Are you wondering what toys to buy 1 year old girls? Perhaps they have outgrown some of their baby toys and you’re looking for something a bit more age-appropriate. Well, you have come to the right place, as here we have a comprehensive guide to finding the very best gift ideas for little girls.

These days, it seems like kids, even very young ones, have everything they could possibly need. But even if you are looking for gifts for a girl who has everything, you are sure to find something unique and special here that she will simply love.

So, what toys are good for 1 year old girls? Perhaps she is trying to take her first steps, in which case a baby walker is always a great pick. If she’s already more confident on her feet, a pull-along toy will be greatly appreciated by a young toddler. Many toddlers also enjoy ride on toys, as long as it is sturdy with four wheels for balance. Toys which can help with development are also excellent choices when it comes to gifts for 1 yr old girl. Shape sorters and very simple wooden puzzles are ideal, and it’s never too early to introduce your toddler to shapes, colors and numbers, so toys which help teach these are another good option.


50 Top Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

Now that we know what makes good toys, let’s move on to the reviews, where you will find a bunch of safe, age-appropriate and not to mention, fun, toys, and gifts for little girls aged 1.

1. Fisher Price Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

This is a fantastic toy that is guaranteed to make a very special gift to keep a little girl entertained for endless hours! The toy is double-sided so toddlers can be a customer at the truck or the server inside it. There are many pieces included, such as a toy burger and taco, drinks with straws, a sink, a service bell and a grill that lights up when the food is ‘cooking’!

The cash register inside the truck can read the menu cards when they are inserted, which is simply magic for young children! There are three levels on the toy, which makes it great for as your child gets older too. With over 125 sound phrases, this is an all-round excellent pick for anyone looking to spoil a special little 1 yr old!

This is an image of kids serving food truck

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2. Magenta Little Tikes Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is simply a great gift for an older baby girl – it’s great for developing her gross motor skills, can be used both indoors and outdoors and of course, it is great fun! This one is particularly special because it comes in a stunning deep magenta color, perfect for your little princess.

The rocking horse is safe for little ones as it has a high-backed seat to ensure they don’t fall, and the handles are easily gripped by tiny hands. It can hold weights of up to 50 pounds despite its compact size, so you can be sure your little girl will have many years of fun before outgrowing it.

This is an image of pink rocking horse for baby girls

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3. LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

If you’re wondering what to get a one year old for her birthday, LeapFrog is a well-known and trusted brand which should definitely be considered. This picnic basket is no exception, and is certain to keep your toddler entertained, whilst also giving them the opportunity to learn some new skills. The basket comes with a picnic blanket, two forks, two cups and two plates, as well as eight shaped pieces of food, which fit perfectly into the holes on the plates. The toy is essentially a shape sorter, as the food can be passed through the holes into the basket, or arranged on the plate. However, it also plays fun music and sounds, and allows kiddies to use their imagination and have a fun picnic with mom or dad – fun for all the family!

This is an image of baby picnic basket in multi colors

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4. LeapFrog Musical Teapot

Here we have another fantastic offering from LeapFrog, this time in the shape of a musical teapot! This is the perfect addition to the picnic set above, but is equally fun when used alone. The set includes the teapot, two cups and a cake consisting of six slices, served up on a plate.

The aim of this top rated toy is to introduce toddlers to colors, helping them recognize and match six colors. The teapot lights up in different colors, and asks your child to find the colored cake which matches the ‘flavor’ of tea in the pot. They will have endless fun hosting tea parties, and will also learn polite table manners at the same time!

This is an image of baby party musical rainbow tea

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5. VTech Sit to Stand Walker

This walker from VTech is one of the most popular amongst parents and is excellent for older babies who are just starting to toddle. It helps them gain confidence on their feet, and also provides a fun, musical interface for when they  need to sit down for a rest!

Babies will love to press the chunky, colorful buttons to hear the different sounds they make, and they can also use the pretend telephone to make important calls! There are loads of opportunities here to practice and develop motor skills, and toddlers will love to push it around long after they have mastered walking.

This is an image of baby learning walker in pink color

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6. LeapFrog Learning 100 Words Book

This book from LeapFrog makes for one of the best gifts for a little girl who has everything – it provides endless entertainment and is packed with learning opportunities for her rapidly-developing brain. Each page of the book has a theme, for example animals or activities, and there are over 100 words in total. The book is excellent for billingual children as it can be used fully in both English and Spanish. The carry-along handle makes this the perfect toddler toy as they can take it around wherever they wish.

This is an image of baby learning words

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7. Woby Musical Duck Toy

This top rated educational toy is great for helping many areas of your baby’s development. So if you’ve been wondering ‘What should I get my daughter for her first birthday?’, this cute and highly entertaining toy could be perfect! The duck toy moves around, so kiddies can have great fun chasing after it, whether they are crawling or walking. By pressing the buttons, animal sounds can be heard – great fun for little ones to copy! Most importantly, the toy is very durable so it’s ideal as your child gets older and perhaps becomes rougher on her toys!

This is an image of baby musical flapping duck in yellow color

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8. Top Bright Wooden Race Car Track

Whilst cars might be more traditionally associated with boys, they also make great toys for 1 yr old girls. This set is particularly fun, as the cars move in a fascinating way zig-zagging across the track. The wooden toy comes with four differently colored vehicles, which are also numbered. So, the car set can also be used to introduce your child to counting and colors. The toy is perfectly safe for young children, as the wheels are securely attached to ensure they don’t pose a choking hazard.

This is an image of baby wooden race car

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9. Top Bright Activity Cube

This activity cube toy offers five sides of fun for curious toddlers! It’s one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old girl, as it is highly entertaining, great for development and will be enjoyed for a long time. Some of the activities include turning gears, a bead maze and counting beads, which are great for both physical and intellectual development.

This is an image of baby activity cube toy in elephant design and blue color

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10. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Building blocks are one of the best birthday gifts for 1 yr old girls, and these ones are perfect thanks to their large, chunky size. They also come in lovely bright and bold colors to keep toddlers’ attention for longer periods. There are 80 pieces included, and the bag is ideal for keeping them all safely stored together rather than spread out all over the floor! Kids up to the age of around 5 can enjoy these building blocks, making them an excellent investment!

This is an image of baby mega blocks building bag

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11. Best Learning Steering Wheel

This top rated, award winning toy is excellent for helping toddlers learn all about colors, shapes and feelings. The steering wheel has a non-slip base, so it can be placed on the floor and spun around without slipping, and it also spins well on carpet. When the wheel spins, it plays fun songs to keep toddlers entertained. Toddlers will love to press the buttons over and over again to hear what happens. It’s interesting and useful for toddlers to learn about feelings and emotions – this isn’t something taught with many toys.

this is an image of a toy steering wheel

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12. Top Bright 7 in 1 Activity Center

This activity toy is packed with fun games for toddlers to enjoy, making it one of the best toys for girls on their first bday. The top can be removed for easier storage, or you can store other toys inside the activity center. Some of the activities on this toy include a clock, counting beads, shape sorter, spinning gears and of course the bead maze on top. The high-quality wood makes this toy both environmentally-friendly and durable, so it’s a winner all round!

This is an image of baby educational activity cube

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13. Mega Bloks Build and Learn Table

This building blocks table is an excellent companion to the bag of Mega Bloks reviewed previously. However, it can also be used on its own as it comes with 30 blocks. There are also wheel bases to build vehicles with, and when playtime is over the bricks can be stored inside the table. The legs fold and there is a carrying handle, allowing the table to easily be stored away or transported. Some of the blocks are numbered to help introduce basic counting skills and number recognition.

This is an image of baby building table for learning in purple and pink colors

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14. Fisher Price Grow ‘n Learn Garden

If you’re looking for first birthday gifts for girls, this could be the perfect choice. The gardening toy is great for role playing, and has three different levels to progress through as your child gets older. The set comes with a gardening caddy, watering can and some plants. By pouring the watering can, toddlers can hear rain sounds, and can watch their plants ‘grow’ as they are sorted into the caddy. Letters, shapes, colors and even fruits and veggies can all be taught using this fantastic toy from trusted brand Fisher Price.

This is an image of baby smart garden toys

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15. LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

This is one of the best toys for 1 year old girls as it is very educational as well as super fun! It teaches all the letters from A-Z, animal names and sounds and there is also a fun music mode. Toddlers have to spin the wheel, then when it lands on a particular letter they will hear all about that letter through fun sounds and lights. There are also animal buttons and sliders on the base which give fun reations when used.

This is an image of baby sping and sing alphabet zoo

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16. VTech Smart Shots Sport Center

This is one of the best gifts for 1 yr old girls who love to be busy and active all the time! It allows them to play both soccer and basketball, and features a scoreboard to count the baskets, up to 10. The toy can also be used to play over 50 songs and phrases, as well as teaching shapes and counting. It’s fun for both indoor and outdoor use, and is perfect for when your little one can walk well. It’s fun for those aged up to around 3, so it can be used for a long time to ensure you get great value from the toy.

This is an image of baby center sports shots

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17. Light Up Floating Bath Toy

This is a great birthday gift if you are looking for something a little more unusual and unique. The toy will make bathtime much more fun and make it less of a battle every night! There’s only one button so the toy is easy for even very young children to use. The toy features three different light patterns to ensure it doesn’t get boring, too. In summer, the light up toy can be used in a pool, and it doesn’t require water so it can simply be used in a darkened room too.

This is an image of baby casemetry with light toy

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18. LeapFrog Alphapup

The Alphapup from LeapFrog is a cute learning toy which can be pulled along wherever your toddler goes. Another of LeapFrog’s birthday gift ideas for 1 year old baby girls, it has buttons for each letter of the alphabet, making it a great tool to teach your little one to recognize letters. There are also buttons to play music and phrases for added fun. Toddlers will love the pup’s wagging tail too! The toy even comes in a lovely pink and purple color scheme which is perfect for little girls.

This is an image of baby alphapup in purple/pink colors

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19. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Another of the more popular gifts from VTech, this pull along puppy guarantees hours of fun! Once your little girl has learned to walk, she will simply love taking this cute puppy along everywhere she goes. When the cord is pulled, the puppy’s legs will move and it also plays sounds. Another fun feature is the light-up nose, which flashes along with the music and sounds! This great gift also introduces body parts, colors and numbers to help with early language skills.

This is an image of baby toy pull and sing puppy

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20. YGJT First Balance Bike

Balance bikes make perfect first birthday gift ideas for a girl, and this one is suitable for babies as young as 10 months, and can be used until the age of around 24 months. There are no pedals and there are four wheels for added stability. The steering is also limited to 135 degrees to prevent babies from falling to the side, so you can be sure they are completely safe when riding their first bike. It’s great for developing strength and coordination, and will help when the time comes to progress to a more advanced bike.

The balance bike comes in a choice of colors such as pink, black, orange and blue, so there is something for everyone.

This is an image of baby pink balance bike

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21. Dreamingbox Star Night Light Projector

Perhaps you are looking for birthday gifts for one year old granddaughter other than toys? This star projector night light is perfect for toddlers who are becoming scared of the dark. It can project stars and moons all around the room, which can be either white or colored. It’s also possible to keep the lights still or have them spinning around the room. The projector can be used anywhere as it can be powered by a USB charger or with 4 AA batteries. Toddlers will love watching the fascinating projections made by this lamp, whether it is to help them drift off to sleep or simply to chill out during a busy day.

This is an image of baby light night with stars in pink color

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22. Amy & Benton Pink Piano Toy

Musical toys and instruments make for great 1st birthday gift ideas for girls, so this pink piano is simply perfect! It even comes with a microphone for toddlers to sing their favorite nursery rhymes into. There are 24 keys on the keyboard and it can also play 8 different percussion instrument sounds to add to the fun. Over 20 demo songs are included, so even if your toddler can’t quite play a tune just yet, they can have fun dancing along anyway! Other fantastic features include MP3 or cellphone connectivity, LED lights and recording capabilities.

This is an image of baby keyboard piano in pink color

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23. VTech Turn and Learn Driver Toy

The Turn and Learn Driver makes a great birthday gift for a one year old baby girl as it is great for developing your child’s imagination and plays fun music to help keep them engaged. Babies will love to watch the cute dog move back and forth as they turn the steering wheel. Pressing the buttons plays sounds to help kiddies learn about vehicles and animals, and when they are done they will love to watch their reflection in the mirror! This is a great gift for young children who love to copy mom and dad.

This is an image of baby learn driver in yellow color

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24. Rolimate Wooden Hammering Toy

Another of the top toys for 1 year old girls, this wooden toy features plenty of activities to keep youngsters entertained. There’s the hammer activity on top, shape sorters on the sides and the colorful xylophone with beaters, which can be stored inside the shape sorter. Wooden toys are excellent for babies and toddlers as they are safe and durable – this one is completely non-toxic so there’s no problem if your baby decides to give it a taste! The toy is great for improving all areas of development, particularly hand-eye coordination, musical skills as well as shape and color naming and recognition. It’s also ideal for keeping babies entertained when out and about.

This is an image of baby wooden instrument with activity cube

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25. Labebe Unicorn Rocking Horse

If you are looking for some unique gifts for 1 yr old girls, look no further than this stunning rocking unicorn! Whilst the rocking horse is a much-loved classic toy, this pink unicorn takes things to the next level! It also comes with a plush, padded seat and a three-point harness for safety. The seat features a high back and sides for added protection against falls, and the wood used is high-quality and strudy. The plush design makes this comfortable to ride, and it’s heavy enough to last whilst still being easily rocked. An excellent gift for any little unicorn-lover!

This is an image of baby rocking horse in unicorn design and pink color

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26. VTech Ultimate Alphabet Train

Ride on toys make great 1 year old birthday gift ideas, and we especially love this train from VTech. Not only can it be used to scoot about the house, it also helps introduce toddlers to letters. It comes with 13 blocks which are doubled-sided, so every letter of the alphabet is shown. The blocks can also be stored inside the train, and the train will magically count them as they are dropped inside! There are loads of activities on this toy to keep toddlers entertained, including a storybook, clock and walkie talkies.

This is an image of baby sit to stand alphabet train in pink color

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27. VTech Chomp and Count Dino

This counting toy from VTech comes with over 130 songs and phrases to keep little girls amused for hours. The dinosaur recognizes each of the food pieces as they are fed to him, making this a great interactive toy. The toy also teaches shapes, colors and numbers using the buttons on the side of the dinosaur. Parents will be glad to know this toy features a volume control too! It can be used between the ages of 1 – 3 years, so it is guaranteed to get plenty of use before your child outgrows it.

This is an image of baby green dino toy with chomp and count

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28. Bright Starts Unicorn

Unicorns always make for popular toys for girls, or in fact, girls of any age! This Bright Starts plastic unicorn is perfect for younger children, as it features a chase mode for kiddies to chase it around the house! So, it’s great for encouraging them to walk or crawl, and it even works on carpeted surfaces. There’s also discovery mode which teaches basic colors, shapes and numbers.

This is an image of baby unicorn toy with lights in pink and white colors

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29. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

This toy is simple yet loads of fun, and is great for sensory development. You can use the toy to talk to your baby about the different colors, or they can simply enjoy pushing and popping the bubbles. It’s excellent for taking in the car seat or stroller, as it is lightweight and small in size. The toy is amusing for all ages, and even parents might like to have a fidget with it too!

This is an image of baby fat brain

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30. VTech Learning Flashlight

The VTech Spin and Learn flashlight is educational and fun! It plays over 50 songs and sounds which are perfect for kiddies to dance and sing along to. Toddlers will learn to count to three with the flashlight, and will also learn to name colors as the light shines in five different colors. The flashlight has a convenient carry handle meaning it can easily be taken out and about for entertainment on the go.

This is an image of baby flashlight toy in yellow colors

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31. Baby Einstein Symphony Gears

This turning gears toy is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination skills as well as problem solving and logical thinking. The gears can be moved around and rearranged to change the sounds played, allowing your baby to create their very own masterpiece! They will love the cute characters on the gears, and will also love the excitment of turning the big gear to hear what their creation sounds like! This is an excellent toy for getting your baby interested in music from an early age.

This is an image of baby einstein musical gear symphony

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32. B Toys Happy Yappies

Stuffed animals make good gifts for 1 yr old girls, and this cute, talking plush toy comes in either a racoon or a fox design. It’s super fun because it repeats what you say to it, in a funny voice! Even before your baby can talk, they will love to hear your funny voice repeating from their new toy. It’s great for helping encourage them to start speaking, too. All the details are embroidered so the plush is safe for babies and young children – there are no loose parts which could present a choking hazard.

This is an image of baby raccoon plush in gray power

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33. Toddler Flamingo Harness Backpack

When it comes to practical presents for toddler girls, this harness backpack is a very good idea. It will help keep them safe when they are learning to walk, preventing them from running too far from mom and dad when they get more steady on their feet! The backpack is ideal for a diaper bag as there is enough space for diapers, wipes and some spare clothes. The tether is 50 inches long, and the flamingo toy can be detached giving your little princess something to play with when out and about too.

This is an image of baby backpack in pink flamingo design

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34. Fairy Jar Craft Kit

Whilst your one yr old baby girl won’t be able to do this fun craft project just yet, it makes a super cute decoration for her bedroom. Mom or dad can have the pleasure of decorating the jar and your baby will love to have a one-of-a-kind nightlight in her room. The kit includes instructions and all the supplies necessary. This includes: the jar with handle, LED lights, glitter, ribbons, flowers and fairy silhouettes.

This is an image of baby diy crafts fairy

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35. Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage

This amazing ride on toy is a dream come true for a little princess! The classic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has had a makeover and now comes in this fabulous horse and carriage design. The horse’s reins can be held by the princess in her carriage, or flipped allowing parents to pull the carriage along instead. When used in this mode, there is a footboard to ensure children don’t hurt their feet. This can be removed when they are able to steer the carriage themselves. There is a cup holder for children inside, as well as a handy tray for parents on the roof. Kids up to 50 pounds can ride inside this car, so it is sure to see a lot of use before it is outgrown, which makes it a great gift for 1 yr old girls.

This is an image of baby princess horse and carriage in pink and white color

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36. Princess Play Tent

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift ideas for 1 year old daughter, this princess tent is certainly worth considering. It’s perfect for your little girl to use as a den where she can play, listen to stories or simply relax. There’s also the option to add ball pit balls to turn the tent into a ball pit, although these are not included. The tent is easy to set up, as it has a pop-up design, and it comes with a storage bag to keep it tidy when not in use. The sides of the tent are mesh, allowing good ventilation and also allowing parents to keep an eye on their infant at all times. The door flap can be left loose or tied open depending on preference. This is another great gift which will last for many years – the size makes it suitable for those up to around age 8.

This is an image of baby princess play tent in pink color

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37. Hape Pounding Bench and Xylophone

The Pound and Tap Bech from Hape is a great toy for developing fine motor skills as well as an interest in music. There are two activities on the toy, namely the pounding bench with three balls and a hammer, and the colorful xylophone which can be used with the same hammer. Or, leave the xylophone under the balls and listen as the balls play a tune on the xylophone once they are hit out of the bench! We love the durable wooden construction of this toy, and it also has water-based paint which is perfectly safe for young children.

This is an image of baby tap with slide out xylophone

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38. Wooden Pull Along Giraffe

Here we have another great wooden toy, this time in the shape of a pull-along giraffe. There is a decent length of rope, which is ideal for toddlers who are more steady on their feet to pull the toy along wherever they go. It can also be pushed along or picked up using the cut-out handle in the middle of the toy. The toy is made from high-quality wood which is durable enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors, even when toddlers get a little rough! The wooden giraffe is just the right size for 1 yr olds to hold and play with, and doesn’t contain any fiddly parts. It even comes in a smart box ready to wrap and gift.

This is an image of baby wooden pull along in giraffe design

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39. Playskool Spinning Activity Toy

The Playskool Sit ‘n Spin is a great gift to give at Christmas, as it can be used indoors to keep boredum away even when the weather is poor. The toy is simple to use but offers endless fun – toddlers simply sit on it and push and pull the handle to rock and spin themselves around. It’s made from very strong and durable plastic, so it can stand up to many years of fun! This is a great toy for helping toddlers keep active, and will help them burn off some excess energy before naptime!

this is an image of baby classic spining activity toy in green color

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40. iPlay iLearn Bath Toys with Organizer

These cute bath toys for girls 1 year old are sure to make bathtime more fun for parents and babies alike! There are seven toys in the set – four stacking cups in different colors, a swimming turtle and two water-spraying fish. There’s also a basket with handles which is ideal for storing the toys after bathtime is over, but can also be used as part of the fun. You can even use it to encourage your baby to tidy their own toys after use – bonus! Little ones will be attracted to the fun ocean characters and bold colors, so these toys are sure to be used every day without getting boring.

This is an image of baby bath toys

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41. VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

Here we have yet another fantastic offering from VTech. The activity cube features five sides filled with fun activities to keep your baby busy and their brain engaged. Some of the activities to explore include: piano keys, a storybook, spinning beads and a shape sorter. Toddlers can practice loads of skills as they work through the different activities, such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The toy also helps early language development through the use of the book and the 70+ fun sounds made by the activity cube. An excellent pick which will keep little ones busy for hours.

This is an image of baby activity cube discover

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42. WolVol Set of 3 Musical Instruments

Is your toddler a bit of a budding musician? If so, this is the perfect gift for them! The three-piece set comes with a piano, guitar and trumpet, each of which is strong and durable as well as easy to use. The set is great for sharing – siblings, parents or friends can join together to start a band! Each instrument comes with demo songs for toddlers to dance around to, or they can use the instruments to play their own songs. The WolVol instruments are great for getting young children interested in music from an early age and will give years of fun.

This is an image of baby musical toy instruments in green color

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43. Fisher Price Smart Stages Piggy Bank

This unique piggy bank toy helps to teach counting and animals through the use of the ten included coins. It also offers two different levels of play, meaning it will grow with your child as she gets older and learns more. Toddlers will have so much fun filling and emptying the bank over and over again, and the sounds played by the bank make it even more interesting! The cute design ensures this toy will remain attractive to your toddler for a long time.

This is an image of baby pink piggy bank

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44. Vatos Dinosaur Cars

Who says cars and dinosaurs are just for boys?! This pack of six cute, dinosaur-shaped cars is great for girls aged 1. They are just the right size for them to grasp and push, and they can also be pulled back to go automatically. Each dino has different features, whether it’s a turning head or flapping wings, there is something interesting for your toddler to discover every time. The toys can be used to talk about different colors and when your child gets a little older you can name the different dinosaurs too. What’s more, they are a convenient size and weight to pop in your diaper bag to keep your baby amused when out and about.

This is an image of baby dinosaur cars

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45. BettRoom Wooden Shape Stacking Toy

This is an interesting toy which is sure to give your little girl a nice challenge. It comes with a wooden board and 16 shapes, four each of triangle, circle, square and rectangle, in green, red, yellow and blue. The toy is made from good quality wood and painted using safe, non-toxic paint. The pieces are a great size for toddlers to handle, and stacking them onto the pegs is an excellent way for them to practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor movements. Of course, the toy will also help toddlers learn to name colors and shapes and can help with learning to count too.

It’s a great, educational toy which will keep them busy and can be enjoyed as they get older too. The manufacturer gives some ideas to use the pieces as a puzzle to make 2D shapes such as a person, a dog or a train. So, copying out these shapes is a fun challenge for older toddlers who have mastered stacking the shapes.

This is an image of baby wooden educational gometric board blocks
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46. Top Bright Wooden Number Puzzle

This wooden number puzzle is an excellent first puzzle for toddlers thanks to its chunky pieces and educational design. The pieces are a great size for toddlers to grasp, and the wooden design means they can’t get bent like cardboard puzzle pieces can. So, it’s fine for toddlers who still like to give their toys a taste now and then! Not only can toddlers learn to count and recognize numbers with this puzzle, they can also learn to match and associate items with one another. For example, the mouse goes with the cheese and the dog goes with the bones.

The puzzle board and the pieces all have smooth, rounded edges to ensure toddlers won’t injure themselves when playing too. Once your toddler has learned to count and can complete the puzzle, it can also be used to teach addition and subtracting using the fun number shapes – the possibilities are endless!

This is an image of baby puzzles toy
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47. Fisher Price Magical Mirror

Fisher Price have some great picks when it comes to 1 yr old girls gifts, but this stands out as one of the best. Most parents know their 1 yr old loves to copy what they do, so this mirror set is perfect for little princesses to copy mom as she does her hair and make-up in the morning! It comes with learning and music modes, and includes a bracelet, a hair comb, some lipstick, and a soft make-up brush. Toddlers will love to give themselves and their parents a makeover, which is great for improving their imagination. Young toddlers love to look at their reflection and make funny faces, so the mirror element is sure to be lots of fun, too!

This is an image of baby magical pink mirror with music

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48. VTech Moosical Critters

The Moosical Critters toy from VTech is great if you are looking for cheaper presents. However, despite its small price tag it still provides a lot of fun. The size makes this the perfect toy to keep in your diaper bag or in the car, to stop your little one from becoming restless on the go. There are over 30 songs and phrases played by the toy to ensure it keeps kiddies entertained every time.

This is an image of baby musical cow plush in white and purple colors

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49. Biulotter Musical Activity Table

An activity table makes a nice gift for a baby girls 1st birthday because it will help them get used to spending more time on their feet rather than sitting down. There are loads of colorful, musical activities to keep your toddler engaged time and time again. Some of these include a cell phone, piano keys, a flip book and more. All sorts of skills can be practiced with this toy, and it even teaches kids how to greet their friends in different languages!

This is an image of baby musical table in white and blue colors

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50. Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker Stroller

This Fisher Price stroller is great for toddlers who are still a little unsteady on their feet, as it also functions as a walker. They will love taking their favorite toy, whether it’s a doll or a teddy, on walks around the house or even outdoors. The stroller plays three different tunes when it is pushed around, which is excellent for encouraging toddlers to walk more. There are fun interactive elements on the stroller such as spinners and a flip book, which add to the fun. The toy stroller is great for introducing your toddler to role play and can help develop their nurturing side.

This is an image of baby stroll along walker in pink color

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51 Avenor Baby Balance Bike

Perfect for the toddler on the move! With its lightweight body, sturdy construction and easy to assemble, this Pre Balance bike is an excellent choice for 6 – 36 months toddlers. Pre Balance bikes are designed for toddlers who are too small to ride proper balance bikes, and the combination of safety measures (including the Eva foam handle bar grip and the carefully constructed height designed seat) will keep your special little one safe as she starts to explore.

This pretty pink bike has proven to be a popular choice with parents keen to develop a healthy routine for their child while boosting their cycling skills and encouraging their independence. Parents also adored the bike’s size which is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

this is an image of a pink baby balance bike

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Our Top Gift

Our top rated gifts has to be the Fisher Price Food Truck, found at number 19 on our list. It makes a great gift because it will be used over and over again – it won’t get boring quickly. Kiddies can learn so much with this toy, it’s an excellent all-round educational and fun product. Fisher Price is a fantastic brand which is known and trusted by parents everywhere, so you can be sure this toy is high-quality.

The food truck has realistic features including a sink and a grill, as well as many play food pieces. The toy is great for developing the imagination, as kids can refrigerate their food, recycle, serve customers, drive the truck, and more! There are three levels of content available, so it’s perfect for growing kiddies. They can enjoy the first level when they are 12 months old, before progressing to the third level when they are around three years old, so it will be played with and enjoyed for years to come.

This is an image of kids serving food truck

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Best Budget Gift

As one of the most popular toys for one year old girls, the LeapFrog picnic basket takes the spot of our best budget pick. It makes a great birthday gift for girls turning one, and they will continue to enjoy it well into their toddler years. The picnic basket is excellent for helping teach shapes and can help toddlers learn to role play and use their imagination. It’s also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their little ones, having a pretend picnic together! They will love this one-on-one interaction and you can use this time to help them learn some new words related to the toy. You can also help teach your toddler some table manners by thanking them when they make you a delicious plate of food!

This is an image of baby picnic basket in multi colors

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

There are two main considerations when choosing the best gift ideas for a 1 year old baby girl. The first is age-appropriateness. Make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines, as well as thinking about the child’s current stage of development. Whilst it’s okay to choose a toy which is slightly more advanced to challenge your toddler, something too difficult could prove frustrating. Similarly, toys which are too ‘babyish’ won’t hold their attention for long.

Linked to the above, it’s also important to consider safety. Ensure there are no small or loose parts which could be seen as a choking hazard, and be sure to check the toy meets all current safety standards. Materials should be non-toxic, as children of this age often chew on their toys.


How Many Gifts for a 1 Year Old?

Now we’ve hopefully answered the question ‘what do you give a one year old for her birthday?’, you’ll probably want to know just how many gifts she needs. Celebrating a first birthday is more of an event for parents than it is for the birthday girl. Your baby won’t remember the special day in years to come, so it is certainly not necessary to go overboard with the gifts. Many one year olds can become overwhelmed with too many gifts, and it can end up taking a few days to open them all. Stick to a couple of necessary or interesting gifts you know she will love, rather than clearing out the toy store in an attempt to make the day even more special.