When it comes to packing a variety of exciting games in a single toy, it is hard to look beyond an activity cube. And because of that kids absolutely adore them.

They provide different types of challenges, that apart from the fun factor, allow the kids to be creative, develop vital growing up skills and also provide an avenue for interactive learning and play between you and the kids on one hand and between kids on the other hand.

With all these benefits packed in just one toy, it is easy to understand why they are some of the most sought-after toys.

Because of the huge interest around them, toymakers are making create efforts to churn out the toys at a dizzying rate. The variety of design concepts are sometimes breathtaking.

But recognizing the best activity cubes for babies can be a bit of a nightmare. This is a function of so many of these toys on sale. On the surface, most of them look fantastic with color combinations that grab the attention. But not all can stand the test of time and deliver on their promises.

So if you are looking for the best baby activity cube to get for your kid, you’ve come to the right place. We have carefully selected 20 from several hundred to make your choosing options as wide and varied as the toys on display.


20 Best Activity Cubes for Babies

It’s now time to look at the 20 best cube toys we have chosen. Each one is an absolute gem so you might get become somewhat undecided about which one to pick. Follow your heart if that happens because all are worthy of the tag ‘best’.

1. Colorful Wooden Activity Center by Battat

The pack recommends this toy is for kids 12 months and older, we dare say though, it would be unfair to deprive younger kids the pleasure of this fun-filled toy.

Made from solid wood with rounded edges and painted with beautiful, gender-neutral, non-toxic colors, there are so many things to do with it; there are doors to fling open or slam shut, animal friends to find, tractors to drive, beads to play with, and spinners to provide the non-stop motion kids love.

The sturdy cube with five activity-filled playing panels is about 18” tall and is made from heirloom-quality wood frame to enhance its durability.this is an image of babies wooden activity cube in colorful colors

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2. Hexagonal Wooden Garden Toy Cube

With six sides packed with several activities and bright brilliant colors, it is going to be hard to drag children away from this toy once they get hold of it.

Suitable for 18 months old and above, the 16-inch tall wooden toy features numerous geometric shape sorters, spinning gears, counting beads, and sliding animals to keep the child entertained.

The surface of the wood is very smooth and unlikely to produce splinter that can harm your kid. This is a super cool educational toy that would enhance the thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills of your kid. Other developmental benefits include hand-eye coordination, reading ability and color recognition.this is an image of babies everEarth garden activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


3. Country Critters Wooden Activity Toy

This animal-inspired playing cube for kids features wooden balls, shapes-sorter games, a wooden pounder, several animals to play with, rotating honeycomb, ball slider, etc in five beautiful made sides. in other words, kids would have so much fun and excitement going for them with this toy.

This excellent activity center is designed to aid the kid’s development such as their fine and gross motor skills. It is made from tough, durable wood while the plastic and paint materials used are non-toxic and water-based respectively.

If you have a 12 months old at home, this is a safe and perfect gift to keep them happy and busy while you face other chores.this is an image of babies critters wooden Activity in colorful colorsamazon button



4. Kids Activity Center with Bead Maze

At 13 inches high, this beautiful, cube-shaped, wooden baby activity center with several interesting activities on five sides is the perfect birthday gift for your kid.

It’s got everything kids love about their toys: bright colors, variety of activities and enough pieces moving around to keep the eye busy and the mind active. And best of all, it is made from durable, smooth-sanded wood, and non-toxic plastic material so the health and safety of your kid are not compromised.

The cube features a bead maze game at the top,  an abacus game, math game, clock, and letter/shape sorting activity on four sides. No matter which side of the cube your kid is, there is an activity to entertain them.this is an image of babies classic maze cube in colorful colorsamazon button


5. Top Bright Children Activity Playing Cube

This 5-side toy promises lots of exploration and fun on every side. It is designed for a lucky kid to have hours of non-stop fun play to stimulate the kid’s development such as coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and color/shape recognition.

The activities include spinning sunflower gears that make clicking sounds, shape sorting, jumping frogs, matching colors, and a 3D bead maze at the top. You can easily detach the bead maze making this a very portable unit to carry around.

The cube is solid, all thanks to the sturdy wood material, while the use of high-quality paint ensures the cube would maintain its vibrant color for a long time.this is an image of babies bright wooden activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


6. Woby Toddlers Musical Activity Play Cube

With music to play with, drum to beat, gears to rotate and much more, this play center for toddlers has so much variety it is easy to understand why many child development experts term it one of the best learning gifts for toddlers.

The play center is made from high-quality plastic material and features a glowing baby animal holding a microphone; a steering wheel for kids to simulate driving; a detachable cell phone for important chit chat with friends and family; a hammer to send little cold balls flying around; sounds and flashing lights produced by patting drum; a doorbell that causes windows to change magically; and much more.

This complete entertainment package is about 12 inches tall and requires 3 AA batteries to power some of the features.this is an image of babies woby musical cube in colorful colorsamazon button


7. 11 Sided Wooden Activity Center

If you think your kid has a hard time focusing on toys and loses interest easily, that might be because you haven’t tried a gift like this 11-sided cube. With this toy, your new problem would be how to get them to stop playing and take a break.

There are so many things and activities to carry out it would be a nice idea to invite friends over to join in. Up top, there is a dinosaur they can fuss around with. The sides have games such as bead maze, flying chess, dinosaur puzzle, windmill, shape sorter, number turntable, and many more.

The toy is beautifully made with wonderful colors on all sides.  Apart from being a fantastic toy, it’s also a great learning tool for parents which inevitably creates a stronger bond between parents and kids.this is an image of babies large dinosaur activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


8. 8-in-1 Wooden Activity Play Center

This is another super cool toy designed to give your child a blast while aiding important aspects of the kid’s development. The 8-sided game comes with cool and exciting games and activities like colorful counting heads; a Xylophone to inspire the musical talents; a fun maze; rainbow-colored gear; shape sorter; and a tic toc toe game.

The toy is not just about non-stop play though, it is also vital for developing cognitive abilities, coordination, shape and color recognition, motor skills, and also math and number skills.

Backed by a 30-day refund, it is made from BPA-free materials with smooth surfaces and rounded edges; your kid can play for as long as they want with it without any harm coming to them.this is an image of babies kiddery activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


9. VTech Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube

This VTech activity cube doesn’t disappoint with a perfect blend of activities and colors to hold the attention of kids between 9 months and 3 years. It comes with an LED, sounds, letter blocks shape buttons and more.

It is also a wonderful teaching aid: the LED flashes letters and plays songs when the kid inserts a letter block into the correct slot. Again, the LED will flash the corresponding number, shape, color and produce animal sounds when any of the buttons is pressed. Is there a better fun way for kids to be introduced into the world of numbers, colors, shape and animal sounds?

The cube is made from safe and durable materials and would require 2 AA to power some of the functions.this is an image of babies Ultimate alphabet activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


10. Activity Center with Race Track

An activity toy cube with in-built a clock with moving hands, a mallet for your kid to play the integrated xylophone with, abacus counting beads, and city road scene with a super cool car to drive on it is definitely made to keep your kid entertained and busy for hours.

Suitable for kids 12 months and older, the bead and wire game found top side can be easily reversed to slot into the cube to instantly create a flat surface that can be used in a variety of ways.

The 12 x 12 x 12-inch cube is made with high-quality wood to ensure durability while the paint and plastic parts are non-toxic.this is an image of babies play cube activity center in colorful colorsamazon button



11. Children Large Multifunctional Activity Toy

This is an exciting and beautifully-crafted 8-in-1 play center that packs lots of exciting activities on all sides with the top featuring an interesting bead maze.

Made of mostly wood and some plastic parts, it delivers non-stop play via the geometric shape sorting game, flying chess, digital gear, rainbow gear and many more.  As well as the fun they would get, this a perfect toy for the development of thinking skills, shape recognition, problem-solving skills, social kids and hand-eye coordination.

Children can play with it immediately out of the box as it requires no assembly. In addition to the main cube, the pack comes with 2 dices, 4 blocks, and 16 playing pieces.this is an image of babies multifunction wooden cube in colorful colorsamazon button


12. iPlay, iLearn Kids Activity Center

This is the type of toy to get if you want to unlock and nurture the musical gifts of your kid. The five sides are all about the music with different instruments calling on the prodigy to take a shot.

There is a guitar to strum, a trumpet to blow, two jazz and bass drum to beat, a microphone to practice their vocalizing skills, and earpiece to listen to the sounds privately.

The activity center also features adjustable volume, power and auto-off buttons, and flashy handle designed like headphones so you can carry it around effortlessly.

Kids between 12 months and 12 years would have great fun with this toy.this is an image of babies ilearn music activity cube in bleu and yollow colorsamazon button


13. Battop Wooden Activity Deluxe Cube

Enjoy several hours of interactive playtime with this learning and development toy featuring a variety of engaging activities. First, though, your kid needs to be at least 1 year old.

Made of quality wood material, you and the kid could have exciting times playing the roller bell in-built at the top of the cube; improve their counting and color recognition skills with the counting beads; play alphabet and animal puzzle; teach them time recognition with the clock; or play the ladybug maze.

These engaging activities can be done simultaneously as they are all on different panels of the cube. With so much variety, no one is likely to get bored.this is an image of babies cube deluxe multi-function in colorful colorsamazon button


14. Bundalo Baby and Toddler Activity Learning Toy

If you want to avoid all the pitfalls of choosing a great toy for your toddler, simply settle for a fun and educational gift like this activity center packed with many exciting games.

The bright colors of the wooden toy are enough to attract toddlers to it. But they would definitely get hooked by the variety of games on the 5 sides. These include a flip-over block puzzle to make a complete animal picture; a wire they could slide beads up and down; move sea creatures across the cube; learn how to tell the time; and many more.

Made with BPA and phthalate-free materials, the toy has no pointed edges to cause injury to your kid’s delicate skin.this is an image of babies cube bead maze in colorful colorsamazon button


15. Baby Educational Activity Toy

With a tiny wooden hammer to pound shapes in and a couple of pointing sticks to make music on the xylophone at the top of the toy, there is simply no holding kids back with this toy. And these are just two exciting activities they can accomplish with this toy.

Suitable for 2 – 4 years old boys and girls, the wooden cube has incredible craftsmanship with high-quality materials. The paint and plastic parts are safe and non-toxic so there are no safety and health concerns while playing with it.

Engaging with it would stimulate the brain to improve cognitive skills. The development of fine and gross motor skills also gets a push in the right direction.this is an image of babies xylophone pounding ball cube in colorful colorsamazon button


16. Toddlers Activity Playing Cube

This active toy is so much fun and educational it is one of the best birthday gifts you can get for your kid. It is beautifully designed with strong, smooth-sanded wood and safe plastic and paint materials.

Kids between 1 and 3 years old would be ecstatic with the variety of games to be found all around the cube. Among other things, they can twirl the beads around the wire maze at the tip of the cube; play shape sorting games; or simply spin one gear to see how it affects two other gears.

With the fun comes important benefits such as understanding cause and effect, development of cognitive and critical skills, shapes appreciation and much more.this is an image of babies adadnap activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


17. Top Bright 5-Sided Wooden Activity Toy

There are so many things to love about this activity toy apart from the various activities on 5 sides of the cube. It is cool to look at with a superb design and color combination that would appeal to kids.

At the top of the toy is an intricate bead and wire maze. The colorful beads alone are bright enough to hold the attention of kids. Down one side of the toy is a bug slider they could move up and down. Other activities include gears, a clock with a pointer to rotate in any direction and different wooden shape blocks.

Designed for 1 year olds, the various activities either encourage or enhance the development of motor skills, the concept of time, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination.this is an image of babies bright activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


18. 10-in-1 Activity Toy

With 10 sides, you can be sure this toy has more than enough variety for one kid to deal with at a time. In essence, a gift like this ensures your kid is kept busy for several hours until they get tired and need to rest.

The baby cubes comes with a colorful bead maze at the top while on all sides are activities and games such as flying chess, a rainbow gear to spin, counting beads, shape matching, digital clock to learn about time, and much more.

Perfect for the early development of motors skills and cognitive thinking, the play cube is made from high-quality wood material with round edges. The bright paints used are all water-based ensuring the kid is not exposed to toxic chemicals.

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19. 7 in 1 Preschool Baby Wooden Activity Cube

If these toys were to be graded based on the intricacy of the maze and unique design, this baby activity cube wooden would be in serious contention for the very best.

Apart from the intricate bead maze at the top, it is packed with a variety of content to ensure hours of exciting playtime. And the developmental benefits are on par with the very best. These include the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, math skills, and shape and color recognition.

This is a complete play package that is designed with kid-friendly materials with round edges to protect the kid from injury.this is an image of babies bead maz activity cube in colorful colorsamazon button


20. Baby Educational Activity by Top Bright

This five-sided toy cube would make the perfect birthday gift for a preschool kid between 1 year and 18 months old. Shaped like an ice cream van, the colorful cube provides a variety of entertainment with the attendant educational and developmental benefits.

At the top is a shape sorter game to improve critical thinking and appreciation of shapes. The four sides feature activities like spinning gears, color counting beads, and cause and effect window. All around are animal drawings to enhance the overall colorful design of the cube.

Made from durable and safe materials, the cube can be pushed or pulled like a real truck. So it’s not just a play cube you got for your kid, but what is likely their first truck!this is an image of babies brightactivity cube in orange and yellow colorsamazon button


Considerations when Choosing a Baby Cube Toy

In a perfect world, the only concern when choosing activity toys or any toy would depend mainly on when you decide to get one. There won’t be any factors to consider because all the toys are perfect.

In the real world though, we have to deal with imperfections that, unfortunately, affect even the best-looking toys made with the best intentions.

So before getting any cube toys, you want to consider the following:

Age of the kid – One of the important variables used to categorize kids toys is the age-appropriateness of the toys. Good manufacturing practices demand that toymakers clearly state the age range of kids allowed to use the toys.

This is important so you don’t end up getting a toy your kid might have outgrown. On the other hand, getting a toy that is beyond the age your kid is simply a waste of money. The toy would either be too big or too complicated for them to be of any use.

Safety concerns – Before buying or picking a toy, look for the presence of small parts. Avoid them because they constitute a choking hazard when kids inadvertently put them in their mouths.

But if you are sure an adult would be present all the time while they are playing with the toy, then it’s okay to buy them.

Other safety concerns include making sure the toys have no sharp edges, are made with non-toxic materials, and the paints used are water-based.

Fortunately, all the toys in this guide addressed all these safety concerns.

Durability – It would be trite mentioning that you don’t want to keep buying new toys every other week because the previous ones got damaged easily. So the durability of the toys matters a lot to avoid the frustration of constantly replacing them and wasting money.

Design – To attract the attention of kids, their toys have to be designed with attractive colors. These colors help to stimulate the sensory regions and also function as learning aids helping them to recognize various colors.

Game variety – One reason children love these cubes is the variety of games and activities on offer. Given a choice, always pick cubes with more variety and games. The variety keeps them interested in the toy for longer periods.


Best Buy Overall

There were so many competing cubes for the top spot as the best activity cube for baby, it was hard to choose one. This underlines the quality and variety of the products in this guide

However, needs must. We had to pick the Battop’s offering as the best activity cube toy. With eight sides all having different games, kids have a variety of choices to play with at any given time. It is easy to imagine several kids gathered round the toy during a playdate enjoying different games.

And somehow, Battop were able to keep the price tag moderate enough making it very affordable.this is an image of babies multifunction wooden cube in colorful colorsamazon button


Best Budget Pick

Though the Musical Activity Play Cube by Woby is not the lowest cost toy in this review, we just couldn’t ignore it as the best budget buy.

The music cube concept is simply awesome. Kids love toys that come with music and lights. Given a chance to create their own sounds, there is no keeping them away from the toy.

We love that the plastic material is tough, while the colors are attractive and glossy.this is an image of babies woby musical cube in colorful colorsamazon button


What Age are Activity Cubes for?

We get this question a lot from parents wondering if their kids are too old or too young to play with activity cubes.

Toymakers, generally, design toys for kids of all ages. Here’s the thing about this class if toys, they are so interesting and feature a variety of activities and games that even products branded for toddlers can be enjoyed by older kids.

Conversely, it is common for toddlers and younger to play comfortably with activity toys recommended for older kids.

So a kids activity cube can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.