Many kids love listening to music, and Bluetooth speakers for kids can be an excellent way for them to do so. If they are ready for their first speaker setup for their room, read on for our guide to some of the best on the market. Whether they are into music, audiobooks, or nighttime lullabies, there is sure to be a speaker here to suit their needs. You are even able to find the latest powered subwoofer for dj for your children who for example have been telling you that their wish when they become older is to be a sound technician or maybe a DJ.

How to Choose the Best Kids Bluetooth Speakers

With so many great options out there, how can you choose between them? There are a few key features to look at that should help you find something your child will love. First, the sound quality. Even children will appreciate the crisp, clear sound, so it is worth investing in something that sounds great. 

Also, consider where they will be using it. Some speakers are more durable and even waterproof, so they can be used outside or perhaps in the shower. Younger children, in particular, are sure to be taken by some nice extra features, such as lights or a cute design, so this is worth keeping in mind too. 

Our Top Bluetooth Speakers for Children 

1. Soundcore Mini 2

Our first pick might not be specifically designed for children but has loads of features that they are sure to love in any case. It might be the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoors as it has an IPX7 waterproof rating. That means it can be fully submerged in water and won’t suffer any damage.  

The speaker might be small, but it still packs a punch. It gives a clear sound with deep bass – perfect for the young audiophile! The long range of over 60 feet further back this up as one of the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor use. And, with over 15 hours of continuous playback time, the party can go on all day! 

This speaker is easy to use with its Bluetooth 4.2 connection. When your device’s Bluetooth is turned it instantly pairs with the speaker. You are even able to pair two Soundcore Mini 2 speakers for that big stereo sound.

2. My Audio Pet

This next pick is something a little different, and it is possibly the smallest speaker you’ll find! Despite the fact it is about the size of a golf ball, this tiny pet has seriously impressive volume! And, you can pair it to another Audio Pet to double the power. There is also a compatible app you can download for some family-friendly fun. 

Kids will love some of the fun extras My Audio Pet has. It can be used as a selfie remote and also has a built-in microphone so they can really enjoy partying with their friends. There’s also a lanyard included so kids can take the speaker anywhere. 

With its patented design which comes in many varieties, you are sure to find one that will suit your or your friend’s kid perfectly. It has been built with sturdiness in mind, so much so. The manufacturers give it a 100% Guarantee!

3. Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon’s ever-popular Echo Dot is now available in a special kids edition in two different designs – a panda or a tiger. It might not be exactly a Bluetooth speaker with lights, but it comes bundled with the Echo Glow. This is a light that can be controlled via Alexa, as a soothing nightlight, or for creating fun rainbow patterns during a disco! 

As well as connecting to a device to play music, kids can access Amazon Music with the Echo Dot, so it is excellent for younger kids who don’t have a smartphone yet. Kids can also use it to set alarms, help with homework, and much, much more! 

4. Jamoji Emoji Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, you might have seen kids’ Bluetooth headphones with fun emoji designs, but did you know you can also get emoji speakers?! This one has a decent range of 30 feet and 6 hours battery life so that kids can use it anywhere they like. They will absolutely love the built-in LED lights that flash to the rhythm of the music or stay lit constantly. 


These 4 speakers we have listed above are our best picks for kids’ Bluetooth speakers. Bear in mind, to make your shopping experience seamless we did not make these choices lightly. We have done thorough research and testing into each speaker. I hope we were able to help!