Push toys are a necessary investment when a child gets to a certain age. A push toy is designed to help a baby learn early movement. When a child reaches crawling age, providing push toys makes the stage less stressful. Push toys are built for different levels of development. Whether your baby is just beginning to crawl or starting to walk, there is a right toy. With the numerous types and makes of pushing toys on the market, finding one that is ideal for a particular user can be daunting. This guide offers a look at why you should invest in push toys and reviews of some tops ones on the market.

Why Push Toys for Toddlers?

The obvious advantage of these kinds of toys is the assistance they provide children who are learning to move. Small push toys are designed to attract the attention of crawling children so that they can go after them. The wheels on such push toys keep the vehicle moving, forcing the baby to do the same. Walkers provide support for the user, allowing a toddler to put one foot in front of the other without wobbling.

Coordination is another benefit that push toys offer. When a baby is learning to crawl or walk, coordination is non-existent. Learning how to push a small toy and crawl after it teaches important skills. With walkers, children learn how to move their feet while pushing. These activities go a long way in improving motor skills. When a baby is learning to crawl or walk, the muscles begin to build. Pushing toys around gives the muscles the practice they need.

Exploration is a good reason to get a push toy for a toddler. The child can manoeuvre the toy to different parts of the house, providing opportunities to learn and interact with the household.

Things to Consider When Buying Push Toys for Toddlers

Not every push toy out there will be suitable for a child. Firstly, know which toy is appropriate for the age of the child. A baby who is learning to crawl would need a different toy than one who is taking the first steps. If a toddler is beginning to walk, narrow down the specific push toy that offers the best benefits. Some children may be better off using learning walkers while others may find more use for wagons, prams and shopping carts.

Check how safe the toy is for child use. Stick to manufacturers with push toys that adhere to safety standards. Consider the design of the toy. How safe is it for your baby? A good toy should not have small moving parts that may pose choking risks. The material also contributes to the safety of the toy. Plastic and wood are the most popular options for children playthings. Wooden surfaces should be properly finished to prevent splinters.

Decide if you want a learning centre or not. Learning features such as melodies, number/letter blocks and shape sorters are excellent at teaching toddlers various elements. Note that the learning features of a push toy will influence its cost.

Top Push Toys for Toddlers

1. Sassy Pop n’ Push Car

The Sassy Pop n’ Push Car is built for children older than 6 months and is perfect for those learning how to crawl. At the top of the car, encased in a round clear plastic cover are coloured pop up beads that make this push toy more fun for the little one. The purpose of the beads is to show a cause and effect – when the toy moves, the beads do as well. It motivates the child to move the toy more, which helps improve motor skills.

This toy can also inspire exploration as the baby crawls around the place after it. It has textured wheels that ensure the baby can push the car on different surfaces without too much trouble. The car has a soft, round body that is safe for use by babies and pull-back wheels that zoom after a little tug.

This is an image of a little boy playing with a push car toy

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2. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

This push toy helps with motor skills and learning as well. On one side of the truck’s cabin are three buttons for phrases, melodies and colours. With each button, a child can learn about different things in an exciting and engaging manner. The dump truck has a hole at the top of the cab where the baby can drop the rocks that it comes with and listen to the sounds generated. Lifting the bucket allows the child to dump its contents easily.

This filling and dropping off rocks encourages movement and promotes the development of certain motor skills. This push toy has different colours for its various parts, giving it a vibrant look. The VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is battery-operated and suitable for children of between 6 months and three years.

this is an image of a vtech dump truck toy

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3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Poppity Pop Turtle

If you are looking for an animal-inspired push toy, this turtle is a good bet. It encourages crawling through pop-up balls inside a clear top that bounce around when the toy moves. Each sound and movement of the balls catches the baby’s attention and encourages him or her to go after it. It is designed to strengthen gross motor skills as the child crawls after or along with it.

The toy doesn’t require any assembly, and it is motorised. It has smooth, round wheels that allow it to roll after a gentle push. The colourful, shiny exterior of this Pop Turtle works wonders at keeping the baby entertained. Children benefit from the small size of the turtle as it is easy to manoeuvre even in small spaces. The plastic is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily, and the design is safe for babies.This is an image of a toy Brilliant Basics Poppity Pop Train

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4. Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

This baby walker from Vtech has a learning panel that makes it a valuable buy. It doesn’t just teach the baby to move around but learn a few things as well. You can remove the panel and let the child use it separately. It contains melodies to teach music, phrases and numbers. The walker is designed to encourage baby’s first steps. It has textured wheels that allow the baby to push it effortlessly.

The handle offers a firm grip, so a child can grab it without slipping. Motion-sensitive lights and sounds on the walker catch the baby’s attention and hold it for a while. This Vtech baby walker has a sliding cat and mouse, wobbling bird, moving gears and doors that improve hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills.

This is an image of a walker Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

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5. Tidlo Wooden Baby Walker with ABC Blocks

The Tidlo Wooded walker is made with a sturdy frame that supports the baby when learning to walk. It has two handlebars that make it suitable for children of different heights. The handles are easy to grip, boosting the confidence of the child during movement. Its cushioned rubber wheels provide good traction on different flooring.

This Tidlo baby walker comes with 24 alphabet blocks that fit nicely into a housing at the front. A child can begin to learn about numbers using the large, multi-coloured blocks. They are ideal for promoting number and letter recognition in developing babies. Children can use the blocks for building projects, which helps with hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Babies can also learn to organise the blocks into their resting place on the walker.

This is an image of a Babywalker with ABC Blocks

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The Overall Best of the Bunch

The Vtech First Steps Baby Walker beats the rest thanks to the comprehensive learning center that introduces a baby to a little bit of everything. Its shape sorters are excellent at keeping a child occupied and teaching organization. The walker is durable and offers great support to a baby who is not yet confident about walking.


This is an image of a walker Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

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