We’ve reviewed 45 of the best toys for 4 year old boys, helping you to choose a perfect gift for a special occasion. In our guide you’ll find mant different options to choose from and we’ve considered every possible personality too.

If you’ve been left wondering what are the best gifts for 4 year old boys, there is no right or wrong answer. When deciding on a gift for any child it’s important to take into consideration their personality and needs. Whether the toddler you’re buying a gift for likes dinosaurs or prefers a good storybook, below you’re going to find something suitable.

Of course, if you’re hoping to buy an educational toy, which is popular when it comes to gifts, we’ve included some in our list too. From books to problem-solving puzzles, each comes with special skills and knowledge a child can pick up and learn.


45 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Below you’ll find 45 of the best gifts for a 4 year old boy, ranging from creative activities to ride on scooters and bikes. We’ve included something for every type of little boy and have considered all budgets too.

1. Power Wheels Jeep

Ride-on toys are popular for young kids and toddlers, but for a boy aged 4 years, you may want to choose something a bit more advanced. This cool Power Wheels Jeep features chunky wheels and eye-catching graphics, which are sure to get noticed when riding out and about. For a realistic effect, the jeep has motor sounds and revvin’ tunes for extra fun. We’re a big fan of the vehicle’s chrome wheels & accents which give it a super sleek edge. Toys can be stored in the roomy rear storage area and the jeep reaches speeds of up to 4km. This is an image of kids hot wheels jeep in blue color

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2. Folding Kiddie Scooter 

Scooters are one of the best gifts for 4 year old boys that you can choose! They are entertaining, challenging and will help your child to improve their balancing and coordination skills. Available in both pink and blue colors this folding kiddie scooter has three-wheel design which provides stability for beginner riders. Made of high-quality steel, aluminum and plastic, unlike other scooters it won’t break easily after excessive use. Its folding mechanism allows for easy compact storage and acts as a convenient way to carry the scooter when moving about. The slip-resistant polypropylene deck is super safe and the scooter’s urethane wheels glide easily. For maximum comfort for little hands, the handles are made of foam and are therefore easy-to-grip and comfortable. Wondering what to give a little boy? This could be the perfect gift option right here at an affordable price too. 


This is an image of kids wheels kick scooter in blue and orange colors

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3. Harley Davidson Tough Trike

This Harley Davidson Tough Trike is one of the best outdoor toys for a 4 year old boy available. An official product, its cool design is great for little dudes learning to ride. Large foot pedals make it easy to navigate and turn corners and will see little ones rolling with confidence in no time! The trike features rugged, durable tires as well as a stable wheelbase for ease of riding. Perfect for small hands, the trike’s easy-grip handlebars are great for a child aged 2-5 years old. Does your little boy love physical activities, or riding around on sit-on toys? Perhaps it’s time to step up and get this awesome trike for your tiny adventurer. 


This is an image of kids tough bike in black color by harley davidson

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4. Kids Camouflage Camera

Snap! Is your little boy an aspiring photographer or is maybe intrigued by photographs and curious to take his own? This cool camo camera is a great Christmas gift idea, or could be given as a birthday present too. If you’re searching for something a bit special and want to create a surprise, a camera will certainly do the trick. With a front rear dual-lens this camera can support 8MP ( 3264 x 2448 ) photography and up to 1080p video. Kids will be able to photograph their own clear images during playtime and occasions, as well as record videos to to capture special moments too. If your little boy isn’t a fan of camo there are two other color options to choose from: blue and pink.

This is an image of kids camera in military colors with 32 GO memory card

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5. iPlay Baseball Set 

Baseball is such a fun sport that is enjoyed by both children and adults. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a boy who is turning 4 that will get and keep them active, this could be it. Kids can practice their batting skills as they enjoy having the facilities to play baseball any time they like in their own backyard. The EVA come out at 10-second intervals and the set includes one pitching machine, 5 EVA balls and, one lightweight plastic bat that is easy to handle for young children. Little boys can practice for the Major Leagues as they learn to hit the ball through repeating swings. This set will help to strengthen their hand-eye coordination and boost confidence in sports too. Simple to use and highly durable, this is an excellent outdoor activity to add to the collection. As a bonus, the set comes with a free bag too that makes transporting easy. 


This is an image of kids basball pitching machine toy for backyard in white and red colors

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6. 12 Piece Kids Camping Set 

Camping is a great activity for going on adventures and with this awesome 12 piece set kids can enjoy the experience even more. As one of the best outdoor toys for a 4 yr old boy, inside the kit there is a tent for kids, a telescope, a walkie talkie, a water bottle, a shovel, a multi-functional whistle, a compass, a flashlight and even a thermometer! Packed full of learning opportunities children can build their own tent and figure out how to to use a telescope and a thermometer. By navigating with a compass and understanding what this bit of equipment is, they’ll learn not to rely solely on technology – a bonus. A perfect survival kit for kids, we love this complete camping set and recommend it as one of the best 4th birthday gifts.

This is an image of kids tent camping set in blue color

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7. Large Aquadoodle Mat

Have you got an aspiring artist on your hands? If so, this fantastic doodle mat falls into the list of cool toys for a 4 year old boy. The large dinosaur designed mat is super easy to use and will have little boys creating straight from the imagination with this interactive toy. It can easily be folded into a compact size. It’s great for both indoors and outdoors use and is sure to expand your child’s creative abilities. A reusable toy, this gift idea is great value for money and great quality too.

This is an image of kids drawing mat for kids

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8. Educational Construction Dress Up Set

Costumes make great birthday gift ideas for a boy aged four years old. All children at this age love dressing up and role playing. If you’re looking for a gift that falls into this category for your child, this cool construction worker dressing up set which includes a bag of tools is a fantastic option. The machine-washable costume set comes with lots of wipe-clean plastic accessories including a hammer, a saw, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a realistic nylon vest, a hat and tool belt also. You can equip a little construction worker with everything they require to fix anything and save the day. A handy iPlay Learn bag is included for storage too and, this activity will repeatedly encourage active play while developing important hand-eye coordination skills.  

This is an image of kids construction costume play kit set in yellow color

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9. Inflatable Hover Soccer Set 

Now your child can play their favorite sport, hover style! This futuristic toy is one of the most unique toys for 4th year birthday gifts out there and will provide a welcomed twist on the popular game. A new conception for a soccer toy, this is a great activity for indoors when the weather isn’t too great. Kids can practice kicking the hover soccer ball for both exercise and entertainment. Including 2 goals, this set can be built inside any house, and there are lots of side game ideas that will come from this toy too. The air soccer ball is powered by 2 AA batteries and also features multi-color LED lights which look awesome in the dark and add to the overall entertainment.

This is an image of kids hover soccer ball with 2 goals set in blue color

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10. Educational Construction Set

Construction toys make fantastic gift ideas for 4 year old boys, and this 110 piece STEM building set is up there with one of the best! Including 105 colorful blocks, 2 ratchets, a power drill,  a handy container and manual, your child will have everything they need for hours of entertainment. The great full-color manual demonstrates 31 designs and easily shows how children can connect each piece to build models. Organized into different difficulties for varying ages, children will be challenged as they develop their constructing skills with this set. Your little boy will have the opportunity to build a helicopter, motorcycle, excavator, robot and lots of other cool models too. Promoting STEM learning, kids will gain a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics too. We think this is a great gift idea for collaborating with your own children and sharing creative ideas. 

This is an image of kids educational construction building set for kids

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11. Paw Patrol Electronic Reader

Paw Patrol is a favorite when it comes to TV shows for this age range. Great for 4 yr olds, this gift idea features 8 colorful illustrated books that center a story around favorite pups from the show. It comes ready packaged in a sleek Me Reader Module, that will cleverly read each book for your child aloud. Simply choose a book and press the matching book’s  page buttons to hear the whole story being read with fun and surprising sounds included. This engaging independent reading experience will build your kid’s vocabulary and it is one of the best educational toys for a 4 year old boy.

This is an image of kids reader book by nickelodeon

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12. Compact Binoculars For Kids

Perhaps you have a little boy who loves bird watching or is just simply curious about wildlife, if so this is an excellent 4 year old birthday gift idea! These soft rubber binoculars are a must-have accessory for exploring the great outdoors and are ideal for children as they are designed to be comfortable on the eyes. With a non-slip design, the binocular’s grip has been ergonomically designed to fit in the hands of children. While affordable, this accessory doesn’t compromise on quality, this durable set can withstand drops on the floor with its awesome shockproof design. Available in a range of colors, why not buy a set in your child’s favorite shade and provide them with a new way of exploring their environment both indoors and outdoors. 

This is an image of kids binoculars for kids in blue color

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13. Programmable Robot Toy

Robots are the toys of the future and this one is a great way to get kids interested in technology as they grow. Featuring gesture sensing, this remote control toy will react to commands quickly and can move forward, backward, left and right too! Its one-button programming function allows the toy to demonstrate a wide range of actions that a child can enter through the remote control. With over 50 motion commands kids can play with endless possibilities. The robot’s patrol function enables the robot to move freely making it great for observing activity. This intelligent robot toy can easily detect and avoid obstacles in its way and sings too! With a bright pair of LED eyes your child will love the characteristics, fun music and dances it will perform. Toys for young boys don’t get much better than this! 

This is an image of kids white remote control robot toy

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14. Foam Pogo Jumper

Jumper toys are great for encouragement of physical activity but also provide lots of entertainment too. This Click N Play foam pogo jumper is super fun for children and can support up to 250 lbs. The toy’s side handles are comfortable to grip and feature flashing LED lights that activate when kids are hopping around. We’re a huge fan of the squeaky sounds that this toy makes with every hop for extra entertainment and it provides your child with a cushioned base making it super safe for both the indoors and outdoors. Unlike other pogo sticks, this one won’t leave any unwanted marks on flooring and its stretchable cords will encourage to maintain a healthy lifestyle through playtime. Perhaps you’re already searching for a Christmas gift idea for 4 year old boys, if so, why not consider this brilliant toy? 

This is an image of foam pogo jumper in blue color for kids

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15. Construction Slogan T-shirt

Clothing is one of the most practical gifts you can give to a person and if you’re looking for a themed gift for a boy who is 4, this cute graphic t-shirt is ideal. Made of 100% Cotton, this tee is comfy and soft for toddler skin. At a low price, you can select your child’s favorite color and gift them with a special item of clothing to celebrate their milestone birthday in style. The classic crew neckline is trendy and looks great paired with jeans! We love this simple t-shirt design and the ‘I’m digging being 4’ phrase across the front. 


This is an image of boy 4 years old shirt gift in blue color

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16. Lego Duplo Town Construction Set

4 year old boy toys come in many varieties, however a lot of them fall into the construction/building category. These type of toys are great for little boys as they help to develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and teach concentration too. At four years old, children need to be challenged and engaged when playing and this gift idea will tick the right boxes. You can help to spark your toddler’s imagination with this awesome build your own construction set which is packed to the brim with construction vehicles and extra building bricks too! Kids can spend hours engaging in imaginative play as they interact with this construction toy set. The set includes pieces to build a bulldozer, dump truck with a tipping bucket, and even a toy crane with a realistic rotating cabin and working claw too. The set also includes 3 friendly LEGO DUPLO figures wearing safety helmets like real workers and tools!

This is an image of kids lego duplo construction building kit

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17. Colorful Handwriting Tablet Toy

Creative toys are great for all children and we’ve added a few including this one into our gift buying guide. Children can fully unleash their creativity with this colorful LCD writing tablet. With potential for creating limitless pieces of art work, boys can also use this tablet to practice counting numbers and spelling words. This eco-friendly, paperless alternative to traditional art practice will enable kids to doodle at any time they wish wherever they want to without making a dreaded mess on the floor or on walls. Using the latest LCD technology, this tablet will allow for smooth, high precision detail and has a large enough screen to create freely. With different pen tips, kids can experiment with their artistic abilities in a fun, easy to use manner. Any unwanted doodles can simply be erased with just the touch of a button. 

This is an image of kids electronic writing table in black color

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18. Fire Truck Play Set

Sometimes the best gifts are ready constructed toys that children can quickly get playing with. We love this fire vehicle set that comes with a replica crane, extending ladder trucks, a turbojet fire truck and a fire-fighting armored vehicle too. Little boys can unleash their imaginative skills as they take the role of a hero and save the day! With lots of educational benefits your little boy will love the variety of accessories included. In the set your child will find fire pumps, extinguishers, hydrants, ladders, road signs, barricades, barriers and safety cones for a full firefighting experience. They can build a real firefighting scene and enhance their understanding of fire safety too. This role playing gift is a great activity to enjoy solo or with friends. As one of the best learning toys we’ve found for this age range, we highly recommend this bright red play set! 


This is an image of kids fire truck play set in red color

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19. Waterproof Watch For Kids

Learning to tell the time is a vital skill that all children need to learn. Why not choose to buy your young boy who’s turning 4  a watch as a gift? If you’re looking for different types of gifts and want to choose something a little bit different, a watch will do the trick. With lots of different cartoon designs, you can choose the best one to match your child’s personality and interests. We love the firetruck design and the baseball style for young boys. A perfect accessory for a birthday outfit, we think this stylish present is both cool and practical, don’t you?

This is an image of kids blue watch

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20. Dinosaur Story Book

Lots of young boys love learning about dinosaurs and there are plenty of dino themed gifts out there! If you’re looking for a book for your child that is centered around dinosaurs, this is a great gift idea. A book about a dinosaur who plays hide and seek with a boy, children will love this enchanting story and have the opportunity to improve their reading skills too. Originally created by famous children’s author Dr Seuss, this book is fun, engaging and will have kids roaring with laughter as they follow the unique story.

This is an image of kids book have you seen my dinosaur

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21. Dinosaur Track With Trucks Set

This cool dino-themed construction set will have little boys building their own track for a military car that drives around the jurassic park. This fascinating imaginary dinosaur world is great for developing a kid’s hands-on ability and creative skills as they figure out how to assemble the track itself. A fantastic puzzle-like toy for kids, the track’s Y-type fork can easily change the car’s driving route when in action. Children can use the flexible track shapes to imagine and build endless track designs. The 192 piece set is great value for money and contains accessories including army green tracks, a military off-road vehicle, a Y-type fork , a turntable, 2 slopes, 3 obstacles, 3  realistic dinosaurs and 4 trees for decoration. If you’re wondering what great gifts are available out there for this age range, this toy is certainly one of them! 


This is an image of kids dinosaur toys with trucks in beautiful colors like green and yellow and black colors

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22. Take Apart Construction Vehicle Toy

Little boys love using their imagination to build and take structures apart and this a super cool gift option for any curious builder! Toys for a 4 yr old boy need to be challenging and help to strengthen skills. We love this take apart construction toy that comes with an electric plastic drill as kids can build their very own vehicle with an easy step by step guide included. With 3 construction trucks designs included and 44 pieces, kids can choose to construct a dump truck, cement truck or crane.

This is an image of kids toys with electric drill in yellow color

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23. Magnetic Building Blocks Set

Educational toys come in lots of variations and this cool magnet set is a great way to construct creatively and learn at the same time. With 71  colorful pieces, this puzzle toys is great for use at home and comes with a useful digital book to demonstrate building examples and models as well as guide kids on how to interact with the different elements included. The magnetic building set comes with 14 triangles, 24 squares, 2 hexagons, 4 semi circles, 2 long triangles, 1 long rectangle, an 8 piece Ferris wheel, 14 insert cards and 2 car bases. As one of the top toys for 4 year old boys out there, we think that this unique construction set is truly special! 

This is an image of kids magnetic building blocks set

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24. Magnetic Fishing Game

Fishing is such a fun activity whether in real life or imaginary…With this fishing game your child can learn about sea creatures and practice their hand-eye coordination skills too. Including 46 wooden magnetic pieces, the game includes 20 ocean creatures, 26 alphabet refrigerator magnets, 3 easy to handle fishing poles, 20 fishing illustrated cards, 1 fun-filled educational book and a handy storage box too. Made of high-quality beech wood, this toy is high quality and excellent value for money. Children will learn interesting facts sea creatures as they engage with the cards included and for a fun game simply reveal cards to kids and let them catch the corresponding magnet using the fishing poles. If you’re searching for fun gifts for this age range, this fishing set has you covered. 

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25. Batcopter Toy

Is your little boy a big fan of Batman? This cool copter toy could be the perfect gift that you’ve been looking for. At an affordable price this Batcopter equips Batman with a speedy  new way to track down and battle villains. The helicopter features realistic turning blades that replicate a flying motion and this toy is sure to enhance creative playtime in lots of ways. 


This is an image of kids dc batcopter in blue and black and yellow colors

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26. Flying Parachute Figures

Looking for some new unique additions to your child’s toy box? These super colorful parachute figures are a great toy to play with for any boy who is turning four. Expand their imagination and have them fly these brave figures through the air using their parachutes. Your child will love playtime with these toys and can use them indoors or outdoors to land safely on multiple surfaces. With 4 different colored figures included, your kid can play alone with this toy or with friends and take part in a race through the air down to safety.

This is an image of kids set trangle figures parachute with 4 figures in multi colors

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27. Puzzle Globe Toy

Geography is a great subject to learn and your little boy will have heaps of fun interacting with this puzzle toy and learning about different continents across the world. This fun and engaging way to encourage children learn geography will challenge through multiple puzzles and keep a child engaged for long periods. They can play over and over again and learn about continent names, the world’s oceans, landmarks, and much more in the process. A great educational toy, this globe rotates for ease on its sturdy base and can be easily transported. 

This is an image of kids puzzle globe

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28. Lego Juniors Jurrasic Dinosaur Set

Are you on the lookout for cool toys to gift a four yr old? This super awesome Pteranodon figure Lego building set is a truly roarsome toy! Kids can get busy building their very own realistic dinosaur figure which features movable wings. In the set children will also find a volcano with lava and buildable lava balls too. We love the helicopter model with a spinning rotor that is included too – children can have plenty of fun using the pilot to fly the vehicle around this prehistoric environment.This is an image of kids jurassic world building kit by lego

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29. LeapFrog Monsters University Game

Strengthen your child’s problem solving skills with this Monster’s inc themed learning game! Compatible with all LeapFrog learning tablets, kids can train to be a top Scarer in the Disney Pixar’s Monsters University alongside Mike and Sulley! Through using logic skills to crack puzzles, complete mini games and other missions, little boys will be challenged as they immerse themselves in playtime. With 24 levels to build your scare skills and a further 2 mini games, kids will not grow bored of this toy and can use the special built-in camera and microphone function for extra fun too. If you’re looking for an educational gift ideas for this age range here is a great option that teaches problem solving, logic and reasoning as well as cause and effect. 

This is an image of kids disney pixar monsters university learning game for kids

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30. Cartoon Backpack

Sometimes a cute, practical gift serves children best and this cartoon character backpack is a great option if this is the type of gift that you’re looking for. The plush, soft material features great quality lining and is super comfortable to wear for any child. Featuring a friendly animal face and coming in a range of ten adorable designs, this backpack will get your child noticed amongst friends. The bag’s top hanging loop is designed especially for little hands, making it easy to carry. The bag’s adjustable shoulder straps help to fit small children of all ages and it’s great value for money too! 

This is an image of kids green backpack for kids in dinosaur design

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31. Astronaut Play Tent

Aspiring astronauts can have plenty of imaginative play with this awesome space themed tent set. This starry pop-up tent is easy to store back away after playtime for travel and it’s composed of breathable mesh windows to keep critters out during playtime outdoors. Surprisingly roomy, the rocket ship kids tent with comes with a projector flashlight to enhance playtime too. The awesome flashlight features 24 NASA inspired images to help imaginary space environments come to life. Great gifts for boys who are the age of 4 come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but this tent is amongst the top choices and has excellent reviews all-round. 

This is an image of kids rocket ship play tent in blue color

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32. Hot Wheels Spider Man Launcher Vehicle

Spider man is one of the best known superheros amongst little boys, and, if your child loves collecting themed toys, this could be a great addition to any set. The Hot Wheels Spider Man launcher toy is great for any adventures and is based on the super popular Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. For a great effect, the car’s windshield moves with a single push of the spoiler to help the superhero focus in on a villain target. By pressing the spoiler kids can also launch the included web car for extra agility! 

This is an image of kids spider man hot wheels car

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33. Glowing Basketball 

Sports activities make great gift ideas for 4 yr olds and this basketball isn’t your ordinary basketball…As seen on Dude Perfect Our Ball, this unique ball features two special LEDs that illuminate the entire ball with a fiery glow. Simply use impact to activate the lighting effect and when not in use the ball will then shuts off automatically. Great for night time sports, or to use as a cool night light, this basketball will provide plenty of fun for any little boy as they bounce it around. Safe and durable, this gift idea is great for encouraging physical activity which is important to all children as it helps to strengthen core muscles. 

This is an image of kids light up basketball uses led lighting

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34. Mini Personal Keyboard For Kids

Musical toys have many benefits for kids including exploration of creativity. With this children’s keyboard, boys can interact with the 44 mini-sized keys and percussion pads to experiment with 100 sounds or simply listen to the 50 preset rhythms featured. Easy to use, simple tone selection allows children to choose between piano or organ mode and it uses an easy-to-read LCD display too. If you’re already searching for Christmas toys for your child, why not consider a musical toy such as this and watch as your child unleashes their creative music potential. 


This is an image of kids casio mini keyboard in three colors

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35. RC Cartoon Toy 

RC car toys can be enjoyed by children both young and old, but this friendly cartoon design is a great toy for 4 yr old boys. Its streamlined body design makes it easy to turn corners and through using the two buttoned controller, kids can navigate the car to move forward or backward in reverse mode. Through engaging with this type of toy kids can develop their self-confidence and hand-eye coordination skills. The car also features lighting and music for extra entertainment and will stimulate a child in more ways than just one. Coming at an affordable price, this toy makes a good gift option for both Christmas and birthdays as well as any other gift giving occasion.

This is an image of kids remote control cartoon car toy

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36. Cotton Fashion Socks 

Little boys can never have too many socks, so why not consider buying your child some new ones as a gift? This wonderful set includes 18 varied pairs featuring their own unique designs for a perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Ready packed into a gift box, these high quality socks feature non-skid soles for safe movement around the home. We love this practical gift idea and think that socks are an all round appreciated gift no matter how old you are.


This is an image of kids 18 pair socks kids design

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37. Stencil And Coloring Art Set 

Art activities are great for young children and if you want to buy a gift that will encourage your kid to expand their creative skills, this is a great affordable option. The kit includes 12 plastic stencils, 13 colored pencils, a sharpener, drawing pad with 20 pages of paper, a handy pencil case, a mechanical pencil, and a lightweight carrying case that fit all supplies inside. Both fun and educational, your child can explore their skills with 260 varying stencil shapes that include numbers, dinosaurs, letters, jungle animals, outer space objects and much, much more! The kit is easy to transport and is great for entertainment anywhere! 

This is an image of kids drawing and colored pincils arts and crafts set

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38. Mini Boss Slogan Hoodie

Sometimes as parents we’re left questioning who is really in charge in the house! Little ones can certainly be authoritative when it comes to getting what they want, be it their favorite food item or a new toy. This super cute cotton blend slogan hoodie reads ‘mini boss’ and is a funny gift idea for any boy who is celebrating their 4th birthday in style. Machine washable, it’s comfortable to wear and will keep your little boy warm too. If you’ve decided to buy a new item of clothing as a gift for your child, this adorable hoodie is a good choice to keep in mind. 


This is an image of kids white boy hooddie

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39. Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Desk 

Does your aspiring artist need a new desk space to get creative? Perhaps you’re wanting to buy practical gifts for a 4 year old boy and you’re wondering what your options are. A piece of furniture such as this awesome Ninja Turtles desk is great! This cool craft desk is made using engineered wood and fabric. It sits low to the ground allowing easy access for this age group and it features a convenient removable cup holder that can hold plenty of art supplies. To clean the desk simply use a fabric cloth! 

This is an image of kids desk with ninja turtles design graphics

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40. Waterproof Pop Up Police Car Playhouse

Playhouses and tent s are popular gift options for children aged 4 years old. They make great personal hideouts and offer a comfortable space for activities such as reading. We really love this police car themed pop-up tent that can be used indoors or outdoors. Promoting imaginative play, children can learn through role play, in this case the profession of a police officer. The tents see-through windows with mesh all around provide ventilation and made using water resistant polyester fabric this tent is guaranteed to last thanks to its high quality. It has a surprisingly large and spacious interior which makes it great for multiple children to play in at one time. 

This is an image of kids playhouse tent in police car design

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41. Little Tikes Trampoline

Trampolines are great for lots of bouncing fun and they make excellent gifts for four year old boys too! If you’re looking for an indoor trampoline made by a trusted toy manufacturer, this Little Tikes option ticks all boxes. Featuring a large jumping area and comfortable handle bar for stability, children can burn off excessive energy with this cool activity. Made of high-quality metal and plastic, this top rated toy is affordable and will give you great value for your money. 

This is an image of kids little tikes trampoline in blue colors

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42. Realistic Construction Workbench

Perhaps you’re a construction worker or have a job in a similar trade and want to teach your little boy about what it entails. This awesome realistic construction workbench will push your kid’s imagination as they get to interact with 12 play tools and 68 parts identical to the real deal. Through playing with this set your child will enhance their motor skills, develop coordination abilities and boost their creativity too. Set this workbench up indoors or outdoors for endless hours of fun playtime. Great for any young handyman, this set will inspire children to build, construct and broaden their understanding of interacting with tools. Featuring lots of realistic screws, a hammer, saw and a plastic electronic drill, kids will love the possibilities that come with this gift.


This is an image of kids workbench realistic tools for kids

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43. VTech 3-in-1 Race And Learn Toy

VTech is one of the most trusted toy manufacturers out there and this ultra-cool race and learn toy has made it as one of the top gift ideas for 4 year old boys. This great learning toy features 3 different modes of play: car, jet and motorcycle. With 9 different courses to explore, boys will be challenged as they learn about letters, spelling, numbers, shapes and much more. The gear shifter features realistic racing sounds and it’ll prove an awesome simulated driving experience, with the controller vibrating as children play. 

This is an image of kids 3 in 1 race and learn toy

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44. VTech Kid’s Smartwatch

Watches are a great gift idea for any child, but this watch is not your ordinary type. The VTech smartwatch is packed full of games, activities and features that your child can interact with everyday. Perfect for aspiring photographers, kids can take photographs and apply effects for fun. The watch also features a voice recorder with voice-changing effects, an alarm, timer, stopwatch, calculator and a contemporary touch screen for ease of use. A great tech toy option, the VTech smartwatch makes a fantastic gift option for Christmas or any other occasion and it has over 50 watch face options for personalization. 

This is an image of kids smartwatch in blue coloramazon button


45. Dinosaur Construction Kit Toy

Is your little boy ready to be challenged with this dinosaur construct and play set? For lots of creative and imaginative learning, children will love this take apart toy that they can reconstruct using the range of plastic tools included in the set. Including 106 pieces, the toy comes fully assembled allowing kids to start playing right away. Great for teamwork and social development, children can work together with this unique toy and solve puzzles or play independently. Falling into the category of STEM learning toys, this gift is fantastic for improving fine motor skills and coordination too which are crucial and valuable skills for adulthood. 

This is an image of kids dinosaur STEM toys

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Our Top Pick

After reviewing almost 50 of the best gifts out there for boys who are turning 4, we’ve selected our personal favorite – the programmable robot toy. The robot is guaranteed to provide your kid with hours of entertainment, giggling and more as they interact with its different features. This toy will sing and dance on command, however, with the handy remote control, there is much more it can do too!

This is an image of kids white remote control robot toy

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Best Budget Gift 

We’ve included lots of gift options above for you to choose from and there are certainly options available for those buying on a budget. Our top budget gift is the dinosaur storybook which will promote imaginative skills as well as encourage your child to practice reading. We love the story about a mischievous dinosaur playing hid and seek in a little boy’s home and this easy-to-learn story is guaranteed to provide entertainment over and over again for any child.

This is an image of kids book have you seen my dinosaur

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Considerations When Buying A Gift For A 4 Year Old Boy

Whilst we’ve put together this comprehensive and varied gift guide for choosing a suitable gift for a 4 yr old boy, there are a number of considerations you may want to keep in mind.

Age suitability – A boy who is aged four years old will have outgrown their toddler toys and will require something a little more stimulating and challenging. Whether you opt for a construction-oriented toy or an activity to encourage physical play, you should always check the age recommendations to ensure it is suitable. There is a risk of buying a toy that is deemed for a younger age range and if this happens it’s likely that the little boy will grow bored easily. Always think about how the gift you are buying is adding value to a kid’s playtime if you choose a toy, puzzle or activity.

Type of gift – Different types of gifts come with varied price tags and when you choose a suitable gift you’re going to want to consider the different types of options available to you. Items of clothing can make great practical gifts for boys and puzzles are a great way of developing logic, problem-solving and motor skills. Think about what type of personality the young boy that you’re selecting a gift for has. We always recommend buying a gift that will be of interest to the child and one that will help them to develop where possible.

Price range – Depending on the gift that you select you could end up spending a lot or not much at all. If you are looking for an extra special gift, consider a piece of tech like the smartwatch in our guide. Technology oriented gifts are great for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. If your budget is a little more limited, there are still plenty of choices. You could opt for something practical such as the sock variety pack or, a cute graphic t-shirt.


At the end of our guide you should have the confidence to go out there and select an awesome gift for a boy who is turning 4 or, if it’s not a birthday occasion, there are lots of great Christmas ideas too, above.

No matter what gift you select, remember that choosing a gift needn’t be stressful, in fact, it can be a very fun activity to do. Enjoy the process, keep your budget and boy’s personality in mind and the rest is a breeze!