Suppose you have a bathroom dedicated to your kids alone. In that case, chances are you’ll have had challenges keeping it tidy and organized. Unfortunately, kids are almost always creating a mess, whether it’s in their room or bathroom. Fortunately, several storage ideas can help in dealing with such mess and keep their bathroom less disorganized. The trick is to play around with colors and develop exciting ways of getting your kids to use the storage. 

Here are a few tips on creating great storage for your kids’ bathroom. 

  1. Maximize space under the sink
  2. Hanging/Shower caddy system
  3. Rail/Ladder storage
  4. Wall hooks
  5. Vanity unit drawers

5 brilliant storage ideas for children bathrooms

1.Maximize Space Under The Sink 

When it comes to bathroom ideas for kids, there’s a lot you can do with the under-the-counter space. Consider getting wire baskets for toiletries, lotions, or wipes and arranging them right under the sink. You could also purchase transparent storage containers for holding the kid’s bath toys, brushes, and other cleaning equipment. Add a bit of fun by labeling the containers in different colors so your kid can quickly identify them.

2.Hanging/ Shower Caddy System

Save space in your kid’s bathroom with a flexible, brightly colored caddy system. As one of the popular bathroom tips and ideas for kids, a shower caddy is perfect for storing bathroom essentials like sponges, razors, shampoos, soaps, or brushes. They are typically available in various types and sizes. Some are usually hung on the shower, but if you have small kids, you could hang it behind the bathroom door or mount it on the bathroom wall for easy reach. 

3.Rail/Ladder Storage

This idea is highly space-saving and makes your kids’ bathroom look more lively. Depending on the bathroom layout, you could decide to create a horizontal rail with hanging mason jars for holding your kid’s toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, and other essentials. Another option is to go vertical by installing ladder storage. Like a leaning shelf, this storage design can hold racks for hanging towels and laundry bins and is an excellent place to add an artistic touch to the bathroom. You could find more ideas on making the kid’s bathroom look attractive.

4.Wall Hooks

An excellent way to get more storage space in a small bathroom is by utilizing the walls. Wall-mounted storage like shower hooks and wall hooks is ideal for hanging towels, fabric bins, laundry buckets, or wire baskets that hold fresh face cloth. You could also store bath toys, wipes, creams, and other supplies in a tote bag hanging on the hooks. 

5.Vanity Unit Drawers 

Get creative with your vanity unit by including shelves and drawers, where possible, to make the most of its space. Consider adding drawer dividers or small organizing containers that hold different things from hair accessories to cotton balls, extra toiletries, and wipes. Arrange them neatly, and in order, so your child can easily access them. Behind the closet door is another excellent space for storing small items like toothpaste, toothbrush, hair accessories, lotions, and other essentials. Find more inspiration for creating storage space and decorating the kids’ bathroom. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to bathroom ideas for kids, creativity and practicality work together. To avoid cluttered and messy bathrooms, make the most of your storage space using any of the ideas above and add a splash of colors to make the space look fun. After all, you are designing a bathroom for kids.