If you are looking for some gifts for 7 year old girls, this is the right place! Here we have chosen over 40 great toys and gifts which are perfect for any occasion. No matter what she is interested in, or whatever occasion you are buying for, you are sure to find something inspiring here.

You are probably wondering what are good toys for 7 year old girls. At this age, girls have a range of interests and as such, the types of toys they are into will vary a lot. Some girls still enjoy role playing like dress up or looking after baby dolls at age 7. Others are interested in technology and STEM toys like robots. Board games are usually always popular at the age of 7 and building sets such as LEGO are a good choice too. Some girls enjoy doing crafting kits and at this age they can sometimes start to work on simple projects independently.



47 Best Toys for 7 Year Old Girls

Now we know what types of toy interest most girls aged 7, it’s time to take a look at some of the best picks. You’ll find almost 50 great gift ideas below, so there is sure to be something that will take her fancy!

1. LEGO Cinderella’s Castle

If you are wondering what to buy a girl on her birthday, LEGO is generally a good choice. This one is a great choice for Disney Princess fans! It has almost 600 pieces so it is sure to keep girls busy for hours. There are figures included to make the set fun to play with after building, including Cinderella, Prince Charming and some animals. There are loads of fun elements such as the moving cart for the horse to pull, secret hiding places within the castle and revolving dancefloor. Girls will love to display Cinderella’s castle in their room after they have built it!

This is an image of girls LEGO disney edition princess cinderella building kit

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2. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

This fun smartwatch is designed for kids up to the age of 9, and it is packed with kid-friendly features and fun activities. It has five games and a camera, which can also take videos. There is a voice recorder included too, which can be used to change the sound of the voice to make it sound funny! There are other useful features such as a calendar and a calculator. The watch has more than 50 different clock face designs to choose from, so girls can change it every day if they wish. There are 3 different colors of watch to choose between – pink, blue and purple. This is a great gift for girls who love technology, and parents can rest assured it is age appropriate and safe to use.

This is an image of girls smartwatch by Vtech version kidizoom in pink color

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3. LEGO Friends Stephanie’s House

LEGO Friends is a great range for girls aged 7, and they are sure to love this adorable house. It has over 600 pieces to build and comes with 3 minidolls to play with. The house has two stories, a spiral staircase, balcony and a swing seat in the front yard. It also includes plenty of furniture to decorate it with and a rabbit hutch with a baby rabbit figure. This is a good set for a girl who already enjoys LEGO, as the pieces are compatible with any standard sets. It also makes an excellent set for starting a new collection, perfect for giving as gifts on future occasions.

This is an image of girls LEGO friends serie and stephanie's house version building kit

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4. Pink Walkie Talkies

If you’re wondering what to buy a 7 year old for her birthday, Walkie talkies make fun gifts and can be used for a variety of purposes. These ones are small and lightweight, so they are ideal for children. They offer excellent sound quality as well as volume control to ensure kids can easily hear and be heard. The two way radios offer a range of up to 3 miles in an open area. So, they can be used for fun and games around the house or in the backyard, as well as on camping trips or days at the beach. The radios are easy to use, with a simple push-to-talk button, as well as a backlit LCD screen for use in the dark.

This is an image of girl's talkie walkies in pink color

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5. Pop Beads Jewelry Set

This fun jewelry making set has over 500 pieces, so it can be used to make loads of interesting and unique designs. The pieces simply snap together and can easily be pulled apart to make new pieces of jewelry. There are also two hairbands included so kids can make themselves a custom headband to match their necklaces, bracelets and rings. The case makes storing the beads easy when not in use, and will prevent them from being left all over the floor! This is a great 7th birthday gift, as girls will have great fun making jewelry at the party.

This is an image of girl's jewelery making kit in colorful colors

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6. Color Your Own Water Bottle

If you are looking for a nice gift for 7 year old girl other than toys, why not this make-your-own water bottle set? It comes with a metal flask which has a pre-printed design on it as well as 5 brightly colored markers for decorating it with. When finished drawing, there are also sparkly gems in coordinating colors which can be applied. Girls will love to make a one of a kind design, and show it off to their friends at school. It has a carabiner clip on the lid so it can be kept close to hand. The bottle is aluminum and holds 16.9 fl oz, so it’s perfect for keeping girls hydrated throughout the day.

This is an image of girl's water bottle DIY coloring craft kit

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7. IQ Toys Washable Makeup

If your little girl is starting to get interested in makeup, she is sure to love this set. It contains blush powders, sparkly lip gloss, eyeshadows, lipstick and nail polish, as well as a silver glittery bag to hold everything together. Girls will love to give their friends (and parents!) a makeover! The makeup easily washes off after use, so this set is perfect for dressing up games as it can be removed without fuss afterwards. Girls will love to get ready with mom in the morning – it’s perfect for girls who want to be all grown up just like mom!

This is an image of girl's washable makeup set in multi colors

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8. ATM Money Bank

If your little girl is trying to save up her pocket money, this ATM bank is the perfect way to help her out. It can hold an impressive 600 coins or 100 banknotes, so she will have a great amount when the bank is full. When bills are held in front of the slot, they will automatically be accepted into the bank – great fun for kids to watch! The ATM requires a 4-digit passcode to open, so kids can be sure their savings are safely held inside. Three AA batteries are required for operation, so make sure to provide them when giving this money bank as a gift.

This is an image of girls Mini electronic ATM bank in pink color

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9. Decorate Your Own Headbands Kit

This craft set is a great activity for girls to enjoy at their birthday party with friends, or simply on a rainy day stuck at home. It has 10 plain colored satin headbands included, as well as loads of fancy embellishments to decorate them with. Some of the supplies included are; pom poms, butterflies, rhinestones and flowers. There’s also plenty of feathers and ribbon, and glue is included so you don’t need to buy anything else.

This is an image of girl's fashion headbands craft kit in colorful colors

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10. Butterfly Terrarium Kit

A terrarium is a great, unique gift idea which also allows kids the opportunity to learn about nature. This set includes everything necessary to grow a garden in a jar – the plastic jar with lid, potting mix, seeds, a mister for watering and of course the cute butterfly details. The plants will start to grow within a few days – girls will be so excited to check on their terrarium each day to see if it has started to grow yet. There are enough seeds to allow two life cycles, so kids don’t need to get upset when the plants start to die off. The jar will look great proudly displayed in your little girl’s bedroom!

This is an image of girl's Craft kit in pink butterfly design

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11. Disney Princess Nail Polish

Another great gift for little girls, this Disney Princess nail polish is sure to be a hit! It can easily be peeled off when no longer needed, which is easier than using nail polish remover and safer too. The polish is non toxic and water based – ideal for children. There are 15 different shimmery colors included, and there’s a Disney Princess on each bottle. This is a great birthday gift, as girls will love to have a manicure as part of a pamper party!

This is an image of girl's nail polish set non-toxic in multi colors

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12. Mermaid Bag and Accessories

Mermaid items are very popular gifts for 7 year olds this year, and it’s easy to see why! This set consists of a drawstring backpack, two hairbands, a keychain and two bracelets, making it an excellent gift set. The items are made with reversible sequins, so girls can flip them to change the colors. There are 4 different color sets to choose from, all of which are perfect for a mermaid fan! The bag is great for swimming or dancing, or as a travel bag. It has quality straps which won’t loosen over time, as well as a velvet backing for comfort when wearing. Inside the bag is a small pocket to keep a phone or other small items close to hand.

This is an image of girl's mermaid bag with accessories in colorful colors

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13. VTech Kidizoom Duo

The Kidizoom Duo is an excellent camera for young kids, thanks to its range of child-friendly features. It has a sturdy casing which is designed to prevent damage to the camera in the event of drops and bumps. It has both front and rear facing cameras, making it ideal for taking selfies as well as taking pictures of the world! Girls can edit their photos with fun effects and frames, some of which are sure to get everyone laughing. The camera has games to play as well, and comes with a wrist strap and USB cable.

This is an image of girl's duo selfie camera by Vteck in pink color

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14. Girl’s Rings Set

If your little girl loves to wear jewelry, this set of 24 cute and colorful rings is the perfect gift idea. They come in a nice gift box so they are easy to give on a special occasion. She will be spoiled for choice with all the cute designs and colors! The rings are adjustable in size to fit most children’s fingers, so you can ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. In case any of the rings get broken, a glue stick is included for easy repairs!

This is an image of girl's 24 jewel rings in a pink box

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15. Little Live Pets Unicorn

When it comes to perfect presents for 7 yr old girls, unicorns are top of the list! Girls will absolutely love this interactive pet unicorn, who has a color-changing light-up horn. The unicorn also plays music which she will dance to. There’s a brush included for brushing the mane and tail, as well as a cupcake for the unicorn to eat. The toy responds to touch with various interactions, such as nuzzling or trotting on the spot. There are 2 unicorns to collect – Butterbow and Sparkles.

This is an image of girl's dancing unicorn in pink color

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16. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

Here’s a great gift for a little animal lovers – the Scribble Scrubbie playset from Crayola. The set comes with 4 pets – 2 dogs, a cat and a rabbit – as well as a tub to bathe them in. There are 6 washable marker pens included to color and customize the pets, then when you want to change the design, simply pop them in the tub and wash them with the scrubbing brush and start designing all over again. Parents will love this set because the pens can be easily washed from other surfaces too, even walls and clothing!

This is an image of girl's pet toy playset with pencils in multi colors

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17. Razor A Scooter

Scooters are great toys for girls age 7 to use outdoors, and the Razor brand is one of the best out there. This one is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a folding design for easy storage and transport. It has urethane wheels and a rear fender brake for smooth and controlled stopping. The handle can be adjusted in height as your child grows. Also, the deck can hold up to 143 pounds, so it won’t be outgrown in a hurry! There are plenty of colors to choose from, such as green, red, pink and even one complete with streamers and a bell.

This is an image of girl's kick scooter by Razor in pink color

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18. Barbie Pet Doctor Unicorn

We already know that little girls love unicorns, so how about this doctor kit which allows girls to look after their very own pet unicorn?! It comes with an adorable plush unicorn who has a magical light-up horn, a stethoscope, syringe, bottle and an ice cream to reward the unicorn for letting you take care of her! There is also a backpack for easily keeping all the pieces together, or to take the unicorn out for an adventure. This is a great toy for kids who love to role play, and the unicorn makes it even sweeter.

This is an image of girl's unicon pet doctory by barbie in multi colors

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19. Unicorn 7th Birthday T-Shirt

If you are looking for something for the 7th birthday girl to wear on the big day, this t-shirt is a great choice. It has gold sparkly text which reads ‘Birthday Girl 7’ as well as a cute unicorn face design. The shirt comes in a choice of colors; white, baby blue, gray, yellow and pink. There are different sizes to choose from too, ensuring a perfect fit. The shirt is made from lightweight cotton and has double-stitched hems for durability. Parents will love how it can be machine washed and tumble dried – it doesn’t matter how messy it gets at the birthday party!

this is an image of a unicorn 7th birthday shirt

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20. Flower Crowns Kit

This flower crown kit is a fun craft activity for little girls to enjoy with friends – it has enough pieces to make four crowns in total. Everything you need is included, such as ribbon, berries, glitter paint and paper flowers. This is a great activity to enjoy at a birthday party – a few sets can be bought if there are more guests. Making the crowns is loads of fun, and girls will be so happy to show them off when they are finished! Girls will love to wear the crowns at any opportunity! They’re ideal for birthday parties, costume parties, days out in the summer or simply just to look cool!

This is an image of girl's flower crowns craft in colorful colors

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21. Schwinn Elm Bike

This stunning bike from Schwinn is sure to delight any little girl – they will love the teal and purple color scheme. It also comes with a cute basket on the front for a favorite toy to take a ride! The wheels are 20 inches, designed to fit girls from 48 – 60 inches tall. It comes with both rear coaster brakes and front caliper brakes to ensure kids can always stop safely. The frame is made from strong and durable steel and is proportioned to fit kids. The saddle height can be adjusted as your child grows to ensure they will get plenty of use from the bike.

this is an image of a schwinn bike for girls

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22. Klutz Soap Making Kit

Making soap is a fun experience and this kit is a great way to keep girls entertained on a rainy day! It has everything you need to make and package the soaps, and can make up to 10 different pieces. Once made, the soaps are ideal for either using at home or giving as a unique, homemade gift to friends or family. There are full-colored instructions included, so it’s easy to follow step-by-step what needs done. Colored tablets are included to give the soap different colors, as well as coconut and papaya scent. There are 6 different shaped molds to create different designs, as well as stickers for customizing the bars afterwards. This is a great fun kit for spending some parent-child quality time together.

This is an image of girl's soap craft & science kit in colorful colors

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23. Remote Control Robot

Robots make great toys for seven year old girls, and are ideal for promoting an early interest in STEM subjects. This one can repeat back recorded messages and even dances! When the messages are repeated, different monster voices are used which is sure to make everyone laugh. It can move in all directions using the included remote, and you can also touch the robot’s head to make it respond in various ways. The robot has a money bank inside, and is also carrying a tray which can be used to transport objects across the room. The robot takes an hour to charge, and will working for around 70 minutes after being fully charged.

This is an image of girl's robot toy with remote control in white color

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24. The Never Girls Box Set

These books are aimed at girls aged from 6 – 10, and there are four books in the set to keep them busy for hours. The Never Girls books are about Tinkerbell and her friends and tells the story of their adventures in Never Land. There are illustrations in the book on some of the pages to help keep interest, and the box to hold them all together is a useful feature too. Books are a great gift idea – these fun fairy stories are sure to capture girls’ interest and encourage them to want to read. They’re perfect for keeping girls occupied over the Christmas period or for traveling.

This is an image of girl's book the never girls

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25. PlasmaCar

The PlasmaCar is a unique ride-on toy which is easy to use and loads of fun to ride. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can reach an impressive top speed of up to 6 mph. It can hold up to 220 pounds, so adults can enjoy a ride too! The seat is shaped for comfort and safety, and the footrests have grip to make it easy to stay in position. To make the car move, simply turn the steering wheel from left to right – no pedaling required! There are many colors to choose from, such as pink, purple, green, red and blue.

This is an image of girl's plasma car ride on in pink and purple colors

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26. I am Confident, Brave & Beautiful Coloring Book

This unique coloring book is perfect for little girls, as it aims to improve their self-confidence as well as their imagination. It has over 20 pages filled with black and white line drawings to color in. Each page shows things girls can do and be if they want to! It helps girls to express themselves confidently and think outside of stereotypes of what girls can and can’t do. On each page is a message in the center which reads ‘I am …’, so in total there are over 20 positive messages for girls to believe about themselves. This is an excellent gift for girls – it’s fun as well as inspiring!

This is an image of girl's coloring book

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27. Marble Run Game

This is a fun building set with over 100 pieces to keep girls entertained for ages! There are endless possibilities when it comes to building the layout of the track, so girls can use problem solving skills to figure out what works and what doesn’t. All ability levels can enjoy building the mazes, starting small and simple for beginners then using all the parts when your girl is an expert! There are 30 marbles included, so it’s a good set for friends or siblings to share and have races. Or, you can start multiple marbles at the same time! This is a great STEM learning toy which is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

This is an image of girl's building blocks in colorful colors

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28. Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Set

Melissa & Doug have some fabulous toys on offer, and this fashion studio is perfect for the girly girl! It has 16 pieces, including hairstyles, tops and bottoms, as well as a case to hold everything together when drawing. It also comes with pencils and a crayon for rubbing, so all you have to do is add paper and it’s ready to use. The plates are double sided to give even more opportunities for creativity. The case has space for the pencils and spare plates to be held, and it also has a carrying handle. So, this is a great toy for traveling with!

This is an image of girl's fashion design kit in pink and purple colors

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29. Craft-tastic String Art

Craft sets make great gifts for 7 year old girls, and this string art set is sure to keep them busy for hours. It comes with everything you need to make three fun designs, which can be hung on the wall afterwards. The kit has three foam canvas bases which have the patterns already marked out. It also comes with pins and color coordinating thread, so there’s no need to purchase any other supplies. Some adult help may be required, but the process is not too difficult. The pins are pushed into the base and the strings wrapped around – it’s great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s fun! Girls will be so proud to show off their creations when they are finished.

This is an image of girl's string art kit in colorful colors

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30. Gel Pens 30 Pack

Gel pens are great fun to draw with so girls are sure to love this set of 30 great colors. There are metallic, neon and pastel colors, so there is something for every type of drawing! The case can be reused to keep the pens safely together to prevent any from getting lost. The ink flows smoothly to ensure perfect drawing and writing every time. The pens will glide smoothly on the paper without the ink pooling up, and they are also easily gripped. They are perfect for coloring books, drawing or writing and girls will use them all the time!

This is an image of girl's 30 gel pencils set in multi colors

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31. Mercedes Ride On Car

What more could a little girl want than her very own pink car to drive around in?! It has light and sound effects for added fun, including LED headlights. The car has MP3 connectivity so girls can listen to the favorite songs as they drive around. The power wheels car can turn in all directions, including reverse. It is equipped with an adjustable seat belt for safety. The car has a powerful 12V battery and can handle various surfaces with ease, as well as being able to travel uphill. The maximum speed is around 2 mph and it takes around 6 hours to fully charge.

This is an image of girl's mercedes benz version S63 in pink colors

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32. Enchantmints Jewelry Box

If your little girl has a lot of jewelry, she needs a special place to keep it safe. This ballerina jewelry box is perfect for little treasures and has different compartments so everything will be well organized. Inside the box is a mirror and a twirling ballerina figure. Simply turn the key on the back of the box and she will spin around as Swan Lake plays. There are two tiny boxes on the sides of the box for smaller items as well as a larger drawer at the bottom. There is plenty of storage space inside the box – the whole item measures 6 x 4 x 6 inches.

This is an image of girl's musical jewlery box in pink colors

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33. Unicorn Bathrobe

If your little girl wishes she could be a unicorn, she can with this adorable bathrobe! It is made from super-soft polyester which is suitable for sensitive skin. It has pockets and a hood which is decorated with the unicorn’s facial features. There are many different colors and designs to choose from, although each is as magical as the others! There are different sizes available too, so you can ensure a perfect fit. The colors are bright and vibrant, perfect for a unicorn lover!

This is an image of girl's unicorn with hood and use for bath and sleepwear in multi colors

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34. Melissa & Doug Quilting Kit

Here we have another great craft project for girls to work on. This time, it’s a quilt making kit from Melissa & Doug. No sewing is required, which makes this perfect for younger artists. It comes with 48 thick and soft fleece squares which are knotted together to create a quilt which is 5′ wide and 4′ long. The fabric is already cut with fringes, which are long and have slots to make it easy to knot them together. There are 6 different patterns included, so girls can follow the design idea below or make something more unique. It is a very rewarding project and they are sure to love keeping cozy under their blanket when it is finished.

This is an image of girl's flower fleece quilt in colorful colors by melissa and doug

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35. Woodland Animals Sewing Kit

If you want to teach your girl how to sew, this adorable woodland animals kit is a great idea. It comes with everything needed to make five cute toys – a rabbit, fox, owl, bear and chickadee. The felt pieces are pre-cut and threads, needles, pins and stuffing are all included. The carry case can be reused to keep half-finished projects safe until your girl is ready to start working on it again. You can even use this set at a 7th birthday party – each guest can create their own animal to take home! The animals are reasonably easy to make, although a little adult help may be required for beginners. It’s a great project to work on on a rainy day!

This is an image of girl's sewing kits animals craft

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36. Princess Craft Kit

If your little girl longs to be a princess, this gift set is simply perfect! It comes with everything needed to make three accessories to turn your girl into a real princess! The accessories are a cape, a shiny tiara and a magic wand for doing spells with. Everything to make and decorate the pieces is included – stars, gems and lots of glitter! All the pieces are ready cut so assembly is not too difficult for girls aged 7. They will love to make the pieces and will have just as much fun wearing them after! A fun and unique addition to the dressing up box.

This is an image of girl's princess 3 in 1 activities art and craft kit in colorful colors

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37. LeapFrog My Little Pony Game

This LeapFrog game is compatible with LeapFrog tablets, the LeapsterGS and the Leapster Explorer. It teaches various math concepts in a fun and memorable way using the adorable My Little Pony characters. Some of the things kids can learn with this game include basic operations like adding and multiplying, as well as percentages and probability. There are 4 minigames to help reinforce what has been taught. This is a great way for kids to play videogames whilst still learning at the same time.

This is an image of girl's learning game with my little pony theme

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38. Water Doodle Mat

If your child loves to draw, this water drawing mat could be the perfect gift! The pens are simply filled up with water, making the drawing more or less mess-free – no need to worry about pen getting on the walls or on the furniture! This set comes with fun added extras such as stamps and stencils as well as 4 pens and a carry case. There are many colors under the mat so kids can create fun and colorful pictures. The water dries in within 10 minutes, so it’s always ready to use again and again. The mat folds up for easy storage and there is a drawstring bag included to keep the mat and accessories stored away together.

This is an image of girl's large drawing mat with 19 pieces in blue color theme

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39. Outdoor Exploration Kit

If you are trying to get your girl interested in the great outdoors, this set is a fun way to do so. It comes with everything kids need to transform themselves into a true explorer! There’s a magnifying glass with 4x magnification, perfect for taking a closer look at plants and insects. There’s also binoculars, a whistle, tweezers, bug containers and a hat to keep safe from the sun. The set also has a drawstring bag to take all the tool out and about when going on an adventure. Kids can learn essential navigation skills by using the included compass, and there is also a hand-cranked flashlight for night-time adventures!

This is an image of girl's outdoor kit

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40. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid gifts are always a good idea for young girls, and this blanket is practical as well as fun! It comes in a choice of beautiful mermaid colors such as purple, pink and blue. It’s made from a blend of cotton and polyester and is just the right size for kids. The blanket makes a lovely gift as it comes with a mermaid necklace included. It’s hand crocheted, and is open at the back and bottom to allow easy access. The blanket can be used anywhere – whether it’s watching a movie on the sofa or sitting outside on a cooler summer evening. It’s a practical and fun gift which is sure to be loved for years to come.

This is an image of girl's mermaid tail blanket in pink color

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41. LEGO Friends Olivia’s Vehicle

LEGO is one of the best gift ideas for 7 year old girl, particularly the Friends range which is geared more towards girls. This set has just over 200 pieces and is used to build a mission vehicle complete with a rooftop control center and a computer. It can fit 5 minidolls inside, but only 1 is included, as well as a cat figure. The set also comes with a buildable robot figure. Girls will love building the set, and can have hours of fun playing with it after building. It is a great addition to any LEGO Friends collection, and the pieces also fit with standard sized LEGO sets. This set is recommended for girls up to the age of 12, so it is sure to be used for years!

This is an image of girl's LEGO olivias mission vehicle version Friends building kit in multi colors

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42. Kids Action Camera

This sports camera is great for active girls to take videos when they are cycling, swimming or using their scooter for example. It is capable of HD video recording as well as taking 5MP still photographs. There are 40 in-built photo frame effects and the camera can zoom up to 4x. It also comes with facial recognition technology, burst shooting mode and time-lapse mode. The camera has a long-lasting battery which can record for up to 90 minutes on a full charge. The battery is rechargeable and the camera can also take a Micro SD card, which is not included.

This is an image of girl's Digital 1080 pixals action camera in pink color

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43. Wowmazing Giant Bubble Kit

Kids of all ages love bubbles, and this giant bubble set is sure to impress them! The set comes with a double-handled wand as well as concentrated bubble mixture. There’s also a booklet filled with tips and tricks to help kids blow the most impressive bubbles. Kids will love to make bubbles and chase them around – this is a great 7th birthday gift because it will keep everyone entertained for the whole party! The wands are easy to hold and have thick cords to help prevent tangling. So, blowing the bubbles is easy, especially if there is a gentle wind to help out.

This is an image of girl's giant bubble wands kit

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44. Cat Crossbody Purse

This adorable bag is perfect for little girls to take out on a shopping trip. It’s the perfect size for kids up to 12, so you can be sure a girl who is 7 will get plenty of use from it. It’s made using PU leather and has a magnetic button closure. There are three colors to choose from – pink, brown or gray – as well as two different sized bags. Girls will love the cute cat design! The strap is not adjustable but it’s possible to tie a knot if it is too long. Girls will enjoy the independence of having their own purse to take their belongs in on a day out.

This is an image of girl's cat tassle crossdy bag in pink color

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45. Moon & Stars Projector

This nightlight projector makes a fun addition to any girl’s room. It can be used for relaxation or for drifting off to sleep at night, particularly useful for girls who are afraid of the dark. It can project up to 15 ft which is great for a room up to 250 sq. ft. The projector comes with a dome which can be placed on top allowing it to be used as a nightlight. It’s possible to change the colors of the moons and stars – white, green, red and blue. The projector can remain still or rotate depending on the desired effect, but in either case it is not too noisy for overnight use. It can be powered by either a USB cable or with batteries, so it can be used anywhere!

This is an image of girl's rotating starlight toy in pink color

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46. Aurora World Dog Plush with Carrier

Many girls love plush toys, and this adorable dog comes with its very own purse to carry it around in! It makes a fabulous 7 year old birthday gift – girls will love to have a new pet to take care of! It is made from lovely plush fabric which is perfect for cuddling – the baby pink fluffy ears are simply adorable! The purse looks lovely with its big bow, polka dots and pink frilly trim. Aurora World is known for making top-quality products which will last a lifetime. There are many other options to choose from if your girl isn’t so keen on puppies – kittens, unicorns and more are available!

This is an image of girl's fancy pals with dog plush in white and pink colors

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47. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Crayola have some fantastic gifts for a 7 year old girl and this comprehensive art set is an excellent pick. It has everything girls need to draw in a variety of media, including crayons, colored pencils, two different types of marker pen as well as some plain paper for drawing on. Everything is stored in a case with compartments for each piece to slot into, making it excellent for travel. Girls will have hours of fun drawing with these top-quality products and they are sure to love the stunning bright and bold colors!

This is an image of girl's Art case by crayola

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Our Top Gift

We have looked at loads of great ideas, but our best gift for 7 years old girl is the Schwinn bike. It has loads of kid-friendly features such as the dual braking system and fully enclosed chain guard. Not only that, it looks simply stunning! They are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood riding this adorable bike! Of course, cycling is also a great way for girls to stay fit and active, and is ideal for getting them spending time outdoors away from screens and technology.

this is an image of a schwinn bike for girls

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Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for cheaper gifts for 7 year old girl, the Klutz soap kit is a good choice. It offers hours of entertainment on a rainy day, or could be a fun activity at a birthday party. Girls will be so proud when they make their very own soap, shaping and coloring it as well as adding scent. They are perfect for giving out as party favors or unique gifts for her BFFs!

This is an image of girl's soap craft & science kit in colorful colors

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What to Consider When Choosing Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

There are a few things worth keeping in mind which will help you choose the perfect gift. First you must check what she is interested in – there’s no point buying her a toy unicorn if she hates unicorns! Also think about what she already has or what she might need. Ask mom or dad if you’re not sure.

Think about the age-appropriateness of the toy but also consider the child’s level of development. Some kids are bright in certain areas, so may be able to use a toy or game which is marketed at kids slightly older than they are. And it’s not a problem if your little girl still enjoys toys which are aimed at a younger audience. Just be sure to choose something which is suitable for her to prevent boredom or frustration.


Best Gifts for a 7 Year Old Girl Who Likes to Build Things

We have looked at some great building toys above. One of the most popular toys for girls who like building is the LEGO Friends range. There are loads of different sets to choose from, so you are sure to find something to capture her interest. Fun alternatives include robot building kits or Meccano or K’NEX sets. These are great for promoting STEM learning too! Marble run sets are also a fun and unique idea – they are educational as well as fun!


What to Buy a 7 Year Old For Her Birthday

Choosing the best 7th birthday gift is never easy, but there are loads of gifts above which would be perfect for a birthday. Custom gifts with a number ‘7’ such as a shirt to wear on the big day or a charm bracelet to keep forever are nice ideas. The time of year might influence your choice – outdoor toys are perfect for summer birthdays whereas LEGO and crafting kits are ideal for winter. You can also choose something which is fun to use with friends at the party. A bounce house is excellent if you have the space, or a craft set for the girls to enjoy together. There are endless possibilities – it all depends on her tastes and personality.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Aged 7

Christmas is a special time of year for any child – they will be so excited to see what’s waiting for them under the Christmas tree in the morning! Any of the gift ideas above would be perfect for Christmas and are sure to be well received. Things which can keep them busy indoors are a good idea especially if it’s likely to snow heavily! Art and craft sets are fun, as well as puzzles and board games for the whole family to share. Building kits are also ideal for indoor entertainment – especially those with more pieces!