If you’re looking for the best gifts for 10 year old girls, you’ll be very happy to read through this review. We’ve made certain included a good variety of gifts that range from art kits, educational sets, party games, outdoor toys and more.

At this age, girls have a lot of different interests and it can become difficult trying to pick the toys that you think they’ll like the most. Regardless of whether you’re after presents for your little girl on Christmas, their birthday, or just to surprise them, you can be sure to get inspiration from our review!

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20 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

Below you can find some awesome stuff your daughter will love! There are also additional gift ideas available from Pigtailpals if none of our options suit your need. Finally, at the end there is a buyers guide about how to select gifts for girls age 10 to ensure that you’re able to leave feeling more assured.

1. Crayola Art Set with Case

This set comes with a range of 64 crayons, 20 washable markers, 20 pencils, and 15 pieces of paper. Therefore, kids are provided with plenty of supplies to get imaginative with. The markers, pencils, and colors are all available in a variety of colors to encourage more creativity.

A case is also available with the set. This makes it incredibly easy for children to keep all of their art supplies in one place where it’s all organized and easy to access. The case is also excellent for letting kids use the set while traveling. Parents feel reassured because of how the art supplies have been made with toxic-free elements.

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2. Computer Building Kit

This set lets girls build their own computer from scratch making it a very unique present for girls that is not typical. There are some great instructions included in the book which have a step-by-step process to make it easier for children to follow. In addition to this, there are LED lights, a wireless keyboard, HDMI cables, and more.

Once the computer has been built, kids are able to learn how to code with a hands on experience. This is due to how there are hundreds of challenges available for them to be involved in. The computer also has practical uses as it can be plugged into a HDMI screen for browsing the internet.

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3. Fashion Designing Set 

Melissa & Doug’s fashion designing set features 9 fashion plates that are double sided. As a result, girls are able to make more use out of each plate. In addition to this, there are crayons, crayon holders, pencils, and a case.

The case is super helpful when it comes to keeping all of the parts organized in one place. It also makes the set very easy to transport. Children are able to get highly imaginative when coming up with designs, especially if they have a passion for fashion.


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4. Password Protected Journal

Girls can write down their thoughts inside this journal and feel confident in knowing that no one will be able to look inside. This is a result of the electronic feature that allows them to put a password protection on the journal.

We also liked how the journal can record voices of people who try to access your journal without permissions. Girls have also loved how there’s an invisible ink pen with a black light. You’re only able to see what’s been written down by using the black light which enhances the security elements of the journal.

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5. Science Bag Kit

Girls who love science could have a lot of fun learning from this set while having fun. There are over 70 activities available that keeps children engaged in learning for hours. An instructional booklet is also included which contains easy to follow instructions on the various activities.

Children are able to learn about science in a way that’s more interactive as they can involve friends and family in the experiments. The bag that comes with the set lets you easily keep all of the supplies stored in one place to prevent items from going missing. This also lets kids take the science kit with them to friends and families places.

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6. NERF Bow & Arrow Toy

Children can have a blast using this pretend bow and arrow toy to shoot the NERF arrows up to 90 feet. We liked how it involves the movement of shooting a real bow and arrow by loading in the NERF arrow, pulling the string back, aiming, and releasing.

Girls can have a ton of fun being able to shoot up to 6 NERF arrows one after another without having to reload after each shot. Kids are able to have a ton of fun playing imaginatively while playing in groups and shooting NERF arrows at each other or at targets.

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7. Butterfly Hand Controlled Drone 

Girls can have an easy time controlling this butterfly drone by using their hand. It comes with palm sensors that you can use to tilt your hand and make the drone move in different directions.

To make it even easier for beginners to use, there’s a 1-key system that enables the drone to start flying by pressing a single button. Not to mention, there’s a gyro system that keeps the drone stable when being flown. Once kids get more used to the controls, they can have fun performing midair stunts and watching how the toy lights up with LED’s.

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8. Make Your Own Lip Shimmer Set

There are 5 containers and high quality ingredients included with this set. Kids can use these ingredients to make a range of different lip shimmers. They can then keep them stored in the containers to use them while out and about.

The kit also comes with a stick for stirring, mixing cup, and a set of instructions. Kids are able to follow these instructions to make their own lip shimmers easily. There are also stickers available for decorations and for kids to be more creative with.

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9. Colorful Note Making Set

There are 125 mini notes and a wooden stylus included with this set. Kids can use the stylus to write down notes or draw by scratching off the top layer and revealing bright rainbow colors underneath.

Children are able to get very creative with the kinds of designs that they come up with. There’s plenty of mini notes for them to use up over time as well. It’s also a set that girls can use to keep themselves engaged in an activity that’s away from the screens while you’re traveling.

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10. Walkie Talkie Phone

If you wanted to give your child a way to communicate easily, without giving them a mobile phone, this Walkie Talkie Phone could be a great option. It works by pressing and holding the button in the middle to talk to others.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices which means that kids can ring you on your phone. There’s a subscription of $9.99 per month without any contract limitations. There’s also 4G technology which makes the device work across the U.S. Parents have also liked how there’s GPS tracking to ensure they can keep an eye on where their kids are.

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11. Waterproof HD Camera

Girls can take some amazing videos and pictures underwater in 1080p HD quality with this camera. This is a result of the waterproof case that has been fitted around the camera. It’s easy to attach and lets you keep the camera protected underwater.

There’s a small 1.77 LCD display that lets kids see the pictures and videos that they’re taking. A CMOS image sensor has been fitted which is excellent for enhancing the quality of the images and videos taken. A 4X digital zoom function is also available to capture footage and pictures of object further away.

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12. Pink RC Truck Toy 

This RC truck toy has been made with a realistic design to make it look like a real off road truck. The bright pink colors used also make it more exciting for girls to play with. They’ve included shock absorbents that work to keep the toy stable when going across tricky terrain.

The wheels also have an anti slip feature that lets kids control the truck toy to ride smoother and have more control. Working lights are available at the front which makes the toy fun to play with in the dark. The toy can be used for up to 30 minutes before it requires recharging.

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13. Chemistry Candy Kit

Children are provided with the opportunity to make a wide range of candy with this set. They include chocolate, rock candy, gummy bears, and more. During the process, they’re able to learn about the scientific processes involved with making the candies.

A set of instructions are also included that have been made in full color to make it easier for kids to follow. The kit is a super hands on way for kids to learn about chemistry while having fun.

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14. Lego Advent Calendar 

Kids who are into Lego could have a blast opening up the windows in this advent calendar and collecting Lego toys. It’s an excellent gift over Christmas time that enables girls to play with the pieces and be super imaginative.

In total, there are 500 pieces for them to collect over the month of December. Therefore, you can expect your child to have plenty to play with for a while. All of the pieces are compatible with other Lego sets for more creative possibilities.

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15. Water Bottle Designing Kit

There are 5 bright marker pens and a plain water bottle included in this set. This enables kids to get super creative with the kinds of designs that they come up with for their water bottle. In addition to the markers, there are gemstones available as well.

Girls can have fun with friends designing their water bottles for an engaging group activity. It can be a wonderful present for girls who love to be imaginative. The materials used to construct the water bottle are free from BPA’s to ensure that it’s safe for your child to drink out of.

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16. Electric Scooter

Girls who like to play outdoors and be active could have a ton of fun riding around on this electric scooter. It has been fitted with a kick start motor that’s easy to use. Kids are able to travel at a top speed of 10 mph, which is plenty for them to have a blast with.

The brake can be easily used with the hand operated feature. As a result, children can remain in control and keep themselves safe. We also liked how there’s a kickstand that’s spring loaded and easy for kids to use when standing their scooter up.

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17. Sing It Or Shout It Game

Children can have fun playing this game in groups with friends and family. It involves getting into groups with one word being given for each team to come up with lyrics or a song that includes that word.

It encourages quick thinking and enables kids to be more comfortable in group situations to work on their social skills. It can be played by between 4 and 10 people, which makes it awesome for parties. Each game can last for around 30 minutes and you can be sure to get a lot of laughs out of everyone involved.

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18. Star Wars Droid Toy

Girls at 10 who love Star Wars could have fun with this R2-D2 droid toy by watching how it has a range of movement features. It can waddle around with specific prompts. Furthermore, there are speakers included that let you listen to the sound effects that the toy can make.

In addition to this, LED lights have been fitted on the front and back of the toy. These are interactive features that make the toy more exciting to play with. We also liked how there are a range of activities that enable kids to learn about programming by using the Sphero Edu app and connecting it to the toy via Bluetooth.

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19. Pedal Go Kart

An ergonomic seat has been implemented to this go kart which works to keep children comfortable while they’re riding around outdoors for hours. Furthermore, the seat has an adjustable feature, making it suitable for kids of different heights and sizes.

The pedal powered function is excellent for encouraging children to play more actively. We liked how there’s a steering wheel that’s responsive and very easy for kids to stay in control. A brake level is also available on the side which brings the go kart to a stop.

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20. 2 Pack Walkie Talkie Set

These walkie talkies have been made with a compact size to ensure that kids are able to carry them around while out and about with ease. We liked how they inspire kids to play more creatively with each other when outdoors and communicating to each other via the walkie talkies.

They have an impressive range of up to 1.5 miles which lets kids stay in contact with you or their friends while being further away. The LED display provides you with information on the battery level, volume, the channel that you’re using, and more.

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Our Top Gift

We’ve reviewed some fantastic gifts for girls aged 10 in this post, but our number one pick is the Chemistry Candy Kit. This is because it manages to combine an incredibly exciting activity with enabling kids to learn more about chemistry at the same time.

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Best Budget Gift

The Mini Notes Art set by Melissa & Doug is our number one choice if you were after gifts for your daughter with a lower budget. It comes with 125 notes that girls can have fun being imaginative with by creating designs and using them for taking notes.

It’s a set that they can use for a long time that’s also easily portable for them to be engaged in an activity while you’re traveling.

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What to Consider When Choosing Gifts for a Ten Year Old Girl

When picking age appropriate toys for girls, there are some factors that you’ll want to think about before making a final decision. We recommend that you keep an eye on the kinds of interests that they have.

This will help you to focus your search on the types of presents that your child is mostly interested in and will have more fun with. You’ll also want to think about the types of things that they find boring so that you know what to avoid.

For example, if they love being active outdoors, something like the electric scooter or go kart would be gifts that they could have a blast with for hours.


What To Get a 10 Year Olds Like For Her Birthday?

Selecting gifts for 10 yr old girls on their birthday can be tricky. However, you can be sure to get a good idea of different ideas from our review above. You may want to consider gifts that have a more personal touch, such as jewelry with 10th birthday engravings.

Other options could include games that can be played at her birthday party. These types of gifts are super fun for group play and can make the party even more exciting.


What to Get a 10 Year Old Girl For Christmas?

As far as Christmas time goes, there are lots of excellent choices in our review. Maybe you’d like to go with something more closely related to Christmas, such as the Lego Advent Calendar.

Alternatively, other kinds of girl gifts that they can use to play indoors during the colder weather could be great too.


Gifts for Girls Who Are Creative

Girls who are ten years and creative can have a lot of fun with art sets and anything that lets their creative side run wild. Presents such as the Crayola art kit or the mini notes design set are superb options.


Educational Gift Ideas 

Children can enjoy learning and having fun at the same time with the right gifts. We’ve reviewed some excellent gifts and toys for 10 yr old girls that they’re able to have a blast with while learning at the same time.

For example, the Star Wars droid toy helps kids learn more about the basics of programming. Furthermore, the candy making kit encourages girls to have an enjoyable experience making their own candy while discovering more about the chemistry processes involved.