Looking for the best gifts for 8 year old boy on his birthday or at Christmas? Here, we’ve picked over 40 great ideas which he is sure to love to receive on the big day! Choosing gifts for kids can be difficult, as they often have so much these days. So, why not take a look at our great picks below which are sure to inspire you to find something new and unique. We’ve chosen a variety of toys, games and other gift ideas, so you will find something he’ll love no matter what he is interested in.

So what are the most appropriate toys for 8 year old boys? Of course, every child will have different tastes so there is no one toy or gift which will suit them all. However, some types of toy which are usually very popular at this age include Nerf guns, robots, building kits such as LEGO, board games and science sets, particularly gross ones or those involving slime! Video games are also popular, but you might want to try an alternative tech toy instead – these are great for STEM learning and are just as fun as video games!

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45 Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boy Reviewed

Now we know a little more about the types of 8 year old boy gifts which are available, let’s look at some great examples and ideas.

1. Nerf N Strike Mastodon

Nerf is hugely popular with little boys, and this Mega Mastodon is the first motorized Mega blaster. This means it can fire the darts a huge distance of up to 100 feet! There are 24 Whistler darts included as well as a strap to hold the gun, a drum cage and covers. The gun is large, so it’s best for those who are used to Nerf toys, and probably isn’t suitable for smaller kids. It also takes six size D batteries, so you might want to buy a bumper pack if giving this as a gift!

This is an image of boy's Nerf N strike mega mastodon gun in red and orange colors

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2. Hosim High Speed RC Truck

This awesome remote controlled truck has a very impressive maximum speed of 30 mph – wow! It is best for off-road use as the tires are fitted with great tread which is designed to reduce skidding on various terrains. The truck has four wheel drive so it can easily maneuver in all directions. The RC toy is made in the 1:10 scale, so it’s quite large and really fun to play with. The truck can climb inclines of up to 45 degrees and is lightly waterproof for splashing though puddles or shallow water. The chassis is made from steel and has shock-absorbers to ensure the level of impact is greatly reduced, therefore increasing the lifespan of the toy.

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3. LEGO Minecraft Ender Dragon

Many young boys love Minecraft as well as LEGO, which is why this set is one of the best gift ideas for a young boy. This set has over 600 pieces which are used to build the sand island, Ender Dragon and crystals which light up. The set comes with various minifigures – Steve and three Endermen – as well as their weapons. This is a great gift for a little boy who loves to play Minecraft, and is sure to drag him away from his game for a short while.

This is an image of boy's Mincraft ender dragon by LEGO


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4. DK Book of Knowledge

This book is a great gift for curious kids – it’s an encyclopedia all about the natural world and technology, and contains over 2000 photographs to help illustrate the points being made. Boys aged 8 will love to show off what they have learned in the book to friends and family. There are almost 500 pages, so kids can learn something new every time they pick up the book – they’ll never get bored with it. It’s ideal for kids up to 12, so they’ll have many years of enjoyment with the book before outgrowing it.

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5. Outdoor Playground Set

This fun backyard playground set has everything a boy aged 8 needs to keep busy in the summer! It’s the perfect gift for a summer birthday and can be used at the 8th birthday party when there are lots of kids around to play. The set features a trampoline, swings and a slide, as well as a trapeze bar to swing from. There’s a sun shade canopy over the top of the set to keep kids safe from the sun on a hot day. This set is great for helping kids keep active and developing their core muscle strength.

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6. Three Wheel Scooter by Verduo

A scooter is a great gift to give for a summer birthday, as boys will be wanting to play outdoors all the time. This one has three wheels so it is easy to ride, and the handlebar is adjustable in height to three different positions. Each wheel is fitted with LED lights so it is sure to stand out especially at night! There is a foot brake for easy and controlled stopping. There’s also a button to remove the handlebars from the scooter for easy transport and storage. Boys will love the colorful design on this scooter and will love to ride it everywhere!

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7. Force 1 Video Drone

Drones are one of the hottest gifts at the moment, so what better way to spoil your little boy on his big day than with one of these cool gadgets? This one is easy for beginners to fly as it has one-touch takeoff and landing, so it can go airborne straight away. The blades are surrounded by bumpers to ensure they won’t get damaged if the drone crashes. There’s also a warning alarm which will sound when the drone goes out of range, to warn your child not to go any further. An extra battery is included with this drone so it can fly for up to 25 minutes.

This is an image of boy's drone with camera and remote control in blue and black colors


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8. Blaster Boards Fort Building Toy

Kids love to build forts, so instead of using your furniture, why not gift them this toy which makes building an epic fort so much easier and loads of fun too. There are over 180 pieces to assemble, yet they can easily be dismantled after use and packed flat for storage. The fort is ideal for using during Nerf wars and it comes with target pieces as well as offering your child a bunker to hide in. Kids will have hours of fun building their forts, and it is sure to make their next Nerf battle even more epic!

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9. Funko Pop WWE Figure

Many little boys love to collect these Funko Pop figures, and this one from WWE Series 2 is great for wrestling fans. It’s just one figure of a huge collectable range, this one depicting Hulk Hogan. He comes dressed in his iconic red and yellow wrestling costume and stands at just under 4 inches tall. This is a great decorative piece for your boy’s room, and will look great sitting on his desk or on a shelf.

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10. Casio Baby-G Watch

Are you looking for a practical gift for a little boy? How about this digital watch from Casio, which has loads of useful features to help him be more timely! It shows the day of the week as well as the date at the time in hours, minutes and seconds. The watch can be used to set five daily alarms which is perfect for reminding boys when it’s time to go to their various activities, wake up in the morning, or if it’s time to do their homework! There is a backlight on the watch to ensure it can easily be seen when checking the time at night. It is waterproof so can be kept on when showering or even swimming, making it perfect for any occasion.

This is an image of boy's casio classic watch G baby in gray color


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11. Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster

If your little boy is a fan of Nerf, he is sure to love this Zombie Blaster! It comes with nine darts, three of which can be fired in a single blast. There is an area at the back of the gun for storing ammo, so it’s always ready for a quick reload! This gun is a little different from other Nerf guns, in that the darts go into shells before the shells are then loaded into the gun. This means it can take a little longer to get loaded up ready for a battle, but firing three darts simultaneously is sure to blow away your opposition!

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12. DK Encyclopedia of Earth

Does your little boy have a keen interest in geography and everything to do with the world around him? This book teaches kids everything they need to know about various areas of geography whether they are most interested in maps, volcanoes, oceans, or something else entirely. There are loads of full-color photographs inside the book to keep kids interested and help illustrate what they read. The book is aimed at kids up to the age of around 13, so the reading level is perfect for those aged 8. There are also quizzes inside the book to help kids remember what they have learned by testing themselves. They will love to show off their new knowledge to friends and family!

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13. 40 Inch Tree Swing

This colorful swing is perfect for birthday parties outdoors, as it’s large enough for many kids to play on at the same time. It can safely hold an impressive 700 pounds, so you can be sure it is built to last! The ropes can be adjusted to allow the swing to sit higher or lower to the ground depending on the structure it is hung from. It also comes with a cover to keep the surface clean and dry when not in use. There are loads of different colors to choose from, and you can also choose a square platform rather than the round, flying saucer design. The swing comes with bonus flags to attach to the ropes to make it look even more stylish and fun!

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14. Marky Sparky Toy Bow and Arrow Set

This bow and arrow set is perfect for kids, as it is safe to use as well as loads of fun! The arrows can be shot an impressive distance of up to 200 feet, so it feels just like the real deal rather than being a toy. There are three arrows included as well as a quiver to hold them in, for quick and easy reloading. The string has finger guards fitted to ensure it won’t cause discomfort or injury when using. The arrows are lightweight and have a foam tip so they won’t cause damage or harm upon impact. This is a great toy for getting your kids active and playing outdoors!

This is an image of boy's pretend arrow archery set in white and blue colors


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15. Huffy.. Rock IT Bike

This smart 20 inch bike is great for boys who are ready to move up to the next size. They gray and yellow color scheme is sure to make them stand out from the crowd. There is a kickstand to rest the bike on so it doesn’t have to be left lying on the ground when not being ridden. There’s padding on the front of the handlebars to help reduce impact in the event of a crash and the chain is partially enclosed for safety too.

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16. Epoch Air Wall Climbing Car

RC toys are some of the coolest gifts for 8 year old boys, and this one is even better because it can climb the walls and even drive upside down on the ceiling! It works well on a variety of surfaces including glass – it can go anywhere in the house! The car uses a vacuum system to adhere to these surfaces without falling, and it can also perfect impressive tricks such as 360 spins in either direction. The RC toy is fitted with headlights and rear lights so it look great when driven in the dark.

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17. ThinkFun Code Master

This logic game is ideal for boys 8 and over to challenge their brains! There are 60 challenge cards including in varying difficulty levels from beginner through to expert, so there is something to suit players of all levels. The game is easy to learn as it comes with full instructions, and it helps kids learn programming through fun challenges.

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18. Xbox One S Console

When it comes to the top toys for 8 year old boys, games consoles are usually the top of the list. There are loads of excellent kids games available for the Xbox console, and it can also be used to watch 4K Blu-ray movies, as well as streaming content from Amazon or Netflix. Kids will love the high quality graphics they will experience when playing games or watching movies on this console – they will feel like they are right there in the center of the action!

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19. Bixe 16 Inch Balance Bike

Is your little boy struggling to learn how to ride a bike? If so, the Bixe balance bike could be just what he needs! It’s much larger than standard balance bikes, usually ridden by toddlers. This one comes in a choice of cool colors, so you can find something to suit his tastes and preferences. The bike is fitted with rubber tires for maximum traction on a variety of terrains and it also has a gripped foot rest for kids to cruise or even to stand on and do some tricks!

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20. Laser Tag Set

Laser tag is a popular game amongst boys, so they are sure to love this set which allows them to play at home with friends and family. There are four guns included in the set, meaning up to four players can enjoy the game. The guns can hit at a distance of up to 130 feet and there are four different settings to choose from to determine how many shots and lives are available. Players don’t need to wear a vest as the targets are built in to the guns.

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21. USA Toyz Nerf Vest Set

Here we have another great gift idea for Nerf fans. This set comes with 40 foam darts as well as 10 other accessories which will ensure your son’s next Nerf battle is an epic one! There are two camo vests, tube masks, safety goggles as well as wrist straps which can be loaded up with darts to keep them easily within reach for faster reloading. So, this set is ideal for two kids to use at the same time – perfect for a boy and his BFF to play. The size is ideal for kids of all ages so will fit for many years to come.

This is an image of boy's nerf vest set


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22. Threeking Smart Robot

Kids love robots, and this one has gesture control to make it really easy to operate. The robot has LED eyes and can go on patrol whilst using sensors to avoid crashing into any obstacles. He can walk in all directions, even backwards, which is sure to impress your kids! Once fully charged, the robot can be played with for around an hour, and charging takes about two hours. The robot can be programed with a series of movements to remember, so he can perform up to 50 actions one after the other.

This is an image of boy's smart robot toys with remote control in white colors


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23. Dreamingbox Kids Binoculars

These binoculars come in a wide range of color options so there is something to suit everyone, whether his favorite color is blue, red, yellow or something else. The eyepieces are made from soft rubber for comfort and safety when using. The binoculars are shock-proof so they can withstand being dropped on the floor without getting damaged. The magnification offered is 8x, so kids will love being able to see everything up close!

This is an image of boy's binoculars in blue color


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24. LEGO Technic BASH

This cool LEGO car has almost 140 pieces and is the perfect difficultly level for kids up to the age of 14 years old. The set can be combined with the other model, WHACK, to create a huge monster truck for even more fun! Or, build the two models separately and watch them crash into each other. Upon impact, the engines will pop out for a more realistic and fun battle!

This is an image of boy's lego technic building kit


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25. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions

Here we have another great LEGO set, however this time it’s a little different. LEGO is one of the best toys for 8 year old boy, and this one will really get them thinking and learning. The kit allows kids to build ten different moving machines, all based upon chain reactions. There are over 30 LEGO pieces to build with, as well as a full instruction booklet with clear step-by-step guides to follow. Boys will have hours of fun building these models and watching what happens when they set them off!

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26. Sleep On It Onesie

Pajamas are always a great gift for boys who have everything, and they are always appreciated at Christmas for having movie nights! This onesie is perfect for this time of year, as it is super cozy and comfortable – they won’t want to take it off! It is made from polyester and has a zipper so it’s easy to take off and put on. The cuffed sleeves and legs mean the onesie stays in place and doesn’t ride up. There are three different designs to choose from, and boys will love them all. There are sizes to fit kids from 4 – 14 so no matter how tall or small your boy is you are sure to find something to fit just right.

This is an image of boy's pajamas sleep over in colorful colors


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27. LEGO Marvel The Hulkbuster

If your boy is a fan of Marvel heroes, he is sure to love this Hulkbuster mech from Avengers Infinity War. The set has almost 400 pieces to build and is ideal for kids up to the age of 14, whilst still not too challenging for those aged 8. Kids will love to play with this set after building it, as it comes with a minifigure cockpit for a figure to ride inside! There are also moving parts for added fun, such as the gun turret with ball shooter and the bashing arm to make it loads of fun to defeat the enemy!

This is an image of boy's LEGO marvel avengers building kit


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28. Anki Cozmo Robot

Robots are really cool 8 year old boy gifts and Cozmo is a great choice because he is really educational as well as loads of fun. There are two color schemes to choose from – either red and white or blue and white. Kids can play games with the robot or enter Explorer Mode, in which they can see the world as Cozmo does! Kids will need to download the free app in order to learn to code the robot, but don’t worry if they have no experience – it’s easy enough for beginners to pick up!

This is an image of boy's Educational toy robot by ANKi in silver color


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29. VTech Star Wars Smartwatch

Many little boys love Star Wars, so this Stormtrooper watch is sure to be a big hit on a special day. It has a camera built in, and there are over 20 fun Star Wars themed effects which can be applied to the photos to make them look really cool and fun. The watch is fitted with a motion sensor which can be used for the mini games and activities such as racing BB8! There are loads of useful features on the watch such as a calculator, calendar and stopwatch. It’s also splash proof, although should not be worn in the shower or when swimming.

This is an image of boy's smatwatch with Star wars design in white color by VTech


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30. Fuvision Digital Camera

This camera is great for kids who want to start capturing memories with their friends and family. It comes in a choice of different colors and styles so you can choose which one they will like best. The camera can take 8MP resolution photos as well as videos. It can take 3000 pictures or make three hours of video on a single charge, so you can be sure you won’t have to rush home to charge it all the time!

This is an image of boy's Digital Camera in blue and yellow colors


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31. Crystal Growing Set with Lights

Are you looking for more unique and interesting gifts for 8 year old boys, how about this grow your own crystal set? It allows kids to grow crystals of three different colors, and includes everything they need to do so. There is also a display platform included with lights, so the crystals look stunning at night once fully grown! The set comes with a fully illustrated instruction booklet which explains the way in which the crystals are formed which is sure to fascinate curious kids.

This is an image of boy's crystal growing kit in multi-colors


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32. Joyfun Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie talkies are fun toys for 8 year old boys, and these ones have an impressive two mile range, so they can be used for playing spy games at home or for communicating out in the open on a camping trip. There are loads of cool camouflage colors to choose from which boys are sure to love. The radios are fitted with flashlights as well as an easy-to-use PTT system and a call button. There are 22 channels to choose from to ensure privacy and security.

This is an image of boy's walkie talkies in blue camoflage color


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33. National Geographic Joke Book for Kids

Many little boys love telling jokes, so they will adore this book which will give them 300 new jokes to share with friends and family! National Geographic is a great brand which parents can trust to provide top-quality, age-appropriate content which kids will enjoy. There are loads of styles of jokes in this book, including Knock Knock, tongue twisters, riddles and many more. No matter which kind of joke your child enjoys most, they are sure to find something in this book to appeal to their sense of humor.

This is an image of boy's just joking book by national geographic kids


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34. Mini Hand Controlled Flying Drone

Drones are really popular toys with young boys these days, and this one is excellent because it has no remote controller, so it is easy to fly. The drone is powered using four motors which allow it to rotate through 360 degrees. It has a colored light inside which will indicate whether it is flying at normal speed (green) or high speed (blue). The drone is controlled using the infrared sensors which can detect hand movements – move your hand up to make it fly higher or move from side to side and watch as the drone follows.

This is an image of boy's flying drone hand controlled in red color


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35. Prograce Action Camera for Kids

If your kid loves the great outdoors, they will love using this action cam to capture their adventures. You can choose between a yellow or navy blue camera and it can capture HD videos and 5MP photos. The camera is fitted with 4X zoom and has adjustable volume and brightness controls. There is a strong waterproof case included so the camera can be used to capture watersport activities or days out at the beach without getting damaged.

this is an image of an action cam for kids


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36. Sanho Sensory Sock

This sensory sock is recommended by therapists and is the best gift for any kid with ADHD, ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder or any other special needs. The sock is designed to offer deep pressure input to help calm your child’s sensory system and develop their spacial awareness. It comes in a choice of sizes and colors, and there is a size guide which will help ensure a perfect fit.

this is an image of a sensory sock for kids


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37. National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit

If your child is interested in dinosaurs, they are sure to love this fossil digging kit! It comes with everything they need to dig up three real dinosaur fossils – a bone, a tooth and even some dinosaur poop! The set includes tools for your child to become a real archeologist, as well as a beautiful hand-painted brick for them to dig from. Kids will also love learning from the included educational guide, great for further deepening their knowledge.

This is an image of boy's national geographic dinosaur kit


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38. Star Night Light Projector

If your child is afraid of the dark, this projector night light could be the perfect gift for them. It projects stars and moons all around the room, and there are various colors of light to choose from, or have multicolored projections. There’s a timer on the lamp so you can set it to run for a short while before your child falls asleep, or set it for a maximum of 16 hours so it will run all night as they sleep. You can power the light using AAA batteries or the included USB cable for more flexibility. There’s a hanging strap on top of the night light so it can be hung up in your child’s room, or it can rest on a table top.

This is an image of boy's night lights for kids in white color


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39. Water Doodle Drawing Mat

If your child loves to draw but you’re worried about the mess, this water drawing mat is a great idea. It allows kids to ‘paint’ using water, so they can’t draw on the furniture, walls or floors. There are loads of accessories included such as shaped foam stampers and various pens. Kids will also find the letters of the alphabet around the outside of the mat. The set can easily be folded and packed for travel, making it excellent for keeping your boy amused when going to visit family and friends.

This is an image of boy's large coloring mat


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40. String Art Kit

It can be hard to find craft kits which are aimed towards boys, so this space themed string art set is the perfect choice. It allows boys to make three nice canvases which are perfect for using to decorate their rooms with. The canvases depict a rocket, a star and a planet, each against a black background so the colors really stand out. The kit includes everything which is needed to complete the projects. There’s the three pre-printed canvases, the pins and the strings to wrap around them to create the designs. Boys will be so proud to show off their artwork and display it on the wall for everyone to admire.

This is an image of boy's string art kit


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41. MeDoozy 3D Printing Pen

3D printing is a really cool medium for kids to make art with, and this pen is a lot easier to use, and more budget-friendly, than a 3D printer. The pen comes in a choice of three colors, and the manufacturer also offers a multipack of replacement filaments in different colors. The temperatures used to melt the plastic are low enough that it won’t cause burns even right after coming from the nozzle, so it’s safe for kids to use. The pen can be used for two hours on a single charge, and it comes packaged with a book full of projects for kids to work on. There are stickers to customize the appearance of the pen with different character faces.

This is an image of boy's 3D pen set in blue color


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42. LEGO City Monster Truck

Boys love monster trucks and building LEGO, so this LEGO City set is one of the best toys for boys age 8! It has almost 200 pieces, so it is not too challenging for young builders. After building, kids will have fun playing with the truck on the buildable ramp with the stunt driver minifigure inside! There are also fire barrels with flames coming from them to really add to the fun and excitement of ‘driving’ the monster truck. The pieces of this set are interchangeable with all other LEGO sets for a more creative building experience.

This is an image of boy's LEGO city monster truck building kit


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43. Stencil Drawing Kit

Does your little boy love to draw? How about this great stencil kit to help him unleash his creativity?! It comes with 14 stencil sheets each with a different theme, including vehicles, space, ships, dinosaurs and much more. It also comes with paper with a fancy border as well as colored pencils to draw with. A sharpener is also included as well as clips to hold the stencils in place on the paper, making drawing the shapes a lot easier. Everything comes in a convenient carry case with handle, so this is the perfect travel toy to keep boys amused when away from home. Drawing toys for 8 year olds make ideal gifts, and this one is no exception!

This is an image of boy's educational drawing art with 54 piece


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44. Magnetic Science Kit

Science kits are excellent birthday gifts for 8 years old boy, and this one all about magnets offers unique and interesting learning opportunities. There are over 30 fun games and experiments to keep boys busy and learning something new all the time. The kit comes with a 60 page manual which is fully colored, to explain the science behind each of the experiments as well as providing full instructions for completing them. Boys will love to make their own electromagnet or discover more about invisible magnetic fields, just a few of the things which can be done with this amazing, educational kit!

This is an image of boy's magnetic science kit


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45. Stomp Rocket Extreme Edition

Looking for the best gifts for boys to use outdoors? The Stomp Rocket is the perfect pick! This one includes six extreme rockets which can be launched an impressive distance of up to 400 feet! The toy requires no batteries, and simply relies on the energy and power of your boy running and jumping onto the launch pad. The rockets can be decorated with the included flame stickers which will make them look even cooler, and perhaps help them soar faster and higher. Boys can use the rockets in the backyard, at the beach or at the park – anywhere there is a large and open space where they won’t cause damage. They can be reused over and over again for endless fun.

This is an image of boy's extreme rocket in red and black color


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Our Top Gift

Now we have looked at 45 great ideas, it’s time to choose the very best gift for 8 yr old boy this year. Our top pick overall is the Anki Cozmo robot, which provides hours of STEM fun and learning for boys aged 8. They will love to explore the different, fun modes and will really enjoy learning to code in such a fun and unique way. This toy can be used for many years to come so you can be sure it offers excellent value for money – kids will never get bored of Cozmo!

This is an image of boy's Educational toy robot by ANKi in silver color

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Best Budget Gift

Looking for fantastic gifts for boys age 8 on a tighter budget? Don’t worry because we also have an excellent budget pick here for you! The Code Master game from ThinkFun is the best pick if you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, and you can still guarantee this gift will be well-received. It also helps teach boys all about programming, using fun challenge cards which vary in difficulty, so boys will always be challenged even after playing the game many times before. It’s a great pick for boys who are curious about STEM subjects.

This is an image of boy's code master logic board game

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

There are a few things to keep in mind which will help guide your search for the perfect gift. First ensure the product is age-appropriate and neither too babyish nor too mature for the boy. Most toys come with a suggested age range from the manufacturer which can greatly help you decide whether or not it is appropriate.

Also think about his tastes and interests. For example, what are his favorite characters at the moment – is he obsessed with Marvel Heroes or does he prefer Star Wars? This can help you find something he will be really excited by. You could also choose something related to his favorite sport or team perhaps. Or, maybe he has a collection which you can add to, such as a particular range of LEGO he is interested in.


Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boy Who Likes Sports?

Many little boys love sports, both playing it and watching their favorite teams and players. You could choose them some new equipment to use to play their favorite sports and games at home. Or, some merchandise from their favorite teams such as a hoodie or shirt, or something cool for their room. This nightlight is ideal if you’re looking for something more unique – it comes in other variations if basketball isn’t your child’s favorite. Other options include skiing, ice hockey, a soccer ball or a baseball player.

this is an image of a nightlight shaped as a basketball


Top 8th Birthday Ideas for Boys

Any of the toys or gifts above would be ideal for giving on an 8th birthday. If you are looking for something to help him remember the special day, a birthday shirt is ideal. Consider this superhero-inspired option for those little boys who love watching the latest superhero movies.

this is an image of an 8th birthday shirt


What to Get an 8 Yr Old Boy for Christmas?

Again, any of these gift ideas are perfect for Christmas. You might wish to choose something which can be shared with friends and family, as it is common to have many visitors over the festive period. It’s also a good idea to choose indoor toys and games as the weather might not be good enough for playing outdoors! Cozy blankets or pajamas are also great Christmas gifts – perfect for lazy days watching movies at home!