If you are looking for great gifts for 6 year old girls, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have almost 50 fantastic gift ideas and toys which are sure to delight a young lady on a special occasion. We know that buying gifts for children isn’t always easy, especially if they already have a room filled with toys. Here we have some fun and unique ideas which are sure to inspire you!

So what are the best types of toys for 6 year old girls? At this age, girls have a wide variety of interests, so they will all enjoy different types of toy. Board games and outdoor toys are always a safe bet. Educational toys are great for helping kids learn in a fun way, and you can never go wrong with a tech toy or one of the latest gadgets. Typical girlie toys and gifts are usually welcomed at this age too – anything related to unicorns and princesses is sure to be a winner!

This is an image of an awesome pink t-shirt for 6 year old girls.



49 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girl

Now we will review our top toys for 6 yr old girls. With almost 50 to choose from, you are sure to find something she will love! There’s something to suit all budgets as well – if you are in a hurry be sure to check our best pick and best budget pick at the end.

1. Little Tikes Water Table

If you are buying a gift in summer, this waterpark play table is an excellent pick. It comes with fun toys such as a water cup and squirting animals, and there are loads of moving parts on the table to play with. Kids will have hours of fun pouring water into the funnel to spin the wheel below, or turning the Ferris wheel to scoop up the included balls. There’s also the spiral in the center – put the balls in here and watch as they go round and round before splashing into the water.

This is an image of a spiral water play table for little kids.

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2. Razor A Scooter

This Razor scooter is an excellent choice for girls who are looking to upgrade to a bigger and better model. It is made using aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability, whilst also keeping it lightweight. The handle is height adjustable, so it will last for years. Similarly, it holds up to 143 pounds, so even teens and small adults can use it! The scooter comes with a rear fender brake for safety. The handle can fold down for easy storage or transport in the car. There are loads of different color options to choose from such as green, red and pink. The scooter weighs just 5 pounds, making it easy for younger kids to handle.

This is an image of a pink scooter for 6 year old girls.


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3. Princess Castle Tent

When it comes to gifts for 6 year old girl, you might be looking for something other than yet another toy. Here we have a pink princess play tent, which is sure to give hours of fun! The tent is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, and comes with a handy storage bag to keep everything together when not in use. The tent is covered with glow in the dark stars, so kids will love to hang out in there when it’s getting dark! Girls will be able to use the tent with a friend as it’s big enough for two. It’s ideal for imaginary games, chilling out with some books or toys or to keep out of the sun on a hot day. The door can be closed for more privacy and there are mesh windows for ventilation.

This is an image of a pink playhouse tent for little girls.


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4. ATM Piggy Bank

If you’re buying for a girl who loves to save money, this ATM bank is a fun and unique gift idea! It can store up to 100 bills or 600 coins, so she will be rich by the time the bank is filled! It can be programmed with a 4 digit password for added security, before turning the handle to open the door. If a bill is placed in the slot, it will be taken in automatically just like a real ATM! The bank takes 3 AA batteries, so be sure you have some before giving this as a gift. If your girl isn’t a ‘girly’ girl, the bank also comes in blue or red with black, as opposed to pink.

This is an image of a pink electronic ATM machine box for kids.


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5. Magformers Building Blocks

If you are looking for fun and educational toys for 6 year olds, look no further than these magnetic building blocks. There are 30 pieces in the set – 18 squares and 12 triangles in colors such as pink, purple and blue. The magnets are strong enough to hold structures together easily, but they can also easily be remodeled when required with ease. A booklet is included which gives some ideas of what can be built with the pieces. Of course, it’s also a great toy for kids to let their imagination run wild! It’s great for STEM learning, and will never get boring!

This is an image of a colorful magnetic geometric shaped toys for kids.


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6. Melissa & Doug Housekeeping Set

If you have a little girl who loves role playing, this is a great toy to choose. There are loads of fun pretend cleaning tools included, such as a mop, broom and duster, as well as a useful stand to keep them all neat and tidy. The tools are made from high quality materials including real wood, and look just like the real thing! The toys are just the right size for young children to use. Girls will love to help with the chores at home – it’s great to give them a sense of responsibility. Melissa & Doug is a very well known brand, trusted and loved by parents for many years. So, you can be sure these toys are of the highest quality and will last for a long time.

This is an image of a house cleaning tools for kids.


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7. Amelia Bedelia Box Set

If you have a little girl who loves to read, she is sure to appreciate the Amelia Bedelia boxed set. Containing the first 4 books in this series, the set is sure to keep girls going for a while! These bestselling books are perfect for younger readers. The chapters are not too long and there are loads of laugh-out-loud moments! There are also black and white illustrations on each page to help keep kids engaged. The books are a good level for typical 6 – 10 year old readers.

This is an image of an Amelia Bedelia children's book.


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8. Lascoota 2 in 1 Scooter

This awesome scooter can be used in two different ways – either by sitting on the seat and pushing with both feet, or as a regular scooter. There are two wheels at the front for added stability. The wheels flash when the scooter is moving to really add to the fun! There are loads of cool color options to choose from – pink, yellow, purple and more.

The scooter seat has two height settings and the handlebars are also adjustable as your child grows. The seat can be used by kids up to 110 pounds, so it is sure to last for years. To turn the scooter, lean-to-steer technology is used, which is easy for kids to master.

This is an image of an adjustable pink scooter for little girls.


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9. LOL Surprise Bounce House

If your girl is a fan of LOL Surprise, she is sure to be simply delighted with this bounce house! It is absolutely perfect for a 6th birthday party – all her friends will love it! The bounce house can hold up to 250 pounds,so several kids can play together at once. When they’re finished bouncing, there’s a slide so coming off is fun too. Everything which is needed is included, such as ground stakes and a heavy duty blower, as well as a storage bag. The bounce surface measures 7 x 7 feet, so there’s plenty of space to jump around. The bounce house inflates and deflates within seconds, perfect for impatient kiddies!

This is an image of a heavy duty inflatable bounce house for girls.


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10. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Board games make really good gifts for 6 year olds, and this one is easy to learn and play. The game involves using squirrel shaped tongs to collect different colored acorns. The first player to collect one of each colored acorn is the winner! The game is suitable for up to 4 players, and comes with fun log-shaped boards for each player to use. There is a spinner to use instead of a dice, which is great fun for kids to use. Girls will love to play the game with their friends or with mom and dad as part of a family game night!

This is an image of an educational squirrel toy game.


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11. Crayola Art Case

Many girls love to draw, so this huge Crayola art set makes a great gift for 6 year old girl. The case contains everything she needs to draw in various styles – over 60 classic crayons, 40 markers and 20 small colored pencils. There’s also 15 sheets of paper so girls can start drawing straight away. Girls will be busy for hours drawing colorful pictures! The set is perfect for travel as it has compartments to store everything neatly inside. There are other styles of case available, such as Trolls and Finding Dory, so you can choose which your girl will love the most.

This is an image of a 140-piece crayola with a colorful storage case.


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12. Fashion Headbands Kit

If you have a creative little girl to buy for, this headband kit is the perfect gift! It comes with everything she needs to decorate and customize 10 different colored headbands. She can make one to match every outfit, or to share and swap with her friends. It’s also a great activity for girls to do at the birthday party after the excitement of party games and birthday cake! There are 10 plain satin headbands included, as well as pom poms, jewels, flowers and butterflies for decorating.

This is an image of a headband with accessories for little 6 year old girls.


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13. Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots

This set is perfect for girls who love role playing! Consisting of 8 stainless steel pieces, the set contains everything a little girl needs to pretend to make a delicious meal! There are 2 pans, wooden utensils, a colander and a rack to hold everything on. The pieces look and feel very realistic, but are sized just right for young kids to use. The set is great for imaginative play, and they can also be used as a drum kit!

This is an image of a stainless steel cooking pans and pots for little girls.


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14. LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House

LEGO Friends are excellent gifts for 6 year old girl, and this treehouse set contains 351 pieces to keep them busy with. There are two mini doll figures included, as well as two pets – a rabbit and a bird. There are also loads of interactive pieces to play with once the set is built. For example, the zipline from the top of the house, a climbing net to reach the top and a rolling skateboard for the mini dolls to ride on. The finished model stands at around 6 x 6 x 6 inches, making it a good size for playing with. LEGO Friends sets are great gifts because it’s a collection which can always be added to on future special occasions. All sets are compatible with each other and with standard sized LEGO sets, so the building possibilities are endless with a couple of sets!

This is an image of a tree house building set for kids.


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15. LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

Many little girls are into LOL Surprise, so they are sure to love this huge set! It has over 60 never-before-seen surprises, so unwrapping it will be an exciting event! There are two limited edition dolls included, each with seven surprises. There’s also a limited edition pet with seven surprises, a little sister, several hairstyles and 10 other accessories. Also, the case can be used as a place to store the collectable figures after opening. Girls will love customizing their dolls with different hairstyles and accessories! There is also a spy glass sticker which can be used to decode secret messages for even more fun.

This is an image of a pink surprise box for little girls.


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16. Fat Brain Toys Squigz

If you are looking for unusual and different Christmas gifts for 6 year olds girls, these Squigz building toys are worth considering. The set contains 24 pieces in various shapes and colors, and comes in a handy, reusable plastic storage container. The Squigz have suction cup bases which allows them to stick to most smooth and flat surfaces. It could be a wall, a table or even in the bathtub – the possibilities are endless! Kids will have hours of fun building with these toys and making interesting shapes and patterns. It’s great for developing their problem solving ability too. This is an image of a suction toy set for kids.


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17. Crayola Light Up Tracing Board

Crayola have some fantastic art sets for young kids, and here we have the light-up tracing pad. It comes with everything a girl needs to design her own outfits – a drawing pencil, colored pencils, plain paper and 10 tracing sheets with design ideas. There’s also the light-up board, so when the paper is placed on top and the light turned on, it’s possible to see the design underneath making it possible to trace.

As well as the fashion scenes, there is also a horse image with everything girls need to customize it – they can add a saddle or turn it into a magical Pegasus! The set is great for travel and will keep girls busy for hours and hours. It also comes in a Trolls design if this is something your girl is interested in.

This is an image of a pink tracing board for little girls.


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18. Butterfly Garden Kit

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for 6 year olds, this butterfly garden kit is simply an excellent pick. It includes a mesh tent which is the perfect habitat for butterflies to grow in and also allows for easy viewing. There’s a dropper for feeding as well as full instructions. Live caterpillars are available separately, but a voucher is included for purchasing them. Little girls will be amazed to see the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies! Releasing them and watching them fly away is another fun part of the activity – they might even come back and land on your little girl to say thanks!

This is an image of a kid's butterfly garden set.


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19. Unicorn Tent with Headband

What little girl doesn’t love unicorns?! This unicorn themed tent offers girls a fun place to play, perfect for imaginary games or simply chilling out. It also comes with a sweet unicorn headband for girls to transform themselves into a real unicorn! This is a great birthday present as the tent can be used at a party offering a quiet place to have some time out, whilst the birthday girl will love to dress up with the headband.

This is an image of a unicorn play tent with unicorn headband for girls.


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20. Melissa & Doug Quilting Kit

If you have a young girl who loves arts and crafts, this quilting kit is sure to keep her occupied for a while. It comes with pre-cut squares which are simply knotted together, no sewing required. So, it’s the right level of difficulty for girls aged 6 to complete. Each square is 12 x 12 inches, and the finished quilt measures 5 x 4 feet. It’s the perfect size for girls to keep cozy in bed or to use when watching a movie on the sofa. The blanket is made from thick, soft fleece, so it’s warm and comfortable to use. There are 6 different patterned fabrics in pink, purple and blue colors so girls can copy the suggested pattern or make their own customized design.

This is an image of a purple and pink fleec blanket for 6 year old kids.


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21. Brain Flakes Building Discs

Brain Flakes are excellent building toys which offer a different experience to typical building blocks. This set has a massive 500 pieces in a range of different colors. Each piece is the same shape, so they are easily slotted together. There’s an instructions leaflet included which is filled with fun ideas on what to build. Perhaps the most challenging as the Brain Flakes ball! This set is great for building along with friends or siblings thanks to the large number of pieces. Kids can also work together on some of the larger and more challenging projects such as building a unicorn! The pieces come in a reusable jar to keep them all together. They will give years of fun – this isn’t a toy which will quickly be outgrown and forgotten about.

This is an image of kid's brain flakes building kit.


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22. Flybar Pogo Jumper

This pogo jumper is a great outdoor toy for burning off extra energy! It comes in a huge choice of different colors, some of which have animals on like frogs, foxes and even Hello Kitty! The large foam base makes this easier to jump on than a traditional pogo stick. It can also be used indoors without damaging the floor. To make it even more fun, the jumper squeaks with each bounce! It can hold the weight of an adult, and the bungee string can extend to fit different heights. Some of the models come with LED lighting handles and a built-in jump counter so kids can break their own records!

This is an image of a pogo jumper for girls in pink and purple color


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23. Awesome Birthday T-Shirt

If you are looking for the best gift for 6 year old girl to wear on the big day, this t-shirt is just what you are looking for! It comes in a choice of different colors such as pink, purple, black and red. There are also different sizes in case your girl is bigger or smaller than average. It’s made from 100% cotton for comfort and ease of washing. The shirt is soft and has a longer length than average for comfort. It is slim cut so be sure to size up if your girl prefers a looser fitting shirt.

This is an image of an awesome pink t-shirt for 6 year old girls.


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24. Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato is a fun game which is sure to make kids laugh at a birthday party. It’s suitable for between 2 – 6 players, and requires 3 LR44 batteries for operation. The game involves passing the potato around as the music plays from it. If you are left holding it when the music stops, you’re out! The last player standing is the winner! Kids will have hours of fun playing this game, it’s a sure way to make them laugh!

This is an image of a musical passing game in potato plush designedfor little kids.


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25. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid gifts are very popular at the moment, so if your little girl is a fan then she’s sure to love this sweet blanket. It is long enough to be used by an adult, so you can be sure this gift will offer great value for money – it will continue to fit as she grows. There are a choice of colors available, and each comes with a cute mermaid necklace to wear. The blanket material is suitable for all seasons and all occasions. It’s perfect for keeping cozy when watching a movie, at a sleepover, or even outside on a cooler evening. The blanket is hand-crocheted, and great care has been taking when making it to ensure it is of the finest quality.

This is an image of a pink fish tail blanket for kids.


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26. Melissa & Doug Food Groups

This set of wooden food is an excellent tool for teaching children about the different food groups. There are four crates each containing foodstuffs from the four main food groups – carbs, dairy, fruit and veg and meat and fish. The pieces are all made from nicely painted wood, making them durable. You can use this set to explain the importance of a varied diet and encourage your child to sort the pieces into their groups. The toy food is also fun for role playing – kids can set up their own shop or restaurant! Melissa & Doug products have a great reputation, so you can be sure to trust this toy.

This is an image of a food group toys designed for kids.


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27. Ferry Boat with Cars

If you’re looking for a toy to amuse a girl aged 6 in the bath, how about this cool ferry boat? It floats on water and has a ramp to allow the two cars to travel inside. It’s made from recycled plastic and is BPA free, making it environmentally friendly too. Bath toys can get dirty from time to time, but this one is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. There are two colors to choose from – a blue boat with red and yellow cars or a green boat with yellow and blue cars. The ferry boat set is also fun for using outside in the pool or in the sandbox.

This is an image of a blue and white ferry boat toy with 2 mini cars.


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28. Melissa & Doug Scratch Notes

These scratch notes are a great way for girls to practice writing and drawing. There are 125 in the set, so they won’t run out in a hurry! The notes come in a box which easily allows one to be taken out at a time. A wooden stylus is also included for drawing and writing with. Kids can make fun drawings to decorate the fridge, or write notes for mom and dad. The notes are also ideal for parents to use to leave notes in the kids’ lunchboxes!

This is an image of a black mini scratch notes for kids.


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29. Infinity Cube Puzzle

If you have a girl who loves puzzles, this infinity cube is a great gift idea. It’s a great fidget toy, which can help with anxiety and stress. It can be used with one hand and can easily fit into a backpack or pocket. The cube can be manipulated into various shapes and positions, and doesn’t make any noise when it is moved. The pieces are strongly attached together with stainless steel links, to ensure the toy is durable and rust-resistant.

This is an image of a black fidget cube toy for kids.


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30. Wireless Microphone

If you have a little girl who loves to sing, this wireless karaoke microphone is an excellent idea. It can be used as a speaker by connecting a phone or other Bluetooth device and playing music. So, kids can sing along as their favorite songs play. It can also be connected using a cable if preferred. The microphone comes with volume controls and can be used to record, so kids can record their own songs and listen back to them. The microphone comes in a choice of metallic colors including pink, blue and gold. On a single charge, you can expect up to 6 hours of use. Girls will love this, even as they get older making it an excellent, long-lasting gift.

This is an image of a purple portable karaoke microphone for kids.


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31. Yeti in my Spaghetti

This fun board game is easy to play and is guaranteed to give lots of laughs. There are 30 noodles, a bowl and a yeti figure included. To play the game, the noodles are placed across the top of the bowl and the yeti is sat on top of them. Players take turns to remove one noodle at a time, and if they make the yeti fall, they lose! The game is for 2 or more players, and makes a fun addition to family games night. Even mom and dad will enjoy playing this game! It’s a great Christmas gift to entertain the whole family.

This is an image of a Yeti in a spaghetti game for kids.


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32. VTech Write & Learn

If you prefer to buy an educational present for 6 yr old girl, consider this writing game from VTech. It’s similar to an Etch-a-Sketch, but is designed to help kids improve their letter writing. It can be customized to help kids write their name, and it’s a great size for travel. The small screen shows kids how to write and draw using the correct stroke order, and they can copy it onto the larger drawing surface. Don’t worry if they make a mistake – there’s a slider along the bottom to easily erase and start again. There are stamps at the side which are fun to make patterns with on the board.

This is an image of a magnetic doodle board for kids.


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33. Zingo Game

Board games are always a hit with kids, and this Zingo game from ThinkFun is educational as well as fun. Up to 7 players can play the game at the same time, although it also works with just 2 players. The game is just like bingo – players have to be the first to fill their card with correctly matching tiles. There are 24 different words, and 3 tiles for each word. Kids will love to wait for the tiles to come from the ‘Zinger’ machine and race to be the first to grab their necessary tiles. It’s great for girls to play with friends or family and will provide hours of entertainment no matter who is playing.

This is an image of a Zingo board game for kids.


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34. VTech KidiZoom Watch

The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch is one of the best gift ideas for 6 yr old girl. It has loads of interesting and fun functions which will keep her entertained every day. It has 5 games built in, as well as action challenges, which are recorded using the motion sensor. The smartwatch is also equipped with a camera which can be used for photos as well as video. There’s also a voice recorder which can be used to change the sound of the voice! The watch comes in three colors – pink, purple or blue. There are many different clock faces, both digital and analogue, so kids can customize their watch to their liking!

This is an image of a purple kid's smartwatch.


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35. 5000 Awesome Facts Book

This National Geographic Kids book is perfect for girls who love to ask ‘why?’! It has 5000 random and interesting facts about absolutely everything! Whether your child is interested in birds, oceans or even peanut butter, she is sure to love learning new things. The reading level is suitable for kids around 8 – 12 years old, so a girl who is 6 might need a little help, although the content is interesting for kids of all ages. Each page focuses on a different topic and the book is filled with colorful images to hold kids’ interest.

This is an image of an awesome fun facts book for kids.


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36. Magnetic Dart Board

Darts can be a fun game for kids, but of course there’s the worry of sharp pointed objects being thrown around the house! This set is magnetic, so it’s perfectly safe for younger players, and won’t cause damage to any walls or furniture. There are six darts included in two different colors, perfect for playing on teams. Each dart is equipped with flights to ensure they fly straight, and they all have powerful magnets to ensure they stick to the board with every throw. This is a great game to play at a birthday party or with mom and dad as a change from board games. It’s easy to mount on the wall, too.

This is an image of a dart board with magnetic features designed for kids.


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37. Snow Queen Fancy Dress Outfit

If your little princess loves to play dress up, she is sure to be thrilled with this beautiful dress! It has stunning details such as the silver lace belt and sparkly rhinestones on the top. The dress is made from comfortable materials, and is not itchy. It can be hand washed and hung to dry, but machine washing is not recommended. The dress comes in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit is achieved. It is perfect for the birthday girl to wear on her special day, or simply for enjoying some imaginative play at home.

This is an image of a frozen character gown for little girls.


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38. LOL Big Surprise

This LOL toy comes with 50 limited edition and never seen before surprises. It comes with two bigger dolls and two of the little sister dolls, as well as many accessories to customize and play with the dolls. There are also bath bombs included for even more fun. The sparkly ball can be used to carry and store all the dolls and accessories and keep everything neatly together. LOL Surprise fans are sure to be delighted with this huge set!

This is an image of a 50 surprise toys for little girls.


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39. Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates are fun toys for 6 years old girl, especially those who love to draw and create. There are 15 fashion plates included, as well as 20 pieces of drawing paper, 8 colored pencils, 2 rubbing crayons and a drawing tablet. So, everything you need is included, making this excellent for giving as a gift. Everything comes packed into a convenient carry case with compartments to keep everything well organized. Therefore, this is a great travel toy and is sure to give hours of entertainment. Girls will love to mix and match the plates to create fun new looks and styles!

This is an image of a fashion drawing set for young little girls.


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40. Melissa & Doug Beauty Salon

Little girls love to be just like mom, so they are sure to love this Melissa & Doug wooden beauty salon set. There are 18 pieces in the set, including a range of makeup, hair and nail items. There’s a mini beauty table with a mirror and storage compartments so kids can check out their new look! Girls will love to give their friends a makeover, or copy mom as she gets ready in the morning. Some of the items included are a hairdryer, straighteners, hairbrush, nail polish, flip-top lotion and eye shadow with a brush to ‘apply’ it.

This is an image of a pink beuty salon play kit for kids.


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41. Minnie Mouse Toy Box

If your girl needs a place to store all the new toys she’s getting for her birthday. this Minnie Mouse toy box will look adorable in her room! The box has a slow closing lid for safety, and has rounded corners which further helps ensure it is safe to use. The box measures 21.5″H x 23.5″L x 14.5″W, so it can fit a decent amount of toys inside. If your girl isn’t into Minnie Mouse, there are other characters to choose from too. If the box needs moved, parents can use the handles on either side to easily move it to another room.

This is an image of a pink Minnie Mouse storage box for little girls.


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42. Abdtech Digital Camera

Is your girl a budding photographer? If so, she is sure to love this sweet rabbit shaped camera! It is rechargeable and comes with a 16GB memory card to store plenty of photos. The camera can also capture 1080P video, which is great quality for a basic camera. Silicone is used to cover the camera, making it shockproof – perfect for children who tend to drop things! The battery lasts as least 2 hours on a single charge, and a USB cable is included for charging.

This is an image of a pink rabbit camera with micro SD card.


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43. Hauck Lightning Pedal Kart

Pedal go karts make awesome presents for 6 yr old girls, and this pink one from Hauck is sure to be a big hit! It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and has an ergonomic seat for maximum comfort. The kart is pedal-powered so you don’t need to worry about charging it or topping it up with gas. It is equipped with a hand brake for controlling speed as well as a 3-point steering wheel to turn. The seat has a high backrest which offers good support and allows kids to continue riding for longer periods. The kart has a steel tube frame for maximum durability.

This is an image of a pink pedal kart for girls.


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44. 6th Birthday Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are great gifts for 6 yr old girl, and this one is a nice way to mark the special day. There’s a choice of different sizes so you can ensure a perfect fit. Girls will love the sweet ‘6’ charm as well as the pink butterfly and and sparkly flower. The bracelet is perfect for giving as a gift as it comes wrapped in tissue with a velvet pouch and box for easy wrapping. The bracelet appears much more expensive than it really is – everyone is sure to compliment it! It makes an excellent keepsake for years to come.

This is an image of a pink bracelet for a 6 year old birthday celebrant.


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45. Lite Brite

The Lite Brite is a fun and unique art toy. It comes with over 200 pegs in a variety of colors, and the board lights up in 4 different ways to show off your child’s artwork in a different light. There are six design templates included, or kids can make up their own designs too. Some of the design ideas included are flowers, a unicorn and a mountain scene. More templates can be downloaded from Basic Fun’s website for further inspiration and ideas. The light board is battery powered so be sure to stock up before giving as a gift.

This is an image of a classic lite brite kid's toy.


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46. Kitty Night Light

A night light is a nice present for 6 year old girl and this cat one is sure to look great in her room! It has a soft silicone surface which doesn’t get hot, and by touching the surface the color of the light can change. There’s also a remote control to change the colors and modes. Some of the different lighting modes include flashing and slow breathing, and the brightness is also adjustable. There are a few different models to choose from – choose a naughty cat with its tongue out or a lucky fortune cat!

This is an image of a white cat night lamp for kids.


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47. Kidizoom Duo Camera

The Kidizoom Duo is one of the top toys for 6 year old girl – it has front and rear cameras so it’s perfect for taking selfies! It has a tough and durable design so it can withstand being dropped, making it excellent for younger kids. The camera can also take videos and has five fun games to play. Some of the games are motion controlled which further adds to the excitement. Kids can also edit their photos with fun frames and effects which is sure to make everyone laugh out loud! The camera has a wriststrap and a USB cable to download photos to the computer.

This is an image of a pink selfie digital camera for girls.


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48. Disney Princess Dress Up Outfits

If you’re looking for 6 year old girls gifts, dressing up outfits are always a good choice. This Disney Princess themed trunk comes with 21 pieces, so it’s perfect for sharing with friends on a play date. There are 4 shirts and 3 skirts, headbands and tiaras as well as many pieces of jewelry. The trunk is excellent for storing everything together when not in use, and it will look fun in a girl’s room too. The costumes are designed to fit a variety of sizes.

This is an image of a young little girls wearing Disney Princess gowns.


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49. LeapFrog LeapPad 3 Tablet

If your child is desperate for a tablet of their own, the LeapFrog LeapPad is a great choice at this age. Designed for kids up to the age of 9, it is sure to be used for many years. It only features age-appropriate content, so you can be certain that kids are safe as they use it. It can stand up to being dropped and has a rechargeable battery inside. The table is equipped with a 5 inch touchscreen which can be used to access LeapFrog’s huge learning library with over 1000 educational games. Kids can practice reading and math and more, whilst having great fun at the same time.

This is an image of a pink tablet for kids.


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Our Top Gift

Our overall top pick is the LOL Surprise bounce house. It is amazing to use at a birthday party and is sure to be a hit with all your daughter’s friends. It has everything included such as ground stakes and a blower, so it can be set up within a matter of minutes. The slide adds to the fun too! It’s simply an amazing gift for a LOL Surprise fan!

This is an image of a heavy duty inflatable bounce house for girls.

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Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a less expensive gift, our pick is the mermaid tail blanket. It is cute and practical, and is perfect for girly girls! They will love to wear the matching necklace, and the blanket can be used just about anywhere. It’s an all-round excellent gift!

This is an image of a pink fish tail blanket for kids.

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Considerations when Buying Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

There are a few things you need to think about when deciding which gift to choose. The first thing to check is the suggested age range on the toy or gift item. Of course, this is just a guide and some girls will enjoy toys aimed at younger kids whilst others will appreciate more advanced toys and games. Also think about what the child already has – perhaps she has a collection of something which can be added to. Or, she might have a favorite character, animal or other interest which will help inspire your search.


What Gifts are Trending for 6 Year Old Girls this Christmas?

If you are planning to buy one of the hottest gifts this Christmas, be sure to plan well ahead! The most popular gifts always tend to sell out quickly, or are only available at highly inflated prices. Some toys which are expected to be the most highly-sought after this year include LOL Surprise, which remains as popular as ever! Interactive pets are another popular pick, and have been top of many kids’ Christmas lists for the last couple of years. Slime kits remain popular, and we can expect to see many kids interested in Toy Story toys thanks to the latest release.


What is the Best Birthday Gift for 6 Years Old Girl?

Any of the toys above would be great to give on a birthday! Another great idea is to give the birthday girl something with a ‘6’ on it. Depending on the season of the birthday, this could influence the type of gift you choose. A new bike or scooter is a great idea if you are looking for a ‘big’ gift, especially if it’s a summer birthday. For winter, board games or LEGO sets are ideal ways to keep them busy indoors. Craft kits are also nice projects to enjoy with a girl aged 6 at any time of year. They can be fun to do with friends at the birthday party too!


Best Gifts for 6 Year Olds who Love Video Games

At the age of 6, many kids are starting to get more interested in video games. There are many which are great for girls this age, such as Super Mario, pet care games, educational games and little girls are sure to love the LEGO Friends game! Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy them a new game, there are plenty of merchandise options they are sure to love too. Perhaps a t-shirt with their favorite character, or you could even host a video game-themed party!