If you’re looking for a digital camera for teens, you will know that even in this age of cellphones and tablet computers, the traditional camera still has a popular following. Yes, of course they are more advanced than they used to be and most of them are digital, but there usually comes a time when most tweens ask for a camera for their birthday or Christmas. They all reach a phase when they want to start expressing their creativity and of course we all know the craze of social media that they enjoy so much. Snapping selfies and amazing panoramic photos of their holiday destinations are all the rage.

There is a range of types of whether your looking for a camera for girls or boys and it can become overwhelming due to so much variety and competition in the marketplace. You might be on the hunt for a gift for your daughter or niece, and of course you will be thinking about what preferences they have as well as your own budget and what you can afford.

There are loads of cameras to choose from and websites which are dedicated to reviewing cameras like lensandshutter.com which are always worth checking out, if you don’t find something here.

This is an image of teen's Classic digital Camera G9X in silver and brown colors by Canon

20 Best Cameras for Teens

If you’re looking for a starter camera and want to know which to get, then our definitive list will certainly help you learn about what is available on the marketplace and you will be able to narrow it down to what options there are out there. The best camera for your teenager might just be on this list.

1. Point and Shoot Lumix

When searching for a digital camera for teenager or tween then you have to consider a lot. Just how interested are they in photography? Have they got lots of experience or are they just a beginner? This great camera has just so many excellent features, such as 4K photo technology that uses an insane 30 frames a second so your photographs are incredibly high quality and resolution. It is excellent at performing in low light conditions and boasts a wide zoom range. The design of the casing is created with durability in mind as it is both dust proof and splash proof so it can be used in all sorts of weather from rain to beautiful sunshine. It even has a stablizing feature that stops too much blur if you are shooting with one hand only.


This is an image of teen's Panasonic lumix 4K shoot camera in black color

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2. Hypersmooth GoPro

Cameras these days have every extra feature you can imagine, and this one is no different. It even has a hands free option so you can ask your device to take photographs or record just with the sound of your voice. Voice recognition technology commands mean you don’t even have to press a button to use this camera. It has a video camera capture capability with a time warp setting so you can create all sorts of amazing effects with your images, and there is room for real creativity. It is completely waterproof up to ten metres of depth so there is no end to the possibilities of shooting with this camera. Social media is at the forefront of this design so you can life stream to Facebook when you are capturing an experience or special moment in your life that you want to share. This is definitely a special tween camera.


This is an image of teen's GoPro version Hero7 in black color

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3. Intelligent Digital Camera

Available in a range of three lovely colors, black, silver and red this camera is a good camera for teens. It has Intelligent IS which offers images that aren’t affected with an annoying blur with a shaky hand. It has a twenty five times optical zoom so it is a good training camera to get started with learning how to focus and frame. Low light isn’t a challenge for this little camera as it has a helpful image processor to help deal with any conditions that may affect the quality of the photo. The LCD is easy to see and has a nice wide three inch screen so the user can review their photos easily without any hassle.


This is an image of teen's Canon Digital Camera powerShot in red color

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4. Canon Camera Bundle Kit

The best type of digital cameras for teenagers come with a full kit to complete the entire set. It has everything needed to make a proper start at photography, and the youth receiving this will feel like they are so lucky to have such an amazing set. This one really has all the bells and whistles, with a one year warranty for all the items included which gives peace of mind to the purchaser. It also has a camcorder setting, so it isn’t just a basic camera. Because of its HD capabilities it takes photographs with the sharpest details and also ensures excellent color saturation so your photos are the best they can be. It works equally well is high and low level light so it is a very versatile camera. This kit comes with an amazing amount of accessories, including two memory cards and a case for carrying the camera with padding inside to keep it safe. There is a flash light, filter kit and car/home charger. An extra battery pack is even included. A USB reader and tripod complete the kit.


This is an image of teen's canon with all accessory kit in black color

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5. Friendly Zoom Camera

Teens will really like this friendly zoom camera because it offers everything they need to take great pictures with very little fuss or hassle. A great point and shoot style of design, it offers 16 megapixels and a four times zoom. The wide angle lens is 27mm and it also records video. Users can review their images immediately on the LCD screen so they can enjoy seeing what they have created instantly and have lots of fun with their friends looking back through their images and choosing which ones to share, save or print for a frame.


This is an image of teen's kodak friendly zoom digital camera in brown color

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6. Pocket Cinema Camera

This is a small one, but is really is the best camera for teenager because it really packs a punch and does so many amazing things. It is pocket sized but you are effectively carrying an entire cinema in your pocket. It has a 4K capability because it has a Four Thirds sensory and offers ISO ability up to 25600 which is a massive range. Users of this camera will be able to take incredibly versatile and creative photographs. The casing is made of reinforced carbon fiber so it is strong and secure and will take lots of use over years and won’t break easily. The resolution is of a professional standard at 4096 x 2160, so images and videos taken with this camera will be of crystal clear quality. There is a high speed action and professional quality microphone, so you won’t miss a thing when you use it.


This is an image of teen's camera in 4k By blackmagic in black color

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7. Compact Digital Camera

Sleek and streamlined this compact camera offers a lot in a small package. It has many great features, including video recording options and an 8x digital zoom. The LCD display on the reverse is large enough for the user to review their images quickly and easily as they record that special occasion or fun moment or event. It is an especially good starter item for someone who has never done photography before but is keen to make a start. It has 18 megapixels and offers face detection technology as well as continue shot, a timer function and also most importantly, anti shake – you don’t want you lovely images blurred and useless.

Another bonus of this sleek camera is that it is lightweight and not too heavy to carry around so it is good for younger teenagers. It can take up to a 32G memory card so kids can take thousands of images before they ever run out of storage space. It has a clever function to enable photos to be shared on social media too, so it really will be popular with the younger generation. It offers software that allows you to easily print your images at home and has a good quality microphone and speaker so you can playback and listen to your videos – great if you’re an aspiring vlogger.


This is an image of teen's digital camera in black color by GordVU

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8. Powershot Silver Camera

Teenage photography has gained massively in popularity recently and has become a very much loved hobby. This is another one that comes with a kit alongside it and has ten separate items including a battery back and charger, a useful strap for your wrist, a memory card to store up all your photographs, a tripod, card reader and wallet and lastly but very usefully a padded case and screen protector. This really does offer a lot for your purchase as the camera itself has an 8x zoom lens and an LCD monitor to review your photos once you’ve taken them. It also records video and has a really clever help option if you are struggling to use certain functions and you’re in need of some advice or tips on how to best use it.


This is an image of teen's canon powershot with all accessories in gray color

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9. Digital Easy Mode Camera

Sony are synonymous with excellent technology and this dslr offering from the well known brand is bound to be a winner with young people. It has a helpful feature that reduces any blur that might occur so you can take photos with confidence even if you’re at a concert or a sporting event. The camera has a special sensor that ensures the images have excellent detail so no matter if you’re snapping images of a gorgeous landscape or taking a portrait image of a loved one, the outcome is bound to be really sharp and detailed. There are a range of special effects that can be added to your chosen photos such as panoramic shots which have an amazing impact when printed and framed.


This is an image of teen's Digital Camera by sony in Silver Color

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10. Polaroid Camera with Kit

Another helpful kit with many accessories included in order to learn as much as possible about photography is this Polaroid kit. Nine separate products accompany this camera including a MicroSD card, a case, tripod and card reader. Another great addition is a cleaning kit, so it is easy to keep on top of cleaning and maintaining your kit and making sure it is in tip top condition. A helpful accessory that comes with this kit is special software that recovers your images if you have any issues with them being lost. The battery is fully rechargeable and there is a built in flash in case of a darker environment with lower light conditions. The case that it comes with is also very durable and resistant to water and fully padded to keep your camera completely safe.


This is an image of Digital Camera with all accessories by polaroid in red color

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11. FaceSmart PixPro Camera

Face recognition is almost standard nowadays, and young people are very familiar with its uses and features, so this PixPro is a great idea as a gift for a budding photographer. It has a 24mm wide angle lens as well as an optical zoom of 42x which is really advanced and impressive. There are a range of flash options including fill and slow-sync so you can opt to use whichever one is most appropriate for the lighting conditions. The LCD is larger than other designs, and at three inches allows you to easily view your pictures once you’ve taken them. The video option setting is high definition so any video you make will be extremely high quality and enjoyable to watch and share with others. It boasts face detection technology and OIS which means it will produce a smooth, blur free image regardless if your hands, car or terrain shake or are uneven when you are taking the image.


This is an image of teen's digital camera with LED screen by kodak in Red color

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12. Instant Snap Camera

The Instagram generation will absolutely love this offering from Polaroid. With its retro yet modern design it is bright and colorful and quirky, as well as being a very useful and functional camera. It is a straightforward point and click design so you don’t need to attach it to a computer to be able to see your images, they simply print out instantly like the traditional Polaroids from yesteryear! The prints that it produces are 2×3 inches so will fit easily in any suitable frame and the owner will just love playing around and getting creative while instantly making images to give to those they love. You needn’t worry though, the images are printed straight away but they are also cleverly saved so you can upload them to a computer or social media account very easily. Another clever feature is that the images have an adhesive back to them so they can be used as stickers on folders, cards, scrapbooks and pretty much anywhere you like!


This is an image of teen's instant digital camera in blue color by Polaroid

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13. One Touch Smart Camera

Boasting a 25x optical zoom this camera says that it is simple to use and straightforward but effective. It offers 16 megapixels and only takes one button push to take an image, so it is a good option for those who want a camera with as little fuss or hassle as possible. Some people who are interested in photography don’t care about a fancy or advanced camera but simply want a reliable one that does what they need without having to many complicated aspects, and this one certainly offers that. It comes with a case to keep it safe as well as an SD card and the camera itself. It also has a varied range of modes to create various looks and styles depending on the type of scene, event or landscape you are presented with.


This is an image of teen's kodak digital camera in white color

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14. Bluetooth Enabled Camera

This Canon product goes one step further than others of its kind, offering Bluetooth technology to enhance the photography experience even further. There are many clever aspects to this one, such as 40x zoom with a stabilizer to avoid blurry images. There is also a frame assist option to ensure your photos are the best quality they can be. It offers time lapse video as well as an amazing depth of focus, so the possibilities are endless for creativity. There is WiFi built in as well as Bluetooth for file and image sharing and saving. It also has continual shooting as an option which is great if you want to photograph a sporting event.


This is an image of teen's canon digital camera powershot in black color

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15. Pocket Size Camera from Canon

Another retro offering from Canon harks back to the look of a traditional camera but with all the up-to-date technology from the 21st Century. It has 20.1 megapixel and a CMOS sensor as well as being fully compatible with iOS devices, so it will be very popular with the younger photographers who like to have full interactivity and compatibility with all their tablets and computers in this modern age. Another clever aspect is the touch screen so you can select options from the menu in a highly modern way, but still use the camera as a traditional one. There are four settings; detail, auto, monochrome and portrait so you can vary your expression and creativity as much as you like. It also has a video function.


This is an image of teen's Classic digital Camera G9X in silver and brown colors by Canon

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16. Sports Action Camera

This one is the real deal as sports cameras go. It has an amazing 4K HD action setting, so it is able to capture the fastest and most hectic moments in any sporting event. Swimming, football, tennis, gymnastics – the possibilities are huge and any sports fan will be delighted when they are able to take pics of their favorite sports team or competitor in action with this amazing device. It has a wireless remote control that is worn on the user’s wrist and has an excellent battery life too – you would hate to lose power at the final whistle! It also offers HDMI connection and WiFi built in so you can almost instantly connect to the web and save or share your action shots of the big game or competition. It is also amazingly waterproof – up to one hundred feet so if you want to record a synchronised swimming or diving competition, you can.

This is an image of teen's action camera 4k in black color by AKASO

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17. Vlogging Wide Angle Camera

You talk to any kid nowadays and they will tell you that their career dream is to become a famous YouTuber or Vlogger. It seems to be the most popular career choice at the moment, obviously with the wave of social media popularity that has swept the world. This camera has a wide angle that is specially crafted with Vlogging in mind, so it is an excellent choice if you are buying it for an aspiring Vlogger-to-be. You can add accessories to make it more of a mini-studio for you to create your videos – such as an external microphone and a tripod or light. Before you know it you will probably have a massive following once you post your first video! It connects to HDMI, has WiFi, and has rechargeable batteries also, which saves money in the long run.


This is an image of teen's Digital Video Camera in black and silver colors

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18. Mirrorless Camera Kit

The lens on this kit can be easily handled and changed due to its mirrorless design. It has lenses that are streamlined and compact and it means any serious photographer who wants to change out lenses quickly and easily will be able to do so without any fuss. This would be especially important during and event where the opportunities to capture moments and action pass by so quickly. It has 16 megapixels and takes 4K quality video also so even in very low lighting situations, the image will be clear and crisp. The LCD screen will tilt towards you if you need it to and you can use the live viewer to set up your shots as quickly and easily as possible.


This is an image of teen's Panasonic Lumix 4K digital camera in black colors

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19. Waterproof Digital Camera

A very durable device, this waterproof version is a great choice. It has 16 megapixels and a CMOS sensor, so the camera will understand and intelligently change the settings for photographs as necessary without the user having to do anything at all. There is also a Cinemograph mode which allows still images with moving features together – really effective and exciting in these days of sharing and social media. It has an LCD monitor screen and is very sleek and streamlined so can be easily carried about and transported on holiday, to events and anywhere you please.


This is an image of teen's waterproof digital camera by fujifilm in black and green colors

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20. Instax Mini Instant Camera

A twelve year old would love this instant camera since it has all they need to get started. With its vibrant and exciting color and design it is not only a fashion accessory but it is also a great camera. It has a 12.7 lens and comes with a range of accessories to make it perfect. The kit includes two packs of instant film, a case, an album to share and store all your creations, frames, stickers and so much more. It also has a nine day guarantee for a refund if you’re not happy with the purchase.


This is an image of teen's fujifilm instant camera set kit in blue color

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Our Top Pick

We liked this Canon and consider it one of the very best cameras for teenager photographers. It had so many features that made it special that it would be an excellent purchase for someone keen on photography. The Bluetooth and WiFi features, the incredible optimal zoom at 40x offered so much more than a usual camera. The time lapse movie settings as well as the deep focus and lockable auto focus options were also great selling points. Lastly, we thought the continual shooting option was a great aspect to this camera so anyone can handle it with confidence and can take many amazing photographs as often as they please.


This is an image of teen's canon digital camera powershot in black color

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Best Budget Gift

We like this lightweight version because it had so much packed into such a compact item. It has a lot of beneficial features that are great for getting the user interested in photography. Good cameras for teens have to have a lot of selling points and this one definitely had them in abundance. The face detection technology, the anti-shake and the LCD display are great positives, but also we liked that this product would be good for a teenager to take on holiday or to a concert or party and it would fit easily into their pocket without getting lost or damaged. The massive memory card would be very popular with younger people and the fact that it can share easily on social media is another added bonus in its favor.


This is an image of teen's digital camera in black color by GordVU

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What Are The Best Type of Cameras For a Teenager?

As you’ve seen from our list there is a massive amount of choice in cameras these days, and each one offers a different set of features that makes it desirable and useful. Some are more advanced and have a range of lenses, accessories and attachments and others are streamlined and straightforward for more ease of use. Either way the best sort to get really is one that suits them and their needs. If you’re buying for a younger teenager then a simpler version might suit, especially one of the quirkier ones with retro style and bright colors. The older teens might prefer a proper kit, especially if they are getting seriously into photography and it is becoming their main hobby.

What Are The Best Lens For Teen Cameras?

Buying a lens can seem intimidating, especially if you’re not an expert and you’re buying it as a gift. You can get lots of guidance from the manufacturers about which lenses work in different situations. A wide angle lens is usually best, because it can cope with pretty much everything, from portrait images right up to wide panoramic views of the countryside. Macro lenses shoot extreme details and others are better for things like sports, street photography or wildlife images. Really its best to do some research and see which type of lens would be best used by your teen. Happy snapping!