Are you looking for great gifts for 5 year old girls? Perhaps there’s a birthday coming up, or you’re starting to think about Christmas shopping. No matter what occasion you are buying for, we’ve got you covered with 50 of the best toys for 5 year old girls. There is something for everyone here, whether she’s a girly girl or not so much!

So what types of toys do girls aged 5 love? Well, outdoor toys are always a safe choice – like a swing set or a slide. Bikes and ride on toys are great at this age too. Girls this age tend to love dolls – whether it’s baby dolls or Barbie dolls or even LOL dolls. They’ll also love anything with their favorite characters on it – Disney Princesses tend to be especially well-received by many young girls. Unicorns and mermaids are popular with little girls too, and they will love tech toys like a digital camera too.

This is an image of a purple smartwatch designed for little girls.



Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

Now we’ve seen some of the best-loved types of toys for young girls, let’s review some of them. With 50 toys and gift ideas to choose from below, you are sure to fins just what you need!

1. Melissa & Doug Housekeeping Tools for Kids

If your little girl loves copying everything you do, this cleaning set is a great toy to give her! There are six pieces included, so they can easily have the house looking clean in no time! There’s a dustpan and brush, duster, mop and broom, as well as a stand to keep them all neat and tidy. Girls will love to ‘help’ around the house with their very own cleaning tools which are sized just right for them to use. Melissa & Doug is a household name which has been known and trusted by parents for many years, so you can be sure this toy is excellent quality.

This is an image of a house cleaning tools for kids.


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2. Little Tikes Water Spiral Table

Kids of all ages love playing in water, so this Little Tikes water table is sure to be a hit in summer! It comes with loads of fun moving parts and toys so it will keep kids entertained, and cool, for ages. It’s big enough to share with friends, making it perfect for a summer playdate or party outdoors. There’s a cup and 5 water-squirting toys included, so kids can pour and spray the water at each other or into the funnels and tubes on the water table. This toy will give endless fun over the summer – kids will love it!

This is an image of a spiral water play table for little kids.


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3. LOL Bigger Surprise

If your girl is a fan of LOL Surprise dolls, she is sure to love this larger set! It comes with over 60 surprises inside, including exclusive dolls and never seen before accessories. There are 2 limited edition dolls with accessories, a pet, a Lil sister and different plastic and brushable hairstyles to customize the dolls with a new look. The case can be reused to keep the dolls and accessories together – perfect for storing or transporting them. If your little girl loves LOL Surprise, the Bigger Surprise is the best gift you can give her!

This is an image of a pink surprise box for little girls.


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4. KidiZoom Duo Camera

A digital camera is a great gift for a little girl – she will love to take photos of friends and family to remember special moments together. The VTech Kidizoom is a great choice because it is specifically designed to be kid-proof! It has both front and rear cameras, so it can be used to take selfies too. The camera also has games for kids to play, and the can edit their photos with fun frames and effects. If you are looking for fun tech toys for 5 year old girls, this is certainly the one to pick.

This is an image of a pink selfie digital camera for girls.


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5. Classic Sit and Spin Toy

This fun toy is great for kids to burn off some energy and keep fit and active. To use it, kids simply have to sit on it and hold the handle, which they can use to spin around in either direction. They can also control the speed and easily stop if they get dizzy. This toy is great for improving balance and coordination, and it doesn’t take up too much floor space. It works well on various surfaces too.

This is an image of a green spinning toy for girls.


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6. Disney Princess Jewelry Set

If your little girl loves Disney Princesses, this jewelry kit is sure to be a huge hit. It comes with pieces to make 5 necklaces, with color coordinating cords and beads as well as 5 adorable princess charms. The cords can easily be opened to make new and different designs, so girls can mix and match depending on their mood. This set is a great birthday gift, as guests can each make a necklace to take home.

This is an image of a pink necklace box for cute girls.


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7. Scented Coloring Set

Many young girls love to color in, so these scented crayons are sure to be a well-received gift. They come in a pack of 12 so there’s a good variety of colors to make fun drawings. The crayons are twistable, so they are easier to use than traditional crayons with paper outers. Simply twist them to use, then twist back when not in use – no sharpening required! To really add to the fun, the crayons each have a different scent!

This is an image of a colorful scented crayons for kids.


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8. LOL Dolls Bling Series

If you have a little girl who simply loves LOL Surprise, she is sure to be delighted with the new Bling series. Inside the silver ball are 7 surprises including a doll, clothes, accessories and even a secret message sticker. After opening. the ball can be reused to display the doll inside. It has a loop on top for hanging so it can be hung on the Christmas tree if given as a Christmas gift. There are 12 characters in the range so why not collect them all?

This is an image of a surprise bling ball for little girls.


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9. Melissa & Doug Reusable Water Activity Book

Another great gift for girls who love arts and crafts, these Water Wow! books from Melissa & Doug can be reused over and over again. The books come with a pen which is filled with water, which is used to draw on the pages to magically reveal hidden pictures. The best part is, since only water is inside the pens, it won’t matter if they are used to draw on the walls or the furniture! The books come as a pack of 3 with different designs – farm, sea creatures and safari. There are 4 reusable pages in each book, and the books also have a storage compartment for the pen.

This is an image of a pack of 3 water pads for kids.


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10. Candy Land Board Game

Candy Land is a classic game which is excellent for younger players thanks to its simple rules and short game time. In fact, it might have even been the first board game you learned to play as a kid! It doesn’t require any reading ability, and a game typically lasts around 15 minutes so younger kids won’t get bored. The game is ideal for 2-4 players, so girls will love to play it with their friends or with mom and dad. Board games make great Christmas gifts, so this one is definitely worth considering.

This is an image of a sweet adventure board game for kids.


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11. 2 Pack Pet Series LOL Surprise

Here we have another great pick for LOL Surprise fans. This time, it’s a pack of 2 balls from the Pet series. Each surprise comes with 7 items inside, including a secret message sticker, shoes and accessories and of course the pet. After opening, the ball can be used for carrying the pet around. There are loads of cute pets in this series including puppies and kittens as well as more unusual pets like skunks!

This is an image of a pack of 2 pink surprise balls for little girls.


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12. Castle Play Tent

If you are looking for 5 year old birthday gift ideas other than toys, check out this princess castle tent. It is a great size, so a few kids can play together at the same time, making it great for birthday parties. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and comes with some fairy lights to create a really magical atmosphere. The tent is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so it can be used in all weathers. The open sides allow maximum airflow and ventilation, and the tent can easily be packed up into the included storage bag for transport.

This is an image of a pink castle tent with stuffed toys.


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13. Frozen Playground LEGO

This LEGO Juniors set has just under 100 pieces, making it perfect for younger builders. It comes with Anna and Elsa figures, which little girls who are five will love to play with after building the playground. The pieces are compatible with other standard sized LEGO sets, so there are endless possibilities for building imaginatively. Kids will love the interactive elements such as the slide, snowball catapult and spinning fountain. This is a great set to build and play with, sure to be a hit with fans of Disney’s Frozen!

This is an image of a Disney Frozen LEGO toy building kit for girls.


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14. Window Art Craft Kit

Craft kits make some of the best gifts for 5 year old girls, and this one will amuse them for hours! The kit allows girls to make 20 of their own window decorations, which they will love to display proudly once finished. Everything they will need is included with the kit – the suncatchers, paints and suction cups and cord to hang them from the window with. There is also a sheet included which can be used by girls to make their own designs. This is great for releasing their creative side! Hours of fun will be had with this kit – it’s a great project for when the weather is poor over Christmas!

This is an image of a window art set for kids.


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15. Crayola 140 Piece Coloring Supplies

If your little girl loves to draw and color, she will surely be impressed with this huge art set from Crayola! It comes with a full spectrum of crayons, 20 pencils, 40 pens in two different styles, as well as plain paper to start drawing on straight away. Everything comes in a travel case, which has sections to hold each of the pens, pencils and crayons neatly. The set can easily be taken anywhere, so it’s perfect for taking when visiting friends and family. It makes a great gift and will amuse young artists for hours!

This is an image of an art case with 140-piece coloring supplies.


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16. Scribble Scrubbie Pets by Crayola

Here we have another fab set from Crayola – the Scribble Scrubbie pets! If you are looking for great birthday gifts for 5 yr old girl, this set is certainly worth consideration. The set comes with four sweet pets and six colored markers, as well as a tub to bathe the pets in. Girls can color their pets as they choose, then simply wash them off in the tub and start again! There are loads of sets to collect, so if this gift is a hit, you can add more to the collection on future occasions. This set includes a cat, two dogs and a rabbit. Other sets have just cats, just dogs, and the Peculiar Pets set comes with unicorns, dragons and more!

This is an image of a 4 piece toy pets with markers designed for kids.


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17. Play Makeup Toy Set

If your girl is starting to show an interest in makeup but you don’t yet want to buy her any real makeup, this play set is a great gift idea. It comes with very realistic makeup items, but they don’t really apply to the skin. Items include nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, various brushes and more. There’s also an adorable pink polka dot bag to store the items in to keep them safely together. There are different options available including different tones of compact, so you can make an even more realistic play experience. Girls will have hours of fun giving makeovers to friends, family and dolls, and parents can relax knowing they don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards!

This is an image of a pink makeup toy kit for little girls.


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18. Ballerina Jewelry Box

If you have a little girl who is a fan of jewelry, this ballerina box offers the perfect place to safely store her treasures. There are loads of compartments to keep everything perfectly organized inside the box. There’s a drawer underneath, tiny drawers on the sides and the main compartment inside. When the box is open, turn the key on the back and the ballerina will twirl around to ‘Swan Lake’. The box is around 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 6 inches high, so it should be just the right size for a young girl’s jewelry.

This is an image of a pink ballerina box for kid's jewelries.


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19. Eye Found It Disney Edition

Board games are great toys for 5 year old girl, and this huge game is sure to be a hit! Consisting of a 6 foot long board, it is suitable for between 1-6 players. So, it’s great for a games night with the family or for some quiet time alone. The game has easy to learn rules, so kids can pick it up in just a few minutes. It’s great for improving skills like focus and memory, making it a valuable learning tool as well as loads of fun. This is the perfect game for Disney fans – they will love looking for all their favorite characters.

This is an image of a Dinsey board game for the whole family.


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20. Educational Insights Talking Microscope

For little girls who are interested in science, this Educational Insights microscope is a great gift idea. It has easy to use functions, a large, chunky eyepiece and just a few buttons, so it’s perfect for even the youngest of scientists! 12 slides are included too, each with different bugs for kids to look at up close. There’s a light for better viewing, and it offers magnification up to five times. Once a slide is inserted, the microphone can read facts about the bug inside, or quiz your kid once they know all about it. This is a great educational toy which will give loads of fun.

This is an image of a microscope toy for kids.


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21. Soft Mermaid’s Tail Blanket

Perhaps the best gift for 5 year old girl who loves mermaids, this blanket is adorable! It’s the perfect size for kids up to around the age of 8, so it can be used for years. It comes in a choice of great colors, so kids can choose which they like best. The blanket can be used just about anywhere – when watching a movie or reading a book, in bed, or even outside on a cooler evening. Parents will love how the mermaid blanket can be washed in the washing machine too! The back and bottom of the blanket are open making it easier to climb in and out of.

This is an image of a pink fish tail blanket for kids.


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22. 5th Birthday Outfit

If you are looking for a special outfit for a special day, this adorable set is simply perfect! There are three pieces to the set – the polka dotted tutu, matching shirt with number 5 and a unicorn headband. The clothing is made from good quality material which should be comfortable for the birthday girl to wear all day long. The sizing is good and fits as expected, but be sure to consult the sizing chart to make sure. The headband has small teeth to help it grip on, so you won’t have to spend all day adjusting it!

This is an image of a unicorn birthday dress set for 5 year old kids.


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23. Purple Smartwatch by VTech

If your daughter is a fan of gadgets, the Kidizoom smartwatch by VTech is a great gift idea. It is packed with kid-friendly features to ensure it is safe and easy to use, as well as loads of fun! It comes in pink, purple and blue, so you can choose your girl’s favorite color. The watch has games and activities, as well as a motion sensor to help kids keep active. There’s also a camera which can take photos and videos, as well as a voice recorder which can be used to change the sound of the voice. Of course, it can also function as a watch, with over 50 different clock face designs to choose from.

This is an image of a purple smartwatch designed for little girls.


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24. Disney LEGO Royal Celebration

LEGO is one of the best gifts for 5 yr old girl and they are sure to adore this Disney Princess set! It features elements from three popular movies – the Little Mermaid, the Princess and the Frog and Sleeping Beauty. There are almost 300 pieces including loads of fun accessories and princess figures to play with. Building the set will keep kids busy for hours, and the bricks are compatible with other LEGO sets for endless building possibilities. Girls will love to recreate scenes from their favorite movies with this set, as well as use their imagination to create new adventures.

this is an image of disney princess lego


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25. Disney Princess Nail Polish

When it comes to gifts for 5 yr old girl, nail polish is usually a good choice. Many little girls this age simply love to have their nails done just like mom! This set has 15 metallic colors, and each bottle has a Disney Princess on to make it even more appealing to little girls. There’s also a toe separator and a nail file included to have a perfect manicure! When finished, the nail polish can be peeled off rather than using nail polish remover, which is easier and safer for kids.

This is an image of a kid's nail polish playset.


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26. Horse Jewelry Box

If you are buying a gift for a little horse lover, this jewelry box is a great pick. When opened, the box plays Fur Elise and there is a horse figure inside which turns as the music plays. Inside there is plenty of storage space, including an area dedicated to rings. There’s also a mirror inside the box for girls to check how they look! To make this a really special gift, why not combine it with a lovely horsey necklace?

This is an image of a running horse musical box for kids.


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27. Polly Pocket Flamingo Playset

If you are looking for some great 5 year old girl toys, Polly Pocket is sure to be a winner! This sweet little set easily stores all the pieces inside making it perfect for fun on the go. Girls will love the flamingo themed case! There are loads of fun accessories inside, such as a beach lounger, pool rings and the two doll figures. Polly Pocket is a great range for little girls, so you can easily gift another set on their next birthday or special occasion – it’s perfect for starting a collection!

This is an image of a pink flamingo pocket world for kids.


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28. Melissa & Doug Scratch Notes

Melissa & Doug have some fantastic 5 year old girl toys, but here we have something a little bit different. These rainbow scratch notes come in a pack of 125 and also include a wooden stylus for scratching off the surfaces. They are perfect for kids to practice their writing skills in a fun and unique way. They’re much more exciting than drawing on paper! The notes come in a handy box which makes it easy to take one out as needed – they can easily be left on a desk and used readily.

This is an image of a black fidget cube toy for kids.


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29. Fashion Design Activity Set

If you have a little girl who is interested in fashion, this design set from Melissa & Doug is a great gift idea! It comes with 9 double sided plates featuring a range of heads, tops and bottoms for endless combinations. It’s easy to create great results with this set, simply use the rubbing crayon to transfer the design from the plates to the paper. There are also colored pencils included to finish of the drawings. Girls can customize their outfits with a range of colors and patterns! Everything is held together nicely in the box, making this a great travel toy too.

This is an image of a kid's fashion activity kit.


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30. Foam Jumper Stick

Here we have the foam pogo jumper from Flybar, which is an excellent outdoor toy for young girls. It’s easier to use than a pogo stick as it has a wide foam base for easy balancing. The toy can hold up to 250 pounds, meaning it is great for growing kids – they will have years of fun with it! The pogo jumper makes fun squeaks with each jump which helps encourage kids to keep going. It comes in a choice of colors. Hours of fun will be had with this toy, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This is an image of a pogo jumper for girls in pink and purple color


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31. Waterproof Dino Backpack

If your girl needs a new backpack for starting school or moving to the next class, this dinosaur backpack is a fun choice. It is waterproof so you can be sure the contents will be safe and dry even in a sudden downpour. There is a choice of colors and types of dinosaur, so there is something for all tastes. As well as the main compartment, there is another compartment inside the dinosaur’s mouth for storing smaller items. The straps are padded for comfort, and the lining can easily be cleaned. So, it’s an excellent and practical choice for children.

This is an image of an orange dinosaur backpack for kids.


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32. Razor A2 Purple Scooter

Scooters are perhaps the best toys for 5 year old girl to use outside. The A2 from Razor is a great size and it has an adjustable handle so it can grow with your child for many years. It is fitted with a rear fender brake for smooth and controlled stopping. The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is both light and strong. The scooter can be folded for easy transport or storage when not in use. There are a choice of nice colors to choose from, so you can pick your child’s favorite color to really impress her!

This is an image of purple scooter for girls.


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33. Spill and Splash Water Table

Step2 have loads of fun outdoor toys for young kids. The Spill and Splash water table is no exception, and is sure to give hours of fun in the summer! It comes with a useful umbrella which offers shade as kids play, preventing them from getting burnt. There are also many accessories included to play with, including a fishing net, diving board, cups and figures. The table has two pools which are on different levels, so kids can fill the top one and watch as the water spills into the lower level. It holds around 5.5 gallons in total. Kids will love playing with this to keep cool over summer!

This is an image of a children playing with a water table.


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34. Elsa Fancy Dress Outfit

If your little girl loves to play dress up and is a fan of Frozen – let’s face it, who isn’t – she will simply adore this fancy dress costume set. There are loads of pieces included, to transform your child into the snow queen! There’s the dress, fur-edged cape, crown, wand, hairpiece and long gloves. It comes in a choice of sizes up to age 12, so you can easily find one to fit. The dress has a layered skirt which makes it look really impressive, and the materials used are designed not to itch. Girls will want to wear this all the time, whether they are playing at home or having a costume party for their 5th birthday.

This is an image of a blue Elsa Birthday costume for little girls.


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35. Hatchimals Toy Filled Eggs

Many girls love collectable toys, such as these Hatchimals eggs. There are 12 in this pack, and they come in an egg carton for added fun. Girls will love caring for their eggs and waiting for them to hatch, revealing a new surprise pet inside. The characters can be stored in the carton once they are hatched, meaning they can easily be taken everywhere with your kids. The animals can be placed on top of a light to make them glow – something little girls are sure to love.

This is an image of a purple egg tray with collectible toys.


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36. Splash Pond Water Table

Outdoor toys are always good gift ideas for 5 year old girl, so consider this water table an excellent choice. It’s perfect for summer birthday parties – all the kids will love it! The table is packed with fun features for girls to play with such as spinning wheels, cups to pour water and the top tier which makes rain fall to the bottom tier. The pieces can be rearranged to make different waterfall designs so it never gets boring. There are 13 accessories included and the table is almost 40 inches long – two factors which make this a great toy for several kids to play with at once.

This is an image of a water table with accessories designed for little kids.


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37. Dual Spinner by Little Tikes

Little Tikes have many popular toys for 5 year old girls, such as this Dual Twister which is a great summer toy. One or two children can sit on the spinner, and once it is spun using the center handle, water will spray from either the center or the edges. This is a great and fun way to keep cool in the summer! In winter, the spinner can also be used indoors without the water.

This is an image of a blue dual spinner toy for kids.


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38. Fat Brain Toys Squigz

If your child is interested in building toys but is looking for a new challenge, the Squigz from Fat Brain Toys are a great choice. There are 24 pieces included in various shapes and colors. The pieces have suction cups which allow them to stick to each other and to flat surfaces such as walls or even the side of a bathtub. The pieces have different angles so there are endless possibilities of how to assemble them. The plastic tub is great to reuse for storing the pieces after playtime is over.

This is an image of a suction toy set for kids.


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39. Magnetic Dart Board

If you are looking for birthday gifts for 5 yr old girl to use at her party, this magnetic dart board is a fun choice. It comes with 6 darts in 2 different colors so it’s ideal for two players or teams. The darts are magnetic so there’s no need to worry about them damaging walls or furniture. There’s a hook on the board so it can easily be hung anywhere. The darts are durable yet flexible – they are pretty much indestructible!

This is an image of a dart board with magnetic features designed for kids.


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40. Fashion Headbands Kit

This kit allows kids to design and decorate 10 unique headbands, making it a great activity for a birthday party. Everything which is needed is included in the kit, so it’s easy to do and doesn’t require any additional preparations. There are 10 plain satin headbands in a variety of colors as well as many embellishments which can be stuck on such as ribbons, gems and flowers. This is the perfect activity to keep kids busy on a rainy day. They will love making a headband to match every outfit!

This is an image of girl's fashion headbands craft kit in colorful colors


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41. Latches Developmental Play Board

We have already seen some great Melissa & Doug products, but this we’ve chosen the Wooden Latches board which is great for practicing fine motor skills. It has six different types of latches which operate in different ways. To make this a really special gift, there is the option to customize it with the child’s name on top. Under each door is an image and words which correspond to the number on the outside of the doors, so it’s great for counting and reading practice too.

This is an image of a colorful wooden toy board for kids.


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42. Torpedo Shaped Pool Toys

These fun toys are great for girls who are learning to swim. They are a fun change from many other pool toys, as they can glide underwater for a distance of up to 20 feet. There are four included in the pack, each with different colors and numbers. The toys are great for encouraging kids to swim underwater, and they are great for pool parties.

This is an image of a colorful torpedo toys for kids.


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43. Learning Resources Game Show Buzzers

These fun buzzers are great for hosting a quiz with young kids. They are great for using at parties or family gatherings, which is why they make a perfect gift. each button is a different color and plays a different tone, so you know who has buzzed each time. You can make up loads of games to play with these buzzers – the possibilities are endless! They make a great fun addition to a family game night and are sure to be enjoyed for many years.

This is an image of a colorful buzzer toy for kids.


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44. Jada Toys Pink Jeep

This pink remote control truck makes one of the top toys for 5 years old girls. Not only does it look great, it is sure to give hours of fun too. There is a sheet of stickers included to customize the vehicle which adds to the fun even more. The controller is easy to use with one knob for forwards and reverse and another for turning left and right. The jeep is fitted with off road, large tires meaning it can easily handle a range of terrains. To make this even more entertaining, some dolls can sit inside and girls can take them for a drive!

This is an image of a pink RC toy vehicle for little girls.


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45. Barbie Career Doll

Barbie is a classic toys which makes one of the best gifts for a 5 year old little girl. This doctors playset also comes with two baby figures as well as plenty of accessories for Barbie to use to look after the babies. This is a great toy for girls to use their imagination and it can also help them become more empathetic and caring. Girls will have loads of fun using the fun accessories, such as bathtubs, towels and storage trolley, and they will love Barbie’s scrubs and white shoes which make her look just like a nurse!

This is an image of a barbie with 2 baby dolls.


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46. 48 Piece Space Puzzle

This Melissa & Doug puzzle has 48 pieces which makes it a great challenge for young children. They will love the space theme – the brightly colored images show all the planets and they are also all labelled. This is a floor puzzle, so the pieces are large and easy to hold. It’s a great size for children to work on together too. The pieces can be wiped clean if they get dirty from being used on the floor, making this an all-round great pick.

This is an image of a solar system activity set for kids.


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47. 5th Birthday Pendant

If you are looking for the best 5th birthday gifts for a special girl, a unique pendant such as this is a good idea. It comes in a flocked box with a lovely message, making it an excellent keepsake to look back on over the years. The pendant comes on a 16 inch chain and has a gold-plated number 5. The pendant comes in other ages too, so it’s great if you are looking for girls birthday gifts between the ages of 3 – 8 years old.

this is an image of a 5th birthday necklace


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48. Minnie Mouse Wooden Dress-up Set

Minnie Mouse is always popular with young girls, and here we have a lovely wooden puzzle featuring the popular character. It comes with 18 pieces which can be mixed up to make different outfits and styles. The pieces can be stored inside the box whilst the puzzle is built into the lid, making this a great travel toy. Each different face has a different expression, so you can also use this toy to help your child understand feelings and emotions too. This is an image of a Minnie Mouse wooden play set for kids.


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49. Boat with Mini Cars Toy Set

Bath toys for 5 yr old girls are a fun gift idea, particularly if she already has loads of toys to play with on dry land! The ferry boat will float on water, and it has a ramp for the cars to drive in and out of the boat. Both cars can fit inside, or they can be used separately. The toy is environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic and containing no BPA. It can be put through the dishwasher for easy cleaning, which is essential with bath toys. The toy is also suitable for outdoor play in the sandbox or pool – the possibilities are endless!

This is an image of a blue and white ferry boat toy with 2 mini cars.


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50. Chutes and Ladders Kid’s Game Board

Board games are very good gifts for 5 yr old girl and chutes and ladders is a classic! This game is great for improving counting skills, but it uses a fun spinner instead of a dice. Kids will love the classic artwork on the game, and so will mom and dad! The game rules are easy to learn and kids can enjoy playing it with friends or mom and dad. It’s perfect for a family games night! The play pieces are made from cardboard rather than plastic, which gives this game a real retro feel. Kids and parents alike will love it!

This is an image of a Chutes and Ladders game for kids.


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Our Top Gift

The VTech Kidizoom is our top gift for little girls aged 5. It is packed full of features to entertain your little girl, and it’s a wonderful way for her to remember special moments and outings with friends and family. There are plenty of games and photo editing activities for girls to enjoy – she’ll never be bored with this gift! It’s perfect for either a birthday or Christmas, as girls will love to be the official photographer of the special day!

This is an image of a pink selfie digital camera for girls.

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Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper gift, the headbands craft kit is a great pick. It is sure to keep girls busy on a rainy day and it’s perfect for unleashing their creativity. It makes a great birthday gift as it can be used as an activity at the party. Or, girls can make all the bands and have one to match their clothes every day of the week! They could also make headbands to share and gift to their friends – there are endless possibilities. Parents will love the craft kit because everything is included, meaning you don’t have to shop around for other supplies.

This is an image of girl's fashion headbands craft kit in colorful colors

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

There are a few things to think about which will help guide your search for the perfect gift for a little lady. First, check the toy or gift is age-appropriate. This will help ensure it is neither too simple nor too advanced for her, so it will hold her interest for a good length of time.

Also think about what the girl is interested in, as this can help you find something special and personal. It could be a favorite character, favorite animal or perhaps an activity she is interested in – anything which shows her personality will help you find something she is sure to love to play with all the time.

Be sure to set a budget when shopping for gifts too. We have chosen a mix of higher and lower priced items so there is something to suit all budgets. Think about how many gifts you would like to purchase so you don’t spend your entire budget on the first one!


Gifts for 5 Yr Old Girl Who Likes Mermaids

Mermaids are popular with young girls at the moment, so perhaps you are trying to find the perfect gift for a young mermaid lover? Mermaid tail blankets are an excellent choice – they are practical as well as fun!

But if you are looking for something a little different and more unique there are plenty of options. What about a mermaid jewelry box where she can store all her treasures? Or perhaps a mermaid doll she can play with on dry land or in the bathtub. There are loads of possibilities, just about anything is available with a mermaid on it! Backpacks, jewelry and stationary sets are just a few ideas.


Birthday Gifts for the 5 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

Many kids have everything, so choosing a unique gift idea can be tricky. Personalized items are a great idea – like a t-shirt with a ‘5’ on it or something with the girl’s name. These items are great because little girls will love them, and they can be used as special keepsakes to look back on as they get older.