Football is a much loved sport that is played across the country, and little kids are always keen to get involved in joining a team. However when it comes to playing the real game, parents needs to make sure their child is safe and it starts with having one of the best youth football helmets.

At the moment, your child might be young and enjoying the pee wee game, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a safe, strong and proper fitting helmet to wear. Every little boy dreams of one day being a college football star, and with these football helmets for youth of all ages, parents who are interested in safety ratings can feel reassured that they will have concussion protection and can play with the highest level of safety possible. We have shared some great youth football helmets here for you to learn about and ultimately choose the right one for your child.

10 Best Youth Football Helmets

Now that you’ve looked at some of excellent options let’s get on with our review and get your son ready for football season whether he is in a pee wee league or an older youth.

1. Universal Fit Helmet by EliteTek

This one has a really clever design that allows for two-clip quick attachment so you can put it on or take it off quickly and easily, which is sometimes a really important factor during a game. It features a really strong and durable outer protective coating which says it is anti-scratch, resists impact and also doesn’t fog up inside so you will have clear vision all the while you are wearing it.

The visor is clear but has a special tint of color and is also mirrored on the exterior. It even cuts out damaging UV light, so it is safe in this regard. The tinted aspect of the visor means that there is no glare and if you’re playing on a sunny day the light intensity will be cut down dramatically. The company offer a full money back promise so you can buy with confidence.

This is an image of a clear orange visor helmet.

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2. Clear Visor Helmet

This option ranks high in football helmet ratings with a money back offer so parents can purchase without any worries or concerns about the wrong fit, style or features. The makers reassure that this is approved for use in all football leagues so coaches will be more than happy with this one. It is a clear visor so there is no tinting at all. It is universal and fits all sizes with a helpful two-clip design that is easy-on and easy-off for quick removal before, during and after the big game.

They recommend if you are fitting it to younger players to spend some time maneuvering the visor so that it is correct, but that it will always fit. They also boast a plastic material that is totally shatter proof and very safe to wear and play in. Another bonus is that it has a UV safety and fog coating to ensure that the vision from inside the helmet is always crystal clear.


This is an image of a white youth football helmet.

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3. Smoke Tinted Visor Helmet

Another one that offers a special scratch proof and fog free coating. This seems to be an important feature for players, to make sure that the helmet keeps its fresh look and avoids dents and scratches, but also that it doesn’t fog up. Let’s face it, if a player can’t see, what is the point of them being on the field? This version can be taken on and off very easily due to its two clip system that is clever and easy to do.

It fits all ages and any size, although younger players may need some help adjusting the fit to make it right for them. The visor on this has a transmittance of light at around 50% so it cuts out all the light that damages or bothers the eyes. This means it cuts down on glare and the strength of light, and the player can have a more comfortable game, especially on sunnier days.


This is an image of a smoke tinted football helmet.

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4. Schutt Sports Vengeance Shell Helmet

This product has a lower profile shell which means that small children can wear it more easily during the game. There are specially designed liners within the interior of the helmet which means it has a softness inside that makes it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. This would be useful both during practice and when competing.

There are useful jaw pads within the design so the fit around the side of the head is more comfortable and secure. There is a twist release bumper as well as a useful nose bumper and rear one also. A chin strap has also been added to the design for extra security. What should be noted however is that this does not come with a face guard included.


This is an image of a white Schutt youth football helmet.

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5. Vinyl Padded Helmet

Football helmets for youths can be a tricky thing to buy. You want to make sure you are getting one that is the right fit and shape and that will last them throughout the years as they grow and develop in their game and ability. This brand offers a padding system that is one-of-a-kind. It has side and back areas padded with a Vinyl-nitrile cushioned covering.

There is a liner system that is two piece which means that comfort is at the heart of this design. There are also jaw pads made of AiR Maxx material so they are as reliable as a typical jaw pad but the special cushioned design means they are even more comfortable to wear and play in. Chin straps can be easily fitted on this black youth football helmet and the front aperture is specially shaped so the ability to see is widened considerably.


This is an image of a black Schutt youth helmet.

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6. Youth Hybrid Helmet

The shell of this is large so it boasts very good shock absorption on impact. This will reassure parents and players that they are getting a safe product. It also offers TPU cushioning which is really beneficial and comfortable as well as D3O technology so it is cutting edge and the best version that you can get because it has the specially designed cushioning, it works well in all types of climate and temperature, so no matter where you are, it will be incredibly comfortable.

If you wish to, you can add in more thickly padded cushioning inside because of its standoff shell, so it will protect and cushion the head more safely and securely. This helmet also does not come with a face guard, so you will have to purchase it separately.


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7. Single Layer Vengeance VTD Helmet

There is something different about this product. It has a unique ribbed design which is created in one layer. It is unusual compared to other designs due to this feature. It offers excellent impact absorption but at the same time has a lighter weight on the head and isn’t as heavy as other helmets of more traditional design.

There is a high impact layer of foam inside and particularly at the front. This means there is an extra protective layer however it doesn’t add weight while still performing to the level of quality that you expect from a helmet. The design also has a twist release feature that allows the face guard to come off easily without any hassle or fuss. There is even cushioning in the jaw pads.


This is an image of a black football helmet for youth.

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8. TPU/D3O Cushioned Hybrid Helmet

This is another design that features patented D3O technology. This will make a helmet like this a popular choice because it means that when energy and movement impacts against the helmet, the cleverly bonded molecules will lock and dissipate the feeling of the impact. It also has the larger style of shell that allows for even more strength and durability.

Inside the shell, is TPU cushioning to allow for maximum comfort on impact. This is a helmet that will work well for any player regardless of age or size. It provides safety, security and good design which all come together to create a good quality helmet for football. Again, with this design, the face guard has to be bought separately.

This is an image of a black football helmet.

This is an image of a white youth football helmet.

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10. Schutt Sports Sleek Titanium Helmet

Glossy and sleek, this is an impressive product. It boasts a specially re-designed shell that is created to be lighter and less bulky than its previous design. Within the shell is a liner designed for comfort and security. It is non-inflatable with an easy fit and smooth feel. The jaw pads are included and are connected with clever mechanisms to keep them in place. The face guard is sold separately for this also. This is a product that will be popular with all ages of players and will be durable and strong enough to last them through many games and hopefully, victories.


This is an image of a white and gray youth helmet.

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Our Top Pick

This one really sets the bar as far as safe football helmets for youths go. What we liked about this particular design was the attachment that was created with two-clip technology so that it would be really easy to put it on and take it off whenever you wanted to with as little fussing or hassle as possible. The protective outer coating was also a big selling point, offering a durable and strong barrier that had lots of great properties. The anti-scratch and impact resistant features we felt were very good for offering the reassurance of as much protection as possible when your child is playing football.

Another positive feature of this one was the tinted and mirrored visor. So many players complain of light intensity and glare when they are on the football field, as it can impede their performance and make it difficult to see what is happening during the game. The fact that this visor had a strong design that was capable of lowering the light intensity was a really great aspect, and one we know would be very popular with players of all ages. The money back guarantee that comes with this helmet was also a great selling point. This is an image of a clear orange visor helmet.


Best Budget Gift

This one is definitely affordable so buyers on a range of budgets can buy this. It still offers all the protective and safety features that you hope for when buying a helmet but at a price that is more reasonable. We liked this as our budget buy because it offers excellent shock absorption. When a player makes an impact, it will protect them securely and will be reliable throughout the game.

It is made with TPU cushioning so we know it will be soft and comfortable when worn, regardless of how faced paced and energetic the game is. The cushioning has been carefully created to enhance maximum comfort at all times. The helmet also works well for any player in all kinds of weather or climate, so it allows the skin to breathe during a fast and furious game of football. We also liked the fact that there is an option to add more cushioning with thicker padding if you wish to, so that the player can adjust it to their own preferences.

What is the safest helmet on the market?

Many manufacturers will say that theirs is the most safe, and of course all of them have safety and protective features that are excellent but you need to check youth football helmet ratings to ensure that you’re getting the safest option one possible. All options have their own level of reliability and to some extent will keep the player safe and secure while playing. Popularity seems to dictate that the Schutt brand comes out on top in many discussions as being an incredibly reliable brand that always performs well during games and that it can be depended upon to keep the player as safe as possible.

When playing football, all players must accept that there is a risk attached, and no helmet will keep them completely safe from harm. But the right one worn in the right way can go a long distance to make sure safety is increased. The bottom line is, make sure you get the correct size for your child that fits them properly, closes and clasps securely and has the appropriate amount of cushioning to keep them comfortable and safe.


Where to buy helmets?

There is so much choice these days it can be hard to keep track of which places are the best to purchase these accessories. Of course, some people prefer to go directly to the sports supply store, and there are many local branches that can be in your town or city. But you might live further away from a shopping district, and need to purchase your football helmet for youth online because of this. The bonus of buying directly from a store means you can try it on for fit and comfort, and you’ll know before you buy whether it is the right fit for you.

However it is just as easy to buy online through the same supplier, and most of them have their own website with all the information you will need to make an informed purchase. They offer details about the product and its performance as well as sizing information and details about appropriate accessories to purchase with your helmet. If you prefer, you can also buy through amazon directly, as they offer a wider range of brands and choice that ship directly to your home. The possibilities and choice are varied so make sure to look around before you buy. Even if you buy online and the helmet isn’t right, most manufacturers offer a refund and will allow you to mail it back to them.


When should old helmets be tossed out?

It is really important to make sure that the equipment you are using for your chosen sport is fully operational, safe and reliable. That’s why there are sometimes reasons that you should throw away a helmet. If you receive a one that you know has a defect, you should never wear it to begin with, but return immediately to the manufacturer and it would be wise to inform them of the defect in case other products have similar problems, as they may need to do a product recall to ensure everyone is safe.

Another reason you might need to throw it away, might be if you notice a crack in it. This might happen during a game when you have a particularly heavy impact, and the helmet does its job to protect your head, but subsequently develops cracks. Of course it is obvious that it is now compromised and should not be used again.

The final reason for throwing away an old one would be its age. You should of course have it reconditioned every two years, for the full life span of the helmet. Experts say that a helmet’s life time should last around ten years, so once this time has elapsed you should make sure to stop wearing it and purchase a new one.