There are a lot of things to consider when buying headphones for children. It is not the same as buying headphones for adults; so many things are considered. The question is, what exactly are those things parents and guardians need to look out for when getting these devices for their children?

What to consider buying kids headphones

A few of these headphone qualities will be listed and discussed below:


 Kids can be very active, and in some cases, rough when handling items. This means that the products you need to get for them need to be durable. They need to be able to withstand harsh treatment from the children. Also, the products should have some form of warranty.


 While there are various headphones for kids. Your child’s age determines what kind of they should use. Some headphones specify which ages should use them, so that’s something you should look out for. If you come across a headphone that doesn’t specify the age range they’re perfect for; you should go through the headphone’s features and benefits to see if they would be safe for your kid.


 Price is a very important factor when buying any item, and headphones are no different. Quality headphones may cost a little more than inferior headphones, but all you want is the best for your children. So, it is essential to find a balance between the quality and price of the headphones.


Headphones for kids have different designs when compared with headphones for older kids. Headphone designs for little ones may include tighter buds to keep foreign materials, moisture, and noise out. Also, they should be designed with comfort in mind.

Sound quality

 Headphones without great sound quality do not qualify as headphones. This is why when you’re in the market for headphones, you should look for the ones with excellent sound quality.

Top Kid-friendly Headphones this Summer

1. iClever Bluetooth headphones

This headphone comes with three listening modes(74dB, 85dB and 94dB). This feature makes it suitable for whatever age range your child falls in and whichever situation they would need it for. It comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts for about 40hrs without charge, plus with just 10 minutes of charge, it will last for about 4 hours. BTH12 is very durable and comfortable due to its well-cushioned ear bands and adjustable headband.

2. JLab headphones

This headphone was created with your child in mind, so they have hassle-free study sessions, peaceful car rides, etc. It comes with long-lasting battery life and a comfortable over-ear cushion. The headband has smooth metal sliding adjustments to ensure they fit your kid perfectly. It also comes with a built-in control that makes the switch from wired to wireless swift and easy. This headphone also comes with volume control to ensure your kids never listen to anything too loud so you can be sure their hearing is safe.

3. SIMOLIO wireless headphones for kids

Simolio kids hearing protection headphone cares for kids hearing with its three distinct volume-limiting levels ( 75dB for toddlers, 85dB, 94dB). It comes with an over-ear design that helps with noise reduction. It is lightweight and easy to fold up into a tiny package. This headphone is durable to withstand restless hands, along with ear pads that won’t fall off. Iand.

4 . Jelly Comb headphones

This headphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology so your kids can wander freely. It has a built-in HD microphone that’s super easy to control. This super comfortable headphone is made with plush leather, so your kids do not feel the weight at all. It comes with a flexible and adjustable headband, and it’s also foldable, which makes it comfortable and portable.

5 – Mpow kids headphones 

Mpow CH6 has a Hi-fi stereo sound with a built-in volume limiter that keeps the volume at the perfect level, so your kids’ hearing is safe. The cotton candy like soft ear pads is designed to give your kid ultimate comfort. It also comes with an adjustable headband. It is portable, so you can pick it, fold it and take it anywhere.

Top Pick

The iClever BTH12 kids headphone is a durable and reliable headphone that provides your child with the utmost comfort. Its adjustable headbands and cushion-like ear bands ensure your child doesn’t feel any pressure while wearing this headphone. It also has 3 different listening modes for toddlers (74dB), for studying(74dB/85dB) and for travelling(94dB). 

These three modes ensure your child can hear clearly while keeping the noise out irrespective of the mode they’re on. It also has a Bluetooth connection that’s stable for as far as 34 ft and a built-in microphone.


There are always different types of headphones for kids to choose from, but if your haven’t found what you are looking for here, then it is worth check out more kids headphones over at Headphonecomparison where you can find different types of headphones.