Are you wondering what are the best gifts for 2 year old girls this year? Here we have almost 50 great toys and gift ideas which are perfect for giving to a little girl aged 2, whether it’s for her birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

So what exactly are the top toys for 2 year olds? There are loads of choices when it comes to toys for toddlers – many 2 yr olds like building toys, ride on toys and educational toys which help teach counting and letters. At the age of 2, toddlers can also start to build slightly more complex jigsaw puzzles, and follow the rules of simple board games. These types of toy are great for parents and children to spend quality time together, so they make excellent gifts.

When toddlers reach age 2, they also tend to enjoy role playing. This could either be taking on a new role themselves, for example by choosing a doctors kit or dressing up costume, or using figures of their favorite cartoon characters to act out scenes and adventures.



50 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Girls

So, we’ve seen what kind of toys and gifts are suitable for 2 yr olds, so now lets move on to review some of the best out there. With almost 50 great ideas to choose from, there is sure to be something here to suit all tastes, personalities and budgets.


1. Water Doodle Mat

This mat is great for toddlers who love to draw and paint, and it’s excellent for parents who don’t like to clear up the mess afterwards! If you are looking for gifts for 2 year old girls under $20, this is an excellent pick. It will keep them amused for hours, and the pens will never run out as they are simply topped up with water. This set comes with stencils and templates, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to draw certain animals for when they are a little older. The mat is great as it is reuseable – it can be used over and over again.


This is an image of a water doodle mat for 2 year old kids.

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2. Fisher Price Barbie Tough Trike

Trikes make great 2 year old birthday gift ideas, and this Tough Trike from Fisher Price is tough and durable, making it the perfect pick for rough toddlers! Little girls will love the pink Barbie design too. The seat can be lifted to reveal a storage compartment, which is ideal for taking small items on the ride. The tires are large and are set wide apart for maximum stability. The pedals are large to make it easy for toddlers to learn to pedal the trike by themselves. A maximum weight of 55 pounds can be held by this trike, and it’s big enough for kids up to age 5, so it will be used for many years.


This is an image of a pink trike for 2 year old girls.


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3. Little Tikes Pink Rocking Horse

Rocking horses make fun outdoor toys for 2 year olds, and this one from Little Tikes is a classic. It’s simple yet loads of fun, made from sturdy plastic to ensure it lasts for years. The seat is high to help stop toddlers from falling back, and the handles are easy to grip. It’s also easy for toddlers to rock by themselves as it is not too heavy. Little girls are sure to love the bright pink color! The rocking horse is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, so it can be enjoyed all year round, no matter what the weather.


This is an image of a pink rocking horse for 2 year old kids.


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4. Top Bright Toddler Fishing Game

When it comes to games for 2 year olds, they need to be simple enough that they can learn how to play quickly. This fishing game is simple to learn, but requires practice to master! There are two magnetic rods included, and the aim of the game is to catch the 26 different fish and sea creatures. This game is fun for parents and toddlers to enjoy together, and as your toddler gets older they can also share it with a friend. The fishing game helps toddlers develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and it can also be used to name different sea creatures and talk about their colors, to help grow your child’s vocabulary too.


This is an image of a toddler fishing game gift for 2 year old girls.


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5. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

This activity desk from VTech is an excellent educational toy for toddlers, and is sure to provide hours of fun. It’s one of the best gift ideas for 2 year old baby girl, and is sure to stand out from other toys and gifts they might receive. There are five different interactive activity pages which can teach letters, counting, musical instruments, body parts and fruit and veg. Toddlers can learn over 100 new words, and there are more than 20 songs to keep them entertained too. The desk can be converted by opening the top to reveal a chalkboard, and there’s also a clip to hold a sheet of paper for drawing. Art supplies can be held inside the desk too, and the stool is also included, making this an all-round excellent gift.


This is an image of a touch and learn activity desk for little girls.


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6. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Purse

Fisher Price have many great toys for a 2 year old girl on offer. Here we have this purse which comes packed full of accessories a young girl is sure to love. The purse plays over 50 songs and phrases on different subjects. Some of these include colors, opposite, Spanish phrases and many more. The Smart Stages purse offers three different levels of content, so it can grow with your child as they learn more. The pieces inside the purse are great for role playing – perfect for encourging toddlers to use their imagination and copy mommy!


This is an image of a toy purse with 5 play accessories for 2 year old girls.


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7. LEGO Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party

When it comes to toys for 2 yr old girl, building toys are always a good pick. This LEGO Duplo set has only 21 pieces, so it is simple to put together. The pieces are large enough for toddlers to easily handle too. Little girls are sure to be drawn to the cute Minnie Mouse theming and the pink and purple coloring. Whilst your 2 yr old might need some help to build the model properly, they will love playing with it when it’s finished. The car is sure to provide loads of fun, and they will love to use their imagination to make new adventures for Minnie and her pet cat Figaro.


This is an image of a minnie mouse building blocks for little girls.


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8. Princess Tent with Fairy Lights

If you are looking for gift ideas for 2 year old girl which aren’t toys, this beautiful pink princess tent is an excellent pick. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, so is perfect for setting up a den in their room or offering some shade outside in the summer. Measuring 55 inches across, this tent can hold plenty of toys, or up to 3 toddlers at a time. The tent comes with a useful storage bag as well as some extra poles in case any get lost or damaged. It’s best left set up, as it’s not as easy as a pop-up tent to quickly set up or store away. There are star lights included which are perfect for when your toddler wants to chill in their tent, and are also great for using as a nightlight.


This is an image of a pink castle play tent for little girls.


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9. LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog make some of the best educational toys for toddler girls, such as this laptop which is excellent for teaching letters and animals. There’s also a music mode with loads of songs for toddlers to sing and dance along to. The LeapTop can be programmed to teach your child to spell her own name, too! This is a top rated toy which is perfect for toddlers who love to be just like mom and dad. They will have their very own laptop to pretend to email cute pups Scout and Violet, and there’s a carrying handle so they can take it everywhere.


This is an image of a pink leaptop for 2 year old girls.


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10. LeapFrog Learning Friends Book

Here we have another of the popular toys for toddlers from LeapFrog. This time it’s an interactive book, which teaches over 100 age-appropriate and interesing words. The words are written and can be heard in both English and Spanish, making it excellent for billingual children, or simply helping your child learn some words in a 2nd language from a young age. There are many useful categories of word, such as pets, clothing and things to see outside. As well as hearing the word, toddlers will also be able to hear fun facts and sounds when they press each word. The book has a carry handle making it a good toy for taking out and about, and it also comes in a pink color if preferred.


This is an image of a green words book for 2 year old girls.


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11. Princess Castle Plush Playset

This adorable playset is perfect for younger children as it is made from plush material which means there are no hard or small parts. Included in the set are a princess doll, a mirror, a plush unicorn and a magic wand. All the pieces can be stored inside the castle when playtime is over, which is great for ensuring they don’t get lost. Anything featuring princesses and unicorns are good toys for 2 year old girls – it’s usually around this age that many little girls become interested in fairytale stories. When the unicorn is squeezed, it makes horse-like noises, and the wand also has a squeaker inside. This is a great toy for taking out and about, and at 8 inches high, it won’t take up too much space either.


This is an image of a castle plush playset for little girls.


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12. VTech Little Apps Tablet

If you are wondering ‘what do you give a two year old for her birthday?’, this could be the perfect gift. Even very young kids these days are interested in technology, so gifting them their very own toddler-proof tablet is a great idea! It has buttons for each letter of the alphabet, as well as a piano keyboard for playing music. There are 12 different learning activities to enjoy, which gradually get more difficult to keep your child engaged. It comes in either pink or black, although of course many little girls love the pink! There are parent-friendly features too, such as the volume control option and the auto-shutdown to preserve battery life.


This is an image of a pink baby tablet for 2 year old kids.


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13. Mega Bloks Build and Learn Table

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for 2 year old daughter, the Mega Bloks building table is perfect. It’s excellent for keeping a toddler busy even when they are stuck indoors due to poor weather, and if there’s familiy visiting, other kids will enjoy playing with it too. The table is portable thanks to its folding legs and carry handle, so it can be taken when visiting family and friends, too. There are 30 pieces included, such as blocks, cars and printed blocks featuing numbers, windows and other details. All the pieces can conveniently be stored inside the table when playtime is finished, so it’s great for helping teach your toddler to tidy up after themselves too!


This is an image of a pink learn table building blocks for 2 year old girls.


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14. Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog

Learning Resources have some fun gifts for 2 yr old girls – here we have a hedgehog game which is designed to help improve fine motor skills. There are loads of activities to play with this toy – counting the quills, sorting them by color and of course mastering the control and dexterity required to stick them into the hedgehog. Once the games are finished, the quills fit neatly inside the hedgehog for convenient storage and to prevent any pieces from getting lost. There’s an activity guide included which provides further ideas and inspiration.


This is an image of a fine motor toy hedgehog for 2 year old girls.


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15. Delta Children Minnie Mouse Chair with Desk

If it’s unique gift ideas for a 2 year old girl that you’re searching for, this Minnie Mouse desk and chair is an excellent pick. Toddlers will love to use this desk for everything, whether it’s eating dinner, drawing or even playing with small toys. Under the chair is a fabric storage box which is great for toys or drawing supplies, keeping them close to hand for when your toddler wants to play. On the desk you’ll find a cup holder for pens or crayons. The surface is scratch-resistant so it will stay looking great for a long time, and the chair is close to the ground making it easy for toddlers to climb in unaided. Toddler girls will love the cute Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck design, and the seat covered in Minnie’s bows!

This is an image of a Minnie Mouse chair desk for little girls.


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16. VTech Pretty Party Playset

This VTech tea set is one of the best gift ideas and toys for a toddler girl. The tea tray comes with two cups, a pitcher and four pieces of cake. The pitcher lights up and the toy makes loads of fun sounds to keep toddlers engaged and help them learn something new. The cakes are ideal for helping teach shapes, as each is shaped differently and can be matched to the appropriate slot on the tray. There’s real liquid inside the pitcher, so toddlers will love imaginary play with this set.

This is an image of a party playset for 2 year old kids.


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17. Fairy Cozy Coupe

A timeless classic, the Cozy Coupe has been enjoyed by toddlers for decades. Over time, there have been many new models released and here we have one of the best toys for a 2 year old girl – the Fairy edition of the Cozy Coupe! It comes with a parent handle for easy pushing, as well as a removable floorboard so toddlers can keep their feet up when they are getting pushed. Once your child is able to drive the car themselves, the footboard can come out, allowing them to push the car around. The car has many convenient features such as a cup holder and a comfortable high-backed seat. There’s a working horn and a gas cap which opens, so toddlers can let their imagination run wild! If you want to make this a really special gift, there’s the option to add a car wash or a gas pump.

This is an image of a fairy coupe for 2 year old girls.


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18. Top Bright Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles make great presents for 2 year old girls – this set of two wooden puzzles is particularly ideal because it can help with letter and number recognition. On the letter puzzle, you can find pictures of an animal corresponding to each letter, so the puzzle can help toddlers improve their vocabulary. On the number puzzle, there’s a picture of an animal beside each number, and on the number you can see the type of food they like to eat. The pieces are a good size for toddlers, and they have smooth edges to ensure they are safe to play with. They are painted with a non-toxic water-based paint, so it’s not a big deal if your toddler still likes to explore her toys with her mouth!

This is an image of a wooden alphabet puzzle for 2 year old girls.


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19. Kidoozie My First Purse

This purse set is excellent for toddler girls who love role playing and being just like mom! It comes with a cell phone, keys, lipstick, a mirror and a wallet with credit card. Pretend play toys make excellent gifts for 2 years old girls – at this age they are starting to use their imagination more and simply love to copy the actions of those they admire. Parents will love being able to get their phone and keys back too! The pieces can be stored in the purse when heading out, so toddlers can always have their essentials as well as something to keep themselves entertained.

This is an image of a toy purse with play accessories for little girls.


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20. Disney Princess Peel Off Nail Polish

This nail polish set contains 15 different colors of nail polish, and each bottle has a Disney princess on the lid which is sure to appeal to young girls! There are also fun accessories such as toe seperators and a nail file. The polish is quick to dry and easy to brush on, and it also peels off so no nail polish remover is required. These factors combined make these nail polishes excellent gifts for girls who have everything in their toy chest they could ever want! The nail polish is water based and non-toxic, so parents can rest assured they are perfectly safe for young children.

This is an image of a nail polish toy set for 2 year old girls.


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21. Fisher Price Grow ‘n Learn Garden Caddy

This cute gardening toy is excellent for encouraging toddlers to use their imagination. Toddlers love to ‘help’ mom and dad with important jobs such as watering the plants, so why not gift this set to give them their very own tray of plants to look after? The toy features 3 fun levels, so it always offers a new challenge as your baby girl gets older. It can teach letters, colors, opposites and the names of fruits and veggies. By arranging the plants into the caddy tray, toddlers can watch as they magically ‘grow’! Of course, the plants also have to be ‘watered’ with the included watering can, which makes rain sounds when tipped!


This is an image of a grow 'n learn garden caddy for 2 year old girls.



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22. iPlay iLearn Hopping Horse – Pink

If you are looking for find the best 2 year olds birthday gifts for girls who love to keep active, this bouncing horse is definitely worth considering! It is essentially a space hopper, but features four legs to offer more stability for the younger user. A pump is included, so the hopper can quickly and easily be inflated ready for playtime. The cover is great for protecting bare legs, unlike a traditional space hopper which can get uncomfortable. There are various designs available, including a unicorn and a zebra, so you can choose your child’s favorite colors.


This is an image of a pink hopping horse ride on for 2 year old kids.


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23. Mermaid and Sea Animals Bath Toys

This set of bath toys is sure to make bathtime more fun and less of a fuss! The pack includes four fish and sea creatures which squirt out water, as well as one mermaid who swims underwater. There is also a plastic pouch included to store the toys neatly together when no longer in use. They make great gifts for 2 yr old girl, as at this age they will be able to squirt the water on their own, and will have great fun in doing so!


This is an image of a mermaid and friends bath toy for little kids.


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24. Top Bright Bird Feeding Game

When it comes to learning toys for toddlers, Top Bright have a few great offerings. Here, we’ve chosen this magnetic bird feeding game which is excellent for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The aim of the game is to use the bird head to remove the worms from the tree stump, then put it into the baby bird’s mouth! This is a truly unique game which offers toddlers a fun and memorable experience, and is great for development too. There are 8 worms included and they can be stored in the tree stump when not in use. The toy can also be used to learn about colors, and talk about words such as in and out, to help your toddler learn the meaning of these concepts.


This is an image of a magnetic toy game set for 2 year old kids.


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25. Labebe Rocking Unicorn

This sweet rocking horse is shaped like a unicorn, so it is sure to appeal to toddler girls! If you need the perfect birthday gifts for two years old granddaughter to spoil her, this is certainly one of the best picks! It is soft and padded making it comfortable to use, and it also has a seatbelt for added safety. The rocking unicorn is made from top quality materials, so it is sturdy and durable and will last for years. Just wait until you see the look on the little princess’s face when she sees this unicorn waiting for her on the special day!


This is an image of a pink plush animal rocker for 2 year old girls.


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26. Ballerina Princess Gift Set

If you want to find unique gifts for 2 yr old girl which stand out from the crowd, this ballerina princess set is a great idea. The set includes a story book, a ballerina doll with a tiara and a matching tiara for your child to wear. The book has stunning watercolor illustrations which show a little girl learning how to do ballet, and might inspire your child to try out some moves! The doll measures 11 inches tall, and is beautifully dressed with a satin and tulle dress. This is the perfect set for any little girly girl!


This is an image of a ballerina princess gift set for little kids.


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27. Magnetic Drawing Board

Drawing toys make great birthday gifts for 2 yr old girl, this magnetic drawing board is an excellent choice because it is mess-free! It comes with four different colored zones to add more fun to your child’s drawing – most boards similar to this only offer gray drawing. There are buttons down the side which play fun songs and sounds, so this drawing board is quite unique. This toy is excellent for taking in the car to keep toddlers amused on long journeys, and it’s easy to erase the drawing and start again.


This is an image of a little girl using a magnetic drawing board.


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28. Melissa & Doug Minnie Mouse Dress Up Doll

Melissa & Doug make some of the top toys for toddler girls, such as this wooden dress-up doll which takes the shape popular character Minnie Mouse. The box allows the pieces to be neatly organized so toddlers can easily see what they want to use. There are 35 pieces included, so plenty of outfit combinations can be made. There are shoes, purses, skirts, blouses and hair accessories, so Minnie will always be looking great! This is another good toy for travel, and there is a stand allowing the doll to stand up whilst being dressed.


This is an image of a Minnie Mouse magnetic dress up play set for little girls.


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29. Radio Flyer Stroll ‘N Trike

This 4-in-1 trike is excellent for growing kids, as it has a range of different modes to suit differnet levels of ability. There’s a parent handle for when your little one can’t quite pedal alone yet, and the pedals can be used as footrests. The 3-point harness is also useful for keeping kiddies safe as they ride. There’s a canopy to protect your child from the sun and a handy storage compartment at the back. Once your child can ride independently, the parent handle can be removed and the trike should fit your child until they are 5, meaning it offers excellent value for money!


This is an image of a pink stroll 'n trike for 2 year old kids.


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30. Interactive Pet Puppy

This cute robot puppy, Helen, is a fun toy for girls who love animals. It’s a great way to introduce toddlers to caring for a pet, without risking the animal getting hurt! The puppy responds to touch – by touching different areas, different modes are activiated. By touching the head, songs will play but the real fun comes from touching the tail which enables chasing mode! If kiddies touch the puppy’s nose, Helen will ask who did it, which is great fun! The toy is good for helping toddlers stay active, as they will simply love chasing it around the house!


This is an image of an electronic pet dog for 2 year old girls.


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31. Animal Adventures Owl Armchair

If you want to find the best gifts for 2 years old baby girls but prefer something which isn’t a toy, this cute owl armchair is definitely worth considering. It has a soft, plush cover which is removable for easy cleaning. The chair is also light and small, making it easy to move from room to room if required. It’s sized just right for toddlers, who will love having their own special chair to use. There are a range of cute characters in various colors, such as a pink teddy or a blue unicorn, so there’s something to suit all tastes and color schemes.


This is an image of a pink owl chair for little kids.


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32. VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

VTech are known for making some excellent 2 year old baby girl toys, so that’s why we have chosen this interactive learning book to review here. The book teaches toddlers over 100 new words, broken down into six different categories such as items in the home and at the park. Each page responds to touch, playing music and words and also helping toddlers learn letters, depending on which mode is chosen. This toy is great for helping toddlers grow their vocabulary, and is also ideal for keeping in the diaper bag to entertain your toddler on the go.


This is an image of a touch and teach word book for little girls.


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33. VTech Ultimate Alphabet Train

Ride on toys make excellent gifts, and this train from VTech has some excellent features which make it stand out from other similar toys on offer. It comes with alphabet building blocks which can be inserted into the holder on the train, and the train will say the letter out loud! There’s also a hole for the blocks to be dropped down into the train. The toy can be used as a ride on, or the seat can be lifted up to use as a walker or a wagon. Toddlers can find their favorite toys and take them for a ride in the wagon mode! Other fun features include the clock, storybook and turning gears, making this an all-round excellent pick.


This is an image of a pink ultimate alphabet train for 2 year old kids.


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34. Aurora World Unicorn Pet Carrier

Unicorn toys make excellent 2nd birthday gift ideas for girls – what little girl doesn’t love unicorns?! The set includes a cute pink purse with a peekaboo unicorn design and shimmery handles, as well as a lovely plush unicorn, whose shimmery horn matches the handles of the purse. The purse can be closed with the ribbon on top. Toddlers will love to take this purse, and their new pet, everywhere! There are other options available too, such as a kitten, puppy and even a giraffe.


This is an image of a peek-a-boo unicorn stuffed toy for 2 year old girls.


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35. VTech Babble & Rattle Microphone

We’ve already seen how VTech make some of the best gifts for 2 yr old girl, and here we have yet another fabulous offering. This time it’s a microphone, which really works in making your little one’s voice louder! The microphone toy also plays animal noises and over 10 different songs in a variety of musical styles. The ring around the top turns to activate the different animal sounds, and shaking the toy will play fun phrases.


This is an image of a pink babble & rattle microphone for little kids.


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36. VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

Another of VTech’s interesting gifts for 2 year old baby girl, this activity cube is sure to keep them entertained for ages! There are five sides of activities including piano keys, turning beads and a storybook. The cube plays over 70 fun songs and phrases, so toddlers can dance to the music and perhaps learn something new. The activities are also great for developing fine motor skills. The shape sorter activity and the cute animal characters are sure to be popular with two yr olds!


This is an image of a child playing an activity cube.


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37. VTech Baby Amaze

Baby Amaze is an interactive doll which is excellent for encouraging toddlers to talk. As your little girl talks to the doll, it will learn more words and phrases to repeat back to her! There are three books included which help toddlers learn new words, which they can then teach to the baby doll. There are over 70 words, so it’s sure to keep them busy for a while! The doll also comes with a pacifier and a bottle, so toddlers can nurture and care for her.


This is an image of a talk and read baby doll for 2 year old kids.


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38. LEGO Duplo Belle’s Tea Party

LEGO’s Duplo range includes some cool toys for toddler girls, and what could be better than a Disney Princess set? This set contains 19 pieces, making it a simple build for younger children. Little girls will love the Belle, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip figures which are included! The figures mean toddlers can play with the set after building, and use their imaginations to make the figures interact with one another. The door to the fireplace opens which is another fun, interactive element toddlers will love.


This is an image of a Belle´s tea party building set for 2 year old girls.


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39. Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn

The rock and glow unicorn from Bright Starts is an interactive toy which moves around independently, encouraging toddlers to get up and active as they chase it around! It changes direction when touched meaning play can be endless. There are educational modes too, which teach basic colors, numbers and shapes. Toddlers will be attracted to the cute unicorn design and the flashing lights on its mane, so it’s sure to hold their attention for a long time.


This is an image of a rock and glow unicorn toy for 2 year old kids.


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40. Kiddieland Minnie Mouse Ride On

Simple ride ons make great outdoor toys for 2 yr old girls. This one is particularly appealing to young girls thanks to the bright pink color and Minnie Mouse detailing. The toy also plays sounds and songs, which toddlers will love to dance around to! There’s a parent handle on the back too, if your little girl hasn’t quite mastered driving her new car by herself. The seat lifts up allowing toys and small items to be stored underneath. Toddlers will have a fun time pretending to drive, with the flashing signal lights and honking horn!


This is an image of a Minnie Mouse ride on for little girls.


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41. LeapFrog Melody The Musical Turtle

LeapFrog offer some incredible learning toys for 2 yr old girl, and here we have the Musical Turtle which helps toddlers learn to recognize colors and numbers. It also plays patterns which have to be repeated, making it excellent for improving memory. The toy can be used to make music when it’s time for a break from learning to count. There is a two-player mode so toddlers can take turns with their friends, perhaps when they get a little older than 2! There are loads of fun activities which will keep toddlers busy and learning for hours.


This is an image of a purple musical turtle for little kids.


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42. VTech Go Go Unicorn

As we’ve already seen, unicorns are great for giving as a gift for baby girl 2nd birthday. This one features buttons which can be used to control her movements – she can walk forwards, flap her wings and move her head. The unicorn’s horn also lights up in a variety of colors, which is sure to delight toddler girls. The princess figure and magic golden carrot are also included, so toddlers can use their imagination to create fun adventures for the unicorn and her princess.


This is an image of a magical unicorn toy for 2 year old girls.


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43. Baby Starters Sugar N Spice Doll

Plush dolls make for some of the best baby toys for little girls. This doll is super cute and is sure to be loved and taken everywhere by a young toddler. It’s safe for all ages as the facial features are embroidered. The doll has a rattle inside too, which toddlers will enjoy. There are many designs, so you can choose a favorite or perhaps start a collection!


This is an image of a sugar and spice doll for little girls.


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44. Fisher Price Little People Big Helpers Home

If you are looking for special Christmas toys for 2 years old girl this is an excellent choice. The house comes with everything pictured – two people, one pet dog and some furniture and play pieces. There are lights and sound effects in the house, making it really fun for toddlers! They can learn to do ‘chores’ such as feeding their pet dog and tidying up the toys – you never know they might start helping with the real chores around the house too! The house can be opened up for more play area, or used closed over. This is a great interactive toy which is sure to be used all the time.


This is an image of a Big Helpers Home toy for 2 year old kids..


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45. Cat Carrier with Meowing Kittens

Plush animals make excellent toys for 2 yr old girls, and this set is even better because the kittens come with their own carry case, allowing little girls to take them everywhere! There are four differently colored kittens included, and each meows when hugged or squeezed. The carry case has a handle, is open at one end for the kittens to go in and out, and has mesh sides so they can be seen whilst inside. The kitties come with built-in batteries, which last well, and are made from good quality materials to ensure no stitching will come apart. The perfect gift for little cat-lovers!


This is an image of a plush cat carrier with 4 stuffed toys for little girls.


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46. LeapFrog Dino’s Delight Alphabet Book

We have already seen some of LeapFrog’s educational toys for toddlers, and here we have another. The Alphabet book has different modes and is excellent for teaching toddlers ABCs and numbers. There are 16 interactive pages, which read the story aloud for toddlers to listen to and enjoy. The lighted buttons correspond to the color of certain words on the page, so when they are pressed the word will be read aloud. The book has a carry handle so it can be taken out and about – it’s perfect for entertaining toddlers in the car.


This is an image of a pink Dino alphabet book for young children.


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47. Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse

If you’re looking for the top toys for bedtime, this is a great pick. It plays different sounds which are excellent for helping kiddies relax and drift off to sleep. There are many different lullabies as well as ocean sounds which are particularly ideal for bedtime. Music can play continuously for five minutes. The toy also emits a gentle glow, which can help further soothe toddlers who are afraid of the dark. Finally, there’s a volume control, so the music can be played at a low volume for bedtime.


This is an image of a pink soothe & glow seahorse toy for little kids.


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48. Toddler Musical Instrument Set

If you are wondering what to get a two yr old for her birthday, consider this musical set. It has over 20 pieces, so it’s excellent for birthdays as it can be shared by any friends who might be attending the party. Toddlers will love to make a band with their friends, or with mom and dad. Some of the instruments included are: the xylophone, shakers, maracas, a triangle and a trumpet. There’s a plastic storage bag also included to keep everything neatly together when not in use. The instruments are made from good quality wood and plastic, to ensure they will last for years to come.


This is an image of a musical instruments toy set for young kids.


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49. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set

Our final birthday gift for 2 yr old baby girl is the Laugh and Learn Tea Set from Fisher Price. It includes a teapot, two cups and a tray with with cakes, a sugar bowl and a teaspoon. The cakes are all different shapes, so arranging them on a tray is like completing a shape sorter activity. The lids of the teapot and sugar bowl can be opened for more interactive pretend play. When the teapot is ‘poured’, the spout lights up which is sure to delight toddlers over and over again. The set is great for having a tea party with mom or dad or some friends, and can help teach toddlers to share.


This is an image of a musical instruments toy set for young kids.



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Our Top Gift

Our best gift for 2 years old baby girl is the Fairy Cozy Coupe. This toy is a classic, and little girls will simply love this new edition. It can be used for many years, thanks to the parent handle and removable floorboard. We recommend adding the car wash to create a really fun bundle your toddler will love!

This is an image of a fairy coupe for 2 year old girls.

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Best Budget Gift

If you are on a tight budget, the LeapTop from LeapFrog is an excellent gift. It has loads of fun yet educational activities, so it will be used time and time again without getting boring. It’s also great for amusing toddlers in the car or on the go, and has a carry handle to make this easy. LeapFrog have some really excellent toys for toddler girls, and they are all very reasonably priced compared to the features they offer.

This is an image of a pink leaptop for 2 year old girls.

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

Age-appropriate – Toys should always be checked to ensure they are safe and suitable for a girl aged 2. Small parts are not recommended at this age. However, girls who are two require toys which will challenge and stimulate their mind – those which they enjoyed a year ago on their 1st birthday will likely be too simple by now.

What do they need? Some toddlers have everything they could possibly need, so how do you find them a unique and special gift? It can help to check with mom and dad to see if there is anything the birthday girl needs or wants – perhaps she has a collection of something, there might be a favorite character she likes, or she might even need some new clothing. It’s a good idea to check to avoid buying duplicate items.


What are the Top Christmas Gifts for 2 Years Old Girls?

Christmas is a special time of year when you have young children, so it’s natural to want to find them a great gift. However, your 2 yr old won’t remember much about Christmas at this age so they don’t need too many expensive gifts. Toys which can keep them entertained for long periods indoors are great. Pajamas and socks are a classic Christmas gift, even for toddlers they can be cute and fun!


Gifts for 2 Year Olds Who Have Everything?

If you are looking for gifts other than toys, there are a few options which can still be fun for toddlers to receive. Clothing is a great, practical gift, or you could choose a special keepsake with a number ‘2’ on it. Customized gifts are a good option too – many gifts can be engraved or embroidered with the child’s name to make them extra special.


What are Popular Toys for 2 Year Olds?

Toddlers aged 2 have varied taste when it comes to toys. VTech, Melissa and Doug and Fisher Price make some of the best and most popular toys for girls aged 2. Many of them are featured above, such as the Fisher Price Little People figures. This is a classic toy which is great for giving as a gift, as there is always something to add to the collection.

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