45 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

this is an image of a toy Building Kit for a Robotic Arm

12- year olds are just about to get started with teenage life. While this is fun, it may be hard to pinpoint what they love most given that they have just begun to take different traits. However, there are several awesome items that you can give the boy as a gift that will awe him no matter what he loves most. The choice of the gifts depends on the recipient and many other factors as explained below. Here are some of the best gift choices that they can buy for a 12 year old boy.

Things to Consider When Buying Toys For Boys Aged 12

When choosing a gift, think about the preferences of the young boy. For example, if he loves Star Wars, you can get him a Star Wars branded toy or video game. You should also check gifts that would enhance his aspirations, creativity and maybe, his future career. For example, there are several educational video games and awesome drone for would-be photographers. Consider the complexity and working of the toy especially if it is electronic. Give thought to the hazards that may come with it also. Finally, check your wallet and determine how much you are willing to spend on the toy. This will help further single out more toys from the list you filtered earlier.


45 Top Gifts & Toys for Boys Aged 12 Years Old

Now we know how to pick the perfect gift, let’s look at some reviews of the different types of toys and gifts a pre-teen boy would love to receive. Here are some of the best gift ideas for tween boys:

1. Building Kit for a Robotic Arm

Any boy would be fascinated by the ability to create and run a robotic arm right from his bedroom. This robotic arm is made of hydraulic systems and, therefore, requires no batteries or electricity, which can pose risks to the young boy. All that is required is some water in the hydraulic units. The package comes with various parts and instructions on how to set up the robotic arm. Then, the boy can use hydraulic pulleys to control the robot arm. This arm uses a suction apparatus and a gripper to work. It can lift objects and even vacuum his working place.

Operations are done by six axles, allowing the arm to rotate, open grip, extend the arm, rotate at the base and the shoulder joint. All instructions are in English and very easy to understand. Your boy can disassemble and reassemble the robot several times, which makes it fun to use. Robots are perfect 12 year old boy gifts and will help them learn basic science and mathematics principles. So, it’s especially suitable for children with interest in mechanical science disciplines.

this is an image of a toy Building Kit for a Robotic Arm

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2. Spikeball Set

A spikeball set allows your teenage boy to play the game with you, his other siblings and children from the neighborhood in your yard. The set can also be used for gaming. The game is pretty easy to learn and is fun to play. This set comes with a bouncing net, three spike balls, a rule book and a drawstring bag. All materials are made from high quality plastic, and the net is hard wearing. The spikeball set can be an additional play material to  other outdoor game kits and provides a great opportunity for the whole family to play together.

The set can be carried off to a picnic site and other locations where your boy may be having some fun. This rule book is easy to learn and understand even if the boy is new to the game. The ball may get soft with use, but you can always pump them up to the required hardness. Besides, the outer material is tough and does not get punctured easily in normal playing conditions. Most semi-pro players love balls that are a little soft for they are easy to handle, but you can also try playing with fully inflated balls.

this is an image of a Spikeball Game Set

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3. Nintendo Switch with a Joystick of Neon Red and Blue

If the boy loves video gaming, you can buy him a Nintendo Switch game console that allows him to play some of the most entertaining games of the year, including Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 4 Player Bundle and Mario Kart 8, among many more. It has a total space of 128GB that you can use to add in more games. Unlike other gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch gives your boy a chance to either play on a big screen or on the go thanks to its handheld screen. He can share the gaming equipment with a friend since the joystick can be detached into joy-con and two players play with each half in a multiplayer game. The joy-con has a good grip and comes with straps to allow him to use the motion controls with ease.

Your boy can also play the games against other online players as the set comes with a 12-month online package. He also can even link to eight other consoles to play online or locally. In addition, it has features to allow you to set parental controls so that you are able to monitor what the teen is doing online with the console.

this is an image of a Nintendo Switch with a Joystick of Neon Red and Blue

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4. Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

Are you looking for a gift for 12 year old boy interested in electrical engineering? Snap circuit extreme is a collection of over 80 parts that allow your child to create lots of working toys and improve his creative skills. Some of the major parts in the set include a photo-resistor, variable capacitor, power amplifier, full-color manuals, solar cell, analogue meter and a computer interface, among other parts. With these parts, you can build over 750 different experiments. Your boy will just be assembling and disassembling the parts when it is time for a new project. The package even has a seal of approval from the National Parenting Center and has won several awards in the process.

There are several playing ideas for these items. The computer interface also lets the teen work out his ideas online and gives life to his ingenuity. There are no tools required for the assembly, and the parts are perfectly safe for any child over the age of eight. You can also replace most of the parts in the kit if they get lost or broken. This is a perfect gift for teens who love trying practical engineering ideas and kids who love to work with their hands.

this is an image Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 set

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5. MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones

This set of wireless over-ear headphones have a total play time of 18 hours in the wireless mode and unlimited play in the wired mode. They are ergonomically designed and come with soft earmuffs to enhance comfort even with several hours of play. The slider is made of stainless steel, and the headphone has a larger ear cup for a perfect fit onto your ears.

The headset also has an earphone that can be used with any wireless communication device, including the phone. There are three buttons for switching among music, audio books and FM. Once connected to a phone, your boy can receive calls on the go without touching the phone. It can also work with a Bluetooth-enabled PC or laptop. If he prefers to connect to a TV set, he requires a Bluetooth transmitter for the TV. This is a perfect gift for music lovers or video gaming teens for it gives them quality music without disturbing anyone else at home. The set is highly durable and lightweight.

this is an image of a MPOW H7 Bluetooth Headphones

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6. Laser Tag Set

Laser tag guns make great gifts for boys age 12 as they are a fun way to help them stay active outdoors and get some exercise. This set has four guns and four vests, so it can be played with up to four players. Each gun can has three lives per round and can be used in four different modes. Each mode comes with a different number of bullets – more bullets only reduce one life per hit, whereas those with less bullets will take the enemy out with a single hit! The guns can hit at a distance of up to 130 feet, so it’s great for playing in wide open areas. You’ll know if you’ve been hit because you will feel the gun vibrating! The vests will fit all sizes, so even adults can join in on the fun.

This is an image of kid's laser tag set with gun and vest

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7. Waterproof Sports Watch

This watch has a range of functions making it a cool gift for 12 year old boy. It has both an analogue and digital display as well as a calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch and backlit display for easy viewing at night. The sports watch is waterproof to over 150 feet so it can be worn during swimming or other water sports your boy might enjoy playing. There are different colors to choose from, including red, blue, camouflage and black. The band is made from soft rubber for comfort, and the watch is presented in a box for easy gifting.

This is an image of kid's sports watch waterproof in blue and black colors

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8. ThinkFun Gravity Maze

If you’re buying for a boy who loves puzzles, this is a great gift idea. The Gravity Maze comes with 60 challenge cards ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, so boys will never get bored with it. Each card shows the pieces which must be placed on the board, as well as what to add. The challenge is to find out where to add them in order to make a complete circuit. Boys will love to watch as the marble makes its way through the maze successfully! This game is great for developing important skills such as logical reasoning and planning skills, and is fun at the same time.

This is an image of kid's logic game gravity maze

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9. Djubi Classic

If your boy loves to play sports and ball games, he will love this new game known as Djubi. It’s a fun twist on the game of catch, involving balls with loops of cord for launching them and two nets for catching the balls, which are also fitted with a hook to help launch the ball. They can be thrown up to 125 feet, and the pieces float so it can even be played in the pool. The balls are made of foam and the nets are deep enough to allow them to be caught easily. This is a great outdoor game for tween boys to get active and it can be played anywhere – at home, at the beach, in the park or even in the pool.

This is an image of kid's classic singball by Djubi

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10. Threeking RC Robot

This remote control robot is one of the coolest gifts for 12 year old boys and is sure to entertain them every time they use it. It has many fun functions which can be activated using the remote or by using hand gestures. The robot can sing and dance, move in all directions including backwards, and can go on patrol avoiding obstacles as it does so. The robot has joints in the arms, legs, hips and shoulders, to give it lifelike movements. It also has LED lights in the eyes so it looks cool at night as well.

This is an image of smart robot with remote control in blue and white colors

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11. Marky Sparky Bow & Arrows

This bow and arrow can shoot distances of over 100 feet, making it a great outdoor toy. There are 6 arrows included, so boys won’t need to constantly run and fetch them after shooting. There’s a quiver built in to the top of the bow which holds all of the included arrows, so they can easily be reached when shooting. The tips of the arrows are foam so they won’t cause harm if they accidentally hit someone. There is a handle to pull back to launch the arrows, which is easier than a regular archery bow. The arrow shoots straight so kids should easily be able to hit targets with a bit of practice!

This is an image of kid's faux bow 3

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12. Flipslide Game

If you are searching for gift ideas for 12 year old boy who loves puzzles, Flipslide could be just what you need. The game is somewhat similar to a Rubik’s Cube, yet kids are challenged to match the colors of the blocks to the colors of the lights in the middle. The blocks can be flipped to reveal different colors on the other side, and can also be slid around the sides of the lights until they are in the correct position. The game is addictive – boys won’t want to put it down! It’s great as it can easily be taken anywhere to keep boredom away.

This is an image of kid's flipslide game

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13. Capture the Flag Game

Capture the Flag is a great party game, making this an excellent 12th birthday gift. It needs a minimum of 4 players, but can be enjoyed by up to 20! The battery life is up to 12 hours, so it can be used for a few games without worrying about batteries dying. There are 12 different variations on the game, so it never gets boring to play. There are 25 pieces to the game. It can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, so even younger siblings and parents can play along. It can be used anywhere there is a space, such as a darkened gym hall, park or at camp. It’s a great team game which is sure to be enjoyed time and time again.

This is an image of kid's glow in the dark in colorful colors

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14. Technic Bash! Building Set

LEGO Technic is fun for older boys and this set has almost 140 pieces, which are used to build a pull-back-and-go car. The car travels at a great speed, and when it crashes into something, the engine will pop out of the front. Boys will love the stylish appearance of the car, complete with a huge spoiler and flames coming from the exhaust. The Bash kit can be combined with the LEGO Whack set to build an even bigger and better car – so this set could perhaps be gifted on another occasion.

This is an image of kid's lego technic building kit

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15. Camouflage Action Cam

Action cameras are great 12 year old boy gifts, and this one is designed for younger users. It can capture 5MP photos and HD videos, and has a 4x digital zoom for getting up close to the action. The camera has a waterproof casing which means it can even be used for water sports. When fully charged, the battery life allows for an impressive 1.5 hours continuous recording time. There’s a Micro SD card slot, which can take a card up to 32GB in capacity. Accessories are included, such as a mounting bracket and a wriststrap, so no matter how your boy wishes to use the camera, it’s easily possible.

This is an image of kid's action camera in waterproof and camoflage green color

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16. DeltaWing Razor Scooter

This unique scooter offers a fun riding experience and is perfect for using when playing outdoors or to ride to school in style. The scooter has one large wheel at the front and two smaller ones at the back, one either side of the frame. The front wheel is pneumatic for a smooth and comfortable ride, whilst the rear wheels are designed to make drifting and spinning easy. Riders up to 143 pounds can use the scooter, so it is sure to last for many years. The handlebars are covered with rubber grips and are equipped with a hand-operated brake. Learning to ride this scooter is easy and fun!

This is an image of kid's delta wing scooter by razor in blue and black colors

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17. Remote Control Stunt Car

RC toys are always popular with boys and this one can perform cool stunts and tricks sure to impress their friends! It is double sided, so it can tumble and flip and continue driving on the other side. The car has 4WD and rubber tires which can easily handle a variety of terrains. The car is rugged and durable so it can handle whatever your kid will throw at it! It can be used for up to 15 minutes on a single charge, and charging takes 2 hours. The top speed is around 4.5 mph and the car can turn 360 degrees. It handles obstacles with ease and can be used just about anywhere.

This is an image of kid's emote control sunt car in green color

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18. EzyRoller Ride On

Many boys love ride on toys and the EzyRoller offers a unique experience like no other! To ride the kart, kids have to move their legs side to side, somewhat similar to the Razor scooter at #16 above. The seat position can be adjusted as your child grows, to ensure they are always riding comfortably. The kart holds up to 150 pounds so it can be used for many years before being outgrown. With the EzyRoller, kids have their hands free to play ball games or anything else they want to do whilst cruising. There are loads of nice colors to choose from including bright green, red, orange and more.

This is an image of kid's classic ride on in green color

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19. Stomp Rocket Extreme

Launching Stomp Rockets is fun for kids of all ages, and these Extreme ones can reach amazing distances of up to 400 feet. No batteries or power is required, instead the rockets are launched simply by jumping on the launcher pad. The rocket is fun to use in the park or anywhere there’s enough space to see the results! There are 6 rockets included, so it’s great for using at a party or when hanging out with friends, as everyone can have a go. The tips are foam-covered for safety, and flame stickers are included for decorating the rockets.

This is an image of kid's extreme rocket with 6 pack in red color

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20. Razor A Scooter

Classic Razor scooters make great gifts for 12 year old boys, and this one can hold up to 143 pounds so it can be used for years without being outgrown. It comes in a choice of colors so there is something to suit all tastes. The scooter handle folds for easy storage, and it can also be adjusted in height to fit growing boys. The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is strong and durable and the urethane wheels have ABEC 5 bearings to ensure they roll freely and smoothly. Stopping is done by using the rear fender brake which is easy to use and effective.

This is an image of kid's razor scooter in red color

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21. PlayStation 4 Slim

If you are looking for something really special for your tween boy, what could be better than a new gaming console?! The PlayStation 4 comes with an impressive 1TB hard drive which can store loads of games. It has been redesigned to be lighter and slimmer, so it can fit in smaller spaces and looks sleeker than ever before. The PS4 offers a HDR gaming experience, so games look better than ever. There are hundreds of great games on offer for the PS4, so boys are sure to find something they will enjoy playing. It’s an excellent gift which is sure to leave him thrilled on the big day!

This is an image of kid's playstation 4 slim in black color

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22. Epic Zero Box Set

This set of three books comes as a boxed set making it ideal for giving as a gift. The books follow the story of lead character Elliott who longs to be a superhero, just like the rest of his family are. They make a great read for tween boys, as the level and complexity of the story is just right for them. The books are neither too long nor too short. Boys will love the story, and it’s perfect for encouraging them to read more. this is an image of the epic zero book series

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23. Amazfit Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a practical gift for a tween boy and this one has loads of useful features. It can last up to a month on a single charge, which is a very impressive battery life. It has a GPS built-in and can track steps, calories burned and the quality of sleep. It has sport modes to help accurately monitor how much physical activity your boy is getting. A smartwatch like this is a great for encouraging boys to stay active, if you have a similar watch you can have competitions to see who takes the most steps in a day! The watch weighs just over an ounce and has a 1.28 inch display. It can be connected with a smartphone to allow boys to monitor their notifications.

this is an image of a teens smartwatch

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24. Wham-O Hamper Hoop

If your tween son is messy, a Hamper Hoop is a great way to encourage him to pick up after himself. It’s like a basketball hoop which fits over the back of most doors, and there is also a removable laundry basket attached to the bottom of the net. Boys will love throwing their dirty laundry to get it into the bag! It can also be used as an indoor basketball game by removing the bag and using balls instead. The hamper doesn’t take up as much space as most pop-up laundry hampers on the floor, making it ideal for smaller spaces too.

This is an image of kid's basketball hoop

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25. LEGO Architecture London

The LEGO Architecture range is ideal for tweens and teens, as the finished models make great display pieces in their bedroom. This one features the London skyline, although other cities and landmarks are also available such as Paris, San Francisco and the Great Wall of China. There are over 450 pieces to build, and the set also comes with a booklet full of facts about the history of the landmarks depicted in the model. In this model, kids can build 5 landmarks, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

This is an image of kid's LEGO architecture london skyline

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26. Ultimate Slime Kit

Slime is one of the most popular toys for 12 years old boys at the moment, and this ultimate kit includes everything boys need to make 10 different slime experiments from scratch. They can make interesting and unique slimes such as those which glow in the dark, change color or contain glitter. As well as making the slime and playing with it, this kit also allows boys to learn about the science behind slime. All the necessary supplies are included in the kit, making it an excellent gift which is sure to keep them busy for hours.

This is an image of kid's slime kit

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27. Kids Against Maturity

This is a fun card game which is perfect for a family games night. In the game, a question card is shown in each round, and kids must choose one of their 10 answer cards to create the funniest answer to the given question. There are over 500 cards in the box and endless possible combinations. The humor is perfect for tween boys and there are some innuendos for parents to enjoy too. Between 2 and 6 players can play the game and it typically lasts around 45 minutes.

This is an image of kid's card game kids against maturity

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28. Table Top Robot

Robotic toys are always cool for tween boys, and this table top robot will keep them busy for a few hours. The kit comes with all the parts needed to build the crab robot from scratch, as well as highly detailed instructions for assembly. After building, the robot will move around like a crab, and can automatically change direction to keep from bumping into obstacles. It can also do tricks when set on a tabletop. One AAA battery is required to power the robot. Building a robot is a great STEM project, so it’s ideal for boys interested in this area. 4M is a trusted brand which makes high-quality products, so you can’t go wrong with this.

This is an image of kid's robot

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29. What About Baseball Game

This baseball themed board game is the perfect gift for any young sports fan. It can be played in a basic or more advanced version, so it’s suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. If you are looking for a way to drag your tween away from his gadgets and screens, this could be just what you need. The game involves strategy as well as chance, and it is the closest thing to actually playing a game of baseball. The game can be played solo or with others, but playing alongside others is a good way for tweens to socialize in a way which doesn’t involve typing messages. It’s great for baseball fans and those who are just starting to get interested in the game.

This is an image of kid's baseball board game

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30. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

If your boy enjoys building LEGO models, he is sure to love this unique set! It has almost 1000 pieces which are used to build a very interesting ship in a bottle. It’s ideal for more advanced builders, so it’s great to challenge a boy who has built many sets already. It comes with a stand for displaying the bottle after assembly is finished. The ship model is highly detailed, with features such as a buildable cork, captain’s quarters, sails and the all-important flag. This is a great way to keep kids entertained over the holiday period and is a very rewarding project for them to undertake.

This is an image of kid's lego ship in bottle building kit

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31. Paper Flying Dragons

Klutz make some really fun craft kits, and this one is sure to capture the interest of a tween boy. It comes with a full color instruction booklet which couldn’t be easier to follow. The book also has fun dragon facts inside which boys are sure to enjoy reading about. Everything which is needed is included in the kit, making it ideal for giving as a gift. It makes 12 paper dragons, and 10 sheets of parts are included, as well as tape to hold them together. Boys can make different styles of dragons – adults, hatchlings and even a robot-dragon! They will look great displayed around their room once finished.

This is an image of kid's flying dragons craft kit

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32. Kano Computer Kit

If you have a pre-teen boy interesting in computing at STEM subjects, he is sure to love the Kano computer kit which allows him to build his very own computer from scratch! It uses Raspberry Pi 3 and has programmable LED lights included. There’s a wireless keyboard, all the necessary cables, Kano’s own operating system and a DIY case with power button. There are more than 100 coding challenges to keep boys busy. Some involve Minecraft whilst others can be used to make art and music. The computer is filled with over 100 apps, allowing it to be used as a fully functional computer. Boys can go on YouTube, surf the web or do anything they would normally do on a computer.

This is an image of kid's computer kit in orange color

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33. Ultimate Twister

Twister is a classic game, but this newer version has a bigger and better mat with twice as many spots as before. It’s a great party game, making it excellent for a 12th birthday boy. It includes the classic spinner, but for a really modern twist it is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. This is great if everyone wants to play, as Alexa will tell players where to move to next, meaning no one has to be left out to spin the spinner. The game has some fun new rules such as allowing the spinner to choose the next move or eliminating all players on a certain row. It’s sure to be the hit of the party!

This is an image of kid's twister ulitmate party board game

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34. T-Rex Fingerlings

Fingerlings are cute, interactive pets which wrap around the finger, and this dinosaur-themed one is a great pick for boys. The dino responds to sound and touch, with roars, chomping jaws and more. There is a compatible app which allows boys to train their pet to have a softer side in which they will nuzzle up. It comes in four different color designs, so why not collect them all?

This is an image of kid's T-rex fingerlings

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35. Manual to Middle School

If your boy is facing the difficult transition to middle school, this book could be ideal for helping him out. The book is written with a simple yet effective format telling boys to ‘do this, not that’ so they can easily learn the dos and don’ts of middle school. There are more than 100 topics covered in the book as well as 200+ illustrations. Subjects include taking tests, using their cell phone, leadership, sports and homework. Even boys who don’t enjoy reading should be able to learn something useful from this book. It can be read in full or returned to at various points when boys need a little help.

This is an image of kid's manual to middle school book

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36. Wilson Junior Football

Football is a common interest for many boys aged 12, so giving them a youth-sized ball is a great idea. The ball comes with a pump and inflation needle as well as a tee for the ball to be kicked from. At this age, boys may not be ready for a full-sized ball but will have grown out of the softer toy balls for younger kids. So, this is just the right size for them.

This is an image of kid's junior football

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37. Anki Cozmo Robot

We’ve already seen how robots make perfect toys for 12 year olds, and Cozmo is simply excellent! The robot allows boys to learn to code yet has an easy to use interface which is ideal for beginners. Cozmo can play games, or you can enter explorer mode and watch from his perspective as he roams around. The robot comes in two stylish color schemes – white with red or white with blue. The interactive robot will recognize kids and remember their name, and can learn and evolve the more it is used. Boys will have hours and hours of fun with this amazing, educational toy.

This is an image of kid's cozmo educational robot in blue and white colors

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38. ThinkFun Math Dice

If your boy needs a little more practice with math, this dice game is a fun way to help him learn. The set comes with 5 regular dice and one 12-sided dice as well as a scoring mat and a storage bag. Full instructions are included, and the compact size makes this a great travel game. To play, players must roll the 12-sided dice to find their target number. Then, throw each of the 5 other dice and use these 5 numbers to add, subtract, or both, to make the target number. The game is fun and educational and is perfect for boys who like a brainteaser.

This is an image of kid's math dice junior game

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39. Superhero Capes

If the 12th birthday party is going to be a costume party, these capes could be fun to use at the party. There are 3 double-sided capes in the set, featuring the logos from all the most popular superheroes. Matching masks are also included to complete the look! The capes are fastened with Velcro so they are easy to put on and take off.

This is an image of kid's cap and mask for halloween

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40. LittleBits Star Wars Droid

Star Wars is an interest for many tween boys, so what could be cooler than a Droid they can code themselves?! It using block-based coding which is easy for beginners, but gives satisfying and entertaining results. There are over 20 missions available with the compatible app, so kids can help their Droid learn new skills. The kit comes with everything needed to build the Droid, including a battery to power it with. To download the app, a device running iOS 10.0 or later or Android KitKat 4.4 or later is required. This is a fantastic gift to surprise a boy with on a special occasion and is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

This is an image of kid's starwars droid inventor kit

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41. NHL Board Game

Sports gifts for a 12 years old boy are always popular and this NHL game is sure to be a hit. It is suitable for two players, so perfect for playing with a friend or against parents. The game involves similar skills to a real NHL game such as fast reflexes and high accuracy, and also helps develop fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. Kids will love the attention to detail, such as the NHL team logos which are printed around the sides of the rink. In the game, each player starts with 5 pucks and the aim of the game is to get all 10 to the opponents side. To do this, players use their hand and an elastic cord in this fun and exciting game of dexterity.

This is an image of kid's NHL board game

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42. Magnetic Dart Board

Dart boards make fun presents for 12 yr old boys, and this one is magnetic to prevent damage to the walls and furniture, as well as to other players! There are 6 darts included in 2 different colors. There’s a small slot on the back of the board so it can easily be hung anywhere. It’s a fun change for a family game night, or for tweens to enjoy when hanging out with friends.

This is an image of kid's magnetic dart board

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43. Nerf Tactica Vest

Are you looking for presents for 12 years old boys who love to play Nerf battles? This N-Strike Elite vest could be just what you need! It has loads of storage for extra ammo to ensure he is well-equipped to win his next battle. It comes with 2 quick reload clips and 12 Elite darts, official Nerf branded. The vest is designed to fit most sizes, measuring around 38″ around the chest. It holds the clips and darts well, so you can be sure nothing will fall out.

This is an image of kid's nerf tactical vest in black color

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44. LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store

Perhaps one of the best toys for 12 yr old boys who love to build, the LEGO Ideas Fishing Store has over 2000 pieces so building it will surely keep him busy for several hours. It comes with four minifigures which can be positioned around the store, and there is also a pet cat and three seagulls. When finished, the model measures 12 inches high and 9 inches wide and deep. The model is very detailed with features such as a lookout tower, doors to enter the store and railings around it. The roof of the building can be removed allowing easy access to the interior if boys wish to play with or admire it.

This is an image of lego fishing store building kit

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45. LEGO Minecraft Iron Golem

Here we have another fun LEGO set, this time it’s one for the Minecraft fans out there. With just 208 pieces, this set should be a quick build for those experienced with LEGO. It comes with four figures which look just like they do in the game – Alex, a zombie, and iron golem and a baby pig. This set is designed to be built in different ways allowing kids to be creative, although suggestions and tips are included. The secret iron golem pop-up function is sure to impress boys. Any Minecraft lover will be delighted to display this in their room after building.

This is an image of kid's LEGO minecraft

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Our Top Gift

The overall best gift for a tween boy has to be the PS4 Slim. Boys this age simply love playing video games and the PS4 has loads of great games available to choose from. The graphics are excellent, offering a fantastic gaming experience, and the large hard drive is a huge positive too. The console itself has a slim and stylish design which will fit in well with the home decor.

This is an image of kid's playstation 4 slim in black color

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Best Budget Gift

Among the suggested gifts above, the best for those on a budget is the Snap Circuits Extreme builder kit. The kit has two sides; the fun side and the creative bit. It improves your boy’s creativity while at the same time keeps him concentrated all through. The high number of projects he can create also ensures that he will not get bored anytime soon.

this is an image Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 set

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What are Good Christmas Gifts for Boys Aged 12?

Any of the gift ideas given here would be great for Christmas! Some parents like to choose a ‘main’ gift at Christmas as well as some smaller things to unwrap. It’s often wise to choose gifts which can be used indoors to help keep boredom away over the Christmas period. A building kit with lots of pieces is a great idea, or perhaps a game he can play with friends.


Good Gifts for 12 Yr Olds Who Love STEM?

There are a few suggestions above which are ideal for boys with an interest in STEM subjects. Robots are excellent, and we also have a cool computer building kit which is a really fun project for those willing to learn more about STEM subjects. The Snap Circuits kit is a great idea for boys who are interested in electrical engineering. Just be sure to choose something which is suitable for your boy’s level of experience in this area.