Are you searching for the best gifts for a 7 year old boy? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll find 50 great gifts from the latest gadgets to awesome books full of new knowledge. Whether you’re looking for a special something to celebrate a birthday or simply want to treat your child to something new, we have a perfect idea in this list for every type of personality.

Boys at the age of 7 years will likely be at a stage where they’re enjoying exploring their environment, both indoors and outdoors. In our list we’ve tried to include toys that promote a sense of curiosity for the world through education and adventuring!

You’re likely wondering exactly what would make a great gift for a 7 year old boy, in this list we have lots of inspiring ideas. At 7 years, children are forming their personalities and will have preferences. Some boys enjoy playing with construction set toys such as Lego whereas others prefer hands-on creative activities such as drawing.

47 Best Gifts for 7 Year old Boys

Now that we’ve introduced you to some of the gifts you could keep in mind when buying for a 7 year old boy, we’re going to move on to present nearly 50 top picks in our guide below.

1. Playmobil Space Shuttle

Teach your child about outer space with this awesome space shuttle themed toy. Little ones can travel to the moon and explore the skies, there really are endless possibilities! This super cool set includes two astronauts, a space shuttle, a laser cannon with lasers and a space harness too. With functioning lights, astronauts can safely explore on their mission. This educational toy can be paired with other Playmobil sets for extra fun, or used on its own for lots of imaginative play. The set would make an ideal present for a 7yr old boy! 

This is an image of boys space building kit in white color

2. RC Stunt Car

RC cars provide lots of racing fun but also help to strengthen hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness too. This stunt car is one of the best gifts out there for a boy who’s celebrating a birthday. It features 360-degree rotation and can flip! The unique gift will bring different driving activities to your child and it’s super durable too. The car’s soft and elastic rubber tyres mean it can be used both indoors and outdoors. With high strength friction, the tyres can grip extremely well and they’re also skid resistant for a smooth drive. 


This is an image of boy's Stunt car with Remote Control in green color

3. Lego Future Flyers 

If your little boy is a fan of Lego, why not think about a new set as a gift option? This future flyers set features a 3-in-1 model with a large movable head and a single piercing blue eye. The toy also has a removable backpack with foldout wings and rocket boosters for extra speed. Your child will learn vital STEM skills as they build this futuristic jet and will enjoy the 3 different modes of play each part of the figure has to offer. You can add this Lego creator set to an existing collection or use it as a gateway into a fantastic series of toys that your boy can enjoy throughout his childhood. 

This is an image of boy's LEGO version Creature Future flyers in white color

4. Facts Book By National Geographic

Reading is a great relaxing activity and it’s crucial for all children to develop and grow. Help your little boy to expand his vocabulary and knowledge with this fantastic facts book by National Geographic. This beautifully designed book is filled to the brim with photos and is organized into two-page spreads that each focus on different topics. Kids are guaranteed to love this treasure trove of fascinating fact about the planet on which they live. Books make a great gift for a 7 year old boy and this one is certainly at the top of the list.

This is an image of boy's educational book with 5000 informative facts

5. Lego Jedi Interceptor

Star Wars is majorly popular amongst many children and if your little boy is a fan you can gift him with his very own Jedi interceptor with this Lego set. Kids get to re-create exciting battle scenes from Star Wars with the Anakin Skywalker minifigure with a Lightsaber and R2-D2. The interceptor features an opening cockpit, folding wing flaps and new dual spring-loaded shooters for lots of adventurous battles. Lego is great for stimulating a child’s mind as it teaches skills such as hand-eye coordination and patience as children build. If you’re on the lookout for 7 year old Christmas gift ideas, why not consider adding to your boy’s Lego collection?

This is an image of boy's LEGO star wars version of Jedi Interceptor building kit in gray and yellow colors



6. Lego Creative Toolbox

Lots of little boys love robots and not they can have their own while being introduced to the creative world of coding. Building, learning, and programming robots has never been more fun! Inside this fun-packed set, there are 847 LEGO pieces that kids can build and rebuild into 5 cool multifunctional models. While playing your child will learn STEM skills such as tech like color, distance and tilt sensors. Once constructed the robot will be able to dance and move about! This is an award-winning toy perfect for children ages 7 years and it makes a great learning gift for any little boy curious about technology. 

This is an image of boy's LEGO ROBOT building set in blue and white colors

7. Magic Fort Building Toy

This magical fort building kit is the perfect gift idea for any imaginative little boy. Featuring 354 pieces, and suitable for ages 6 years and up, your 7 yr old will be entertained for hours as they construct the different elements of this magical destination. Teaching crucial STEM skills, building is a great activity as it strengthens hand and eye coordination, and these type of toys for 7 year old boys improve patience and problem-solving abilities. There are also extension packs to add to this toy if your child needs a further challenge. 

This is an image of boy's building toy kit

8. Roller Coaster Challenge Toy

Are you looking for a toy that will challenge your child? Why not go for the roller coaster challenge building set? This awesome pack is a 50% logic game and a 50% roller coaster building set. Educational and awesome, it includes a game board, 36 posts, 39 tracks, one roller coaster car and forty cards with solutions. Kids can learn quickly how to play this game and have hours of fun either solo or with the company of friends. The set will help to develop critical skills, engineering understanding, reasoning and planning too. Your child won’t outgrow the challenging aspect of this toy early on as it provides multi-level challenges from 40 beginner variations to expert challenges that increase in difficulty. 

This is an image of boy's Roller Coaster building game

9. Builder Costume Role Play Set 

Lots of children enjoy dressing up costumes and this machine-washable costume allows your little boy to role-play as a construction worker. The set includes everything you need to equip a little worker with everything he needs to save the day, it even comes with a handy iLearn bag for storing. In the set, you’ll find a hammer, a saw, pliers, screwdriver, realistic nylon vest, hat and handy tool belt. Wondering why a costume set is a good gift idea? Role-playing allows a child to enjoy active play and develops hand-eye coordination at the same time. Sure to inspire the imagination while providing educational thinking skills, shape recognition, problem-solving, communication skills, social skills, creativity, handwriting, reading, play and life skills at the same time. 

This is an image of boy's contruction worker costum with toy role play in yellow colors

10. Robot STEM Toy

There are lots of building sets out there but this robot STEM building blocks set combines 3 form sets in one, for extra entertainment. Your little boy can choose to build a robot figure, construction car or an animal figure. Mini engineers will enjoy the challenges that the box of blocks contains as they explore new areas of development. Made and designed with high-quality bricks, they’re super easy to assemble and connect. Once built, the action figures have dynamic 360-degree movement making them great for hours of imaginative playtime. 

This is an image of boy's Robot 3 in 1 STEM toy in blue color


11. Magformers 112 Piece Set

This 112 piece set is mega when it comes to building fun! Including pieces in 4 different geometric shapes:  48 triangles, 46 squares, 4 hexagons, 12 pentagons and 2 wheels. Little boys can get busy constructing their own designs or use the instructions for guidance. We love the bright colors of the pieces and the endless opportunities that this set presents when it comes to learning and entertainment in one. Great for improving problem-solving skills and patience, your child will grow and develop as they interact with this Magformers activity set. Toys for 7 year old boys come in all sorts of challenging varieties but this STEM certified set is a sure winner! 

This is an image of boy's Magnetic building blocks kit in colorful colors

12. Paper Airplanes Book

Paper airplanes are a timeless toy that everybody loves. From grandparents to grandchildren, the simplicity of the activity is all-round appreciated. Now you can allow your child the pleasure of playing with these fun paper toys with this airplanes book. Featuring 10 different planes with a large variety of patterned papers, children can follow the instructional book to build lots of different models. Easy-to-fold, your little boy will be able to whizz his creations around in the air in no time. 7 year old boys toys don’t get much more wholesome than this simple activity! 


This is an image of boy's book of paper airplanes Craft

13. Leapfrog Learning Toy

There are tons of different learning toys out there, all of which teach vital skills that are great for development. This Leapfrog toy has been designed to engage kids through books, audio and 3D-like animations for an experience that reinforces learning. Little boys will get to interact with the on-screen animations using the stylus to tap the screen’s displayed pictures and words and explore reading, counting, problem-solving and much more! Teaching more than 50 different key skills and with 700 plus activities, this toy will follow your child’s progress and stay with them for years. Through the use of the stylus, children are promoted to use proper writing grip too. This is certainly one of the best toys for 7 year old boys out there and we highly recommend learning toys as gifts where possible!

This is an image of boy's 3D interactive learning system

14. Erector Vehicle Toy Set 

Does your little one love playing with building toys? Id so, this 146 set will teach them mechanics and more as they improve their imagination and creativity skills. In the set, they can use pieces to construct their very own car, helicopter, airplane, construction truck, motorcycle and anything else that they can imagine! The 5-in-1 STEM set includes a large, full-color, step-by-step instructional guide that clearly shows how to connect pieces and build each model. Children’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills will be improved naturally as they interact with this set. As one of the best toys for this age range, boys will love using the screwdriver and wrench tool to entertain themselves and build for hours on end. 

This is an image of boy's STEM building toys in colorful colors

15. Waterproof Camera Toy

Have you got a little explorer on your hands? A camera toy could be the ideal gift idea that you’ve been searching for. This easy to operate waterproof camera toy supports both photography and video. It features HD 1280×720 pixels, 30 frames per second (FPS), a built-in microphone, a micro SD slot with 32GB maximum support capacity and a neck strap making it convenient for carrying. The camera comes fully protected in a waterproof case, meaning it can come on all sorts of adventures with your little boy. We think that this is an excellent Christmas present idea and love the idea of giving your child a headstart with photography skills! 

This is an image of boy's action camera in waterproof in blue color

16. Balance Stilts


This is an image of boy's Steel air kicks in blue colors

17. Baseball Illusion Lamp

If you’re hoping to impress a little baseball fan with a cool gift, this baseball illusion lamp could do the trick! With touch control, its colors can be changed between red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white. Or, it can be fixed to create a gradual color changing effect. This stylish accessory is great for any boy’s room and will provide both light at nighttime as well as a topic of interest when friends visit. With a durable and sturdy base, you won’t have to worry about the quality of this product either. It’s made using excellent materials that are guaranteed to last. 

This is an image of boy's Basebal lamp with remote in green color

18. Educational Robot Toy

Kids can be introduced to STEM toys from an early age and at 7, they should be exploring all that this category of toys has to offer. With this robot toy, your little one will build up the different parts and discover how the construction system works while encouraging both patience and focus. Helping to develop their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills and creativity, this robot once built can be uniquely controlled using an exclusive phone app when upgraded. Your child will be amazed as they see their creation come to life! The robot can move in all directions and even perform a 360-degree rotating stunt. 

This is an image of boy's Robot building blocks with remote control in blue, red and black colors

19. Chewbacca Mask

Now your little boy can dress as their favorite Star Wars character with this entertaining Chewbacca mask! The roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Mask comes with a range of sounds inspired by the iconic movies. This electronic mask is kitted out with authentic Wookiee sound FX which is activated by opening your mouth wide when worn. Kids will get to have lots of fun as they enjoy imaginative play with the aid of this mask either solo or with friends. A great addition to any toybox, this piece of kit is guaranteed to provide lots of entertainment and giggles too. 

This is an image of boy's Star wars mask Chewbacca with roaring sounds in brown color

20. Shockproof Camcorder

Gift your child with their very own camcorder to allow them to record all their adventures. If you’re wondering what to get a 7 year old boy for his birthday, a new piece of tech could be a good choice. This camcorder featuring an 800w pixels front and rear lenses offer a high-definition picture quality and supports selfies too. Equipped with flash, it provides beautiful lighting effects to take beautiful photos and videos while out and about during both day and night. The camera comes with a 16GB micro sd card that can storge lots of photos and video and this gift is a great step into a new skill that your child can grow and develop.

This is an image of boy's ddigital carema with 16 GB SD card in blue color

21. Light Up Gloves

With lots of different gifts to choose from, you may not have thought about going for an item of clothing but these rave gloves are truly one-of-a-kind. Great for dressing up, the multi-color features make them ideal for a Halloween costume. With a flashing mode, they’re a fantastic accessory for any party and will draw attention with 5 bright colors and 6  flashing light modes. They can be used casually or for an occasion and each glove comes with two CR2016 batteries. Your little boy is sure to stand out from the crowd when kitted out with this cool set of gloves! 

This is an image of boy's light up gloves in colorful colors

22. RC Building Car Toy

RC toys provide hours of playtime for any little boys as they take control and spark their imagination by zooming around. Why not gift your child an RC car with a twist? This engineering toy will help your kids develop fine motor skills, promote hand-eye coordination and problem-solving too. This is a great activity for a parent and child to complete together and once built the car is great for indoor or outdoor use. Toy cars make excellent Christmas gifts for boys who are 7 years and this one not only looks awesome in a bright blue color but will give your child a sense of accomplishment when completed. 


This is an image of boy's STEM building blocks car in blue color

23. Smartwatch For Kids

Are you trying to teach your child to tell the time? This fantastic smartwatch will help your child in multiple ways! The customizable watch face helps kids learn to tell time with 55 digital and analog options they can choose from and change as they wish. For extra entertainment outside of a traditional watch, little ones can use the two cameras featured which allow them to take photos and selfies easily. For gaming entertainment, the watch has a monster catcher game that creates an augmented reality experience where beasts are captured in the real world! Encourage your child to stay active with the pedometer feature and easily upload photos taken to a device using the micro-USB cable. 

This is an image of boy's smart watch by Vtech in black color

24. Robot Puppy Toy

All 7 yr olds dream of owning a pet, but sometimes circumstances simply won’t allow it. With this gift idea, you can gift your little boy with a robot replica puppy named Harry. This pet toy will teach your child vital responsibility skills that can then be transferred over with the real deal. The 7-inch long dog can walk, bark, talk and make other dog sounds. We love the Dalmatian design and Harry can play on both hard and smooth surfaces thanks to a built-in bump n go feature. 

This is an image of boy's electronic pet dog in white and black colors

25. Blue Scooter 

Is your boy in need of a scooter upgrade? Or, perhaps you want to gift them with their very first scooter…Either way, this Razor model is an original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium, making it super easy and light to ride. Kids can easily navigate themselves around and fold away for transport when not in use. We love the combination of blue and metal for a really sleek design. Children will strengthen their spatial awareness skills riding this scooter and it’ll encourage them to stay active and healthy also. Some of the best toys for 7 year old boys are simple yet provide opportunities for hours of fun and this is one of them!


This is an image of boy's kick scooter in blue color

26. Handheld Portable Gamer

This retro gamer comes with 156 games in one, offering any child hours and hours of entertainment. Kids can simply turn on and begin to play, with the 2.8inches it can be used anywhere and anytime. What’s better is this cool gamer can be connected simply to a TV for whole family fun. Boys love gaming and if you’re looking for a unique console that stands out, this is the one. We think this Arcade gamer is a great gift for 7 year old boys that enjoy new challenges. 

This is an image of boy's mini arcade machine

27. Vehicle Excavator Toy

This construction digger ride-on is a top gift for a 7 year old boy, providing a realistic driving experience, kids can excavate outside spots anytime. A perfect gift idea, the vehicle can be driven like a real tractor with an accelerator, brake, and reverse options. The tractor’s movable scoop can be used to dig even rough surfaces like dirt and grass. Comfortable to drive thanks to a roomy seat, it comes with a safety belt for protection. Would your little one love this tractor toy? 

This is an image of boy's Construction Vehicle Digger toy in black and yellow colors

28. Learning Games Set

This learning games set includes lots of interactive bits that are compatible with iPads to encourage educational play. The game pieces come to life as your boy interacts at different levels from beginner to expert, they can even track game progress too as they move along stages! Children can learn about shapes, problem-solve and be introduced to early physics too. They’ll get to improve their spelling and vocabulary with this box that includes a base for an iPad, angram pieces, number tiles, words tile & 5 Game Apps: Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece.

This is an image of boy's Osmo kit for ipad

29. Mathematics Watch

Telling the time is an important skill we all need to learn. At the age of 7, your child will begin to read the time independently and so a watch is a great gift to choose! With glass made from a highly clear resin material and high-quality silicone. The watch can be used daily and is waterproof and shockproof so won’t break easily. We’re huge fans of this mathematics theme, but if you fancy a different design, the good news is that this watch comes in lots of fab colors! 

This is an image of boy's classic watch in black color

30. Coding Robot Toy

Children with have hours of fun with the robot toy Bit! A fantastic gift idea for any occasion, Bit will help your boy learning basic coding and build STEM skills at the same time. The toy comes ready assembled meaning no fuss and straight into entertainment. With two ways o code, kids can use the stroke of a marker to draw and watch the robot respond or for more advanced challenges they can use the OzoBlockly programming editor, dragging and dropping to create Bit code. This futuristic robot comes with optical Sensors, a LED Light, a strong and durable polycarbonate shell and a packed library full of activities to choose from. 

This is an image of boy's bit coding robot in blue color

31. Nerf N Strike Blazin’ Bow

Nerf toys are enjoyed by both children and adults and this one is guaranteed to bring lots of laughter and entertainment to any family get-together. The high-quality toy is ideal for little boys who are turning 7 years of age as it promotes physical activity in a cool way. Kids can pull back on the string to release a Nerf striker at a target of their choice. This is a great way of getting a group of young children active as they can play with each other using the toy outdoors. The bow blaster fires up to 40 feet, an impressive range, and comes with 3 giant foam arrows making it perfectly safe.


This is an image of boy's nerf Strike bow in orange and black colors

32. Jurassic Dinosaur Toy

Little dinosaur fans will adore this Jurrasic toy that gives them a driving and park experience! Let their imaginations run wild as they set up their track for a car and then race a battery-operated car around it. A fantastic birthday or Christmas gift, this dinosaur world features 2 different dinosaurs and cars for an exciting adventure. Kids can zoom the car around corners, race over slopes and go down the hanging bridge while avoiding coming face-to-face with one of the roaming prehistoric beasts. This is one of our top recommended toys for this age as it’s awesome for promoting imaginative play, a crucial skill for development. 


This is an image of boy's Dinosaur race car and track with train road toys in all the green colors

33. Deltawing Scooter

Wondering what are some good toys for active play? This three-wheel scooter is a great option if you’re hoping to encourage your boy to get outdoors more. The Delta Wing scooter can be used both standing or sitting with a crazy riding style that is super unique. Built with a steel frame and high-tech polymer wings, the 2 piece “Y” drop handlebar is easy to manoeuvre and it comes with a reliable brake too. We love this bright blue scooter and believe it really deserves the title of one of the best gifts for little boys out there. Why not give your child the fun of exploring a new way to move around on this super scooter? 

This is an image of boy's delta wing scooter in blue and black colors

34. Fun Game Book

Reading is an appreciated activity for kids of all ages and it teaches them so much too. This wonderful storybook brings together both reading and games as they enjoy 9 stories in 1 and play along. What should Danny do? is a book that encourages your child to interact as they’re empowered with making choices. However, each choice comes with its own outcome and these mimic everyday situations that a child faces. They’ll learn about how their lives can be shaped through reading along and living through Danny’s activities. This unique story is a must-have for any parent looking to demonstrate how positive choices should be followed. It’s beautifully illustrated and is guaranteed to put a unique twist on book-time as your child knows it.

This is an image of boy's book named what should danny do ?

35. Pedal Go Kart

This super sturdy pedal go-kart is constructed using a stainless steel frame and polypropylene plastic that is high-quality. Your kid can enjoy this toy both indoors and outdoors as they have the freedom to control their speed while keeping active. With anti-slip wheels, they’re perfect for moving on lots of different surfaces including grass too. The adjustable bucket seat provides great support and comfort during playtime and it can be altered to two positions to fit your child’s body. Rest assured, this go kart is completely safe for children ages 7 years and above thanks to a solid design that features powerful brakes.

This is an image of boy's go kart pedal in blue color

36. Art Supplies Set

Creative activities are a great way of destressing and relaxing. Children of all ages should be exposed to creative play and this art supplies set is one of the best toys for a 7 year old boy out there. Unlike other toys, it will promote creativity and imagination in the most organic way as kids are given the freedom to draw and use the materials provided. Inside the set, there are 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 3 Mixing trays, 2 drawing pencils, 2 paintbrushes, a sharpener, a sanding block and of course, an eraser too. Your child can easily transport this set to take with them on days out for observational sketches in nature or use it from the comfort of their own home to brush up on their painting skills. The options really are endless! 

This is an image of boy's art supply pack

37. Nerf Nitro Fuel Toy

Equip your child with this awesome toy as they can use car-blasting action to have lots of zooming fun. Gifts for a boy age 7 don’t get much more adventurous than this! Have head-to-head challenges with friends with the foam cars that have been designed for speed and distance. Featuring 2 rings of fire and 8 obstacles, the set comes with a Nerf blaster, 4 foam cars with plastic wheels and 2 long-jump ramps too! We love this gift idea for a birthday party game option, and it’s a super suitable toy for outdoor summertime activities. If you’re trying to get your child outdoors more with physical activities, why not equip them with a Nitro Nerf fuel toy?

This is an image of boy's nerf nitro duel fury car race gun

38. Ride On Truck

Ride-on vehicles no only provide fun at playtime but they’re also great for teaching a child independence as they learn their first steps towards driving. This cool truck comes with a parental remote control mode, meaning that you can control this ride-on truck’s speed and watch over your little one as they drive. With a forward and reverse function and three speeds to choose from children will gain more autonomy and entertainment during play. If controlling the truck isn’t enough, the vehicle also comes equipped with an MP3 player, AUX input, USB port & TF card slot for music to be played so your boy can cruise along to his favorite tunes anytime he wants to! We think this a great Christmas gift idea if you’re looking to spend a bit of extra money on something that will really surprise your child! 

This is an image of boy's ride on truck in black colors

39. Hover Soccer Ball Set

Struggling to find a unique soccer fan gift idea? We have you covered! This futuristic hover soccer ball set provides endless fun and is a great activity for any rainy day. With 2 goals, your child can build a soccer setup at home and play a variety of games solo, with family or friends anytime they want to. Great for promoting physical activity, the air soccer set comes ready to play for minimal fuss. To power on, children need to simply use the button on the ball’s surface which has a light-up mode for impressive colors that can be seen in the dark. Whether you’re looking for a party activity for your boy’s birthday or simply want to wow with a unique new toy, this soccer ball set is sure to bring a smile to his face. 

This is an image of boy's hover soccer ball with two goals in red color

40. Rainbow Paper Notes 

If you’re looking for a gift that will promote interaction with arts and crafts, this is it! The simple to use set comes with a wooden stylus to easily scratch away at this magic paper to reveal rainbow coloring underneath. Kids can use the paper to jot down notes, etch doodles, and create cool illustrations and designs using their imagination. A fantastic outlet for your child’s artistic thoughts, this gift idea is a great way for children to strengthen their creative skills and promotes the use of imagination along the way. If you’re looking for economic birthday gifts for boys, this idea won’t break the budget but still delivers on entertainment. 

This is an image of boy's rainbow scratch art

41. Climbing RC Car

This EpochAir remote control car defies gravity as it can be driven on walls as well as the floor! Its vacuum system allows it to climb and run steadily on flat surfaces and it can move much faster than all ordinary race cars. Cool, right? Your little boy will love the stunts that this toy performs as it zooms around. RC cars are fantastic for promoting hand-eye coordination too as they encourage a child to focus while playing. The car comes with awesome LED lights which switch automatically based on how you drive. As one of the most popular types of toy out there for this age, this RC car takes it to the next level when it comes to a driving experience. 


42. Magic Tricks Set

Inspire the little performer inside your child with this magic tricks set. Whether your boy is an aspiring magician or you simply want to introduce them to something new, this gift set is sure to bring about lots of giggles. Packed with popular tricks including the magic cup & ball and card and coin tricks too, there is hours of mystical fun to be had. This gift is a great alternative to screen time and can be used during a birthday party for a performance. Inside of the box, your child will find the tools and bits of kit required for over 75 crowd-pleasing tricks! 

This is an image of boy's 75 magic trick kit

43. Black Panther Helmet

Designed with Black Panther inspiration, this marvel helmet comes with a range of lights that are activated when a button is pressed. Boys can bring the superhero to life as they charge into action just like the Black Panther from the series and take control! With two modes to offer different ways of seeing, the mask will encourage imaginative play and is comfortable to wear too. We love this alternative gift for any Marvel fans out there and are sure that your child will love playtime with this prop also.

This is an image of boy's black panther mask with FX in black color

44. Geosafari Microscope

Children can explore 12 fascinating bugs up close while learning facts about them. At the end of the inspection, this microscope also comes with quiz games to test out newly found knowledge. With a talking feature and 5x focusing magnifier and light, boys can enjoy easy viewing of 12 different slides. This toy promotes STEM learning via a hands-on experience as it’s a replica of a real scientific tool. A perfect first microscope, we think that this learning toy is a lovely 7th birthday gift idea. 

This is an image of boy's educational insights geosafari

45. Micro Racer Toy

These little light-up pocket racers are the ultimate toy for 360 excitement. Powered to light with LEDs, they can spin and spin to do cool stunts in any direction. Your 7 yr old will be able to put on their very own light show with the assistance of glow in the dark toy cars. The car comes with a clear dome that the car can be placed inside to perform even more tricks in an awesome way. Small but mighty, the toys can be recharged using the USB charger that’s included. Who said racing needs to be big? We love this micro racer, that proves not all gifts need to be big to make a lasting impression. If you’re hoping to find unique gifts for boys age 7, his micro racer is certainly a good option! 

This is an image of boy's racer mini car in white color

46. Superhero Costume

Let your child live out their dream of being a real superhero with one of these costumes as a gift idea. Choose between a Batman, Spiderman or Robin costume and watch as your boy uses imaginative play to save the day. All of the costumes are made using comfortable, synthetic materials that are non-toxic. The Batman costume includes a tabard with attached cape and headpiece, the Superman costumer comes with a tabard with attached cape and boot tops and the Robin costume comes with a tabard with attached cape, eyemask and gauntlets. Choose your child’s favorite superhero costume and see them enjoy hours of playtime solo or with friends. 

This is an image of boy's DC costume kit with 3 pairs

47. Lego City Garbage Truck Set 

Lego toys make great gift ideas for little boys, this garbage truck set can be added to an existing collection or be used as a stepping stone into Lego world! The garbage truck comes with a functional lift that moves up and down and a container that tilts and opens to empty out the garbage when collected. Inside the set, your child will also find lots of cool accessories such including 2 fish, a banana, a glass, 5 brick studs, shovel and a broom too. It also comes with 2 minifigures and a helper character for creative play. 

This is an image of boy's lego city garbage truck

Now that we’ve come to the end of our gift guide we have some additional information for you and of course, our top picks so that you can go away with confidence, when selecting that perfect gift!

Our Top Gift 

Now that we’ve presented 50 of the best gifts out there for a boy aged 7, we’ve come to choosing our top gift. At the top of our list is the erector vehicle set that allows your little boy to construct four unique vehicle models using a plastic screwdriver and wrench. The 146 piece set will entertain and teach transferrable STEM skills along the way.

Best Budget Gift 

For our top-budget gift, we’ve gone with an option that will promote creative skills and imaginative play – the rainbow paper notes. This magical paper will channel your kid’s inner artist as they use the wooden styluses to scratch and create whatever they desire. From doodling notes down to drawing masterpieces, there are lots of different ways in which this notepad of special paper can be used.

Tips For Picking Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

When deciding on what to choose as a gift for a young boy, you’re going to want to keep several different things in mind. We’d always recommend taking the boy’s interests into consideration primarily. At 7 years, boys will have a clear idea of what they like and dislike. They may have some preferences when it comes to color or shows an interest in a particular movie or cartoon for example. Interests are a great indication of what type of gift you can then select for the child.

Second, to interests, you’ll want to consider perhaps what developmental stage he is at. Learning toys provide a great opportunity to build upon skills but that doesn’t necessarily mean one toy fits all. Some children develop at a slower pace than others and there’s nothing wrong about this. Simply consider whether a toy is challenging enough in a fun way or could potentially frustrate a child who’s playing.

What Are Good Christmas Gifts For A Boy Aged 7? 

As you can see from our list above there are tons of different gift options out there for a boy who is 7. From ride-on toys that can be controlled using an electric foot pedal to construction sets which encourage STEM learning, each comes with its own unique benefits. Depending on the budget you have allocated yourself, you’ll have lots to choose from. Good Christmas gifts are generally toys that can grow with your child.

The Leapfrog toy we listed is a great example of how investing a little money can go a long way. The gift won’t quickly become boring to your child as they can play along at lots of different stages. When it comes to toys, the best thing to do is choose something a little challenging in order for your kid not to grow tired and bored easily.

Outside of toys, books always make a great gift option and will never break a budget. We love the facts book included in our guide as it comes beautifully illustrated with lots of photographs.

What Are The Most Popular Toys?

Tech toys are growing in popularity, especially amongst younger children and it’s no surprise why! As more and more children are introduced to tablets and phone apps, there is a growing demand for toy manufacturers to think about designs that integrate hands-on play and tech. In our list above we presented to you a series of toys that combine traditional aspects with tech. The coding robots are great for teaching STEM skills while having your child grow comfortable with inputting instructions using technology.

Toys that can be utilised this way to teach transferrable skills that a child will most likely need in a school and work environment are especially popular. Outside of this category of toys, ride-ons are popular for little boys. These type of vehicle toys are great for strengthening hand-eye coordination skills and will increase your child’s confidence too.