Do you need to find great gift ideas for 6 year old boy? Don’t worry – here we have almost 50 toys and gifts which are perfect for a little boy on any special occasion. Whether it’s his birthday or Christmas, or you simply want to treat him, there is something here for everyone.

So, what type of toys and gifts are ideal for boys this age? Of course, their interests will vary greatly so it’s impossible to find one toy that all boys aged 6 will like. Construction toys are always popular – such as LEGO and KNEX, as well as STEM toys such as robot kits and mechanical gear sets. Science kits and other such educational toys for 6 year old boy are popular too. Board games are great for the family to enjoy together and and little boys will always appreciate gadgets such as cameras and remote control toys.

This is an image of boys selfie camera by Vtech in blue color


49 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

We will now take a look at 49 of the best toys and gift ideas for little boys aged 6. No matter what he is interested in, you are sure to find something here to suit.

1. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a great gift for little boys who like to keep up with the latest technology! This one is designed for little kids between the ages of 4 – 9 so you can be sure it is safe and easy for them to use. It has games built-in as well as action challenges which use the built-in motion sensor. The watch is also fitted with a camera and a video camera, as well as a voice recorder which can change the sound of the voice.

The kids smartwatch has loads of useful features including a calendar and a calculator which can perform basic operations. The watch is also fitted with a timer and an alarm clock, and has over 50 different digital and analogue clock faces to choose from.

This is an image of boys smart watch in blue color by Vtech

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2. Delta Children Paw Patrol Chair

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a boy 6 year old other than toys, this fun Paw Patrol desk could be the ideal choice. The chair has a small desk attached to the side, which has a built in cup for holding pens and pencils. There is a fabric storage basket underneath to keep art supplies close to hand. The chair is the perfect size for kids to have a workplace of their own, and they are sure to be drawn to the colorful Paw Patrol graphics. Parents will love how easy the chair is to keep clean, it has a gloss finish which is easily wiped.

This is an image of boys chair and desk in delta design has blue and red colors


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3. Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe

This interactive globe works with the compatible app to bring the world to life! The app is available on iOS and Android and is free to download. Using the app, kids can scan various regions on the globe to learn more about them – there are no names or borders printed on the globe itself. Kids can learn everything about the countries of the world – their monuments, inventions, climate and which animals are found there. As well as the globe, the package also includes a pretend passport and stamp to mark it with, and also a book of flag stickers. This is an excellent gift which is sure to entertain your child for many years to come.

This is an image of boys map with app baised educational globe map


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4. Build & Play STEM Kit

If you’re looking for toys for 6 year old boys who enjoy building, this 132 piece set is an excellent pick. It comes with instructions for building 5 different models, including a plane, a helicopter, a race car and more. The kit also comes with tools for assembly, and can be used to build anything your boy can dream up! There’s a drawstring bag included for easy storage, and to make tidying up a breeze. This is a great Christmas gift and is sure to keep kids out of mischief for a while.

This is an image of boys STEM learning toys


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5. Camo Walkie Talkies

This walkie talkie set makes a great gift, as it also includes binoculars, a lanyard and a compass with whistle – everything a little boy needs to become an outdoor explorer! The binoculars offer an impressive 10x magnification so they are perfect for kids to learn more about nature. The walkie talkies are great for a variety of uses, such as camping trips or playing fun spy games at home. They have an impressive range of up to 3 miles, so they can be used almost anywhere. They’re ideal for giving boys a little independence to meet with friends.

This is an image of boys walkie talkies in green and black camoflage colors


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6. iPlay iLearn Construction Vehicles

We all know how little boys love trucks and vehicles, so they are sure to be thrilled with this construction site set. It has over 70 pieces, including 5 large vehicles and plenty of accessories to make a fun playset. Parts of the vehicles can be removed and changed onto other vehicles to mix and match and create new and improved vehicles. The vehicles come in a crate, which can also be used to create a mat for the vehicles to roll around on. Boys will have hours of fun laying out the cones and road signs, and it’s great for their imagination.

This is an image of boys engineering consturction site


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7. Camouflage Action Camera

If you have a boy who loves spending time outdoors, what could be more fun than an action camera? This one has loads of great features – it can capture HD videos and 5MP photos, and also has 4x zoom for getting closer to the action! The camera can shoot bursts and time-lapses and also has photo frame effects to make your child’s photos fun and unique. The action cam is perfect for cycling, skateboarding and even watersports, as it is waterproof. It has a mini game too for even more fun.

This is an image of boys digital action video camera in green camoflage color


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8. RC Stunt Car

RC cars are popular toys for boys 6 year old but this one is sure to impress them. It can do 360 flips and turns and has 4 wheel drive for maximum maneuverability. The truck has a maximum top speed of around 7.5 mph, so it’s fast enough to entertain little boys. It can drive through water as well as on land, and can handle off-road terrains with ease. The remote control car has a rechargeable battery, which takes just 2 hours to charge. The controller takes 2 AA batteries so be sure to buy some before giving this as a gift!

This is an image of boys remote control stunt car in red color


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9. LED Gloves

If you’re searching for the best gift for 6 year old boy, these LED gloves make a fun change from toys. The sizing will fit most kids perfectly as they are well elasticated and are also made from breathable materials. There are 6 different flashing modes and three different colors of LED. This is a great gift for Christmas or for wearing at a costume party. Spare batteries are included so boys can wear the gloves all the time without worrying about the lights not working.

This is an image of boys led fingers glove in black color


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10. Adventure Kidz Outdoor Explorer Set

If you’re looking for 6 year old boy toys to use outdoors, this kit is great. The drawstring backpack includes everything your boy needs to become an explorer! There’s a magnifying glass, a whistle, a compass, a flashlight and a pair of binoculars. The binoculars offer great magnification perfect for birdwatching and they have soft rubber eyepieces to ensure they are comfortable to use. The flashlight is hand cranked so there’s no need to worry about the batteries running out. It is fitted with a wrist strap for ease of use, and similarly the binoculars have a lanyard to keep them close. The whistle is ideal for emergency uses and the compass is a good tool for teaching kids about direction and navigation.

This is an image of boys outdoor exploration kit has Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Whistle, Magnifying Glass, Backpack


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11. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Stomp rockets are fun toys for six year old boys, and these ones can perform all sorts of impressive tricks making them even more fun to use! There’s the looper which can circle in giant loops, the glider which can reach over 100 feet and finally the wildcat which flips and turns to do impressive tricks. The launcher is also included, simply put the plane at the end and jump on the stomp pad and watch them fly! The toy doesn’t need any batteries, instead relying solely on kid power! It’s great for tiring them out!

This is an image of boys stomp rocket


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12. UFO Flying Ball

If your boy loves remote controlled toys, he is sure to love this flying toy! It doesn’t require a controller, instead using it’s sensors to keep in the air. Simply throw the toy to get it started, then keep the hands underneath and it will stay the same distance from them, whilst also avoiding surrounding objects. The propellers are enclosed inside the toy for safety, ensuring they don’t get caught on anything. There are LED lights on the toy so it looks really cool when flown at night. The UFO should be used indoors only, but it can be passed around between friends for added fun!

This is an image of boys helicopter ball hand controlled in blue color


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13. LEGO City Monster Truck

LEGO is one of the best toys for 6 year old boys, and this monster truck set is sure to impress them. It has just under 200 pieces, so the difficulty level is just right for younger builders. It can be used to build a monster truck and ramp and also includes a driver figure and two fire barrels to put on an impressive show! Kids will love the close attention to detail on this model – it even comes with real working suspension. Boys will have hours of fun building the models, and even more fun playing with them afterwards. LEGO City is compatible with standard sized LEGO sets so the pieces can be used interchangeably.

This is an image of boys lego city monster truck building kit


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14. Terrarium Kit

Growing a terrarium is a fun project for boys of all ages – they will love to spend some quality time with mom or dad creating it. Everything needed is included in the kit – the jar with light up lid, charging cable, soil, seeds and cute figures for decorating the jar with. There is also a spray bottle for watering the plants. The lid has a star patterns on it so it looks great when the light is switched on. Kids will love the responsibility of taking care of their plants, and will be keen to check if they’ve grown every day. It’s a great science project, which also allows kids to express their creative side.

This is an image of boys art and craft toys


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15. Glowing Foam Rockets

These foam rockets can be launched like a slingshot, so they are a really fun outdoor toys for boys aged 6. They come as a pack of 6, so they are perfect for sharing with friends to see who can launch the furthest. The rockets glow in the dark making them even better when used at night. No power or batteries are needed to launch the rockets – they are a great tool for teaching kids about kinetic energy.

This is an image of boys pack anf glow foam rocket in multi colors


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16. Dinosaur Slime Kit

What little boy doesn’t love slime?! They are sure to love it even more when it comes with dinosaurs, like this great kit does! There are 12 different colors of slime included in the kit, as well as glitter, foam beads and 12 dinosaur figures. This slime is safe to use as it is free from Borax. The more it is used, the stretchier it becomes, but without sticking to the hands, making it even more fun to play with. The slime can be stored in the original containers when not in use to prevent it from drying out. The box can also be used to store everything together for safe-keeping.

This is an image of boys dinosaur slime kit for boys


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17. Wall Climbing RC Car

This remote control car features two different modes – floor mode and wall mode. In wall mode, it has vacuum suction which holds it to walls, windows or even the ceiling. The car is equipped with LED lights on the front and rear, so it can easily be seen night or day. The battery in the car is rechargeable but batteries must be purchased for the controller. It has a range of up to 33 feet, so it can be used in most rooms with ease. The controller is easy to use, even for younger drivers. It simply has a forward and reverse switch and a left and right switch, and there are 3 channels to choose from for driving multiple cars at the same time.

This is an image of boys remote control call that climb wall in white and black colors


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18. Batmobile Go Kart

This Batman go kart is one of the coolest toys for boys 6 year old! It has ad adjustable seat so it grows with your child, to guarantee maximum usage. The steering is responsive and effective and there’s an 8-ball brake for easy stopping. The pedals have good grip so boys’ feet don’t slip off, and the tires are also rubberized to ensure they handle different terrains with ease. Kids up to 120 pounds can use the kart, and in terms of size it should fit up to age 8. Boys will love the stylish kart, and it’s a great way for them to spend some time outdoors exercising.

This is an image of boys batmobile pedal go kart in black color


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19. Magnetic Dart Board

Darts can be a fun game for kids of all ages, but when your boy is only 6, you might be worried about the dangers of the game. With this magnetic darts set, there’s no need to worry! The six darts are fitted with strong magnets to ensure they stick well to the board, and won’t cause damage to walls or people! There are two colors of dart included – ideal for playing on teams. The darts are designed to fly straight with every throw, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for beginners to hit the board. Mounting the board on the wall is easy, as the back has two holes to hang using a nail.

This is an image of boys magnetic dart board in black color


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20. Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet

If you are looking to buy your boy his first tablet, this Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great choice. It is filled with age-appropriate content from top brands such as DreamWorks and National Geographic. Kids can learn loads from this content, which is closely linked to the Common Core curriculum. Of course, the tablet can also be used for leisure time by playing fun games or taking photos on the camera, which has some impressive features. Add a Micro SD card to expand the memory to download more content. The battery life on the tablet is good, so it can be used when away from home without worrying about the battery running out. The dashboard allows kids to monitor what their kids have been doing and see how much progress has been made.

This is an image of boys samsung galaxy kids tablet in white color


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21. LEGO City Police Chase

LEGO make some great 6 year old boy toys, such as this high-speed police chase set! It contains pieces to build three different vehicles – a helicopter, a police car and a robber’s car. It also comes with different minifigures as well as accessory pieces for playing with. The set has around 300 pieces which are sure to keep boys busy for hours! They are the same size as standard LEGO, so can be used with other sets for more building fun. After building the vehicles, boys can have hours of fun playing imaginatively as they make up different scenes and scenarios with the figures and their vehicles.

This is an image of lego city police high speed chase building kit


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22. Made by Me Wooden Cars

If your little boy is creative, this could be the best gift he will receive! It allows kids to make 3 wooden cars by assembling the pieces and painting them, before customizing with stickers. Everything necessary is included in the kit – the pre-cut pieces, sandpaper, stickers, glue, 12 pots of paint and paintbrushes. There are also simple instructions included for assembling the cars. This set is perfect for a rainy day spent indoors, or buy a few sets and allow boys to make one model each at a 6th birthday party. It’s also great for sleepovers or playdates. Boys will be so proud to show off their creations when they are finished!

This is an image of boys building and painting wooden cars


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23. LEGO Star Wars Watch

This is perhaps the best gift for 6 year old boy who loves Star Wars and LEGO! The watch comes with links to make it customizable and can fit just about any wrist size. The face has easy to read numbers as well as marks for each minute. Boys will love the cool LEGO Star Wars graphic it features too! The watch is water resistant and comes with a Darth Vadar minifigure. Boys will love being able to build and customize their watch, and it’s perfect for helping them tell time from an analogue display.

This is an image of boys LEGO star wars watch in red and black colors


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24. VTech Kidizoom Camera

When it comes to 6 years old birthday gift ideas, technology is always a good pick. This camera is kid-friendly with its sturdy casing, which allows it to withstand being dropped from a reasonable height. It has front and rear facing cameras, so it’s perfect for capturing selfies with friends. Boys will love to edit their photos with the fun frames and effects, and when there’s nothing to photograph they can enjoy the minigames instead. The camera comes with a wrist strap for easy holding as well as a micro USB cable for downloading photos. It takes 4 AA batteries each time, so be sure to include some so he can start snapping right away.

This is an image of boys selfie camera by Vtech in blue color


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25. Lascoota 2 in 1 Scooter

Scooters are great outdoor toys for boys to burn off some energy with, whether they are playing with friends or riding to school. This one offers two fun modes, it can be a regular scooter or attach the seat and it becomes a ride-along toy. There is a choice of six different colors including red, yellow, green and more. The seat has two different height options and the handlebar can also be adjusted to fit growing kids. The three-wheeled design is easier for kids to master balance, and the scooter is turned using lean-to-steer technology. Braking is through the wide rear fender brake, and the wheels are fitted with LED lights making the scooter look great when ridden at night.

This is an image of kick scooter in red color for kids


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26. RC Racer Building Toy

Here we have another fun RC toy, but this one has to be built first before it can be used! It has over 300 pieces, so assembling them will keep kids busy for a while. Step-by-step instructions are included, and the kit can be built into two different models. A controller is also included as is a drawstring bag for storing all the pieces. There is a rechargeable battery pack which can be fitted to the car, allowing it to run for around an hour before it needs charging again.

This is an image of boys STEM building car toy with remote control


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27. Drawing Stencils Set

This set is a great gift for boys who love to draw. It contains 16 different stencil sheets giving a total of over 300 shapes to draw. Each stencil sheet has a different theme, such as dinosaurs, sea life, airplanes, space and more. The set also comes with 25 pieces of drawing paper and 10 coloring pencils, as well as a sharpener. Everything can be stored in the included carry case, which has a closure and a handle, so it can easily be taken anywhere. So, this is a great toy for traveling with and is sure to keep boys busy for ages!

This is an image of boys drawing pencils pack in defferent forms and colors


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28. Robot Building Toy

There are loads of great building toys for a 6 year old boy, and this one can be used to build 12 different mini models using the 570 pieces. Each of these models can transform into something else, and all the pieces can be used to build the larger robot. This gives a total of 25 fun and unique models which can be built and played with. Changing the models into something else is easy with the included brick separator tool. Boys will love to build and rebuild these models over and over again.

This is an image of boys robot STEM building blocks in yellow colors


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29. Joystar Kids Bike

This Joystar bike comes in a range of sizes from 12 to 18 inches, with training wheels up to 16 inches and a kickstand on the 18 inch size. The bike has a strong steel frame, and has an enclosed chain guard for safety. There are a range of nice colors to choose from, including red, orange and pastel green. The bike come with a sheet of stickers for customization – something boys are sure to love! A little assembly is required, but nothing too challenging and the required tools are included.

This is an image of boys bike in blue color


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30. Hover Soccer Game

If you have a little boy who loves soccer, this hover soccer game offers a unique and different way to play. The game comes with two goals and one ball, complete with LED lights. The ball has a fan inside which causes it to glide across smooth surfaces, including most indoor flooring. This is a great Christmas gift which the whole family can enjoy indoors, or it can be played with just 2 players. The battery lasts around 2 or more hours of continuous use – be sure to stock up before gifting this toy.

This is an image of boys hover soccer ball with led and 2 goals


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31. Mattel Fighting Robots

This fun, classic game is an excellent holiday gift. The Red Rocker and the Blue Bomber have to battle it out to be the first to knock the opposition’s head causing it to pop up. The game is played with two players, with each moving their fighter around the ring and hitting the buttons causing them to punch out. Skill is required to learn the right technique necessary to win!

This is an image of boys em robots


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32. Jurassic World Velociraptor Mask

Many little boys love Jurassic World, so they are sure to love this electronic mask. The mask has realistic details from the movie, including the texture and color of the skin, and the eyes also move for added fun. The mouth can be opened different amounts to make various sound effects. There are openings on the eyes and nose to ensure kids can see and breathe easily when wearing the mask, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.

This is an image of boys jurassic world mask in blue color


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33. Squashed Strategy Game

This fun, unique strategy game is suitable for between 2 – 4 players and has rules which are easy to learn. The game involves rolling a die and moving the pawns around the surfaces of the game boards. By landing on the top next to the king piece, a player can flip the cube and squash all the pieces which are on the side at the bottom. The aim of the game is to be the last player with a piece remaining on the board. Squashed challenges players to think in a new way, in 3 dimensions, offering a fun and different game experience.

This is an image of boys 3D strategy board game in blue color


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34. Operation Classic Board Game

This retro board game still remains popular today and is more or less unchanged since its original release. Players take turns drawing cards to learn which piece they should remove from the body – but be sure not to touch the sides or the buzzer will sound and the nose will flash! There are a few new additions to the game making it suitable for the younger generation – ‘gamer’s thumb’ is one fun example. Playing Operation is a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This is an image of boys electronic board game named operation


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35. Laser Tag Guns

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for the 6th birthday boy, these laser tag guns are perfect! Each gun offers a variety of different modes and plays realistic sounds when shooting. Kids can see how much ‘life’ they have left on the gun, and no vests are required. Different teams can be joined – you can get more sets and use them all together for parties or larger gatherings. Laser tag is a great way to help boys keep active, and these guns can be used either indoors or outdoors.

This is an image of boys laser tag game with 2 guns in blue and orange colors


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36. Hamper Hoops

Little boys are known for being messy, so why not make tidying up fun with the Wham-O Hamper Hoop? It’s an over door basketball hoop which also functions as a laundry basket, or you can also use it for toy storage. The set includes a backboard, a hoop and a net with a removable laundry bag attached to the bottom. It fits over any door, and can be re-positioned with ease. Young boys will never moan about having to pick up their dirty laundry again with a Hamper Hoop.

This is an image of boys hamper hoops basketball in black color


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37. ThinkFun Rush Hour Game

Rush Hour is a great game for boys who love puzzles and brain teasers. The aim of the game is to set up a layout as shown and attempt to remove the ice cream truck from the ‘traffic jam’ in as few moves as possible. It comes with 40 challenge cars in varying difficulty levels, as well as 15 vehicles. There are 10 cards in each level, so the game will grow with your child as they learn and play more. It’s great for developing skills such as planning, reasoning and problem solving. This is a good Christmas gift and is sure to keep boys out of trouble for a while!

This is an image of boys hour traffic jam logic game with cards


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38. Remote Control Tank Building Kit

RC toys are fun Christmas gift ideas for 6 years old boy, and this tank is really unique! First, it has to be built using the 145 pieces. There is a motor to fit inside the tank, and it also comes with a controller which can be used to drive it in all directions as well as choosing between the two channels. Kids will love to work on this project with mom or dad – it’s a great way to spend quality time together doing something fun. If your boy has an interest in STEM subjects, this is a great project for him to work on. When it’s built, it’s great fun to play with too!

This is an image of boys tank building kit with remote control in colorful colors


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39. Hot Wheels Spider Man Launcher

Many little boys love Hot Wheels and love superheroes, which is why this Spider Man car is such a great choice of gift. The design of the car is based on the Spider Man Homecoming movie. By pressing down on the spoiler, the eyes will change shape to ‘focus’ and the smaller car will be launched from the front of the larger car. It’s also available in an Iron Man design if your child prefers this hero. The larger car also has moving wheels, so boys can play creatively and make up some fun scenarios with the two vehicles.

This is an image of boys spider man car by marvel hot wheels in red color


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40. Nerf N-Strike Vest Kit

If your little boy is a Nerf fan, he is sure to love this vest, which will ensure he is fully equipped for his next epic battle! The set contains the vest, a dart pouch, a mask, reload clips, safety googles, a wrist band and 30 darts. Boys will blow away their opposition when they enter their next battle equipped with this vest! It allows them to keep their ammo at hand so they will never run out at a bad moment again. The goggles and mask are ideal for protection during Nerf battles, and also make for a more fun and realistic experience for your child.

This is an image of boys tactical vest for nerf guns in black color


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41. Marvel I Can Do That

If your little boy dreams of one day becoming a superhero, he should train using this fun game from Marvel. It’s great for helping kids get active, and they are sure to have loads of fun at the same time. Kids have to flip over three different colored cards which tells them what actions they have to perform and which props they should use whilst doing so. The game includes Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, a ball to throw at enemies and a hoop to crawl through. Boys will love to play this active game with their friends – it’s a fun way to keep them moving even if they have to play indoors.

This is an image of boys marvel outdoor game with card game


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42. Melissa & Doug Scratch Notes

If you have a boy who loves to draw, these scratch notes from Melissa & Doug are a great gift idea. There are over 100 in the pack, as well as a wooden stylus for scratching the surface with. Underneath the surface is a rainbow pattern, which looks great when contrasted with the black. Boys will love to draw little pictures or practice their writing with this fun arty gift. They are also good for parents to write notes for their child – perhaps putting them inside their lunch box.

This is an image of boys scratch art box rainbow in black color


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43. Osmo Hot Wheels Game

Video games are always cool toys for boys aged 6, and this one combines the physical and virtual worlds for a fun and unique experience. An Osmo base is required, as is an iPad, which are both sold separately. There are 6 Hot Wheels vehicles included, which are placed onto the LaunchPad and raced on the screen. Players then use the 32 tokens to decide how their car should respond in order to win the race. This is an excellent gift and is sure to be played with a lot – the majority of boys love cars and video games so what’s not to like with the Osmo Mind Racers game?

This is an image of boys hot wheels mindracers game


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44. LEGO Juniors Fire Patrol

LEGO is one of the best 6th birthday gift ideas for boys and this one comes packed in its own suitcase for easy transport. With just 110 pieces which are designed to easily fit together, this is the perfect choice for boys who are new to LEGO. The set is used to build a fire truck with trailer, a house and a motorcycle. There are also flame and water pieces so boys can pretend to put out the fires! The kit also comes with two fire-fighter figures meaning hours of fun interactive play will be had. The suitcase is handy for storing the pieces when not in use, or for easy transport.

This is an image of boys lego juniors fire patrol suitcase building kit


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45. Nintendo 2DS XL

A Nintendo 2DS XL is a great handheld gaming console for younger boys. This edition comes with Mario Kart 7 installed, so he can start playing straight away. The screens are bigger and brighter than the original Nintendo DS, making for a more enjoyable gaming experience. You’ll also find a C-stick on this edition, which gives better control on some games. It has higher CPU performance which means games are downloaded quickly and will look better than ever. Wireless headphones can be connected using Bluetooth so boys can play quietly. This is a very special gift which is sure to be well-received and enjoyed for many years to come.

This is an image of boys nintendo 2DS in purple color


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46. Take Apart Race Car

This race car toy is a fun introduction to STEM learning – it has 26 pieces to take apart and rebuild, as well as a drill to assemble them with. The pieces are held together with plastic screws to give an authentic building experience. When the car is built, it plays sounds and lights up, so boys will love to play with it! There are not too many pieces, so building the car shouldn’t be a problem for boys aged 6, especially after they have already practiced once or twice. Boys will have loads of fun both building and playing with the car.

This is an image of boys racing car STEM building kit in blue color


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47. ThinkFun Rollercoaster Challenge

This is a fun gift for boys who like to challenge their brains! It is similar to the Rush Hour game, but instead boys have to build a functional rollercoaster track using the pieces stated on the challenge cards. Again, there are 40 card ranging from easy to super hard. the cards show which pieces to start with and which must be added, so it’s up to kids to figure out where to place them. It’s educational and fun at the same time, teaching engineering and planning skills amongst others. Boys will adore watching the car successfully reaching the end of their track!

This is an image of boys roller Coaster STEM toy


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48. Imaginext DC Batcopter

Many young boys love Batman so they are sure to enjoy this fun set from Fisher Price Imaginext. The blades rotate and the Batman figure can sit inside to be the pilot. Boys will have fun recreating their favorite Batman scenes with the helicopter, giving a new method of chasing after the bad guys! The toy is simple yet fun and is sure to be a hit with any Batman fan.

This is an image of boys batcopter in black and blue colors


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49. Crayola Light Up Tracing Board

Crayola make some great toys for boys who like to draw, and this one offers something a little different. The board lights up, so when images are placed on it, they can be traced by shining the light through. The set comes with 10 tracing sheets – 5 to create a soccer scene and 5 to create a band scene. It also comes with plain paper for drawing and a drawing pencil and 12 colored pencils. The board means this is a great travel toy as it is solid enough to lean on for drawing. Boys will have hours of fun customizing their scenes, and you can also find other images for them to draw. It’s also good for writing practice. The board glows in the dark so it can even be used in the dark!

This is an image of boys tracing pad in blue color


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Our Top Gift

Our overall best gift is the Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racers game. We love how it brings together the virtual and physical worlds, allowing kids to play a video game which is fully interactive and helps them to learn. Boys will have hours of fun playing the game even as they get older. It’s fun to play with parents or friends, and is perfect for any little boy who is a fan of Hot Wheels!

This is an image of boys hot wheels mindracers game

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Best Budget Gift

The LEGO City Monster Truck set is a great pick if you are looking for a fun gift without breaking the bank. It has almost 200 pieces so will keep boys occupied for a while, and once they have finished building they can have hours of fun playing with it. It’s great because the pieces can be used with any other LEGO set for maximum building fun.

This is an image of boys lego city monster truck building kit

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Tips for Picking Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a young boy, there are a few things to consider to ensure you find something which is just right. First, think about his interests. Not all little boys are interested in the same types of toys, so not everything listed here will be suitable. Perhaps he has a collection which can be added to, or maybe he has a favorite character, animal or hobby which can help guide your search.

Also think about his development and what stage he is at. Manufacturers tend to provide age suggestions so these can be a helpful guide, but boys mature at different rates from one another. If you are unsure on which gift to choose, ask him if he has seen anything he would like! At this age, boys like to be the same as their friends so perhaps you can find inspiration by asking other parents what they got their boys for their birthdays.


What are Good Christmas Gifts for Boys Aged 6?

Christmas is a very exciting time of year for kids of all ages, so it makes sense that you will want to find the perfect gift for the occasion. Any of the toys above would be excellent to surprise him on Christmas morning! If you live in an area where snow and bad weather is common in winter, it’s best to choose toys and games which can entertain him indoors for long periods. Board games are great for guests to enjoy together, or a construction kit is sure to keep him busy for hours!


What are the Hottest Toys for 6 Year Old Boys?

There are new toys being released all the time! The hottest toys so far this year include things like slime and interactive pets, which have been popular for the last few years. Toys based on popular movies are great too – How to Train your Dragon, Toy Story 4 and the Lion King are some of the most-wanted in 2019.