Are you looking for the best gifts and toys for girls aged 3? You have come to the right place, as here we have almost 50 great gifts for 3 year old girls, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, Easter, or you simply want to give them something special as a treat. No matter what the occasion, there is sure to be a gift here to suit.

So you’re probably wondering just what are best toys for 3 year old girls? At this age, many girls love to dress up and role play, so costumes and toys which help with this make great gifts. Of course, many preschool girls love princesses and unicorns and anything pink, so we have included plenty ideas on these themes too.

Educational toys and games are also excellent at this age, as many girls aged three have a keen interest in drawing, counting and learning to write. Simple board games are fantastic toys for 3 year old girls, as they allow them to practice their social skills as well as enjoying some quality time with mom and dad. Another suggestion is outdoor toys, which allow preschoolers to spend time outside in the fresh air, away from the television and tablets they are so often addicted to.


47 Best Gifts & Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Below you will find our best 3 year old birthday gift ideas, ranging from craft activities to plush unicorns. There is something to suit all tastes and all budgets, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your little girl.

1. Kiddey Princess Tent

This pink castle tent is one of the best gift ideas for 3 year old girl if you’re looking for something other than toys. It comes with a wand and a crown for them to wear, so they can really become a princess! The tent is easy to set up, and comes with a handy storage bag for when playtime is over. It has a door that can be left closed or tied open for easy access, and there are mesh sides to help improve airflow.

The tent is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, so it can be set up in the playroom or taken outside to offer some shade on a hot day. More than one toddler can fit inside, so the tent is great for sharing on playdates or birthday parties.


This is an image of baby girl catle play tent in pink color

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2. Kids Cooking and Baking Set

This adorable set has everything a child needs to transform into a chef! Toddlers will simply love to help out in the kitchen with their own mini utensils. Included in the set is an apron, chef’s hat, oven mitts and various tools such as a whisk, cookie cutters, a rolling pin and many more. There’s also a kids cookbook included which has some easy-to-make recipes which are perfect for little ones to help out with.

Not only is this gift loads of fun, it also gives kiddies the chance to spend some time with mom or dad, which is sure to provide wonderful memories.

This is an image of kids cooking and baking set in whte and pink colors


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3. Drawing Stencils Carry Case

Drawing is a favorite pastime for many preschoolers, and this set is sure to keep them occupied for hours and hours! It comes with everything they need to get started – 16 stencil sheets, 10 colored pencils, a sharpener and some plain paper for drawing on. Everything is nicely packed into the reusable carrying case, which is handy for taking the drawing supplies out and about.

There are loads of fun themes on the stencils, including Christmas, princesses, flowers, sea creatures and farm animals. So, toddlers will never get bored of drawing with this set!

This is an image of baby girls drawing pencils set for girls

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4. Happytime Snap Pop Jewelry Set

This set contains 180 pieces in various shapes and sizes, which can be used to make necklaces and bracelets for wearing and sharing. This activity is perfect for girls aged 3, as it is not too difficult and doesn’t require the use of a needle and thread. The beads simply click together, and as a result they can be taken apart and made into a different creation with ease. It’s the perfect toy for using at a birthday party, as girls can all make something to take home, and there are plenty of pieces for sharing out. Toddler girls will be able to amuse themselves with this set for hours on a rainy day!


This is an image of baby girls diy jewelry kit


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5. LeaderPro Mini HD Camera

This mini camera has both front and rear cameras, meaning it is excellent for little girls to take selfies with! They will love the baby pink coloring too, although it also comes in baby blue for the girls who are not quite so girly! The camera boasts some impressive features such as 8.0 megapixel dual cameras, 4x zoom, HD video recording capabilities and an in-built rechargeable battery. The camera weighs just 3 ounces, so it’s definitely not too heavy for young children to handle. Kids can edit their photos with fancy frames which are built in to the camera, and they can also customize the camera body with the included stickers.

This is an image of baby girls camera in pink color


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6. Magna Doodle Board

Drawing boards make great toys for 3 year old girl because they allow them to draw over and over again without making a mess! There are four different colors inside the board, rather than the plain black which is normally found on such toys. There are also stampers included so toddlers can choose between drawing or stamping, or a mix of both! It’s easy to clean the board ready to start again, simply slide the slider across the bottom and the board will be blank. The drawing board is good for taking in the car on long journeys as it allows toddlers to keep busy without making a mess.


This is an image of baby girls magnatic board in pink color


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7. Disney Princess Matching Cards

Card games make good gifts for 3 yr old girl, as they can help develop many important skills, and are also loads of fun! This set involves finding matching pairs, which is great for improving memory skills, as well as the ability to recognize when two items match. Toddlers who love princesses will certainly be interested in this game – it is sure to hold their attention for ages! There are 72 cards, but for beginners some pairs can be left out to make the game easier. The game can be enjoyed alone or with a friend or parent, and the cards are nice and thick to ensure they will stand up to being played with by a toddler!

This is an image of disney princess matching game


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8. SnowCinda Walkie Talkies

These pink two way radios make fun gifts for 3 year old baby girl and will continue to be enjoyed for many years, making them great value for money. They can be used indoors and outdoors, for example when camping, playing in the backyard, or on a trip to the mall. The walkie talkies have adjustable volume controls, excellent sound quality and an anti-interference function to ensure you can always hear what is being said. The range is up to 3 miles, so they can be used just about anywhere without going out of range. Kids will also have fun using the radios to play pretend games at home, or simply asking mom or dad to bring them a snack!


This is an image of baby girl walkie talkies in pink color


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9. My First Pogo Jumper

This pogo jumper is designed to be easier to use than the traditional pogo stick, which is why it makes one of the best toys for 3 year old girl. It is comfortable to use thanks to the foam handles, and the bungee cord is designed to stretch to fit all sizes. So, toddlers can use this even as they get older. In fact, it can hold up to 250 pounds, so adults can have a go too! There are squeakers in the handles for added fun when jumping. The foam block base means the pogo jumper won’t scratch floors when used indoors, yet it’s also sturdy enough to be used outdoors. We love the cute unicorn design pictured below, but other options are available too such as a frog, panda or monkey.

This is an image of baby girls pogo pals jumber in purpler and pink color has a unicorn designs


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10. Princess Shoes and Accessories Dressing Up Set

Dressing up outfits make for some of the best gifts for 3 yr old girl, which is why we have included these adorable princess shoes here. There are four pairs of shoes included, as well as bracelets, rings and earrings, making this a great set to transform a little girl into a princess! There’s a handy storage box included, so tidying up after playtime is easy. This set is great for sharing with friends, or even using at a birthday party which is why it makes an excellent gift. Girly girls will love this, and it’s great for helping build their confidence.

This is an image of baby girls princess dress up with jewelry and shoes


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11. Pink Mini Grand Piano Toy

Musical toys are always a popular pick when it comes to 3rd birthday gift ideas for girls, and this adorable toy piano is sure to be a hit! The piano has 24 keys, so it can be used to play a range of popular songs. There are also over 20 demo songs included which toddlers can dance along to before they can play their own. Kiddies can also change the sound of the piano, choosing from 12 different instrument sounds. There’s also a microphone built in, allowing toddlers to sing as they play, which is sure to provide hours of fun.

This is an image of baby piano keyboard toy in pink color


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12. NextX Doctor Set

Role playing toys make great gifts for 3 yr old girl, and this doctors kit has everything they need to care for their favorite dolls and teddies! There are 35 pieces in total, including a tote bag to keep everything stored in. Some of the tools also play life-like sounds and lights, which make play time even more realistic and fun. Playing with these toys can help reduce fears of the doctor or dentist, so they are a worthwhile investment for anxious children. Just about every type of medical tool is included in the set – medicine bottles, a band aid, a syringe, ID card, reflex hammer and many more.

This is an image of baby doctor kit in that has 35 pieces


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13. LeapFrog Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog make some epic toys for 3 yr old girls, and this ice cream cart is a great example. The scooper recognizes the different flavors of ice cream, just like magic! There are six different order cards included, which can be inserted into the cash register to have the order read out loud. Kiddies then have to copy the order, and the ice cream scooper will know if they’ve done it correctly or not! The toy is great for improving memory, and can help with color recognition too. It can also teach kids to count to 10, and of course, pushing the cart around is loads of fun and helps them keep active.

This is an image of baby ice cream cart toy


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14. Unicorn Gift Set

This is a fantastic gift for any little girl who loves unicorns! The three-piece set comes with a story book, unicorn headband and an adorable plush unicorn. There are 24 pages in the book, which are beautifully illustrated with watercolor images. The plush is soft and cuddly, with lovely details such as the pink fluffy tail, shimmery horn and ribbon bangs. The headband is designed to fit all sizes, and the set comes in a nice box with ribbon so it’s ready and easy to gift. It’s an excellent pick for little unicorn-lovers!

This is an image of baby girl unicorn gift has plush unicorn and book


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15. Dress Up America My First Purse

Girls aged three love to be just like mom, so this role-play purse set makes an excellent birthday gifts for 3 yr old girl. The fake leather purse comes with a toy cell phone, keys, credit card and lipstick – everything a little girl needs for a day out! The buttons on the phone light up and make sounds when pressed, to make it more realistic, and the screen has a mirror – sure to be loved by young ladies! The car keys light up when the buttons are pressed, which might help stop your toddler from stealing yours to play with! The items all fit in the purse, and there is a Velcro closure to keep them safely inside.

This is an image of baby girls purse set pretend in pink color


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16. Fairy Dress Up Outfit

If you are looking for good gifts for 3 yr old girl other than toys, this fairy outfit is sure to be a big hit. The set includes a purple tutu skirt, a flower halo, sparkly fairy wings and a butterfly wand complete with ribbons. It’s sized perfectly for a preschooler, and will continue to fit for many years thanks to the stretchy waistband on the tutu. This is a great birthday gift – your little fairy girl will certainly stand out at her party wearing this!

This is an image of baby girl fairy cloths in purple color


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17. Ailuki Magnetic Building Tiles

Magnetic tiles are great for helping toddlers use their imagination as well as their motor skills and problem solving abilities to make some fun and unique models. This set has over 100 pieces in various colors and shapes, so it’s sure to keep toddlers busy for hours. Both 2D and 3D models can be created with the tiles, and there is an ideas booklet included with plenty of suggestions. There’s a storage bag to keep all the pieces together and make tidying up time more fun. The magnets are strong enough to hold together well when models are built.

this is an image of magnetic construction tiles


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18. Toy Dinosaur Cars

If you’re looking for unique gifts for 3 yr old girl, try these fun and colorful dinosaur clockwork cars. The six cars are each different colors, so they can be used as a teaching tool too. The storage backpack makes the cars easy to take out and about, and also helps keep them together when not being played with. The toys are easy to wind up, and can travel 20 feet on a smooth surface. Whilst the dinos are moving across the floor, they nod their heads and flap their wings – something toddlers will love to watch over and over again.

This is an image of baby girls dinosaur toys pack


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19. Educational Insights Microscope

If you are looking for interesting birthday gift ideas for third birthday girl, consider this toy microscope. It’s perfect for young children because of the child-sized features – the large eye-pieces and chunky focus knob which is easy to turn. Objects can be magnified up to 8x, and there is an LED light which helps objects to be viewed clearer. This is a great gift for peaking your toddler’s interest in science, and makes a great change from the usual types of toy they might have.

This is an image of educational microscope STEM for girls


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20. Melissa & Doug Dress Up Doll

Melissa & Doug offer some fantastic wooden toys for 3 years old girl, and here we have chosen the magnetic dressing up doll. The doll comes with a stand to hold her up, whilst girls can choose which clothes she should wear. There are over 25 pieces included, such as dresses, shoes and sweatshirts, so toddlers can have endless fun creating new looks. The toy comes packed into a tray which is ideal for keeping the pieces tidy after use – it even has different sections to keep each group of items organized.

This is an image of baby girls dress up magnetic


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21. Prextex Cash Register Toy

Cash registers are great learning toys for young children. They’re great for role play and imagination, as well as teaching numbers and counting. A toy cash register can also be used to help toddlers learn about money – something which is never to early to learn.

Toddlers will love to use the microphone on the cash register to make important announcements about their store! There’s also a functional cash drawer which can be locked, as well as a hand scanner which bleeps when items are ‘scanned’. This is a great gift, as it comes with some play food items as well as a shopping basket to keep them in, and the play money and credit card are also included. It’s sure to give hours of imaginative fun.

This is an image of baby girl cash register STEM toy with microphone in purple and pink color


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22. Melissa & Doug Butterfly Chair

This outdoor chair from Melissa & Doug makes an excellent and unique gift, which is sure to stand out from the many toys a little girl will receive on her birthday. It’s easily opened and closed, and has a cup holder on one arm rest so kids can keep their drink close to hand. The materials are durable and can easily be wiped clean if anything is spilled on the chair. The seat of the chair is around 10 inches from the ground, so it’s the ideal size for preschoolers to use by themselves. It’s also wide enough to last for many years as they get bigger. We love the matching carry bag which is included with the toddler chair, perfect for taking it to the park or to the beach.

This is an image of baby girl butterfly outdoor chair in green and pink colors


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23. LeapFrog Sweet Treats Tea Set

This adorable tea set makes a great gift because it is educational as well as really fun to play with! Toddlers will love sharing their cakes with mom and dad, and it’s great for their imagination too. The teapot lights up in different colors, to make different ‘flavors’ of tea, and it also plays fun music to make teatime even more enjoyable. One of the cakes features different colored slices, which match the flavours of the tea, so the toy is great for helping teach kiddies to learn to match up colors. Other fun pieces in the set include napkins, cups, plates and forks for four guests as well as a cake slice and various toy cakes.

This is an image of baby girl musical deluxe tea set for girls


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24. Water Doodle Mat

This extra large aqua doodle mat makes a great gift for toddlers who love to draw. It allows them to draw using only water, so they won’t make a mess as they make a masterpiece. The toy can be reused over and over again, simply refill the pens with water and wait for the mat to dry out. There are drawing stencils and stampers included in the set, as well as a booklet with some ideas of what to draw. There’s no need to worry about kids drawing on the walls or on the floor anymore with this fantastic toy.

This is an image of baby girl drawing mat aqua magic set


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25. Aurora World Unicorn Plush

Soft toys make an excellent gift for baby girl 3rd birthday, and this unicorn is sure to be a hit! It comes with a plush rainbow striped bag, complete with pom poms and carrying handles, making it easy for toddlers to take their new pet everywhere! The unicorn is pink with a shimmery pink horn and pink eyes – the dream toy for girly girls! The plush measures around 7 inches, so it’s perfectly sized for little girls to cuddle. It’s made from very high quality materials as you would expect from a top brand such as Aurora. The filling is double bagged to ensure it won’t spill out, and the eyes are very securely attached.

This is an image of baby girl unicron carrier plush in pink color


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26. I’m a Ballerina by Sue Fliess

This ballerina book is the perfect bedtime story for little girls. It has 24 pages, so it’s long enough to captivate preschoolers, yet not so long they will lose interest. The book explains all about ballet in simple language which can be easily understood by young children. It’s perfect for girls who are getting interested in ballet and are going to start taking classes – it helps them learn what to expect and shows them how fun it will be! The illustrations in the book are stunning, so little girls will love to look at them over and over again.

This is an image of baby book i'm a ballerina book


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27. Toy Food and Table Set

This fun food play set has everything your toddler needs to cook and serve a pretend meal for mom and dad! There’s the pink table, a teapot and cups for four, a full set of cutlery for four, various pieces of cutting fruit with a cutting board as well as various bottles. The table legs come off and can be stored inside the table, along with all the play pieces, making it easily stored when space is limited.

This is an image of baby girls dishes and tea set toy with folding table in pink color


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28. Mermaid Backpack and Accessory Set

This adorable mermaid gift set is perfect for little girls. It comes with reversible sequin items including two headbands, two snap bangles and a mermaid shaped keychain. Toddler girls will love to wear the accessories, and will also love to pack them in the backpack and carry them around. In fact, they can take anything they like in their backpack, and it’s also great for using as a swim or dance bag or for going to stay with family. There are a range of color options available, all of which are fantastic for little mermaid lovers.

This is an image of baby girl mermaid backpack and bag also accessoires


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29. Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

Mermaid tail blankets are very popular gifts right now, and this one is perfectly sized for younger mermaids! It is made from thick flannel material which is soft, comfortable and warm. It’s designed to fit up to age 8, so it can be used and enjoyed for many years. Girls will love the beautiful colors and shimmery details on this blanket – it is sure to make them feel just like a real mermaid. The blanket can be used anywhere and any time – on sleepovers, watching a movie on the sofa, camping out or even on cool nights at the beach. The uses are endless!

This is an image of baby girl mermaid tail blanket in pink color


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30. LEGO Duplo Belle’s Tea Party

This simple building set is one of the top toys for 3 year old girl – it has only 19 pieces making it easy to assemble, and little girls will certainly love the Disney Princess theme. Figures of Belle, Cogsworth, Chip and Mrs Potts are included, so toddlers can have some fun imaginative play with the set after building the castle. The door to the fireplace can be opended which adds more fun to this great toy. This is a great first LEGO set, and will introduce your toddler to the idea of building toys and how to use them. It’s ideal for starting a future collection, which can be added to on any future birthday as all Duplo sets are compatible with one another.

This is an image of baby girl lego duplo building kit tea party


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31. Dreambuilder Magnetic Building Tiles

These magnetic building tiles are great educational toys for 3 year old girls, and the 100+ pieces will certainly keep them busy for a while. A range of 2D and 3D models can be built with these pieces, which come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some of the pieces have solid sides with a brick-effect design, perfect for creating a toy town! There are also parts to make a ferris wheel, as well as wheels for making vehicles.


this is an image of pastel magnetic building tiles


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32. Three Wheeled Pink Scooter

This scooter is the perfect size for preschoolers, up to the age of around 5 years old. It can easily carry a weight of up to 80 pounds, and the handles can be adjusted from 24 to 27 inches from the ground. Kids will love the light up wheels, which are great for riding when it’s starting to get a little dark! The scooter has a rear fender brake, and the two wheels in front are ideal for helping with balance. This layout also means riders won’t hit their feet on the wheels, compared to having two in the rear.


This is an image of baby girls scooter kids for girls in pink and black colors


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33. Candy Land – Disney Princess Edition

Candy Land is often chosen as a first board game for preschoolers, and this Disney Princess edition is sure to be a hit with girls! It can be played with 2 or 3 players, and the rules are simple enough for a child aged 3 to pick up quickly. The princess characters included are Cinderella, Rapunzel and Ariel, so girls can choose their favorite, or play it three times in a row with a different character each time. To play the game, players must take turns to draw cards which show them how to move their character. If they are the first to reach the end of the rainbow board, they are the winner!


This is an image of baby girl disney princess board game named candy land


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34. 530 Pieces Pop Beads Set

These Tomons pop snap beads come in a huge organizer box, containing over 500 pieces. The beads easily snap together, allowing toddlers to make their own jewelry over and over again. They can make headbands, necklaces, rings and more, and can choose colors to match their outfits – or not! The beads can also be used for counting and color recognition, and some of them have letters and numbers printed on them which can help with learning too. Toddlers can even make custom jewelry with their own name on it! The beads are quite small, so adult supervision is recommended when playing with them.


This is an image of baby girl diy jewelry pop beard with 530 pieces


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35. WolVol Mini Dolls Set

This set comes with 6 mini baby dolls each around 5 inches high, as well as different accessories for each to use. There’s a high chair, cradle, baby bath and more – everything a little girl needs to look after her new babies! The babies have movable heads, arms and legs, offering a more realistic and fun play experience. They are a great size for taking out to keep toddlers amused on the go, and they will love to have the important task of caring for their baby whilst they’re out! The babies come with cute outfits, and a range of pink and blue accessories, so toddlers can have babies of both genders!


This is an image of baby girls mini dolls pack


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36. Educational Insights Design & Drill

This drilling set is a great STEM toy for young girls. It comes with a functioning drill and 60 bolts, as well as a booklet showing 12 design patterns to copy. The case folds up for easy store and keeping all the pieces safely in place. This also allows the kit to be taken anywhere, which is great as it will amuse your kid for hours! The toy is excellent for promoting hand-eye coordination, as well as concentration and fine motor skills. It’s a really unique toy which offers a completely different experience from most other preschool toys. It is perfect for little girls who long to help out when dad is doing some DIY!


This is an image of baby girl educational toy


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37. Mr Pencil’s Scribble and Write

This educational toy is great for encouraging an interest in learning to write. It shows toddlers how to write numbers and upper and lower case letters, with dotted lines and arrows to guide the way. Once written correctly, kids can touch the screen to be rewarded with fun animations to celebrate their success! There are other fun modes as well which offer different educational activities. Toddlers can match letters to their correct sound or spell out short words. The toy has a carry handle which is perfect for toddlers to take it anywhere, and it can be used by kids up to around age 7, so it is sure to get plenty of use!

This is an image of baby girl pencil scribble and write tool in pink color


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38. Rocking Unicorn

This Animal Adventure rocking unicorn is one of the top toy for 3 year old girl – what little girl wouldn’t love a real unicorn to ride?! It can hold up to 75 pounds, so it can be used for many years before being outgrown. The unicorn has lovely details which are sure to delight little girls, such as the pink fluffy hair, sparkly horn, and pretty embroidered details. Parents will love how sturdy and durable the rocking horse is, and it can also be spot cleaned if it gets dirty. The perfect gift for any unicorn loving girl!

This is an image of baby girl wood ride on plush rocker in unicorn design


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39. Talking Robot

This talking robot makes a really fun toy as it repeats back anything that is said to it! the eyes light up and flash in response when buttons are pressed, making this an awesome interactive toy kids will love. The arm and leg joints can rotate through 360 degrees. This can be fun for kids as they can twist his legs or arms back-to-front to make him look silly! The robot is made from die cast metal material to ensure it is sturdy and durable for young kids to play with.

This is an image of mini robot toy in blue color


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40. Townley Girl Frozen Make Up Set

This make up set is perfect for girly girls who love to copy mom when she gets ready in the morning! There are five different nail polishes and lip glosses in the set, as well as cute nail art stickers. Each bottle of nail varnish and lip gloss is decorated with your child’s favorite Frozen characters, so it is an excellent choice for the many young girls who simply can’t get enough of this popular movie. The nail polish is quick to dry and can be peeled off when no longer required, without the use of nail polish remover. The set is perfect for birthday parties – girls will love to have a makeover with their friends!

This is an image of disney frozen cosmetic set for girls


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41. Buddies in a Bag

If you are looking for different and unusual toys for a 3 years old girl, consider these Buddies in a Bag. The toys take the shape of different animals, and are colored in a variety of colors too. They can be joined together by their hands or their body, stacked up, lined up, or even used to build a tower! The possibilities are endless with this toy – it can be used for color recognition, counting or naming animals, as well as building and making, which is ideal for the fine motor skills. The drawstring storage bag comes in handy too – it makes tidying up fun and easy and means mom and dad won’t stand on any stray pieces!
This is an image of buddies in bag toys with multi colorful colors


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42. Gund My First Doll

This cute plush doll is a great toy for helping little girls develop their nurturing side. It is soft, with embroidered facial features, which also makes it ideal for use as a comforter at night time. Parents will love how the doll is machine-washable – we all know how much of a mess toddlers can get in at times! The dolly stands at 13 inches tall, and comes with a choice of either blonde or brown hair.

This is an image of pink doll plush


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43. Space Ball Construction Set

This building toy offers a different experience from most other STEM contruction toys found on the market today. Balls are used to connect rods and flat shapes together, to make a range of interesting 3D models. The ball connectors have holes all over, meaning there are endless possibilities for building, not limited to a single direction. There are over 150 pieces in this set, so kiddies will be kept busy for hours! You’ll also find wheel pieces included to make vehicles with. An all-round excellent fun and educational toy which is sure to see a lot of use.

This is an image of construction STEM game has 168 pieces


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44. Whoo’s Having a Birthday Gift Set

This cute owl birthday gift set includes a plush owl, a story book, and a party hat that can be customized with the child’s age. The set can be reused every year by changing the number on the hat – digits from 1-9 are included so it can continue to be used up until the 9th birthday! The book tells a rhyming story about why birthdays are special, so it makes a great story to read at bedtime before or after the big day. The plush owl is adorable and wears a little party hat – young kids will love to match their new toy!

This is an image of baby girl owl set birthday with book and owl plush in pink color


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45. Toy Car Ramp Racer

Toy cars aren’t just for boys – check out this cute pastel colored set which is simply perfect for toddler girls. The set comes with four small cars included, which roll down the ramps, flipping over at the end of each in a satisfying manner. There is a parking lot on the roof of the tower which is ideal for parking the cars when not in use! There’s also a ramp on top to help the cars get down the ramps with a bit more speed. The ramps and platforms can be arranged in many different configurations to give endless possibilities for fun – this toy won’t get boring quickly for sure.

This is an image of ramp racer with day race tracks with beautiful colors


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46. Minnie Mouse Foam Floor Puzzle

Minnie Mouse is always popular with little girls aged 3, and here we have a large floor puzzle featuring both Minnie and her friend Daisy Duck. The pieces are extra large and made from foam, so they are durable enough for toddlers to use, and won’t get bent. The material used also means this puzzle can be built outdoors for a fun change. The 25 pieces means this puzzle is just the right difficulty for a 3 years old – they will quickly learn to build it without help. The product is officially licenced by Disney, so you can be sure it is of great quality.

This is an image of disney puzzle mat for girls


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47. Large Stuffed Unicorn

Unicorns always make popular toys for 3 years old girls, so what could be better than a giant, cuddly pink one?! Measuring 18 inches long, this adorable unicorn is the perfect snuggling companion for toddler girls. It has lovely plush fur and a fluffy mane and tail, as well as a beautifully sparkly matching pink horn. The unicorn plush rests in a laying down position, so it will look adorable resting on the bottom of the bed. Of course, it probably won’t get much of a chance to decorate the room, as it will be to busy going everywhere with your little princess!

This is an image of pink plush unicorn in pink color


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Our Top Gift

Whilst we have looked at loads of cool toys for 3 year old girl, the one which comes out on top has to be the pink scooter. Scooters are great outdoor toys at age 3 – toddlers this age usually have no trouble learning how to use them and they are great for helping them keep active. The three wheeled design is great for balance and safety, and of course the lighting up wheels make this one a winner!

This is an image of baby girls scooter kids for girls in pink and black colors

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Best Budget Gift

If you’re looking for the best gifts for 3 year old girls but are on a tight budget, don’t worry! There are loads of affordable toys and gifts. Consider the kids baking set as one of the best, because it costs under $20, yet will give years of joy to both children and parents alike. Parents will love to spend time with their toddler in the kitchen, and toddlers will love to help out, and espeically love to eat the delious treats they have baked afterwards! It comes with everything a young chef needs, and all the pieces are perfectly sized for little hands.

This is an image of kids cooking and baking set in whte and pink colors

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for Girls Aged 3

There are a few things worth keeping in mind to help you find the perfect gift idea for a young girl. First, consider her interests, as well as anything she might already have. At the age of 3, many kids will see things they want in the toy shop or advertised on TV, so she will probably tell you if there’s anything she would like! It can be nice to start a collection at this age, so it’s easy to buy gifts for any occasion in the future. For example, many children this age enjoy to collect animal figures or building sets such as Duplo.


Gifts for 3 Years Old Girls who Aren’t Girly

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding good gifts for not so girly girls. There is nothing wrong with choosing toys which may be marketed more towards boys. Board games might appeal, as well as educational toys and games. Simple STEM toys can appeal to girls who are not so interested in princesses and unicorns, or perhaps some outdoor ride on toys or ball games to help them burn off some energy.


Gifts for 3 Year Olds who Love Princesses

Many little girls aged 3 love princesses, so it’s no surprise there are a range of toys and gifts related to this theme. Our first gift, the princess castle tent, is excellent for girls to play princess games in, and fancy dress outfits and shoes are good to go along with this to help make role playing even more fun. Disney princess toys and games are also readily available and are sure to go down a treat with a little princess!


Unique Gifts for Three Year Olds Who Have Everything

When thinking of the perfect gift for a child, it often seems they have everything they could ever want or need. Personalized gifts can be a nice choice in this case, as it will give your little girl something special to keep and look back on over the years. You could also give your child something which will allow you to spend some quality time with them, such as a game to play together or a crafting activity you can help them with. Alternatively, take them on a special day out to the zoo or the cinema followed by their favorite meal! Sometimes a small gift is enough, and going on a day out will give memories to last a lifetime.

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