As your baby girl grows up, you can never escape getting her a gift. It could be for her birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other special occasion. Racking your brain in a bid to decide the most appropriate gift for 10 year old girl can be tasking. As a result, we have done the hard work for you and picked out 50 outstanding gift ideas for her.

At the age of 10, girls are not yet teenagers but are becoming more and more mature and independent, so picking appropriate gifts might be challenging. So, here are a few considerations to keep in mind, so you can choose the best gift for her.

Considerations When Choosing Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girl

First and foremost, her age should be the most important consideration. Don’t choose something too babyish nor too mature – check manufacturer guidelines if you are struggling to find something age-appropriate.

Also, consider her interests. Perhaps she would like a gift related to a favorite hobby, animal, or character. Maybe she is getting into clothes and makeup for the first time. Think about what she enjoys doing and try to choose a gift relevant to her interests.

The budget should be another key consideration when buying a gift for a tween girl. We have a combination of small, stocking-stuffer type gifts as well as bigger gifts if you really want to spoil her. There is something here for all budgets.


Top 50 Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Here are 50 top gift ideas for girls aged 10. There are toys, educational gifts, cameras, necklaces, and various gift categories. We are confident you will get something your little girl will love.

  1. Color Your Own Water Bottle

Kicking off our list of the best gifts for 10 year old girls, we have this beautiful water bottle. Not only is it a water bottle, but it also gives them the opportunity to color and decorate it in a way that expresses their style. It will fit nicely in their backpack; hence they can carry it along with them to school.

This beautiful kit contains all your girl needs to decorate a stylish water bottle. It will surely bring out her creativity. This is a fun gift to bring your girl and her friends together.

This is an image of Color Your Own Water Bottle

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  1. Kids Against Maturity Game

Looking for a good birthday gifts for girls aged 10, kids against maturity is a perfect choice. This is the perfect game to bring the whole family together as four people can play the game. It is a portable game with 500 cards of questions and answers. It is perfect for camps, gathering, girl’s sleepovers, etc.

This is a fun game that everyone will enjoy. There are simple questions that will get your little girl thinking. It is the perfect game to get your kid away from the screen.

This is an image of Kids Against Maturity Game

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  1. Unicorn Slime Kit

This is one of the best gifts for ten year old girls. This is a gift kit that has everything your baby girl needs. It is safe and comes with an instruction manual to guide her on the best practice. If you want to encourage creativity in your little girl, get her these cool gifts.

You will love the excitement in their face as they get to attempt popular slimes like fishbowl and jelly cube. There are over a hundred slimes to try; hence the fun is unlimited.

This is an image of Unicorn Slime Kit

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  1. Color Your Own 3D Puzzles

If you want your little girl to be smart, this is one of the recommended toys you should get this year’s Christmas. This is a fun game that your child will love as it develops their creativity and engages them. They get to color, solve a puzzle, and reap the tremendous advantages that come with it.

It is not an ordinary puzzle as it comes in 3D design. In addition, there are four designs and three animal puzzles to assemble. With this, you can keep your baby girl creatively engaged for hours.

This is an image of Color Your Own 3D Puzzles

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  1. Crayola Tracing Pad with LED

In need of birthday present ideas for tween girls, try this Crayola light up. This is a complete tracing pad that comes with everything your girl needs to be creative. It is simple to use, fun, and will surely keep your daughter engaged and entertained.

She has more than 100 traceable images in this thinking pad. There are many things to inspire your girl, which will bring out her creativity. It glows in the dark; hence she will love it.

This is an image of Crayola Tracing Pad with LED

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  1. Animal Knee-High Socks

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for girls, consider these CISMARK cotton socks. With the sock’s fantastic moisture-wicking ability, your girl will get a perfect warmth. The socks are durable, giving the needed warmth and comfort.

While the socks are pretty long, your girl’s height will determine the length. It is durable and fashionable, coming in 6 distinct colors so you can get her the perfect fit.

This is an image of Animal Knee-High Socks

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  1. 4M Tile Painting Kit

This is one of the great gift ideas for girls. It is the perfect toy to challenge her imagination as she gets to create various works of art. This kit comes with tiles and magnet so she can hang it on any surface. This is an educational gift idea that can develop her interest in science, arts, and craftworks.

They get to be creative and build whatever appeals to them. You can build her interest in arts and learn with this gift.

This is an image of 4M Tile Painting Kit

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  1. Mini Leather Backpack

This leather backpack is one of the best presents for 10 year old girls. This is a beautiful and high-quality backpack that will bring out the classy lady in your little girl. Your girl can use it for school while traveling and on several occasions.

It features many compartments as a result; it can accommodate all your girl’s things like makeup and cell phone.

This is an image of Mini Leather Backpack

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  1. Klutz Nail Art

This is one of the best birthday gifts for 10 years old girl. With this nail art craft kit, they can put various designs on their fingertips like balloons, berries, bumblebees, etc.  There are 35 simple designs your little girl can have on their fingertips. There is also an instructional guide that directs kids on what to do.

The water-based nail is non-toxic and peels off easily. There are six different colors; hence the fun and design are unlimited.

Image of Klutz Nail Art

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  1. ThinkFun Gravity Maze

This is one of the best types of gifts you can get your girl aged 10 on the next Christmas. ThinkFun is a brain game that comes with mind-challenging puzzles she will love. With this gift, your girl will develop critical thinking skills that will develop her interest in learning as well.

There are 60 challenges; hence your girl will work her way up through the various difficulty levels. There are instructions that will guide your user through everything she needs to enjoy the game.

Image of ThinkFun Gravity Maze

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  1. Scrapbooking Kit

This journaling set is one of the best gifts for girls age 10. This is the perfect companion for her thoughts, memories, and expressions. This journaling set comes with various accessories like pen and keychain; hence, it will make the perfect gift for your baby girl.

There is also the opportunity to add photos and cards to your design. There is also an instruction that can guide your child on how to go about it.

Image of Scrapbooking Kit

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  1. Hair Chalk Combs

Looking for a cool gift for your girl aged 10, consider this bright hair color dye. It comes in six distinct colors, which allows your girl to have many looks. It is safe and easy to clean; the hair chalks are not toxic and are friendly to the environment. This is the perfect gift for your blond girl.

Your kid will definitely love this as a present on her birthday, which she can use for the school party. It is easy to use, and the application is not toxic in any way.

Image of Hair Chalk Combs

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  1. Pinwheel Crafts Pendant Making Kit

Wondering of the perfect gift to get your baby girl off the screen, try this pinwheel crafts jewelry. With this jewelry making kit, you will get your daughter occupied, which will bring out her creativity. There are eight glass covers and pendants that she can design.

There are also various shapes like oval, heart, circle, and square. Your kid will love the idea of creating something special for herself.

Image of Pinwheel Crafts Pendant Making Kit

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  1. Jenga Original

In the choice for award-winning toys for your girl aged 10, try this Jenga wooden game. It is a game that brings together siblings and friends. The fun, suspense, and learning are unlimited with this game. The suspense is classic as players struggle to keep the tower from crumbling.

Your daughter will find this easy to set up, and they can play it anywhere. The winner is the last person to remove a block without crashing the stack.

image of Jenga Original

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  1. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

This is one of the few top-rated gifts you can get for your ten year old girl. You have either red or yellow discs for two players. A player wins by getting four discs in a row. The game comes with everything your daughter needs to enjoy it, including an instruction manual.

All you have to do is choose either the gold or red-colored discs and drop them inside the grid.

This is an image of Hasbro Connect 4 Game

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  1. My First Make-Up Kit

If you want to pick a present for your tween daughter, try this makeup kit. This is a toy makeup kit that comes with everything your daughter needs to apply a decent makeup. It is fun and will surely get your little girl excited as there are several bright and creative colors that will keep her occupied.

The makeup kit is simple to use, non-toxic, and washable. This makes it safe for your kids and her friends during her playdates and sleepovers.

This is an image of My First Make-Up Kit

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  1. SplashEZ Water Sprinkler

In choosing a gift for girls, this sprinkler for kids is a terrific choice. It is a fantastic gift that will make learning fun for your little girl. This is an inflatable pool that will keep your daughter occupied and happy in the scorching sun.

It is made with high-quality materials and provides a perfect avenue for your child’s development. It is safe, hence no cause for alarm.

Image of SplashEZ Water Sprinkler

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  1. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

This is one of the award-winning toys that your daughter aged 10 will love. Insect lore Butterfly garden provides kid the perfect opportunity to witness the metamorphosis of butterfly at home. It gives kids a sense of responsibility as they get to care for these insects.

There is also a journal to document the progress of these butterflies as they develop.

Image of Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

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  1. GirlZone Glitter Tattoos

Wondering what thoughtful gift you can get your daughter for Christmas? Try this Temporary Glitter tattoos. This kit is equipped with all the accessories you need to make fun and beautiful tattoos. There are cosmetic glitters and brushes, which makes application easy.

The tattoo is safe, and the ingredients are non-toxic and easy to remove. This is the perfect gift for your daughter to discover her style.

Image of GirlZone Glitter Tattoos

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  1. Alex Charm Bracelets Activity

This heart Charm bracelet is one of the most popular gifts for girls aged 10. With this charm bracelet, your daughter can create 24 distinct and customized beads. She can also create colorful beads, charms, and other gift accessories. The kit comes with the molding tool and everything your child needs to make the perfect bracelet.

Image of Alex Charm Bracelets Activity

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  1. JEYPOD Fast RC Car

Wondering good stuff to get your girl, try this JEYPOD remote control car. It is a remote-controlled car powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and works for 30 minutes on a full charge.

Every component of this toy car is harmless, made of non-toxic materials. Your girl will love this as they get full control of the car. The remote control allows long-distance control.

This is an image of JEYPOD Fast RC Car

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  1. 10th Birthday Charm Bracelet

Your baby girl deserves the best gift on her 10th birthday. This is why we recommend this cool women bracelet for your daughter. This is an inspirational birthday present to motivate your daughter as she journey through life.

The bracelet comes in a gift box with several designs like a butterfly, sunflower, etc. made of stainless steel; it will neither rust nor deteriorate. It is strong and will last.

Image of 10th Birthday Charm Bracelet

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  1. Secret Message Kit

In need of a gift for a 10 yr old girl who has everything, try this secret message lab. It comes in pairs, giving your girl and her best friend the chance to communicate in codes. It is a fun gift that comes with all the tools your girls need to write in code and read secret messages.

This is an image of Secret Message Kit

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  1. Fire 7 Kids Tablet

This is one of the top gift ideas your girl aged 10 will love. Here is the perfect gift to get your daughter creatively engaged. Fire TV has more than 20,000 books, movies, apps, audiobooks, and games. There is the age control feature that allows the parent to filter what their kid can access.

It also features a Kid-proof case that prevents damage that might arise due to falls. There is a space for microSD, which helps expand the memory.

Image of Fire 7 Kids Tablet

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  1. RC Flying Ball

If you want to pick a present for your tween daughter, this toy helicopter is a brilliant idea. It is light in weight and comes decorated with colorful LED lights. The control is wireless with a wide range. It is safe and also features nontoxic material which makes it durable and safe for the environment.

Image of RC Flying Ball

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  1. Obuby Kids Binoculars

This binocular is one of the top gifts for 10 year olds. They are small and light, making them easy for your girl to explore the world. They’ll fit nicely in her backpack and they are safe as there is a soft rubber near the eyepiece, to protect your kid’s eye.

The binoculars are ergonomically designed to fit small hands. They give a clear view of high-resolution magnification. They’re waterproof and can easily absorb shock. They make a nice companion to watch birds, gaze at the stars, and enjoy all outdoor activities.

Image of Obuby Kids Binoculars

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  1. Don’t Laugh Challenge Joke Book

This is one of the cool gifts for 10 years old. It involves jokes and games that your little girl will love. This is the right kid that will help your kid develop her sense of humor and confidence. This is a good gift that will bring family and friends together.

There are instructions that guide players on how to go about it. All your kids need to score a point is to make the opponent laugh.

image of Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book

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  1. Sound-Activated Party Lights

This is a cool gift idea for your little girl on her 10th birthday. It is a sound-activated DJ with seven colors that flashes automatically. This gives a lively visual effect, mimicking a disco party hall. It is portable, easy to install, and can be fixed either on the ceiling or wall.

The flashing ball will definitely amuse and fascinate your little girl.

Image of Sound-Activated Party Lights

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  1. Lucky Fortune Bracelets

There are different types of toys and gift ideas for girls aged 10. I bet she will love this fortune shaped bracelet holder and other accessories. There are 100 bracelets to find, and your daughter will love the idea of discovering various cookies and bracelets. There are various levels and categories to collect; hence the fun and excitement never end.

Image of Lucky Fortune Bracelets

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  1. Mermaid Drawstring Bag

In buying a gift for your girl aged 10, consider this Drawstring Bag. If your daughter loves mermaid, consider getting her this drawstring bag. There are different varieties of these bags, all coming in assorted designs. It is light in weight and appropriate for various activities.

Image of Mermaid Drawstring Bag

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  1. Create Your Own Tumbler

In need of a lovely gift for your tween girl, try this personalized tumbler for girls. This Kids tumbler comes with sticker, straw, and lid. This is an attractive gift that will fit her birthday and Christmas celebration. With the letters, you can write your child’s name, making it a fantastic gift idea for your baby girl.

Image of Create Your Own Tumbler

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  1. Educational Insights Microscope

Looking for an educational gift idea for your baby girl, we have this Science club microscope. This is the perfect accessory for your kid to explore scientific experiments. It comes with everything you need, including an activity journal to record your exploits on the microphone.

image of Educational Insights Microscope

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  1. Magical Cottage Fairy Garden

In your search for gifts for 10 yr old girl, consider my fairy garden. This is your ticket to grow the perfect garden as it includes everything you need to plant your garden and enjoy the process. It comes with soil and seeds, which mimics a real garden.

There are butterflies, ladybugs, and other accessories to give an idea of the perfect garden.

Image of Magical Cottage Fairy Garden

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  1. Enchantmints Musical Jewelry Box with Ballerina

This Ballerina is one of the top gifts for 10 year olds. This is a musical treasure box that your baby girl will love if she is a music fan. The box comes with various compartments, twirling Ballerina, etc. There are compartments to safely house your earrings, bracelets, charms, etc.

It is indeed a beauty to behold, and your kid will love the dancing ballerina figurine.

Image of Enchantmints Musical Jewelry Box with Ballerina

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  1. Flipslide Game

The Flipslide game is one of the top Christmas gifts for girls aged 10. It is a puzzle game that will surely task your child’s brain. There is the option to play in a group or individually. There are different modes players can enjoy. It is addictive, fun, and will surely get your kid engaged.

It comes with an instruction manual and batteries to power the game.

image of Flipslide Game

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  1. Melissa & Doug Fleece Quilt Craft Kit

Wondering what to give a girl on her 10th birthday, consider this flower fleece Quilt. Made with top quality materials, it features assorted flower patterns and distinct colors. It is easy to assemble as all your kid needs to do is tie it. There is an instruction manual that guides the user on what to do.

This will surely keep your kid engaged as she unleashes her creativity.

Image of Melissa & Doug Fleece Quilt Craft Kit

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  1. Would You Rather Book

Thinking of what to get for her at Christmas, this is a fantastic book your little girl will love. This is a book with a high sense of adventure and fun and it is the best game your kid can play with siblings and friends at the party, sleepovers, etc.

This is a fantastic gamebook if you want to develop your child’s ability to start a meaningful conversation as well.

This is an image Would You Rather Book

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  1. Pixie Belles Interactive Pet

Pixie Belles is one of the top gifts for girls aged ten and above – it is a fun and interactive toy for your baby girl. She is cute, funny, and ready to play with you, never getting tired of you. She moves and performs many spin actions as well.

There is the color-changing horn that gives you an idea of her mood. You can dance with her, spin her, and she can even plant a kiss on your cheek.

This an image of Pixie Belles Interactive Pet

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  1. PinkSheep Girls’ Rings

In need of what to give a girl on her 10th birthday, try this little girl jewel rings. This is a fun and thoughtful gift idea that will surely wow your daughter. It is durable and made of high-quality acrylic metal. The rings are friendly to the skin and safe, easy to maintain. It is perfect as a Christmas and birthday gift idea.

This is an image of PinkSheep Girls' Rings

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  1. TrueBalance Stacking Game

Truebalance is one of the great gift ideas to consider getting as a back to school present. This is a fun gift that will bring the entire family together. With this, they can develop their focus, concentration, and coordination.

This is an interesting game that requires concentration. As a result, your girl will develop their eye and hand coordination.

This is an image of TrueBalance Stacking Game

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  1. Prograce Kids Action Cam

This kid camera is one of the best toys for 10 year old girls. Your baby girl will love this as it allows them to take memories of their childhood days. It features a memory card storage slot; hence users can take unlimited pictures.

It is waterproof, durable, and guaranteed to last pretty long. The picture quality is clear, so you will love the output.

Image of Prograce Kids Action Cam

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  1. AICase Stunt Cars

These Micro Racers is one of the best fun gifts to get your daughter. It is a mini car with a beautiful look that will fascinate your kid’s imagination and curiosity. It is safe, powerful, and made of non-toxic materials. Your daughter will get 25 minutes of playtime with it.

This is an image of AICase Stunt Cars

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  1. Jalousie 24 Pack Stress-Relief Toys

If you’re looking for toys for 10 year olds girl, consider this stress relief toy. It comes in various designs with 24 pieces that will surely get your girl engaged. There are color combinations that she will love. The toys are safe hence no cause for alarm. There are cubes, bike chains, ball cube toys, etc.

This is an image of Jalousie 24 Pack Stress-Relief Toys

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  1. Disney Princess Jewelry Making Kit

Tara toys are one of the great types of toys for girls. With this, your baby girl will get to design her special bead and character charm. It comes with a colorful beach meant to create a new and beautiful look. All she has to do is add the beads and rubber to create the perfect necklace.

Image of Disney Princess Jewelry Making Kit

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  1. 3D Puzzle Coloring Set

In need of a great present for tween girls, try this 3D coloring puzzle. It comes with a total of 4 designs and 12 coloring markers. Your girl has the opportunity to assemble varieties of animals. This will keep her engaged for hours.

This is a fantastic game to encourage relaxation and develop coordination. It also engages the brain and makes them think.

This is an image of 3D Puzzle Coloring Set

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  1. Dinosaur Car Toys

Looking for gifts to buy for little girls, this is a fantastic idea. We are sure your princess will love these brightly colored dinosaur cars. The cars come in small sizes, making them easy to grip for small hands. Is your kid having her birthday party? She will love a dinosaur theme.

This is an image of Dinosaur Car Toys

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  1. Little Fun Wireless Microphone

Confused on what to get a girl on her 10th birthday, try this wireless Bluetooth. It is easy to use convenient, comfortable, and operation is practical. It is portable, strong, and lasts pretty long on a full charge. If your little girl is a fan of music, I bet she will be fascinated by this gift.

This is an image of Little Fun Wireless Microphone

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  1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Considering a unique idea for 10 year old girl gifts, consider this Smartwatch. Not only is it a watch, but it also contains games and other fun activities that will get your little girl excited. It also features the camera and video effect, giving your little girl the chance to have fun at its peak.

It comes with a calendar, an alarm clock, and a calculator as well. She will definitely love this.

Image of VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

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  1. My Fairy Garden – Magical Cottage

The magical cottage is one of the outdoor gift ideas you can get your little girl. She will love it as it comes with everything she needs to have her own magical garden. She will plant her garden and even have the chance to water them and be excited as they grow.

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  1. Mad Libs – Sleepover Edition

This Sleepover Party Mad is one of the top gift ideas for your girl aged 10. With this, her sleepover party will no longer be boring. She has 21 stories to entertain her friends; hence her party will be the bomb.

Image of Mad Libs - Sleepover Edition

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Top Gift Idea: Alex Charm Bracelets Activity

After looking at 50 of the best gifts for 10 year old girl we have picked out the one we love the best. With this charm bracelet, your daughter gets the ability to create over 24 customized beads expressing her style. The beads are colorful, and the kit comes with everything she needs. She will love this.

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Best Budget Gift: Jenga Original

Looking for cool and cheap gifts for a 10 year old girl, try this Jenga game. The game brings everyone together and is best played in pairs. The fun is real, and the suspense is pleasantly unnerving.

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What is the best birthday gifts for 10 yr old girl?

The Kids Against Maturity Game is another game that brings the entire family together. With 500 cards of questions to answer, your girl and her friends will be excited as she struggles to answer the questions.

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What are popular gifts for Girls aged 10?

The ThinkFun Gravity Maze is very popular with parents and children alike. If you want a popular gift for your daughter on her 10th birthday, try this brain game. This is a challenging game with a varying difficulty level that will surely get her thinking. She will love the game.

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Christmas presents that girls love

Your little princess will surely love this 3D coloring puzzle. It will task her brain as she struggles to assemble the animals. This is a game to develop critical thinking skills.

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What to Get a 10 Year Olds For Her Birthday?

Your little girl will definitely love the Obuby Kids Binoculars on her 10th birthday. Imagine her excitement as she watches the birds and the stars. It is safe hence no danger to her eyes in any way.

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Gifts for Girls Who Are Creative? 

If your girl is active and creative, the IQ Builder Color Your Own 3D Puzzles is the best choice for her. This is a 3D design puzzle with various animal designs that will surely get her thinking and engaged for hours.

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There you have it, the best toys and gifts for your girl on her 10th birthday. You do not have to rack your brain before getting her what she deserves. We are confident that you will find one of these gift ideas helpful.