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18. Baby Animals Cloth Book

A cloth book is always a good gift for young babies, and this one is filled with cute animal pictures. It has a variety of interactive elements such as a mirror, peek-a-boo pages and textures to feel and explore. Babies will love to listen to you reading the story – although they won’t understand what it means, they love to hear the sound of your voice! The toy has a carry handle and is perfect for taking in the car or stroller or for keeping in the diaper bag for easy entertainment away from home.

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19. Shiloh Bunny Rattles

Here we have more great rattles, this time it’s a twin pack of cute pink bunnies! There are two different shapes, both of which are useful for encouraging babies to grasp. The baby pink color makes these an excellent baby shower gift for a mom expecting a baby girl. Babies will enjoy hearing the sound of these rattles, and they’ll also love to look at the cute and friendly faces!

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20. Playgro Bead Buddies Giraffe Toy

Our final pick is this giraffe toy from Playgro. It has loads of fun textures, sounds and activities for babies to explore and enjoy. It’s perfectly sized for babies to hold and grasp, too. Babies will really enjoy the range of fabrics to explore, as well as the interesting patterns on them. They can make noises by shaking the toy to move the beads inside, or by clicking the rings on the giraffe’s neck together. Overall, this is another great toy for helping with sensory development and keeping baby interested and stimulated.

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Our Top Pick

Baby Einstein’s activity gym is our number 1 pick overall. It offers so many fun and educational activities for babies to enjoy, they will never be bored! We like how it can grow with your infant through the different stages of development without getting boring. The world music is a nice touch which makes this stand out from the crowd.

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Best Budget Pick

If you are looking for a cheaper toy, the HAHA stroller toys are excellent. The pack of four means the toys can be used anywhere, so babies always have something fun to play with. They are great for sensory development as well as teething, so an all-round winner!

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Considerations When Choosing Newborn Baby Toys 

When choosing infant baby toys, there are a few important things to consider. Safety should be the number 1 priority. It’s essential to choose age-appropriate toys, so be sure to check the manufacturer guidelines to check the toy is suitable from birth. Materials should be safe for chewing on, and there should be no hard or pointed edges which could cause accidental injury.

Look for toys which will hold your baby’s interest too. Bright and strong patterns are ideal. Also look for interesting textures and materials for baby to explore. Whichever toy you choose, it should be simple to use. Some toys have stroller clips which is useful for keeping them handy to entertain your baby when out and about.


What Toys are Needed for Newborn Baby? 

Very young babies don’t need a lot of toys – they spend the majority of their time sleeping or eating! It’s best to stick with simple toys for another few months until they are better able to sit up and hold their toys and enjoy them. Plush toys and comfort blankets are ideal for soothing very young babies, but be sure they have no small parts such as eyes or buttons.


How Can I Help my Baby Develop?

The best way to help a with the development of very young babies is to talk to them and give them plenty of eye contact. It doesn’t matter what you say – babies simply adore hearing the sound of your voice! You can also try showing your baby their reflection in a mirror. Make funny faces and watch how they react and try to copy! You can try activities like baby massage, leg cycling, clapping your baby’s hands or attract their attention using an interesting toy to encourage them to look in different directions.