Are you looking for gift ideas for 4 year old girl? Perhaps it’s her birthday and you don’t know what to buy her, or maybe you simply want to treat her for having a good week. Here, we have 45 amazing toys and gifts sure to be loved by a little girl. There are small stocking stuffer type gifts as well as larger gifts to really spoil her – something to suit all budgets!

So what type of toys for 4 year old girls are best? Well, girls this age have varied tastes and interests, so we have tried to select a range of toys to ensure there is something for everyone. Outdoor toys to help them keep active are always welcomed by parents – it helps get them out of the house and burning off some excess energy! Role playing toys are excellent for preschoolers too, as they tend to have excellent imaginations at this age. Tech toys can be fun and educational, and dolls and stuffed animals are always popular too.

Of course, many girls aged 4 already have a lot of toys so perhaps you are looking for something different. So, we have also chosen some non-toy gifts such as bikes, gadgets such as cameras and even nail polish sets. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect gift here.

This is an image of girls bike in pink and blue colors



45 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Now we have seen the types of toys little girls love, lets move on to review some of the very best on offer. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find some ideas and inspiration here!

1. Melissa & Doug Dollhouse

This dollhouse is stunning, and any young girl will probably wish she could live there! There are three levels inside the house, each connected by a staircase. The house is split into five rooms, and comes with 19 pieces of furniture. There is also a cute balcony on each level, double doors on the front of the house and a single door on the side. The dolls house is a great size for kids to play with either sitting or kneeling – it’s over 2 feet high! If your little girl is a fan of LOL dolls, they are just the right size to fit inside this house. It will look stunning in a girl’s bedroom – the pink and purple color scheme is just perfect!


This is an image of girls wooden multi level dollhouse in pink and purple colors



2. Pink and Purple PlasmaCar

The Plasma Car is a fun outdoor toy which is different from typical toys such as bicycles and scooters. To ride it, kids have to sit on the seat with their feet on the footrests, then turn the steering wheel from side to side to start moving. The top speed is an impressive 6 mph, and the maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds, so mom and dad can take a turn too if they wish! The PlasmaCar is great for keeping kids active, and can be used either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. It comes in a choice of colors, so if you’re not buying for a girly girl, don’t worry!

This is an image of girls ride on toy in pink and purple colors

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3. Pink Princess Castle Tent

Play tents make great gift ideas for girl 4 year old, and this one is sure to appeal thanks to its pink fairytale castle design! It has a pop up design which makes it easy to set up and store away when playtime is over. There’s a storage bag included too to make this even easier. Two mesh windows provide better airflow and the door can be tied open or left closed. Girls will love having their own secret place to hide and play, whether they are role playing, relaxing with some toys and books or simply want to have a nap! The stars on the tent glow in the dark when the lights are switched off to add even more fun. It’s sized just right for kids up to 8, and two or three kids can fit inside together.

This is an image of girls pink princess catle play tent

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4. Pop Beads Jewelry Kit

If your girl love wearing jewelry, she is sure to love making her own! There are over 500 beads included, as well as a very useful box to store them all in afterwards. The beads easily join to one another without the need for additional tools or supplies, so they are easy for children to make without too much help. The beads come in various shapes, sizes and colors, so toddlers can make something to match every outfit, or make up crazy patterns and color combinations! It’s possible to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and hairbands with this comprehensive set. This is a great birthday gift because it can easily be shared with friends, and provides a fun activity to do at the birthday party.

This is an image of girls jewelry making kit

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5. Tosing Wireless Microphone

Many girls love to sing, so a wireless karaoke microphone could be an excellent gift idea. This one has a cute pink pig design which is sure to appeal to younger kids. The microphone can run for between 3 – 5 hours on a single charge, which should be plenty of time for girls to sing all their favorite songs. Bluetooth connectivity is used to sync the mic up to a phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. This means kids can sing along to their favorite songs on YouTube! The microphone is also perfect for karaoke when your child gets a little older and learns to read.

This is an image of girls karaoke microphone for girls in pink color

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6. KidiZoom Smartwatch

If your preschooler is a fan of gadgets and technology, she is sure to love this kids smartwatch from VTech. It comes with two cameras for taking selfies, photos and videos, and also functions as a watch with over 50 customizable watch faces, both analogue and digital. So, it’s not only fun, it’s also useful for learning how to tell time. You’ll also find some of the features of a real smartwatch here, such as a pedometer and a motion sensor for the augmented reality games which are included. A micro USB cable is included for uploading pictures as well as keeping the watch charged.


This is an image of girls smart watch kidizoom in purple color

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7. Play Purse with Accessories

Preschoolers love to play role-playing games, and little girls love to be just like mommy! Here we have the perfect gift for these girls – a pretend purse filled with realistic accessories. The cute purse is pink and has a butterfly, flower and tree design. It has a zippered top to ensure the contents don’t fall out, and there are little handles to make it easy to carry. Accessories include a pretend iPhone, keys, hairbrush, credit card, lipstick and blusher with a pad to ‘apply’ it. The phone and keys make fun sounds and light up for a more realistic play experience, so be sure to purchase the LR44 batteries required. Girls will love pretending to use these items, and will want to take their purse every time they go out!


This is an image of girls pretend play purse with 8 pieces toys in pink colors

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8. Flybar Pogo Jumper

If your baby girl has far too much energy, this toy is sure to wear her out! It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The base is made from sturdy foam, so when used indoors it won’t damage flooring as traditional pogo sticks can. The jumper can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds, so everyone can join in the fun! Kids can work on their balance and gross motor skills with this fun toy. It comes in a wide range of color options, so you don’t have to go for the pink.

This is an image of girls pogo jumper for girls in pink and purple color

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9. Barbie Pet Doctor Unicorn

Unicorns make the best toys for girls 4 year old and this Barbie doctor set is fantastic! The cute unicorn plush comes with doctor accessories such as a stethoscope and a syringe so little girls can nurse her back to health when she is poorly! Everything comes in a backpack, so girls can take their new pet out and about anywhere they go. Girls will love the magic when the unicorn’s horn really lights up! They’ll also love the plush fabric the unicorn is made from, as well as her shiny golden hooves. So, this toy is great for playtime as well as snuggling up with!

This is an image of girls barbie unicorn pet doctor in pink color

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10. Disney Princess Nail Polish

Many girls aged 4 love to get their nails painted, so that’s why we have chosen this child-safe nail polish set. Girly girls are sure to love the Disney Princess theme – with a different princess on every bottle. The set also comes with toe separators and a nail file for the ultimate spa experience! The shimmery colors will look great with any outfit. When the polish is no longer required, it can simply be peeled off so there’s no need for nail polish remover. This is a great birthday present – everyone at the party can have their nails painted as part of the fun!

This is an image of girls disney princess no toxic

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11. Large Aqua Doodle Mat

This giant drawing mat is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours on a rainy day! Even better, they won’t make any mess as they draw! Included with the mat are 5 pens and various stencils and stampers for endless drawing possibilities. To draw, simply fill the pens with water – it doesn’t matter if your kids like to draw on the walls or the furniture with this set! The drawings will fade after a few minutes, so the mat can constantly be reused. Kids will simply love this, and it is better for the environment too!

This is an image of girls doodle mat toy

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12. Abdtech Rechargeable Camera

If you’re looking for fun gifts for 4 yr old girl other than toys, why not consider this digital, rechargeable camera? It takes good quality images and video, and there are built-in frames and effects which can be added to make pictures even more unique! The camera comes with a 16GB memory card, which should have more than enough space for your child’s needs. There’s a 2 inch HD screen to make capturing the best images easy. The camera also has 4x zoom. Of course, girls are also sure to love the cute bunny design – this camera is sure to make them stand out from the crowd!

This is an image of girls camera with rabbit cover in pink color

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13. 24 Piece Rings Set

Many young girls love jewelry, and if that is the case with your little lady, she is sure to love this huge set of fun rings. There are 24 pieces, so she can mix and match every day depending on her mood. They also come in a handy jewelry box, perfect for storage as well as for giving this item as a gift. The rings are adjustable to fit various sizes, so they can be worn on all fingers. Girls will love the sweet designs such as flowers, bows, butterflies and more.

This is an image of girls jewel rings in box

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14. Barbie Tough Trike

This Barbie trike is perfect for girls who haven’t quite mastered two wheels just yet! As the name suggests, this trike is sturdy and durable, which is always ideal when buying for young children! It has a wide base for stability and can hold up to 55 pounds. Under the seat is a storage compartment for kids to hide anything they might find along the way on their bike ride, perhaps a nice rock or a fancy leaf. The large pedals make the trike easy to ride.

This is an image of girls barbie tough in pink and purple color

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15. Little-Sweet Doll Backpack

Backpacks make some of the best gifts for 4 yr old girl if you are looking for something other than a new toy. They’re great for helping kids look forward to going to preschool! This backpack has loads of great features – it comes with a matching bracelet and hair accessories, and the doll can be removed for use as a toy. The straps are adjustable to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. The backpack is made from soft yet durable canvas material, and has a lining inside for maximum strength.

This is an image of girls cute backpack in pînk color

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16. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art

If you’re looking for something a little different, these scratch art cards are a great choice. They come as a pack of 125, so preschoolers are sure to be busy for hours drawing and writing on these notes. There is also a wooden stylus included for drawing with. The notes come in a handy box which makes it easy to take one out. Kids will be able to use their imagination to do some great crafts with the rainbow notes!

This is an image of girls scratch art box of rainbow

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17. Little Tikes T Ball Game

Little Tikes make some great toys for 4 yr old girls, and this T-ball game is no exception! The height is adjustable to fit growing kids, and it comes with 5 balls for practice. The toy is great for developing coordination skills and of course teaching kids to handle a bat and ball. The ‘T’ can be removed for easy storage, and the toy can be hung up on a wall so it doesn’t take up too much space when being stored.

This is an image of girls t ball set in pink color

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18. VTech Music Player

VTech offer loads of fun activity toys, such as this cool music player. It has 10 fun learning games built in, which teaches kids about letters, numbers, animals and musical instruments. The toy is great for introducing kids to various musical styles – it plays rock, hip-hop and classical music. There are various instrument sounds to remix tunes with, so toddlers will have so much fun sharing their music with everyone! The headphones are great for using the toy on the go so as not to disturb others.

This is an image of girls rock and bop music player in pink color

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19. Lascoota 2 in 1 Scooter

Scooters are excellent birthday gifts for 4 yr old girl, and this one offers twice the fun because it has two different modes! There’s a seat which has two different heights, to use the scooter as a ride along toy. The seat can be removed to make the Lascoota into a normal scooter. The 3 wheel design with 2 wheels at the front is ideal for safety and ease of use. Girls will love the light up wheels, which makes riding in poor light fun! There’s a choice of 6 colors and the scooter can be used up to around 14 years old, so it will give excellent value for money!

This is an image of girls kick scooter 2 in 1 in pink color

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20. Moon and Star Projector

This fun projector is excellent for soothing kids off to sleep, or even for using to make disco lighting! It projects white or colored stars and moons onto the walls and ceiling at a distance of up to 15 feet. The projector can remain stationary or rotate, depending on preference. It’s powered by batteries or by the included USB cable. The lamp itself comes in a choice of 7 colors, including the pink shown below, purple, yellow, blue and more. If your little girl is scared of the dark, this is a great gift idea.

This is an image of girls starlight in pink color

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21. Prextex Cash Register Toy

Role playing toys make excellent gifts for 4 year old girls, so they are sure to love this electronic cash register. There are loads of fun accessories included with this set such as a basket with play food pieces, a credit card, coins and bills, and a key to lock the cash drawer. The keypad of the cash register can be used as a calculator, so it’s great for helping kids learn about math. They will love putting items on the belt and scanning them with the handheld scanner, which really bleeps! They can also make important announcements over the microphone, something which never gets old!

This is an image of girls electronic cash register STEM toy in pink color

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22. Enchantmints Ballerina Jewelry Box

This adorable musical jewelry box is perfect for young girls to store all their little trinkets they wish to keep safe. There is a key on the back to turn to play the music, and the ballerina will twirl around as the music plays. The song played is Swan Lake, so this is the perfect gift for a little ballet fan. There are plenty of compartments for storing different items – small drawers on either side, a larger drawer at the bottom and the main compartment inside. So, it’s perfect for keeping organized!

This is an image of girls musical jewelry box in pink color

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23. VTech Touch and Learn Desk

VTech make some excellent learning toys, and this activity desk offers something for everyone. It comes with four interactive cards, each of which is double sided to give 8 different themed learning activities. A perfectly sized stool is also included. The desk can be converted to an easel or chalkboard, and there are holes on the side for storing art supplies. Kids will learn so much with this toy – it is excellent for preparing them for going to school.

This is an image of girls activity desk in purple color

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24. LeapFrog My Little Pony Math Game

LeapFrog make some outstanding educational toys for 4 year old girl, such as this My Little Pony LeapPad math game. The game is perfect for MLP fans – kids will have so much fun learning as they play. It works with LeapPad tablets and the Leapster GS and Explorer, however these are sold separately so make sure the child has one of these before buying the game. Many parents worry about their kids spending too much time playing video games, but with this one they will be learning all the time so there is nothing to worry about.

This is an image of girls learning game with little pony

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25. Unicorn Tutu and Headband

If you are looking for perfect birthday gift ideas for fourth birthday girl, anything with unicorns is worthy of consideration! This tutu and headband set is sure to make the birthday girl stand out on her special day – she will certainly be the star of the party. It comes in a whole choice of colors, so there is something to suit everyone. There are two different sizes to choose from, and the waistband is elasticated for comfort. Both pieces are made from high quality materials, however the skirt should be hand washed only to prolong its life.

This is an image of girls little girls layered rainbow in pink and purple colors

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26. Joyfun T-388 Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are fun for kids of all ages, for both playtime and keeping in touch when outside. The pink camo color is great for little girls! There are many useful functions including a flashlight, backlit LCD screen and easy to use push to talk button. The range is up to 3 miles in an open area and the radios have an auto squelch system to ensure the sound is always crystal clear. The walkie talkies have 22 channels available to choose from, which helps ensure you can talk to who you want. Kids will love to use these to pretend they are on a secret mission! They’re also practical for using on a camping trip or perhaps a day at the beach, to help kids and parents keep in touch. Of course, we wouldn’t expect kids to be off alone at the age of 4, but older siblings can make use of these too.

This is an image of girls walkie talkies for girls in pink camoflage

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27. Ruby’s Hair Chalks

These hair chalks are good gifts for 4 yr old girl, and make a nice change from toys and games. They are great for giving your girl a fun hairstyle for a special occasion, and can easily be washed out with shampoo afterwards. They work well on any hair, although fairer hair does give the best results. There are 12 different colors included in the set, as well as hair bows and a comb to help with styling. The hair chalks can also be used for face painting, and they are easy to apply and remove.

This is an image of girls hair chalk salon for girls

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28. Mermaid Tail Blanket

These mermaid blankets are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why! They are perfect for keeping cozy at any time, whether it’s in bed, relaxing watching a movie or even sitting outdoors on a cool summer night. This one is designed to fit kids up to the age of 8, so it will give many years of use without being too big. The back and tail of the blanket are open, so it’s easy to climb in and kids won’t trip over when they stand up. It comes in a choice of colors, including blue, purple and green, as well as the lovely pink shown below.

This is an image of girls pink mermaid blanket

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29. Aurora World Dog Carrier

Soft toys are always popular with preschoolers, and this adorable puppy from Aurora is sure to be a winner! It comes with a cute polka dot purse to carry it in, complete with pink satin ribbon and frilly trim. Girls will love to carry their purse around to take their new pet everywhere! The poodle is extra soft, and just the right size for girls aged 4 to cuddle up with! If your girl simply can’t have enough stuffed animals, this could certainly be a good choice of gift. The cute pink ears make this puppy simply adorable, and it’s made from lovely soft materials too.

This is an image of girls fancy pals plush

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30. Ballerina Princess Gift Pack

If your little girl is interested in ballet or perhaps considering taking lessons, this princess ballerina set is the perfect gift for her. It contains three pieces, packaged in a nice gift box making this easy to wrap and gift. There’s a story book, a sparkly tiara and a ballerina doll, who wears a matching tiara. Inside the book there are 24 pages, which are beautifully illustrated with watercolor drawings. It tells the story of a girl learning ballet, showing basic dance steps and going to the first recital. The doll is 11 inches tall and is beautifully dressed with a satin dress and matching slippers. The tiara is elasticated to easily fit a range of head sizes. An excellent gift for young ballerinas!

This is an image of girls gift set includes book

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31. Mini Drone Hand Controlled

If your child is interested in RC toys, this beginner drone is an excellent pick. It’s easier to use than many other drones, as it contains sensors to control its flight rather than relying on a complicated remote controller. There are four sensors which help it avoid objects, cleverly moving away from them on its own. The drone won’t fly too high, and has just one button to make it take off or hold the same altitude. It has colored LED lights for added fun, which make it great for using in the dark!

This is an image of girls mini drone in black color

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32. Dodosky Butterfly Watch

A watch is a great gift for kids, as it encourages them to learn to tell time in a fun way. An analogue clock face is even better because they will learn to tell time properly rather than simply reading digits from a digital clock face. This one comes in loads of cute designs little girls are sure to love, such as butterflies, unicorns, flowers and flamingos. The strap is made from comfortable silicone, which is also lightweight for kids to wear. The watch is lightly waterproof, and can be worn in the rain or when washing the hands. However, it should not be completely submerged or worn in very hot temperatures as these will shorten the watch’s lifespan.

This is an image of girls of classic purple watch

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33. Wooden Castle Building Set

This fun building set contains 75 pieces which are uniquely shaped like castle parts such as bridges and turrets. It’s great for developing essential skills such as hand-eye coordination and problem solving abilities. The pieces can be used over and over again to make different layouts, so it never gets boring. Alternatively, the blocks can be glued together to make an excellent display piece for your child’s room! In either case, girls will love to make a princess castle! The blocks are made from good-quality solid wood to ensure they will last for years.

This is an image of girls mediaval knights wooden castle building blocks

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34. Schwinn Elm Bike

Bikes are perhaps the best 4th birthday gifts, especially if your little one has already mastered the balance bike. This one looks great, and is packed with excellent features making it perfect for kids aged 4. To start, little girls will love the pink and baby blue color scheme, especially the basket on the front for their favorite toys to take a ride in! There’s a choice of wheel sizes, from 12 to 20 inches, so if your child is taller than average you can simply choose the bigger size.

The bike has a steel frame for maximum durability. It has both caliper and coaster brakes, so they can learn on the easier to use coaster brakes, whilst practicing with the caliper brakes for when they progress to a bigger bike where this is the only option. The enclosed chain guard is good for safety, and there are training wheels included too. Finally, there’s a saddle handle which is good for pushing or towing the bike as necessary.


This is an image of girls bike in pink and blue colors

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35. Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellar

Stories are great gift ideas for little girls – they will love to relax at the end of the day and share a story with mom or dad. This one is great for introducing basic math skills, but in a fun way so kids won’t get bored. The story shows how there are many different ways to make 10, by adding two different numbers together. The vibrant and colorful images in the book are sure to hold interest for a long time, making this book a winner all round.

This is an image of girls book named ten magic butterflies

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36. LeapFrog Scribble & Write

If you are looking for an awesome, educational gift for baby girl 4th birthday, check out this writing toy from LeapFrog. The toy is used to teach kids how to write upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers from 1 – 10. Each step of writing the letter or number is shown on the screen for kids to copy over the top. There are also fun games included which can help with reading and spelling. Kids can find the missing letters to correctly spell basic words, or match letters to their sounds, in two of the fun games offered on the Scribble & Write.

This is an image of girls scribble and write in pink color

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37. Joystar 12 Inch Bike

Bikes are probably the best outdoor toys for preschoolers – they are loads of fun and are great for helping them get fit and active. This one is sure to appeal, with it’s beautiful pastel rainbow colors! It has a steel frame so it will withstand the inevitable scrapes and falls of a learner cyclist. Training wheels are also included to help out, and the chain guard will prevent clothing from getting caught in the chain. The bike is fitted with coaster brakes so to stop, simply pedal backwards. This is easier to master than hand brakes and is also less likely to cause your child to go head over handlebars! The bike comes mostly assembled and includes all the tools needed to finish the job. It’s also available in a 14 inch size which might be better for taller kids.

This is an image of girls bike 12 inches in beautiful colors


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38. Interactive Robot Puppy

If you are still wondering what should I get my daughter for her fourth birthday, perhaps they would like a pet! Of course, that’s not always an option, so a robotic pet can be a good alternative. Helen is a cute interactive puppy, who won’t make a mess in your home! Kids will love to chase after the toy, which moves around on its own, and will turn when it bumps into objects. When the dog is touched in different places, she reacts in different ways. It also plays music for even more fun!

This is an image of girls electronic pet dog in pink colors

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39. The Best Birthday Ever Frozen Fever

Little girls go crazy over anything Frozen-related, so this Best Birthday Ever book is sure to be a hit. The story follows the most popular Frozen characters, as they embark on a journey to make the best birthday party ever for Princess Anna. There are 24 pages, so it’s not too long to hold the attention of young children. The story is perfect for bedtime, and of course it is excellent for giving as a birthday gift. The images in the book are great for capturing girl’s interest and imagination.

This is an image of girls frozen disney book named the best birthday ever

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40. Matching Pairs Game

Board games are popular gifts, and this Minnie Mouse one is sure to appeal to baby girls! The matching pairs game is great for improving memory skills, and girls will love to look at and name the cute characters. There are 72 cards included, so you can take some out for beginners and add more as they get better and their memory improves. Kids can play the game on their own or with parents, which is great for teaching them to take turns, improving their social skills as they play.

This is an image of girls minnie mouse matching game

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41. LEGO Friends Mia’s Stable

If you are looking for 4th birthday gift ideas for girls, LEGO is an excellent pick. They are sure to love this horse-themed set, with a stable, field, two horses and various accessories. There are over 100 pieces included, yet building is simple, making it perfect for younger builders. The set is compatible with other standard sized LEGO bricks, so it’s great for starting a collection. After building, the toy is great fun to play with too! Kids will have hours of fun using their imagination with the mini-doll, horses and pet rabbit figures.

This is an image of girls lego friends stable building kit

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42. 6KU Three Wheel Scooter

Scooters are ideal 4 year old birthday gift ideas, and girls are sure to love this one with LED flashing wheels. The scooter has two wheels at the front, which are set wide apart for maximum stability. It comes in a choice of colors: pink, red, blue or black, so you can choose which your girl will like the most. The handlebar can be adjusted in height, between 23 – 30 inches from the ground, so it’s perfect for growing kids. The scooter is controlled with lean-to-steer, which is easier for little kids to master than turning with the handlebars.

This is an image of girls kick scooter with adjustable height in pink color

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43. LEGO Ariel’s Castle

We’ve already seen how LEGO have some great toys for 4 year old girl, and here we have another offering. This time we’re turning to Disney toys, with Ariel’s Seaside Castle, a 115 piece building set. The set contains the castle with lookout and slide, a rowing boat, and Ariel mini figure and a Flounder figure. The castle stands 7 inches high, and makes a great playset after being built. This is a great toy for little Disney fans, they will love all the hidden, interactive features and will play with this set for hours.

This is an image of girls LEGO disney ariel's seaside castle building kit

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44. VTech Go Go Unicorn

VTech have some cool toys, but this unicorn has got to be up there as one of the best! The unicorn will walk when the button is pressed, moving her head and her wings as she does so. She also says fun phrases and lights up, which is sure to delight preschoolers. A princess figure is also included to ride the unicorn, as well as a golden carrot for her to eat. The toy can be used with other VTech Go! Go! sets for even more fun.

This is an image of girls unicorn magic

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45. Melissa & Doug Hi Rise Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug make some excellent wooden toys, and this hi-rise dollhouse is sure to be loved by girls aged 4. It has open sides so it’s easier to play with, and has multiple rooms over three levels. There are 15 pieces of furniture included so kids can arrange the house into various rooms as they choose. The house has an elevator to make it easy for dolls to access the different rooms, and there’s also a garage for them to store their car! This dollhouse is 1:12 scale, so it’s suitable for all dolls in the same scale.

This is an image of girls wooden dollhouse furniture set

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Our Top Gift

Now we have looked at over 40 ideas, it’s time to choose the best gift for 4 year old girl. The Schwinn Elm bike is our top pick because it has loads of great features and will offer years of active fun! The colors and style make the bike attractive to young girls, and it’s also durable so parents will love it too! The training wheels are ideal for young cyclists, and the combination of coaster and caliper brakes is excellent for learning to stop with control. It is an excellent gifts for girls who are ready to progress from a balance bike to a bicycle.

This is an image of girls bike in pink and blue colors

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Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for toys for a 4 year old girl but are on a tighter budget, the LEGO horse stable set is ideal. It will keep girls busy for hours, first assembling the set and then enjoying playing with it. They will love the accessories and details, and the set can be used with any other LEGO, so it can be added to all the time.

This is an image of girls lego friends stable building kit

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Considerations When Choosing 4 Year Old Girl Toys

There are a few important factors to consider which will help guide you towards the right gift. Of course, age-appropriateness is important, so be sure to check manufacturer guidelines and take these into consideration along with the level of development of the child. Be sure to choose a toy which is neither too simple nor too advanced for your child, so she won’t get bored or frustrated.

Also think about the girl’s interests, as they change rapidly at this age! She might have a few ideas of gifts she would like, as preschoolers often see things their friends have and want the same too.


Gifts for a 4 Years Old Girl Who Loves Puzzles?

Puzzles are popular with preschoolers, but what if they already have plenty of them? Perhaps you are looking for something to challenge them? Perhaps a large floor puzzle with lots of pieces could be just what they need! 3D puzzles can give a unique challenge too, but be sure to choose one without too many pieces, as they can be difficult to master at first!

This puzzle globe from Learning Resources is a great idea, it will challenge kids as well as helping them learn all about the world. The globe teaches the names of the continents, and each is colored a different color to help differentiate between each. Kids can also learn the names of the oceans of the world, as well as some of the major landmarks and where they are found. The globe has a base to stand up on, and it also rotates around the base.

this is an image of a puzzle globe from learning resources


What Gifts are the Most Popular for a 4 Year Old Girl?

There are so many choices when it comes to finding the most popular gifts, such as arts and crafts sets, toy figures and playsets and board games. Classic toys like dolls and dressing up costumes are always popular with girls too. So, this unicorn fancy dress is a great choice – many little girls love unicorns as well as dressing up! The dress comes in a choice of cute pastel colors and also comes with a coordinating headband for a really great look. The skirt has many layers, with a cotton lining for comfort.

this is an image of a unicorn dress


How Many Gifts Should a 4 Year Old Get for Christmas?

This is a problem many parents face each year. On one hand, you won’t want to spend a fortune on buying gifts for such a young child. However, you might be feeling like you don’t want to disappoint them, even more so if their friends receive more gifts. In actual fact, many young kids can be overwhelmed if they receive too many gifts at once, and might not actually enjoy the experience.

More and more parents are employing ‘rules’ to decide how many gifts they should give their child. One popular rule is the Rule of Four, which states kids should have something they need, a gift they want, as well as a book and an item of clothing. Some parents also add a surprise gift from Santa, or up the number of gifts to 10.

No matter how many gifts you choose to give your child, make sure to choose things they will enjoy using and things they want. And most importantly of all, set a budget before starting to shop and be sure to stick to it! Christmas will be much more enjoyable without having to worry about huge credit card bills in the New Year.