As babies grow and develop, parents become more keen to introduce their little one to the world and all its wonders. Books, stories, nature, play, art and of course music. One of the most popular types of musical toys is a toddler piano keyboards. A good quality piano is a great idea for a growing baby because it teaches them all about music, tone and melody. Plus, they will have hours of fun and play while the pressing the keys, listening to the music and creating their own unique sounds.

A toddler keyboard can be an investment since it’s a toy that lasts them for a long time and it also can be passed down between siblings, so it will more than be its money’s worth for you. We have a great list of the best pianos for toddlers in this collection for you to scroll through. You will get some great ideas for which one is right for your son or daughter.

This is an image of a toddler playing with a multifunction learning toy set.


10 Best Toddler Pianos

1. Step and Play Piano Mat

This mat is a great option because it not only has a keyboard for your little one to play on with their hands, but it has a lower ground layer with a reactive keyboard that they can use with their tiny feet! It encourages motor-skills development both with their hands and feet and will allow them to be energetic and stimulated so that they improve their muscles and core strength. You can opt for a long play music or short play and there are a range of songs to choose from. Another lovely feature are the drums, which shine with lovely lights to attract their attention and visually stimulate them as they play.

When you add them all up, there are over twenty features and aspects to this toy that your little one will be able to enjoy as they play. Another excellent aspect is that you can remove the playmat so that they can have some play time on the floor and as parents know, this is great for tummy time and muscle development. The seat also spins around completely so you can move them easily if they want to be in sight of you while you get on with things around the house or look after other infants. It even has a removable seat section so as they grown and learn to stand, they can still enjoy this musical toy.


This is an image of a colorful hand and feet toddler's keyboard.

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2.  Kitty Cat Toy Keyboard

This cat themed piano for toddlers is really cute and fun, with a quirky and bright design. It can be put easily on a counter top or table in a kitchen, living room or playroom and played for hours of endless fun and musical excitement. It has a lot of excellent features, such as a list of varied sounds that play on command; banjo, organ, piano, bells and of course it also must have a ‘meow’ sound! More advanced features of this keyboard include a recording facility with playback and you can also change the volume to your own preference. You can play about with drumbeats and tempo as well as playing twenty most favorite nursery rhymes and seven bonus cat themed songs. The plastics that this toy is made of are all BPA free so parents can buy this piano keyboard with confidence.


This is an image of an orange cat keyboard for toddlers.

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3. 4 in 1 Zebra Musical Instrument

Using strong black and white monochrome tones for developing babies’ eyesight, as well as the addition of bright colorful accents, this 4 in 1 piano has a lot to offer your baby. It is more than just a piano. They can opt to play different musical instruments all at once. There is a violin option, or perhaps they might want to play the saxophone or even the xylophone. And of course there is a simple piano setting if they prefer to play that sound. When they press the keys, they light up cheerfully and your toddler will love getting that response from them as they play their favorite tunes.

It plays over twenty different songs, ones that will be happily familiar to them, so they can play along and sing to their hearts content. The added bonus with this toy is that has a little microphone so babies can explore their own voice and sound and they will have lots of fun doing so. The funny animal characters will also excite them, and they will feel part of their very own animal band! It takes batteries (two AA size) so if you’re buying as a gift it might be thoughtful to add those to the toy when you buy it. It is suitable for 18 months of age upwards.


This is an image of a zebra keyboard for little kids.

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4. Musical Piano Mat by M SANMERSEN

If you have a little munchkin that has learned to stand and its exploring the world as they go through the excitement of walking, running and playing, then a piano like this is a great choice. Those of us old enough to remember that iconic scene from the movie Big, where Tom Hanks plays a great tune on a giant keyboard, will be very jealous of our little ones as they run around on this amazing piano mat. It offers a range of piano and animal sounds to keep your baby entertained; up to eight sounds or notes can be played with their feet as they bounce across the mat.

It folds up really easily and also flashes lights when played so there is extra sensory fun and excitement for them. Parents will also be happy to know that the volume is adjustable so you can make sure it is at a level to suit your home and family! The materials that it is made from are non-toxic and is sensitive enough to react even if they miss the mark a little. It is fully portable so you can even bring it on vacation with you or to a play date for all the little ones to enjoy it together. Of course a toy like this will encourage the strong development of gross motor skills, so its a really good product.


This is an image of a toddler playing with a purple piano play mat.

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5. Wooden Piano Toy

Of all the toddler keyboards we’ve covered this one has a striking design that is a little more unusual than some other piano designs. It would make a great starter piano for your 1 year old because it easily sits on the floor on on a high chair tray. It is made from wood, so it is durable and strong and also has three separate music sheets and plays six songs to make your baby happy and excited. They will really enjoy and delight in hearing the lovely sounds come from the piano as they play and explore. It plays songs that they will already know and love and they can also make their own, brand new ones. The keys on the piano are play sensitive, so they aren’t made with a button but the wooden panel will play the sounds when touched so parents have no worry about buttons being broken.


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6. 2 in 1 Mini Musical Toy

This two in one toy offers a double instrument. Your 2 year old can enjoy the piano section or the xylophone part too. It is really brightly colored and eye catching so it will be a really fun and interesting toy for them to enjoy. It even comes with sheet music so they can play well-known songs and have hours of musical fun. You can interact and play along, helping them to play and learn as they grow.  This toy is also budget friendly, so it won’t break the bank but will still be a really useful toy that they will get many hours play out of. The makers say that the product is made of BPA free materials so it is totally safe for them to use and completely non-toxic.


This is an image of a mini colorful xylophone and piano for toddlers.

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7. Multi-functional Piano Toy

This pretty pink keyboard is a great gift. Keyboards come in all shapes, sizes and colors and this one is bound to be popular with little girls. It has a varied amount of functions, including eight separate percussion sound effects, four musical instruments and has a range of 24 keys to play on and enjoy a range of musical notes. Other features include twenty two different music sample demos, a range of rhythm beats and volume settings as well as a record and playback option. You can even do karaoke and sing in the microphone and it has a very advanced connection with an MP3 player or cell phone – so the possibilities are endless. It has no messy leads to worry about regarding safety or having to reach a power outlet, as it takes four AA batteries and the legs helpfully fold inward for storage and to transport easily. 


This is an image of a pink keyboard for kids.

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8. Portable Roll Up Piano

A really unique keyboard this one is made of silicon which is of high quality. It folds up really easily and this means it can be stored and transported around wherever you want to go. It has a really quirky roll-up design which is extremely different from other products in the same niche. Parents will like this feature because it means it won’t be bulky or take up too much space like so many toys tend to do. It just unrolls easily onto a desk or table, or even the floor and can be instantly enjoyed and played.

It offers eight different tones and sounds as well as six demo songs which have a range of musical genres, to teach your baby all about different types of music. There is no need to worry about the plastic silicon, it is non-toxic so it is totally safe to use. There are no worries either about power leads as it uses batteries or a USB if you can’t find any! It has a really useful record function so babies can play their musical creations while they practice and play them back for themselves or friends and family. It even takes earphones so they can play for hours on end without disturbing others in the house – absolutely perfect.


This is an image of a blue roll up toy piano for toddlers.

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9. Multi-function Drum Set

It is never too early to get your baby interested in music and this drum set is a great musical toy. A toddler piano toy is a very popular gifts to give for first or second birthdays so if you want to be a hit with the birthday boy or girl, getting them a musical drum kit keyboard is a fantastic idea. This product offers a large amount of songs to sing along to, eighteen in fact. There is a mixture of nursery rhymes that your little one will be very familiar with so they will delight and laugh when they hear them. There are also classical music selections so it will teach them all about famous composers and encourage an early interest in music in general.

It doesn’t offer only one instrument it is a piano, a guitar, a trumpet, or a xylophone so it has a range of sensory fun and play. The mix of bright colors make this piano for baby really exciting for them to play as they can also learn their colors as they experience music and noise. Believe it or not, it even plays animal sounds and reads colors and numbers to your baby so they will be learning as they play, every parents’ ideal toy. For added extra fun there is a whac-a-mole game so they can enjoy bashing and tapping the keys to complete the game. The drum beat modes are varied also, so they can bounce and move to the range of interesting beats. It takes three AA batteries which aren’t included.


This is an image of a toddler playing with a multifunction learning toy set.

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10. Electronic Organ by FillADream

When considering buying a piano for infants there are lots of possibilities and choices on the market. This product from FillADream is a fun keyboard because it has a varied choice of musical styles, beats and features for a baby to enjoy. Among its features are six demo songs, eight rhythms and tones as well as a clever MP3 function and helpful volume and tempo control. You can even record and play back your creations so you can sing along with your own music and play them for family and friends to enjoy.

A really clever aspect to the design of this piano is that they keyboard keys themselves are crafted with smaller fingers in mind. They are 0.6 inch size so it means that infants will have more ease of use when playing as they won’t have to stretch as far to press keys and will be able to play their tunes and melodies more accurately and comfortably. The keyboard is made of non-toxic materials so it is totally safe for all ages and there are no rough, harsh edges to worry about. The MP3 feature is also great because you can use a USB pen to read and replay them on your phone or tablet device

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Our Top Pick

It had to be roll up piano for our top toddler piano selection. This was such a unique and quirky design that we thought it was clever, useful and practical. We liked the ease with which it could be transported and the fact that it also was made of non-toxic materials. The fact that it can be rolled away so easily means that parents won’t have a headache of trying to store it away with so many other toys in the playroom. It is a great idea for a gift also because you will be encouraging the musical development and ability of the little one but also be buying a practical and sensible present that the parents will have no problem storing easily.

Other selling points were the fact that it has a record and playback feature for practising and showing friends and family what you have created but also that it had a range of so many styles of music demos for them to learn about a range of musical genres. There was so much on offer in this seemingly small product that we felt it was a really worthwhile buy.

This is an image of a blue roll up toy piano for toddlers.

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Best Budget Gift

We liked this for our budget pick because it was very affordable yet very good quality. It offers a 2 in 1 aspect so your son or daughter can enjoy either the xylophone or the piano feature so they won’t get bored easily and will be able to have a lot of fun pressing the keys and making amazing noise and melodies. The fact that it comes with sheet music means that you can properly make music with your infant and teach them about melody, tone and rhythm at the same time. We also liked that it is made from BPA free plastic so it is non toxic and really safe for them to play with.

This is an image of a mini colorful xylophone and piano for toddlers.

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Considerations When Buying a Toddlers Keyboard

Firstly, it is important to think about the age of the infant you are buying the small piano for. If they are a 1 year old for example, they will require a different size and style of piano than you might buy for a 3 year old. Some of these keyboard products are designed to sit on a table or a high chair so that they can have ease of access to the keys in order to play. Others have their own legs to stand on so they are a little more ‘grown up’ and perhaps a 2 year old might be able to play them while sitting up. Always make sure you read the guidance with the piano you buy to make sure it is age appropriate.

Other things to consider are how many other accessories or extra features you want them to enjoy. Some pianos offer a basic keyboard, while others have an amazing amount of added fun extras like animal noises, lights or tactile and sensory attachments. The choice is endless.

What is the Best Keyboard for My Child?

As you might have seen from our list, there is an incredible amount of choice when it comes to keyboards and pianos for our children. So if you have come to the end of this article and are still wondering which one is the right product for you, then it is important to consider the following aspects. Firstly, think about their age. If they are very young you will want to make sure you buy a keyboard that has appropriate features for them that are safe and not beyond their ability. Keep it simple and fun for them. Choose a piano with bright colors, farmyard animals or other learning aspects for them to enjoy.

Secondly, think about your home and where the piano will be used and stored. If you have a smaller home you will want to purchase a more compact keyboard or one that can be folded or rolled up and stored safely away. Another thing to consider is the more advanced features. If you are buying for an older infant, think about those more technological aspects such as a record and playback button or a USB connection.


What are the Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano?

Electronic pianos are a great way to introduce babies to the world of music and song. There is a creativity and freedom in music that is so important at their young age, and encouraging a love of music from an early time in their lives can be extremely positive and beneficial for them. It also helps you bond with them. As you share song and melody together they will make connections and share happy memories with you that they will keep forever.

Early experiences in learning music have also been proven to help with a range of other skills, such as mathematical ability, the connection to language development, concentration, co-ordination and it also has been proven to help with hearing and auditory abilities. Another big benefit is confidence and self expression, and as parents we know that these are traits that are extremely valuable for a well rounded child.