50 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

This is an image of boys outdoor exploration kit has Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Whistle, Magnifying Glass, Backpack

If you’re looking for a wide range of exciting toys for 5 year old boys, we’ve taken the top picks and best reviewed toys out there to form this list of 50 gifts to choose from. From ride-on toys to cool gadgets, we have something for every type of present and little personality, right here. Whether you have a special birthday coming up or you want to get ahead of the game and prepare for Christmas early, our guide features special occasion ideas as well as everyday practical pieces that make great ideas for 5 year old boys.

You may be wondering what types of toys are best for this age range. There isn’t any right or wrong answer! In fact, many toys, activities, and games bring with them their own unique benefits and the opportunity to learn new skills. Let’s dive into our list of the top 50 gift ideas for boys aged 5 years old.

This is an image of an orange adventure kit for kids.


50 Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

In the guide below we’re going to review 50 of the best ideas for boys who are 5 to assist you in confidently choosing that perfect gift for a special someone you have in mind.

1. Outdoor Plane Toy

This pack of 3 foam stunt planes is an excellent a fantastic gift for any occasion. Kids can run, jump and stomp as they launch the three different plane types: looper, glider, and wildcat. Designed by aeronautical engineers to perform a variety of amazing stunts, these toys are capable of giant loops and can soar up to 100 feet high in the sky. The angle of flight can be adjusted using the launch and no batteries are required for these stunt planes, they rely on 100% kid power! If you’re looking for an activity or toy to encourage your little boy to get outdoors, this is a great option for physical strength building. 

This is an image of a stunt plane toy set for kids.

2. Camouflage Action Camera

This bit of tech will allow your little boy to capture all his adventures on video! You may be already thinking about Christmas gifts for 5 year old boys and this camouflage action camera is a great idea. An ideal first digital camera, its made of completely environment-friendly materials and is non-toxic. The gadget features a CMOS image sensor, professional HD 1080P/30fps videos, and 5MP photos, as well as 40 built-in photo frames, 7 color video modes, 4X digital zoom, burst shooting, time-lapse photo, face recognition, manual brightness adjustment, 3-level volume adjustment and a mini-game too. What’s better is that your kid can use this camera during water-based activities too such as swimming and more thanks to its waterproof casing.

This is an image of a camouflage action camera for kids.


3. Foam Pogo Jumping Toy 

Perhaps you’re searching for an outdoor gift idea for a 5 year old boy in an attempt to reduce screentime and promote physical activity. If this is the case, we have a perfect idea here for you. This colored pogo jumping toy will encourage hours of healthy fun as kids enjoy the activity. Made using durable foam, this pogo stick makes a cute squeaky sound on each jump. Heavy-duty components mean that this toy can withstand all conditions and is made to last. Not only are these toys great for general physical activity they also promote hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills too. These skills help your child to improve their balance as they build their fitness.

This is an image of a green foam jumper for kids.


4. Colorful Wheel Lights

Is your five yr old son’s pride and joy his cool bicycle? Now you can help him to mod it out with these super colorful wheel lights! This popular accessory for bikes has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS News and for good reason too. The LED bike frame and wheel lights from Activ Life come available in a range of colors from awesome blue to jungle green. The lights help to increase visibility from all directions, giving your child the confidence to know they are safe while cycling in low light conditions. Unlike standard bike lights, these LEDs will help your child to stand out from all angles when using their bike and they can switch between two modes: flashing and constant. 

This is an image of a colorful wheel lights for kid's bike.


5. Police RC Toy Car

Cool toys for boys aged 5 come in lots of varieties, but this awesome police RC vehicle is at the top of the list. With child-friendly controls, it features fast response, tight turning radius and non-slip rubber wheels which allow for easy manoeuvring of this cop cruiser. Using 2.4 GHz technology, kids can race multiple cars in the same area. The police car has realistic lights and sounds and offers up to 30 minutes of driving time before needing to be recharged. 

6. STEM Learning Educational Building Set

Educational toys for a 5 year old boy don’t get much better than this. Mini engineers can take time away from screens to interact with this STEM building block set which will help your child develop their science, technology, engineering, and math skills. Children can challenge themselves to build unique ​creative designs, vehicles such as trucks, ​transformers​, helicopters, robots and much more! A great option for a fun yet educational toy, this set will also help kids to develop social skills as they play together while strengthening their coordination too. Included in the set is a bonus step-by-step book that includes 12 awesome designs. 

This is an image of a child playing an education building block kit.

7. Chewbacca Roaring Mask

For little Star Wars fans, this roaring Chewbacca mask could make the perfect birthday gift.  Kids can take part in intergalactic action with a Chewbacca Wookiee Mask which features a range of sounds inspired by the character from the film. Trigger the sounds by simply replicating a roaring action by opening your mouth and hear the mask come to life! If your little boy enjoys dressing up as famous characters, this could be the ideal, unique birthday or Christmas gift that you’ve been searching for. 

This is an image of a star wars Chewbecca electronic mask for boys.


8. App-Based Educational Globe Toy

Learning toys for kids come in lots of varieties, but this globe toy is great for those interested in geography and the world around them! Children will get to explore the world as they embark on adventures through an app to learn about different countries and the animals contained within them as well as much more. The app provides an augmented reality-based journey and is free on iOS and Android. The globe is fully compatible with a number of devices including iPad 3rd gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro all models, iPad mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above; Android 3GB RAM and above. Inside the box, your little boy will find everything he needs to transport him to all corners of the world including a 10” globe, passport, stamp, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide.

This is an image of a child using the Orboot app to interact with the globe toy.

9. Buildable Star Wars Watch

Watches make great Christmas gifts and this buildable Lego Star Wars model is no exception. If you’re searching for unique gift ideas for a 5 year old boy, this watch will give your child a sense of accomplishment while providing a practical use at the same time. Including an iconic LEGO mini-figure, the multi-colored, interchangeable watch links are expandable making it suitable for most wrist sizes. The easy to read watch face features a Star Wars Lego graphic and the watch is designed to be both comfortable and durable. With an analog display, little boys can learn to read the time, every day in a fun way!

This is an image of a black and red Star Wars watch for kids.

10. Kid’s Dart Board

Are you looking for a fun activity game for your son or a little boy? We love this safe darts board which will introduce little ones to the game while teaching them about numbers and counting too. The board’s light and durable arrows use strong magnets to stick to the board during play. Sports activities are one of the best toys for a boy aged 5 years and all children will enjoy learning coordination while having fun with this dart game. With all the same characteristics as the classic including faux cracks on the board, this is an activity that the whole family can enjoy together during any occasion.

This is an image of a dart board with magnetic features designed for kids.

11. Toy Car Carrier Truck by Play22

Does your little boy enjoy collecting all types of vehicle toys? This gift could be the perfect option for him! 5 year old boy toys come in a range of designs, but one of the most popular types of toy are carrier trucks containing smaller toy cars. We think that this one is awesome… Measuring 20″ inches long x 7.2″ inches high x 3.5″ inches wide, it contains6 cool die-cast racing cars, with construction signs, construction cones, and construction roadblocks. Inside the case, there are 28 slots for storage with 14 on each side. We’re a huge fan of the truck’s black design with fire decals too.

This is an image of a toy carrier truck with 6 toy cars and accessories.

12. Outdoor Adventure Kit

Have you got a little adventurer on your hands? This gift idea is great for little boys who love exploring both indoor and outdoor environments as it contains every bit of kit required to investigate. Supporting STEM Learning and encouraging scientific exploration, this easy to carry orange backpack is fantastic for bird watching, sporting games, hunting, nature walks and wilderness expeditions too! Inside the bag, you’ll find binoculars with 4×30 magnification, a handy flashlight with bright LED lights, a lensatic compass for locating positions, and a magnifying glass for close up investigation too. Surprise your little ones with every bit of kit they’ll need to explore any environment and see them develop their STEM knowledge and skills too. 

This is an image of an orange adventure kit for kids.

13.  Spider-Man and Scorpion Building Set

Spider-Man is a favorite superhero amongst little boys and if your child loves Lego too, this could be the ideal birthday or Christmas gift that you’ve been looking for. Great for improving building skills and getting creative, kids can build an alley wall with rooftop, opening window and connection spots for Spider-Man’s webs too. The set also contains a  Spidey-car featuring movable legs as well as a Scorpion vehicle with movable pincers and tail. With 125 pieces, this kit is easy to build and perfect for little ones to get creative with their imagination. Compatible This is an image of a 125 piece spiderman building set.



14. Zingo Reading Game for Kids

Reading is a valuable activity for children and adults of all ages but more often than not kids can have a low attention span making them lose interest very quickly. This bingo-style game is one of the top educational gift ideas as it takes the concept of a fun game and merges it with the opportunity to learn reading skills. Developed by educators to create a great play and stealth learning experience for Pre-K to 2nd graders it includes clear instructions and is super easy to learn! Children will develop critical skills as they learn essential words in a whole new way. 

This is an image of a reading game for 6 year old kids.

15. All Wood Building Set 

Lincoln Logs are a classic building toy series that have been loved by generations across the USA. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to introduce your child to construction type toys and you’re wondering which one is best. As one of the most popular gifts for this age range out there, this set includes 111 pieces made of real, high-quality maple wood. Each piece has indentations so it can be used to easily connect it with others when building. Inside the set, there are pieces included for the roof, roof facade, walls, chimney, porch, fences, bonfire, and bonfire seats. Children can build their very own meeting house to celebrate the toy’s anniversary or get creative making their own creations from imagination. The possibilities are endless with Lincoln Logs!

This is an image of a 111 piece all wood building set for kids.

16. Green Tractor Toy Vehicle

Vehicle toys are great options when it comes to gifts for little boys. If you have a child on your hands that loves collecting all the latest and coolest toy cars, why not add this green tractor with monster wheels to his collection? Featuring four light-up oversized green wheels, this tractor is great for imaginative play and can be used across a range of terrain. Boys can take these toys outdoors and navigate it through the grass and more thanks to its durable plastic construction. The monster vehicle styling will make it stand out from other toy vehicles and to get its wheel’s to light up, you’ll simply need 3 AAA batteries.

This is an image of a green tractor toy truck with wheel light.

17. Heavy Truck Building Toy by LEGO

Lego toys are so much fun and building structures is a great way for children to strengthen a number of skills including hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, social and much more. With this set, boys will get to build their own heavy-duty truck with opening cab, a flatbed trailer and a toy helicopter which features spinning rotors and an opening cockpit. In the set, there are also 2 figures: a truck driver and a helicopter pilot for interactive play once the vehicles are built. With 310 pieces, children will be entertained for hours and have the opportunity to develop skills while having fun at the same time! Lego makes one of the best gifts for 5 yr old boys and we’re sure that your son will love this ultra-cool gift set. 

This is an image of a heavy cargo truck with a toy helicopter building kit.

18. Botley Educational Robot

Your children can begin to learn vital skills such as coding with this innovative educational robot toy! Introducing STEM skills at an early age, little boys can play and have fun as they learn to code with an active, screen-free play. Great for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills, this friendly robot known as Botley requires 5 AAA batteries to get started. Kids will get to code without the need of a phone or tablet as they use the remote programmer to transmit commands and sends him rolling. Thanks to the toy’s smart logic, it is able to detect objects in front of him and avoid them on his own. Botley is also able to follow looping commands, navigate obstacle courses, and follow black-line paths too. The 77 piece coding set is an awesome introduction to the world of coding and is guaranteed to provide lots of entertainment along the way. 

This is an image of a green coding robot named Botley.

19. Smarty Pants Trivia Card Game

Games are excellent for little ones and, if you’re looking for a hands-on game to take your child away from screens this Smarty Pants trivia card set is a great option. Each card features an illustrated activity such as picture puzzles, math challenges, tongue-twisters, mazes, vocabulary builders, and much more. If you’re looking for 5 year old birthday gift ideas that can be interacted with on the big day, this game option will bring both children and adults together as they play. Developed with educators, this set supports the curriculum of each grade level. Inside you’ll find 120 cards, with multiple questions and activities on each of them for endless fun.

This is an image of a smarty pants educational card game for little boys.

20. National Geographic Little Kids Book

Perhaps you’d like to expand your child’s reading collection as they turn 5 years old. This fascinating National Geographic little kid’s book contains answers to big ‘why’ questions, for curious little minds. Little boys will get to develop their reading skills as they learn about the world around them. From science conundrums to questions about the great outdoors, your child will develop their knowledge with this awesome book that contains lots of cool photos too. We love the vibrant, welcoming yellow front cover of this book and are sure that your child will love the knowledge they learn on each page.

This is an image of a national geographic book for kids.


21. Water Resistant Sports Watch

Is your son an active type who loves being out and about trying new sports? This sports watch could be the perfect surprise for a milestone birthday or Christmas gift idea. Available in a range of funky colors from green to pink, the watch is waterproof making it great for adventures outdoors. Featuring high-quality analog display, children will benefit from super precise timekeeping as they learn to read their watch. Designed to be comfortable, the watches strap is made using environmentally friendly PU Resin. It can be used when in contact with water but should not be submerged underwater for too long. Your child will benefit from a multi-functional design that features a calendar date window too! 

This is an image of a green digital watch designed for kids.


22. Technic Toy Car Building Set by LEGO

Your little boy can build his very own Technic car by Lego with this super gift idea. If you’re thinking about toys for 5 year old boys and you’re not sure where to start, Lego is loved by millions of children across the globe and it provides a great opportunity for developing valuable skills too. With this set, kids will build their very own super-fast car which features a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, wide black rims with low profile tires and an engine that pops out on impact too! Featuring 135 pieces, building this super race will help children to develop patience, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination as they get creative with construction. 

This is an image of a Lego Technic building kit for kids.

23.  Mini Dinosaur Pull Back Cars 

Are you buying a birthday gift for a child that is a fan of both dinosaurs and toy cars? This awesome set of mini dinosaur pull back cars is a great set for any boy interested in the two and they are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Made using high-quality, durable plastic, these vehicles feature 6 different dinosaurs: Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tatankacephalus, Pterosaur, and an Acanthopanax. They’ll help children to learn the names of beasts that roamed the prehistoric world and about friction movement too. To see the vehicles zoom away, one simple pullback is required and then it’ll move automatically! 

This is an image of a 6 pack dinosaur toys for kids.


24. Young Scientists Digging Set

For those interested in history and science, this fascinating fossil dig set will make a perfect gift for either a 5th birthday or Christmas. Kids will get to dig up real dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old and learn about the ancient world before humans existed. Great for exploring paleontology, the set includes replica tools of the trade including a chisel, brush and magnifying glass to help to excavate the fossils. Including a 16-page learning guide, your boy will be able to see how fossils are formed over time and learn about extinct species. Learning toys for boys don’t get much more exciting than this hands-on, unique activity. 

This is an image of a dig kit designed for 5 year old kids.

25. Glowing Hand Gloves

Looking for a cool accessory or bit of kit for your child to add to their wardrobe? These glowing hand gloves make a great gift idea and they can be used for any dressing up occasion including Halloween of course. These multi-color glowing flashing light up gloves are a perfect costume accessory and are great for showing off dancing skills too. Though they have a unique feature, the gloves have still been designed to be safe and comfortable for little hands. Made of breathable lightweight cotton/polyester blend, they will stretch to fit. 

This is an image of a colorful LED glove designed for kids.



26. Rotating Star and Moon Projector

Night lights are relaxing and a good way to help aid sleep for children. There are lots of cool designs out there but if you’re looking for a projector lamp this rotating moon and star lamp is a great option at a low price. Available in a range of colors including blue and red, the painted effect on the lamp makes it great for daytime decoration too. The light features a removable white dome for different effects and it has a super high-quality LED bulb included too. Light up your child’s bedtime routine with this colorful design and see them drift off to sleep peacefully.

This is an image of a rotating night light that projects stars and moon.

27. Digital Puzzle Watch

Who said that watches were only to be used for telling the time? With so many technological advancements, watches are growing with features. This kid’s smartwatch includes puzzle games, HD cameras, timers, calendars, clocks, a pedometer, recorder, calculator and more. Your little boy can interact with over 10 kids games including Star Wars, Knife Cut Watermelon and Beaten Devils. In a bright blue color, this is the perfect first smartwatch for any little boy who wants to step up his gadget game. 

This is an image of a blue smart watch with build in games designed for kids.

28. Harley-Davidson Ride on Trike

This awesome tricked-out trike featuring cool Harley-Davidson styling is one of best games for 5 year old boys out there. The pedal-powered trike’s big foot pedals make it a breeze for little riders to get rolling along, either indoors or outdoors. Composed of high-quality plastic, the trike’s tires are durable and form part of a stable wheelbase. For ease of maneuvering, easy-grip handlebars are great for holding and will allow any child who is turning five to effortlessly navigate around.

This is an image of kids tough bike in black color by harley davidson


29. Walkie Talkie Adventure Toys

Are you looking for a new bit of kit that your child can equip themselves with when out on adventures? If so, consider a cool walkie talkie toy set! Available in a range of colors, these walkie talkies have 22 channels and a 3 mile range, enabling long-distance play with ease. Your son will able to stay connected with you when outdoors or can use these toys to communicate with friends whilst participating in activities and exploring. Walkie talkies are amongst the top 50 toys for little boys and are loved by children of all ages as they get to communicate in a whole new, exciting way.

This is an image of a blue walkie talkies for kids.

30. Hand Controlled Aircraft 

If you’re searching for a gift that is a bit different and unique, this could be the perfect solution. This throw to fly ball uses an advanced LED infrared sensor to trigger hover technology, inductive suspension, and collision protection! Children simply need to gently throw the ball in the air to watch it begin to fly around immediately. Kids can wave to control the direction in which it moves as the ball will fly in the opposite direction when hands are close to it. Providing interactive play, this ball features four power motor fast rotation which allows for full 360 rotation. When in flight the ball will shine its lights making it a great nighttime outdoor activity. This toy is rechargeable and will need to be connected to a USB connector for just 35 minutes to fully charge! 

This is an image of a blue flying designed for 5 year old boys.



31. Soft Crew Dinosaur Socks

Socks are practical gifts for children of all ages but if you have a little dinosaur fan, consider this awesome set of themed boys socks. With 5 different pairs each of which featuring a cool graphic print and slogan, kids can enjoy these comfortable socks for school, sports or even just for lounging around. Comfortable and durable, they’re designed for ages 4-7 years and will provide warmth as well as style. 

This is an image of a soft and comfy dinosaur socks for kids.


32. Letters and Keyboard Tablet by VTech

Educational toys for boys who are 5 years old for children needn’t be boring and this VTech tablet is perfect for curious little minds. Featuring a color-changing screen, letter buttons and a piano keyboard, kids can engage with 12 different learning activities each with different learning levels. The tablet gives full volume control and has automatic shut-off to help conserve battery life when not in use. You’ll simply need 2AA batteries to power the tablet and get your little boy learning with this exciting toy. 

This is an image of a letter button and keyboard tablet for kids.



33.  Glowing Terrarium Set

There are lots of great learning toys out there that can help your child to develop their STEM skills as they play. This unique gift idea for a boy who’s turning 5 yearswill teach your child everything they need to know about growing and maintaining their very own miniature garden. Your child will discover the beauty of the natural world through setting up their own terrarium with this all-inclusive kit. They can watch as it grows by the day and glows at night with its innovative under lid lightning. The lid’s light can easily be recharged using the Micro-USB cable that’s included. In the box, you’ll find a straightforward step-by-step instruction booklet for all ages, soil, blue sand, river rocks, wheatgrass and chia seeds, a small bunny and mushroom miniatures, lots of removable stickers for decoration, a spray bottle, and a wooden stick to help plant seeds. 

This is an image of a mini garden science kit for kids.


34. Outdoor Exploration Tool Kit

Maybe your little boy simply can’t get enough of the great outdoors and is always embarking on new adventures both solo and with friends. Why not equip your child with everything they’ll need to explore! In this tool kit, you’ll find binoculars compose of high-quality materials and featuring rubber surround eyepieces for protection, a compass, magnifying glass and flashlight for nighttime ventures too. We love the bold yellow color used across the products in this tool kit and are certain that your child will love everything about this gift too!

This is an image of a yellow adventure tools for kids.


35. Cool 5th Birthday T-shirt

New threads are always a good gift idea no matter who you’re buying for. And, if you’re looking for a gift for a little boy there are tons of cool options when it comes to clothing out there. This 100% cotton T-shirt has a bold graphic that contrasts against the blue fabric reading ‘5’. Children can celebrate their milestone birthday in style as they pair this laidback tee with a pair of jeans and trainers. It features a comfortable combed-cotton classic crew neckline and short sleeves making it a great summer wardrobe piece. 

This is an image of a blue t-shirt for 5 years old kids.


36. Ninjago Jungle Bridge Brick Building Set

Children love getting creative with construction type toys and this jungle bridge brick building set is great value for money. Your boy will get to build his own master falls, completed with a jungle bridge, opening cage, hidden cave with a skeleton, tropical leaf elements, and accessories too. Featured in the Lego Ninjago movie, this set features 3 minifigures to bring the jungle scene to life: Master Wu, Kai, and Jungle Garmadon. What’s better is that this set is totally compatible with all other official Lego construction sets for creative building. With 312 pieces this construction set will keep your child entertained for hours while helping them to improve their hand-eye coordination skills along the way too. 

This is an image of a jungle bridge building toy for kids.

37. RC Kitty Night Lamp

Nightlights don’t get any more adorable than this! This kitty-themed lamp uses tap control to change its color and it can be triggered on easily using the power button which activates the warm white light mode. Kids can simply tap the silicone surface to switch between 7-modes including color breathing, standby and, warm white light mode. The cute lamp comes with a remote control too which can be used to adjust brightness and select a static color. We think that this is a sweet accessory for any five year old boy’s bedroom and is sure to bring about a sense of comfort at bedtime thanks to its charming design.

This is an image of a white cat lamp with remote for kids.

38.Coloring Materials in Pink Case

For art and craft lovers, you may be considering a gift that will promote creative activities. This coloring materials pink case contains 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 20 pip-squeak washable markers, 20 fine tip washable markers, and 15 large sheets of drawing paper, all of which can be conveniently stored in a cute graphic travel case for ease of moving about. Help your child to tap into their inner artist with this great value for money crafts set and watch as their creative skills develop and grow. 

This is an image of an art case with 140-piece coloring supplies.

39. Glowing Finger Rockets 

For a truly unique gift idea for your little boy, these glowing finger rockets will broaden heir imagination as they play. Made using foam and rubber, they can be launched right from their fingertips. Kids can even play with this awesome toy during nighttime as the rockets glow in the dark too. Children are guaranteed hours of fun with these LED powered light-up rockets that are a great entertainment idea for a birthday party, holiday, camping or any other children’s get together. Simply push the small button to switch on the lighting effects without any need for batteries. Your boy will have lots of fun launching these fun rockets outdoors with friends too! 


This is an image of a little boy using a slingshot toy.


40. Construction Site and Toy Vehicles Playset

Including 7 different construction vehicles, this 76 pieced playset features 5 vehicle bodies including 3 accessories for grader – blade, forklift, and scoop. Inside the playset, great for boys, there are also lots of different accessories such as road signs, barricades, barriers and safety cones. Kids can choose to construct their very own crane, trailer, steamroller, bulldozer, forklift, snowplow, and truck. This is a great toy for individual play or can be enjoyed with friends and, it’s ideal for developing a number of skills including thinking shape recognition, item recognition, creativity, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, as well as cognitive processes. As one of the top toys out there for this age range, construction toy sets are great fun and valuable for learning too. 

This is an image of a construction site with toy vehicles for kids.

41. Little Construction Worker Dress Up Kit

Dressing up is so much fun and young children especially love role play dressing up kits. If your child is a fan of trying on different outfits and acting, this construction worker outfit is a great birthday or Christmas gift idea. The machine-washable costume can be wipe-cleaned and comes with a number of accessories for the role including a hammer, saw pliers, screwdriver, realistic nylon vest, hat, and tool belt too. Dressing up encourages little ones to participate in active play and develops hand-eye coordination, making it a great way to develop skills while playing. The realistic dressing-up set is sure to inspire imagination and teach any boy the tools of the trade along the way. 

This is an image of a yellow engineer costume with accessories for kids.

42. Baseball Training Set

Baseball is a national sport that everybody enjoys and now your child can enjoy it anytime they want to from their own back yard. Get your little ones active with this fantastic gift idea that gives them the ability to practice batting with this awesome batting cage that includes 5 EVA balls and a lightweight bat too. Future champions can hit for the Major Leagues as they learn to hit the balls in a fun, easy way. Balls are automatically dispensed from the based one after another and they’ll encourage your child to practice their aim and swinging tactic. Just a few rounds with this toy will see a peak in confidence and improved hand-eye coordination. Your little boy will have fun as he practices a new sport and builds up physical abilities too. The kit comes with a free bag for easy storage and transport too, meaning this activity can be enjoyed anywhere with friends.

This is an image of a pitching machine toy set for kids.


43. Ergonomic Ride On Kart

Perhaps you’re looking for an ergonomic ride on kart for your child as they celebrate their 5th birthday. This pedal go-kart could be the answer to the gift that you’ve been searching for! Providing an authentic driving experience, it allows your child to control their speed using the race-inspired pedals. The kart known as Lightning is designed to be the perfect options for young drivers and can be used to ride both indoors and outdoors for versatility. Encouraging physical activity as well as helping to build strength, endurance, and coordination, it’s a great gift that is sure to last for many tears. It features durable rubber wheels and an 8 ball style hand brake, a 3-point sporty steering wheel, and a steel tube powder-coat frame. An adjustable seat that is comfortable and safe makes it suitable for children aged 5 years and above.

This is an image of a green ride on kart for kids.

44. Craft Stencil Set for Kids

Offering great value for money, this all in one art set includes a wide range of art materials including large stencils, paper, colored pencils, a sharpener, and a pen with case too. Children’s creative imagination will be sparked as they use the bits of kit to enhance their artistic skills and talents. Everything comes contained in a handy carrying case which holds all of the art supplies making them easy to transport whenever needed. What will your child create with this diverse carry case full of exciting art supplies? Paper at the ready for lots of stencil fun! 

This is an image of an art and craft set for kids.

45. Pickup Truck Building Playset

There are many different types of building playsets out there with the Lego options being particularly popular amongst boys on their 5th birthday. This awesome set allows boys to construct their very own pickup truck toy with a caravan trailer that features a removable roof, opening side and an extendable support leg. In the set, there are also 3 figures: mom, dad and son, and a cool crab too! Using the 344 pieces included, kids can get creative using their problem-solving skills to construct the vehicle. Once set up, there is plenty of fun to be had on a holiday adventure in the caravan as children can play solo or with friends with this great themed toy. 

This is an image of a truck and trailer toy set for kids.

46. Harry the Dog Robot Toy

If your child can’t have a real pet but you still would like them to benefit from feeling responsible, Harry the robot toy dog is the perfect gift idea. The ‘pet’ dog is over 7 inches long and almost 6 inches tall, he walks, barks, talks and makes other dog sounds when powered on. The cute Dalmatian is sure to bring about plenty of giggles and surprises with sensors that respond to touch. Children can play and chase the dog on smooth surfaces without worry as Harry will keep walking due to his Bump n Go feature. This little doggo performs singing and dancing when touched on the head and has plenty of other tricks ready to show too. 

This is an image of a dalmatian electronic dog toy for kids.

47. Race And Learn Toy by VTech

Your little boy can experience driving a car, jet, and motorcycle with this sleek toy by VTech. The Race and Learn toy features 9 different courses to explore each of which trigger features such as vibrations across the controller to enhance pretend play and simulate a real driving experience. The gear shifter will sound realistic noises and not only does this racer provide entertainment it also teaches little ones about letters, spelling, numbers, shapes and much more along the way.

This is an image of a 3 in 1 racing toy for kids.

48. Zoo Animal Kid’s Backpack

Has your little boy’s backpack seen better days? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade or a new one to go to school with. This lightweight design is made with neoprene, a soft and breathable material making it perfect for children.  With a bold, cute graphic this colorful bag is perfect for packing away school equipment or for taking out on a  daytime adventure or picnic. There’s tons of space inside and the bag even comes with a free purse making it excellent value for money. 

This is an image of a lightweight zoo backpack for kids.

49. Ferry Boat Toy Set

Made from recycled plastic this ferry boat set comes with 2 mini cars for realistic simulation of traveling across seas in the vehicle. For boys that love collecting vehicle toys, this could be a fantastic birthday gift idea and its great for both indoor and outdoor play. Children can even use this toy in the bath as they float the ferry on the surface of the water. The toy cars can be played with separately and offer a great activity for group play.


This is an image of a blue and white ferry boat toy with 2 mini cars.


50. Organic Pokemon Bath Bombs 

Bathtime is considered a chore for many children, so why not add a little bit of unique fun to the activity to encourage enjoyment? This organic Pokemon bath bomb set is made using only natural ingredients meaning no allergic reactions will happen. Each bath fizzy contains a surprise toy inside for extra fun, making them a great way to celebrate special days such as birthdays and Christmas. In a range of exciting colors, add some magic to your kid’s bath with this cool set of bath bombs which will help clean, moisturize and entertain!


This is an image of a 6 piece pokemon bath bombs for kids.


Our Top Pick

Now that we’ve taken you through our top 50 gift ideas for a boy that is turning 5, we’re now going to present out best overall pick and best budget buy. We’ve selected the remote control police car toy as our favorite. Kids can have fun with lots of realistic lights and sounds as they zoom this car to save the day! With up to 30 minutes of play, this car is easily recharged using the USB cable included and offers super easy controls too. Aspiring police officers will improve their hand-eye coordination and much more as they master the controls of this awesome toy.


Best Budget Gift

When it comes to buying a gift on a budget sometimes it’s not easy to realize just how much you can get for your cash. There’s no need to opt for a typical gift when you can choose something as entertaining as the Vtech tablet which is our best budget buy. This awesome toy gets kids busy with a variety of games as they learn about letters, numbers, shapes and much more. Your child can also sing along to a variety of tunes and expand their vocabulary while they do so with this fun learning toy.

This is an image of a letter button and keyboard tablet for kids.

Considerations When Buying A Gift For A Boy Aged 5

There are a number of things you’ll want to consider when selecting a gift for a boy who is turning 5. Whether you choose an educational toy or go for something practical like a new piece of clothing, here are our top tips…

Think about the age suitability. 5 yr old boys generally enjoy being active and interacting with hands-on toys and activities. You’ll want to choose something that’ll keep the little man engaged for longer periods of time. Construction type toys are great options as are puzzle games, or alternatively, a toy that encourages physical activity is a great idea too such as a pogo stick.

What do they already own? At this age, children start to develop their own interests as they grow with their personality. If the little boy that you’re buying a gift for really like superheroes, why not keep in line with that theme? Honor the child’s personality with the gift that you select!

Gifts For 5 year Old Boy Who Has Everything

Perhaps you have been tasked with buying a gift for a boy who’s turning 5 years who already has everything. This can be a tricky situation to be in. We’d always recommend keepsake gifts if this is the case as something that the child can hold onto and commemorate their milestone birthday in years to come. Gifts with ‘5’ reference are a great option. You may choose an item of clothing that is both practical and highlights their 5th birthday, for example, the t-shirt we’ve included in our list.

Learning toys are also a great option for kids who seem to have everything. They offer new ways of learning and developing skills through hours of diverse activities. Why not consider the VTech laptop we’ve listed?