Are you looking for a great kids piano? You’ve come to the right place, as here we have rounded up 30 of the best small pianos from top brands such as Casio and VTech, for kids of all ages and abilities. Learning to play piano is a great skill for kids to learn, and it is a really fun instrument to play too. But, choosing the best one can be difficult as they all have so many different features. Don’t worry, because here we have done the hard work for you, and have included a helpful buying guide so you know what features to look out for. You are sure to find a child piano your little one will love here!

This is an image of a 25 key red piano for kids.


30 Best Pianos for Kids in 2019

We will now take a look at some reviews of the best pianos for children on the market today. There is something for all skill levels so you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

1. RockJam Electronic Keyboard

This awesome children’s piano keyboard with stand and stool is excellent for beginners who wish to learn to play properly. It is a full sized keyboard with 61 keys, and also has an LCD display. The keyboard can record and play back your child’s creations so they can hear how they sounded again and again. It can produce a range of tones, as it has 100 different sounds and also 100 rhythms to form the basis of a song. There are 50 demo songs to give kids an idea of what they might be able to play with a little practice.

This is an excellent package for beginners as it includes headphones allowing for quiet practice. It also includes a 1 month subscription to the app ‘Simply Piano’ which gives lessons for all abilities. Finally, it also includes 2 months of face-to-face lessons via Take Lesson so kids will get off to a great start with their learning.

this is ani image of a rockjam 61 key keyboard

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2. Hamzer Portable Keyboard Full Setup

This piano for kids provides a complete package for a child who is looking to take their play to the next level. It comes with a comfortable stool, microphone and headphones. The stool can be adjusted in height as your child grows to ensure it is always comfortable to use. There are 61 full-sized keys and over 250 timbres and rhythms. The keyboard is also fitted with a music stand to hold a tablet or music book. It can be powered on batteries or a power cord, so it can easily be taken anywhere – music lessons for example.

this is an image of a hamzer 61 key keyboard

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3. Melissa & Doug Piano

This children’s piano comes from top manufacturer Melissa & Doug, so you can be sure it’s very high quality. It looks like a miniature upright piano and is brightly colored, sure to appeal to children. The piano has 25 keys covering two full octaves, so a good range of tunes can be played on it. The notes are color coded, and a songbook is also included which uses these colors. This makes it easy for kids to learn to play their first songs. Kids can sit on the floor and play the piano or sit it on a table to make it easier to reach. There’s the option to personalize the piano with the child’s name on the front. This is great if giving it as a gift – it will be really special and memorable!

This is an image of a child playing with a colorful musical piano.

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4. Casio Mini Keyboard

Casio is definitely one of the brands to consider when searching for the best piano for kids. This mini keyboard is a great size for kids who are just learning to play – it has 44 keys for a range of songs to be played, yet is easy enough for them to handle. It comes with different sounds and rhythms built-in so kids can make up their own fun sounds and songs. There are also percussion pads which really adds to the fun! The keyboard has 10 demo songs included for kids to listen to, or learn to play along. Power is via a power supply or 6 AA batteries, so the keyboard can easily be used at home or on the go.

This is an image of a 44 mini keys piano keyboard by Casio designed for kids.

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5. Play22 Keyboard Mat

A mat such as this is a great 4 years old piano because it is really easy to use, and loads of fun. Kids simply need to stand on the keys to make music, so it’s ideal for sharing with a friend or two, too. There are 8 different instrument sounds to choose from, just press the picture of the instrument you would like to ‘play’. Kids can also record their songs with this toy and play them back. There’s also the demo mode to hear some examples of what can be played. There are 24 keys to play with on the piano mat.

This is an image of a kid playing with a 71 inch keyboard mat.

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6. VTech KidiStudio

Is your child a budding musician? Then the KidiStudio from VTech is just what they need! It allows kids to create and record their own music, with a keyboard, microphone, drums, scratch disc and whammy bar. The KidiStudio has over 40 songs and sound effects to choose from in a variety of styles, including jazz, hip-hop and techno. This toy is recommended for kids up to the age of 6 years old. VTech is a top brand known for making fun and durable toys, so you can be sure your child will have hours of fun with this.

This is an image of an orange kid's studio by VTech.

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7. GreenPro Electronic Keyboard

Here we have a great keyboard with 61 keys – perfect for playing a variety of music. Kids won’t be limited thanks to the larger number of keys on this keyboard. There is an LED display screen, and over 300 each of rhythms and timbres. There are also 60 demo songs and 3 different teaching modes. All of these factors ensure this is a great piano for kids beginners who are looking to learn to play seriously. Various devices can be connected such as a microphone and headphones and there’s also a USB port. You can also download some free songs to an iPad when buying this keyboard which can be used as lessons for your child to learn to play with both hands and other useful skills.

this is an image of a greenpro keyboard

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8. B Toys Cat Piano

This fun piano is sure to bring a smile to any little cat lovers face. There are many demo songs to choose from, including some nursery rhymes and some cat-themed songs! There are also 5 five different musical sounds to choose from – piano, bells, banjo, organ and even meows! The piano also has a microphone attached to it for kids to sing and record their own songs. Kids can adjust the tempo of their music, and the note names are labeled above each key for those wishing to learn.

This is an image of an orange cat keyboard for toddlers.

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9. Best Choice Products Keyboard

This small piano for kids comes with a matching stool for them to sit on as they play. There’s also an adjustable microphone for kids to sing along as they play the piano. There are 37 keys, which are labeled with their appropriate note names, as well as 5 drum pads. The piano comes with 8 different instrument sounds as well as animal sound buttons to add to the fun. There is an AUX jack on the piano for connectivity and there’s also recording and playback capabilities.

This is an image of a pink electronic kid's piano keyboard set.

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10. VTech KidiJamz Recording Studio

Here we have another cool recording studio which can be used to make music, record it, and play it back. The microphone has different voice effects and the keyboard lights up to make learning to play a song easier. There are headphones for kids to listen back to their music without causing disruption to others. Ten different musical instrument sounds can be played, and there are also five styles of music to choose between. Kids will have hours of fun experimenting with the different sounds to create their own masterpieces.

This is an image of a green music studio for kids.

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11. Best Choice Products Grand Piano

This mini grand piano for kids comes in a choice of either pink, white or black and looks really stylish! It is made from gloss-coated hardwood and comes with a matching stool. There’s a music holder which is ideal for kids who are learning to read sheet music. The size of the piano is ideal for kids up to the age of 5, so it’s a great starting place for younger children. The piano is made from wood and the stool can hold up to 77 pounds. The piano itself weighs 22 pounds so it’s nice and sturdy and durable.

This is an image of a classic grand piano designed for kids.

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12. Casio Portable Keyboard

This small keyboard can be used just about anywhere – it’s really compact and portable. There are 32 keys and it features 8 note polyphony making it ideal for playing a variety of songs. There are 50 tracks included to play along to, and there are also 5 drum pads to make the music more interesting. Headphones can be connected to the keyboard, allowing kids to practice quietly. There are 100 timbres and 50 rhythms to choose from, so kids can have hours of fun making interesting sounds and songs!

This is an image of a black portable keyboard for kids.

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13. Schoenhut 25 Key Piano

This tabletop piano has 25 keys, making it an ideal starting point for beginner players. There are three colors to choose from – red, white or pink. The keys are the ideal size for kids to learn proper finger placement, perfect for when they will be moving to a larger sized piano. There is a removable color-coded strip which teaches kids the note names and how to play their first chords. A song book is included which uses these colors to help kids learn to play their first songs in a way which is easy for them to follow.

This is an image of a 25 key red piano for kids.

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14. Kidzlane Piano Mat

This jumbo piano mat has 17 notes and 10 different instrument sounds to select from. It also comes with 7 demo songs to listen and dance along to, as well as 7 background songs to play along with. Parents will love the 16 adjustable volume levels there are to choose from! The mat can be folded or rolled up when not in use, for easy storage to leave things nice and tidy. The record function can record up to 38 notes, which can then be listen to again in playback mode.

This is an image of a little girl using a dance and learn piano play mat.

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15. Winfun Symphonic Piano

This sweet toy grand piano has 37 keys as well as a unique metronome feature which can help kids keep time when learning to play. It also has recording and playback features for kids to make their own music and listen back to it. The Winfun piano will look great in any room, and comes with a perfectly sized stool for kids to sit at and play. It’s suitable for kids aged 3 years and older, so it’s great for learning those first tunes. There is a microphone attached for singing along as they play, or for singing to one of the 15 demo songs. There are 8 rhythms and 8 instrument sounds to choose from to ensure kids can play a variety of musical styles.

This is an image of a 37 key grand piano for kids.

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16. Fresh Household Piano Mat

Here we have a folding piano mat, which is available in two different options. One, pictured below, features different musical instrument sounds whereas the other is used to play animal noises. The musical version has the tones of eight different instrument sound effects so there is plenty of variety. If the mat gets dirty, it can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. This means it’s great for children – we all know how much of a mess they can get into! The mat is powered by three AA batteries, so it can easily be used anywhere. It can also be folded or rolled when not in use, so it’s easily transported. The mat can be used to help kids learn numbers up to eight, as well as for learning colors. So, it’s educational as well as fun!

This is an image of a musical keyboard mat for kids.

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17. Lujex Foldable Digital Piano

This cool, folding piano offers a full range of 61 keys, making it ideal for those wishing to learn to play properly, but with limited space available. There are over 120 tones to select from, as well as 100 rhythms and 40 cool demo songs. A MIDI cable can be used to connect the piano to a computer in order to edit the music played. The keyboard mat is made from silicone so it is durable and easily portable. Headphones can be connected to allow for silent practice, and the piano mat can be spread out on a desk or table for a comfortable playing position.

This is an image of a silver flexible keyboard for kids

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18. Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard

This is an excellent kids piano bundle for those wishing to take their skills to the next level. The piano itself has 61 keys, and it also comes with headphones, a microphone, a music stand, a stool and finally a stand for the keyboard to rest on. The stool is adjustable to three different positions, so, you can be sure your child is sitting comfortably and has the correct posture as they play. The piano is packed full of features which are ideal for improvers, such as demos and 300 each of tones and rhythms. This bundle also comes with three months access to Skoove Premium – online courses which teach you how to play piano, no matter what your skill level.

This is an image of a 61 key black portable keyboard for kids.

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19. Lagrima Portable Keyboard

If you’re looking for a piano for 5 year old beginner players, this simple yet fully functional portable keyboard is a great pick. It has a full range of 61 keys as well as an LCD screen to show current settings. There are over 100 each of timbres and rhythms, so kids can create a wide variety of interesting songs and sounds. Kids can use this piano everywhere thanks to the two power options – a power adapter or six AA batteries. There’s a microphone and headphone jack included for kids to further develop their musical skills. The microphone is also included as a bonus.

This is an image of a 61 jkey grey keyboard for beginners.

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20. Piano Starter Pack

This piano for children comes as a full starter pack complete with an interactive CD and DVD featuring lessons for kids to learn their first piano skills. The videos on the DVD show kids how to play their first songs, as well as learning playing techniques to help them progress. There are over 100 lessons included, so it’s sure to keep kids busy learning for hours! A metronome is also included in the bundle to help kids keep time when they are learning to play. The bundle is suitable for players aged five years old and above – it’s never to early to start learning to play piano.

This is an image of a kid's keyboard piano starter pack.

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21. Pink Digital Keyboard

This fun, pink piano is perfect for girls! With 49 keys, it’s good for beginners and it has plenty of timbres and rhythms to keep kids entertained. There are 50 demo songs for them to learn to play or simply to dance along to! It is equipped with recording and playback functionalities so kids can hear their music played back to them. The pink piano is lightweight and portable, so it can easily be moved around or taken to a lesson if required.

This is an image of a pink digital keyboard piano for kids.

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22. Picasso Tiles Roll Up Piano

Here we have another cool piano mat, this time it has 49 keys so can be used much like a real piano. Picasso Tiles is a great brand – this toy has won more than one award! It offers eight different tones to choose from as well as some demo songs to learn from. It can be used to record and play back, and it also offers a headphone jack for silent practice. The piano is available in a traditional black and white color as shown below, or with rainbow colors which is really fun for kids! The mat can easily be rolled up or folded for easy storage when not in use. It can be placed on any table top or flat surface when it’s time to play.

This is an image of a blue roll up toy piano for toddlers.

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23. Fill a Dream Piano

This keyboard is small, with just 37 keys, but it is packed full with all the features you would expect from something more expensive. So, this is a great option for beginners, and it’s budget-friendly meaning it’s not the end of the world if they decide they don’t want to play after a few weeks or months. The keys are the correct size, meaning kids can learn proper finger placement and positioning, which is ideal for when they move on to a bigger keyboard or piano. It is capable of MP3 recording on a USB stick, so the tunes can be played on a laptop. You can also use this keyboard with apps such as Simply Piano which offers piano lessons. Overall this is an excellent pick for beginners who wish to learn some proper piano skills.

this is an image of the filladream keyboard piano

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24. Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

This adorable piano for 6 year old and under is from top brand Melissa and Doug, so parents can be sure of its quality. It has 30 keys which have been tuned by hand, to ensure a stunning sound quality. They keys are labelled with their name, and each note has a different color. These colors correspond to those inside the included song book, so kids can easily learn to play their first, simple tunes. The piano and included stool are made from high-quality materials including wood and metal, so you can be sure this will last for years, even when used by younger children. The hinge and stool are designed for safety, so you can be sure your child won’t trap their fingers or tip off the chair.

this is an image of a melissa and doug grand piano

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25. Amy & Benton Toy Grand Piano

This 4 years old piano comes with a microphone attached – perfect for your preschooler to sing and play all their favorite songs. There are loads of fun features, available using the buttons on the top of the piano. Percussion and musical instrument sounds can be found on this piano, which also features 24 piano keys, different rhythms and guide modes as well as over 20 demo songs. There is MP3 connectivity so you can connect a mobile phone to play music. The mini piano requires four AA batteries so be sure to stock up on these before giving this as a gift!

this is an image of a toy grand piano

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26. Emmzoe Electric Upright Piano

This cute little piano has the note names printed in different colors above each key so kids can learn to play more easily. It’s an excellent first piano, as it small and has only 25 keys, so it won’t overwhelm new players. It’s suitable for kids up to the age of 5, and comes with eight easy to learn songs which have color coded notes to match with those on the piano. Kids will love the stylish looks of this piano, which looks just like a miniature upright piano. It’s glossy and black, so it will look great in any room.

this is an image of an emmzoe piano

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27. Best Choice Products Beginner Keyboard

Best Choice Products kids electric pianos are great, and this one comes with a full bundle of accessories making it perfect for learning to play. There are 61 keys on the piano and it also features three teaching modes – excellent for beginners. It comes with a stand, stool, microphone and power supply, which is everything you need to get started. Kids can plug in a USB drive to the piano to play along to their favorite songs. There’s a LCD screen on the piano to make it easier to monitor current settings.

this is an image of a best choice products keyboard

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28. Yamaha Keyboard Bundle

This child sized piano comes with loads of accessories making it a perfect beginner’s bundle. It has 61 keys and a huge range of voices and styles for kids to experiment with. The accessories include: a beginners book with CD, keyboard stand, stool, headphones, power adapter and a free trail membership to access online piano lessons. This is a great option for older kids who are going to take piano lessons, as it is packed full of features which will help them practice their skills.

this is an image of a yamaha keyboard bundle with accessories

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29. Goplus Classical Piano

When it comes to youth pianos, those which resemble mini grand pianos are always popular! This pink one is sure to be a hit with little girls. It is suitable for kids up to the age of 7, and is also available in black if preferred. The keys are closer together making it easier for young children to play and place their fingers properly. The 30 keys produce a great sound which is sure to delight your children. The matching stool is a great touch and ensures kids are always sitting comfortably when they play.

this is an image of a pink toy grand piano

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30. Hape Grand Piano

Are you looking for a small piano for child? This one by Hape is suitable for children aged 3 years old and above, and comes with a matching stool for them to sit on as they play. It looks great and also sounds nice, with an opening lid just like a real grand piano. It even comes with a music stand for kids to hold their music as they learn their first songs. The piano is made from wood for a durable finish.

this is an image of a hape grand piano

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Overall Best Buy

So, we’ve looked at 30 great products but which is the best of the pianos for kids? Well, the RockJam 61 key keyboard is our top pick because it has such a wide range of features. We love how it comes with free piano lessons both in person and via an app, so it’s the perfect package for beginners.

this is ani image of a rockjam 61 key keyboard

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Best Budget Buy

The Picasso Tiles piano mat is a great choice for those on a budget. It can be used to learn to play just like one of the larger pianos, but it costs less and also takes up hardly any space in the house. The compact piano can be rolled or folded away when not in use. It sounds great and has a headphone jack so kids can play quietly without disturbing others in the house.

This is an image of a blue roll up toy piano for toddlers.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Piano for Child

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect piano. First think about your child’s age and if they have any previous experience in playing. If they are very young, it might be best to choose a small one with not too many keys, and which has other fun effects. For older kids wishing to learn to play properly, it’s best to choose a larger keyboard or piano which has a full range of notes.

A kids learning keyboard with lights can be a good idea – it allows kids of any skill level to play amazing songs! A lighted keyboard will typically come with many different songs built-in, in a variety of musical styles for kids to enjoy. Some also show your child where to place their hands and which finger to use on each key – a bit like learning to type on a computer keyboard. You might also wish to see whether the piano comes with a stand or any other accessories to form a complete package for beginners.


Benefits of Learning to Play Piano for Kids

There are loads of benefits attached to learning to play piano. It’s great for brain development and can also result in an increase in self-esteem. Kids will also develop their problem solving abilities and learn to focus as a result of learning to play piano. Piano is a great first instrument to learn, and it can make learning others in the future a lot easier too. Finally, it’s loads of fun and makes a great hobby for kids to enjoy.


At What Age Can Kids Start Leaning Digital Keyboard?

A piano or keyboard can be a fun toy for any age – even toddlers around 18 months or 2 years old will love experimenting with the keys! But, you’ll probably want to wait a few years before starting to properly teach them how to play. Around the age of 6 many kids will be ready to take their first lessons. They have to be able to stretch their fingers to cover the keys, and should be able to move the fingers independently rather than relying on one finger to play all the notes. Of course, they also have to be interested in learning and willing to sit and pay attention. Before school age, many children simply don’t have the required attention span.