Birthdays come around so quickly, and maybe it’s that time of year again where you’re trying to find a gift. The good news is that there are lots of magical gifts for 3 year old boys, to make their big day memorable. In this guide, we’ve reviewed almost 50 of the top gifts out there for this age group and have added a variety of wonderful gift options for every personality.

Your toddler boy may already have heaps of toys and you’re left wondering what the top toys for 3 year old boys are? At 3 years old, children have likely outgrown their basic baby toys and should be presented with something a little different. Anything that challenges, teaches and strengthens skills are great gift ideas.

When babies reach the age of 3 years they are likely becoming ever increasingly curious of the world around them. There are lots of gift options out there that allow a kid to learn through imaginative play. From ride-on toys to puzzles, we’ve got lots of options for you below.

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47 Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

After introducing you to the types of gift ideas for a 3 year old boy, we’re going to now present 47 picks that have been selected for their excellent reviews.

1. Fabulous Storyteller Audio Books

Reading is so much fun for any toddler and, it’s especially important to ensure a child is consistently learning. Whether you read your kid a nighttime story as part of a routine or spend leisure time reading together, this lovely audio book set is a great way to mix things up a little. Including 48 stories suitable for kids aged 3, this battery powered toy will push your little one’s imagination as they sit back, relax and listen to the wonderful tales. As a bonus, this audiobook also includes 6 free sweet dreams stories which are great for a restful night’s sleep.

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2. Dinosaur Books With Sounds

Roaar! All little boys love dinosaurs and this creative book brings prehistoric life to your children’s bedroom as they read this boundless beasts story. The book comes with 12 dino figurines to play with and, lots of realistic sound effects too. Following a narrating dragonfly, little boys can learn about the landscapes and habitats of their favorite dinosaurs and interact as they read along. If you’re looking for the best gifts for 3 yr old boy, books are up high at the top of the list and are great to add to an existing collection, always.

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3. Assemble Bulldozer Toy

This unique take apart and build bulldozer toy for boys aged 3 years is great for aspiring engineers as it’ll help to strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. STEM toys are great for education and will give your child plenty of transferable knowledge too. Through building their own truck using tools, toddlers will increase their confidence as they accomplish the task. Once built they can use their imagination to navigate the truck around by hand as they pick up other toys in its scooper. This friendly truck also plays music to your child to enhance playtime too. If you’re looking for musical toys for a 3 year old boy, why not consider this gift idea?

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4. Kids Robot Toy

Step into the future with this awesome robot toy that responds to commands and more! This cool gift idea for a young boy has a touch sensor function making it super easy to interact with. Able to move forward, backward, turn and even do a 360 degree spin, this little friend is a great addition to any toddler’s life. In voice control mode, kids can record themselves for up to 8 seconds and listen back as the robot plays the recording. This cute little green guy also sings and dances for extra fun and will brighten any toddler’s day anytime.

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5. Red Flyer Trike

Sit-on toys like bikes and trikes are great for helping a toddler to learn about their balance as they get comfortable moving around on two feet. This lovely red trike by Radio Flyer is comfortable, eye-catching and adjustable so it grows as your child does. The sea can be adjusted to fit more than one height and, it features comfortable handlebars to make moving around smooth. Easy-to-carry, this little trike can be transported anywhere both outdoors and indoors.

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6. Pack Of 2 Racer Cartoon Cars

Remote controlled cars make great gifts for 3 year olds. This awesome set comes with two racer cars: a policeman and racer for head-to-head challenges. Perfect for a household with two toddlers, these cars are colorful and feature characters in each. The remote control allows for easy racing with a forward, backward and turning button. Good battery life means that your little boy can have plenty of fun zooming these cars around whenever they want to play.

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7. Water Sprinkler Pool Toy

As the weather warms up, many parents consider buying summer themed toys for their toddlers. This cool sprinkler pool is a great outdoor activity for any little boy. With a shallow depth they can stand and enjoy the fun of sprinkling water to refresh themselves on a hot day. Boys can learn about underwater animals with the fun illustrations featured on this toy and, it’s a great option if you’re looking for an activity for the entire family to enjoy together.

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8. Flybar Jumper 

Pogo sticks are great for children of all ages, and adults too! Everybody loves jumping around on one of these and this excellent Flybar pogo jumper is a great gift for any 3 year old boy. Encouraging physical activity, kids can getting busy hopping around outdoors as they enjoy the squeaky sound that is triggered. The sticks heavy duty components give it great quality and it comes in a range of colors so that you can pick your toddler’s favorite. Helping a young child learn to balance, improve dexterity and improve gross motor skills, this bouncy toy is great value for money all round.

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9. Adventure Kidz Exploration Binoculars Set

Is your toddler boy a little explorer? For those with curious minds, this fantastic adventure set is the perfect gift option. Packed into a handy orange bag, this set of binoculars and magnifying glass comes with a compass too. Great for outdoor exploring, children will learn about STEM as they get up and close with nature. From bird watching to collecting plant samples, there is lots of activities to be had with this educational toy. For night time exploring, the set also comes with a LED flashlight, brilliant for spotting nocturnal animals with the company of a parent of course!

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10. Construction Building Blocks Set

Construction toys are popular gift options for toddlers. This STEM toy will give your child an insight into the world of engineering as they get busy making their own creations from their imagination. With lots of different pieces including blocks, wheels and more, children can use the handy guide book to build or freestyle. There are 101 pieces in this set, meaning building isn’t limited. Toddler boys can play solo, with family members or friends with this awesome educational set. We love the brightly colored components and endless options when it comes to building: robots, vehicles, helicopters, transformers and much more.

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11. Young, Wild And Three Slogan T-shirt

Clothing is always a safe bet when it comes to toddlers. Parents love to buy new items to wear for their kids and this cute slogan tee is a great gift that won’t break a budget. Made of soft, breathable cotton, the t-shirt is comfortable to wear and great quality too. The casual design is great for summer time and is sure to bring lots of attention to your little one. Machine washable, this t-shirt also comes in two coordinating designs that can be worn by older siblings for extra cuteness!

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12. Paw Patrol Electronic Reader 

Paw Patrol is a favorite TV show amongst many toddlers and now you can bring their favorite characters into the home with this toy. The Paw Patrol reader will allow your toddler to take a tour of the amazing Adventure Bay as they read along with 8 illustrated books. Simply choose a book and press the matching page buttons to bring characters and the story to life!

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13. Astronaut Rocket ShipTent

Astronauts are awesome and now your toddler can imagine exploring outer space too. This imaginative rocket ship tent features magical stars and wings to help it navigate. Super quick and easy to assemble, toddler boys can climb inside and imagine their very own space mission. The tent comes with a special flashlight that projects magical scenes from space onto walls, with over 24 NASA images to choose from, your kid can see planets and learn too. Easy to clean, affordable and unique – this tent is truly a special gift for any budding astronaut.

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14. Walkie Talkie Set For Kids

These walkie talkies aren’t ordinary, they’re extraordinary! In a lovely blue color they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities and missions between children. They feature a cool calling mode and have ultra crisp sound for clear speaking and listening. Parents and children can interact with each other in their own secret language, or simply use this pair of walkie talkies to communicate around the house. Their small size make them easy to carry and not heavy for small hands.

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15. Jurassic Dinosaur Toy Set

Where do we start with this super cool jurassic toy? If your little boy loves dinosaurs, they’re going to love this toy too. The 142 piece track comes with a vehicle, 2 dinosaurs and a ball too. After creating a road, toddlers can set up their very own jurassic park and position their dinosaurs. The battery operated car will automatically move around the green track as it observes the dinosaurs in the park. This exciting adventure toy also includes 6 classic green soldier figures too, palm trees and is great for entertaining multiple toddlers at once.

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16. Golf iLearning Toy

Have your toddler boy learn how to play one of the most popular sports in the world with this golf toy. Light and portable, it’s a great activity to take on a day out and is a great 3rd birthday gift idea for boys. Little ones can have their best shot at a hole in one, or simply learn how to play the sport with this fantastic set. Promoting full body balance, hand and eye coordination, sports ability, motor skills and more, there is lots of learning and playtime along the way to be had.

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17. Carrier Truck Toys

Little boys love playing with toy vehicles and they come in lots of super cool varieties. We think that these carrier trucks containing 6 alloy cars, 3 animal cars and 3 number cars are simply awesome. As one of the best toys for 3 year old boy, toy cars provide hours of endless fun and are a great collectible. Toys can be kept neat and organized as they slot back into place in the trucks rear. What’s more is that this truck also comes with a range of accessories too such as cones for the roadside. Step up your toddler’s imaginative play with this carrier truck toy!

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18. Cordless Drill And Construction Set

Tool kits are great for channeling an inner mechanic and, strengthen lots of skills too. Containing 20 pieces, this tool box is great for little boys as it encourages exploration in the form of construction. In the box toddlers will find a power drill, safety goggles, screws, bolts, a hammer, wrench and more. When in use, the drill will sound like the real thing, giving kids a greater understanding of the use of such tools when heard. Each piece is sturdy and durable thanks to being made from top quality plastic and at the end of playtime everything can simply be stored back into the plastic box for no fuss!

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19. Gizmos Interactive Whack Game

If you’re looking for a new entertaining game for your toddler boy, this is it! The whack a frog game is bright, colorful and will cause lots of giggling too. Kids can play with friends or adults as they’re tasked with whacking the frogs at different speed levels. With up to 38 different speeds, this simple game soon becomes a challenge. It’s a great game for strengthening hand and eye coordination in a simple way. Choose from 4 different languages and enjoy the light/sound effects which aid learning during play.

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20. Disney Toy Story Table And Chairs Set

Disney themed toys and gifts are easy to come by, but if you’re searching for a practical gift for 3 year old boys, this is ideal. With a striking Toy Story graphic featuring both Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the table and chairs set is great for crafting, snacking on and more. Made using MDF and top quality wood, the table and chair set are durable and strong. Great for use indoors or outdoors, this awesome gift is a great addition to any little boy’s Toy Story themed items.

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21. Kids Toy Golf Set

Has your little boy demonstrated an interest in sports? Do they love being active? If the answer is yes, then this is an awesome birthday gift for a three year old baby boy. Aspiring golfers can have plenty of practice with this colorful plastic set that includes a cool golf cart with 2 wheels, 3 colorful golf clubs of different shapes and sizes and 3 special balls too. While not an intense sport, this activity will still encourage kids to get outdoors and move around as they attempt to get a hole in one. With 11 pieces, this set has everything you can ever need to practice the sport and it’ll also encourage skills such as concentration too!

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22. Dinosaur Building Set 

Perhaps you’re wondering what unique toys for 3 year old boys are out there…This dinosaur building toy is certainly one of them! Unlike typical construction sets, this one will get children building their very own prehistoric colorful dinos. Kids can take apart two dinosaur figures using the tools provided and have fun playing with the vehicle included too. The set also includes two realistic dinosaur toys that are a great addition and can be used in imaginary play. If you’re looking for a toy that is going to help your little boy to develop their fine motor skills, while providing lots of playtime fun, this is the right gift choice for you.

This is an image of kids dinosaurs toys STEM with cars too in multi colors


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23. Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

This huge doodle mat brings lots of creative playtime! At 39.5×31.5 inches, it can fit a toddler and friends or family members on it, for special aqua fun. The magic pen is simply filled with water and then get going with designs, art creations and experimenting! This educational toddler toy features the alphabet as part of its design so little ones can familiarize themselves with this too. Any creations will simply wash away on their own after just 10 minutes for an easy tidy-up.

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24. Monster Lightning Wheels Tractor 

Tractors are one of the most interesting vehicles out there for little boys. Curious by their big wheels and cool design, toddlers love learning about them! This awesome lightning wheels tractor toy is a great addition to any boy’s toy collection. Featuring 4 oversized light up wheels, kids can play with this awesome toy inside the house or outdoors on challenging terrain. The good thing about this toy is that its durable plastic makes it great for plenty of exploring. Curious minds will love playtime with this monster-style tractor.

This is an image of kids tractor with lights in wheels in green color by jon deere


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25. Operated Drone Toy

Next on our list is a hands free drone, cool right? No need for a controller with this modern design, even toddlers can fly this too. Little boys will simply need to throw the drone to watch it fly in the air and, when hands are placed close to it, it’ll fly in the opposite direction. With 360 degree rotating power, this fantastic toy also features a LED light ball. We think that this is one of the best gift options out there for any special occasion.

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26. Cute Character Hoodie

Hoodies make excellent gifts for children of all ages and this Paw Patrol boy’s hoodie is a fantastic gift idea for a toddler. Made with 60% cotton, it’s comfortable and soft – perfect for sensitive skin. Available in a range of bright colors and designs, you can select your child’s favorite color to make the gift extra personal. The hoodie has big side pockets for storing toys or warming hands and comes with a super affordable price tag too.

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27. Dinosaur Encyclopedia 

Every child should have an encyclopedia on their book shelf and this prehistoric dinosaur edition is great for little boys! With lots of incredible pop up elements including a huge T-Rex, children will love the fun elements that this unique encyclopedia has. Kids can learn about their favorite dinosaurs as well as new ones as they turn the pages of this fascinating book. Packed full of facts, it’s a great educational gift idea for curious young minds. The bestseller is a popular book and has excellent reviews all round.

This an image of kids encyclopedia dinosaurs book for kids


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28. Inflatable Soccer Set 

Even in bad weather, your toddler boy can still practice soccer indoors with this cool set! With a hovering soccer ball, little ones can play their favorite sport in an entirely new way. Inclusive of 2 goal posts, kids can set up a tiny pitch and challenge themselves or friends to scoring goals. The air soccer ball features LED lights, for a great effect in the dark and, it’s completely safe to use for younger children thanks to the non-toxic materials it’s made from. We are digging this gift idea, are you?

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29. Firefighting Rescue Toy Set 

This red firefighting toy set is great value for money, giving your child lots of different toys to play with! Included is a tall crane, extending ladder trucks, a turbojet fire truck and a fire-fighting armored vehicle as well as lots of cool accessories too. Kids can build their very own firefighting scene and safe the day as they put out the imaginary flames. They’ll learn about the important role of a firefighter as they play and come to recognize what the job entails. A great toy for little boys, this toy is inspiring, educational and provides lots of playtime too.

This is an image of kids fire truck play set in red color


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30. Dinosaur Pull Back Vehicles

Pull back toy vehicles are fascinating for children. In one single movement, they can watch a car zoom off on its own. This pack of 6 dinosaur shaped vehicles features lots of different types and is great for learning names and having fun. Made of completely safe materials for toddlers, these vehicles can reach high speeds after one single movement. Simply take the vehicle pull back on a surface, release and watch it go!

This is an image of kids pull back dinosaurs cars with 6 cars in pack in multi colors


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31. Toddler Truck Carrier With Cars

Does your little boy love to collect toy cars? If so, this super awesome wooden carrier truck made of kid-friendly wood is the gift idea that you’ve been looking for. The brightly colored carrier truck comes with 4 mini wooden cars and a pull down ramp to release them. Children can use imaginary skills to replicate car noises as they race, transport and move the different vehicles around. Strong and sturdy, this set is also great for outdoor use and can be driven on many different surfaces.


This is an image of kids wooden car toys in multi colorful colors


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32. Construction Graphic Infant T-Shirt

T-shirts make great gifts for adults and children. If you’re hoping to get your hands on a new t-shirt to spruce up your toddler’s wardrobe, this cool construction graphic tee could be the one. Made of 100% cotton, it’s soft and comfortable for young skin that can be susceptible to irritations and, it comes in a range of fun colors too. At a low cost, you can get this very special t-shirt for your own child to help them celebrate their magical 3rd birthday in style!

This is an image of kids t shirt gift birthday in blue colors


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33. Bucket Construction Train Set 

Building and construction toys are important for children. They help children to develop their spatial awareness, fine motor skills and dexterity too as they build. If you are wondering what construction sets there are out there for boys aged 3, this is one of the best that we’ve found. The 61 piece set includes brilliantly detailed wooden pieces that will see your child build their very own twisting train track.The open ended play encourages lots of creativity and once completed, toddlers can place their trains on the track to see how it holds up. Simply put everything back into the convenient storage bucket when playtime is over, for next time!

This is an image of kids construction train set


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34. Lincoln Logs Construction Set

Another popular construction type toy on our list: Lincoln Logs. Popular across the US and for good reason too, this traditional set contains 111 pieces for lots of creative play. Little ones can stack up the locks to build a fantastic ‘meeting house’, they’ll construct the walls, roof and facades too. A great activity for parents to engage with their children, this set will help to teach patience, fine motor skills and it’ll encourage lots of imaginative play too. Once the house is built, children can then play out scenes using their favorite toys or simply store it away to build again another day.

This is an image of kids wooden construction education toy


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35. Lightning Train Toy

We think that this futuristic train toy really stands out when it comes to vehicle toys for toddlers. Children can watch the train as it moves forward or backward and, it can even complete a 360 spin too. Don’t worry if it crashes into an object or wall, this super train will automatically change its direction which is super impressive! Inside, the train will display a funky lightning show through a spectrum of different colors, kids will love the effects that this toy gives in the dark. This toy makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions for both 3 yr old boys and girls.

This is an image of kids eletric train toy with lightning lights and beautiful colors


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36. Realistic Dinosaur Toy

Dinosaur toys are popular amongst little boys and this awesome purple dino, is a great addition to any set of scary monsters. The realistic dino replica will walk, loudly roar and lights up bright for a cool nighttime effect. Watch the dino’s spikes along his back light up in multiple colors including green, blue and red and, even his tongue lights up too! If you’re searching for a supreme toy to add to your toddler’s collection that’ll enhance imaginative play, this is a brilliant gift option.

This is an image of realistic dinosaurs walking with sounds in purple color


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37. T-Ball For Toddlers Set 

Has your little one expressed an interest in baseball? If so, this brilliant T-ball set for toddlers is an amazing gift idea. Baseball is a naturally fun and rewarding games and whether your toddler boy is a pro or simply starting out, there is lots of entertainment to be had with this set. With an adjustable height feature, this game adapts to your children’s skills as they grow, making it perfect if you’re looking for a long-term sports activity that your child can really master. Both fun and educational, toddlers will improve their confidence as they play this fun activity alone or with friends too.

This is an image of kids baseball game set with 1 bat and 6 balls


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38. Bouncing Hop On 

Have you ever had a go on one of these hopping toys? We’re sure you have! You’ll remember just how much fun they are and, now it’s time for your toddler boy to have his very first experience on one too. The hippity hop encourages children to exercise and strengthen their muscles, in an enjoyable manner either indoors or outdoors. Jumping is an important activity for kids as it provides proprioceptive input, improves balance training and can help with vestibular orientation too. Featuring an easy to grip, textured handle for stability, little ones can have heaps of fun as they explore their jumping abilities with this bright and colorful toy.

This is an image of kids hippity hipe with foot pump in purple color


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39. Lego Duplo First Number Set

Lego is a super popular toy for children. It’s a great activity for constructing which encourages creativity and hand-eye coordination. This Duplo set is great for toddlers, as it teaches how to count in an engaging way. Including a buildable train, 3 wagons and brightly colored bricks decorated with numbers from 1-9, children can build and reassemble the train while counting numbers. Once built, the train is moveable on its smooth wheels and this set comes with two adorable characters too and a sweet black cat. This learning toy helps children with counting as well as number learning in a way that is always engaging.

This is an image of LEGO duplo train set educational and building kit


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40. Sweet Children’s Seat

Are you on the hunt for a new lounger seat for your little boy? This machine washable children’s seat is comfortable thanks to its soft, plush fabric and comes in a range of designs with different colors. From a pink dragon to a brown monkey, there are lots of different friendly characters to choose from. Your child will love relaxing in this chair, reading their favorite story book and will make a new friend too! Lightweight and super easy to move, you can place this special chair in a bedroom or living space.

This is an image of kids dragon chair in blue color


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41. Walkie Talkie Flashlight Set 

Perhaps your toddler boy loves spending time outdoors and, you struggle to call him indoors when playtime is over. Why not equip your child with this toy – a super cool walkie talkie set? Great for explorative adventures, these kids walkie talkies have a call alert function and consistently crisp and smooth sound quality, that can be adjusted to increase or decrease volume. With up to a 3 mile range, you can communicate with your little one and stay connected at all times. The easy to use push button that enables children to talk into the walkie talkie is reliable and is perfect for children to talk when playing in a new way. We love this gift idea and are sure your child will love it too!

This is an image of kids 3 pack walkie talkies


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42. Scooter Combo

Looking for a gift for an energetic child? A scooter combo toy could be the right choice for you. The stable and balanced 2 in 1 scooter and bike will keep children safe as they zoom around and perform tricks. A comfortable and ergonomically low seat has been designed with children especially in mind and it ensures that riding is always a pleasure. To convert the bike into a scooter, simply unlock the lever on the front and adjust the handlebars from ride-on straight to scooter mode. Your little boy won’t get bored of the endless possibilities when playing with this toy.

What’s more is that as they learn to ride, the scooter comes with a steering lock to prevent any unintended changes in direction, making it super safe too. Choose your child’s favorite color and be prepared to see their reaction when they’re presented with this wonderful gift!

This is an image of kids bike and kick scooter combo 2 in 1 in green color


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43. Assorted Pull Back Vehicle Toys

Cars, cars, cars. Little boys seem to love collecting them! Perhaps you’re looking for some super cool car toys to add to an existing collection and, you’re not sure what to go for. These brightly colored, varied pull back cars are great for teaching little ones about different vehicle types and will enhance vocabulary skills through imaginative play too. Including 12 different designs including tractor-types, kids will love the simple action they need to perform to watch these toys zoom away. Realistically detailed, these toys will help children to identify the real-life version and the entire set is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours on end.


This is an image of kids pack mini construction vehicles with race cars toy in 12 pieces


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44. Art And Creativity Craft Set 

Art and craft activities are super important for little ones to develop. Aiding imagination and creativity, toddlers should have the freedom to allow their creative juices to flow whenever they wish. This all in one set features 4 large plastic drawing stencils, 22 blank paper sheets, 14 colored pencils, 1 pencil sharpener and 2 bonus clips all of which can be easily stored in the handy case with a handle for transportation. With clear compartments for tidying away and organization, children will love engaging with the different bits of kit included as they create art.

This is an image of kids drawing pencils kit


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45. Rotating Rechargeable RC Car

Remote control cars are a great choice when it comes to selecting a gift for a toddler boy. There are lots of options out there each of which comes with its own unique design, however, we’re a big fan of this sleek black and green RC car. With a dual mode functionality, kids will be amazed as they can race this car along flat surfaces and even up walls. The controller allows children to easily move the car in all directions-left, right, forward, and reverse. Taking just 20-40 minutes to charge, this car also has illuminating headlights, just like a real-life car. If you’re looking for a toy that will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination in a super entertaining way, this is the right gift choice for your boy.

This is an image of kids remote control car in black and green colors


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46. LeapFrog Laptop

LeapFrog designs many creative and engaging toddler toys and their laptops are a fantastic gift idea if you’re looking for something educational for a little boy. The Scout My Own laptop toy will teach your kid about the alphabet, engage them in pretend play, have them sing-along with music, educate them about different animals and reinforces computer literacy too. There are 6 learning activity stations making this toy both challenging and fun. Kids can even personalize their own laptop using Leaptop. We love the laptop’s colorful and friendly design are sure that your little boy will love it too!

This is an image of kids leaptop laptop for kids in green colors


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47. Take Apart Tool Truck

This fun and educational gift idea for a toddler boy aged 3 years will certainly strengthen your child’s fine motor, cognitive and construction skills as they play! The construction set includes a  colorful toy truck, an electric toy drill (which includes 2 attachable tool heads), 3 easy to use hand tools, 7 different types of screws & nails, a cheerful truck driver, and 4 removable wheels too. Once built, the truck will come to life as it headlights flash, it honks its horn and even plays catchy musical tunes. With a bump and go action, when it hits into something, it’ll change directions right away. If your little boy is ready to take on a new building project, why not gift them this awesome tool truck?

This is an image of kids toy tool truck with elecrtic drill and power tools


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Our Top Gift

We’ve reviewed tons of top gift ideas for 3 year old boy and now it’s time to choose our favorite. While each in the list above comes with its own uniqueness, we’ve selected the bucket train construction set as our top selection. We think it’s a great way to challenge little ones as they get to construct, improve fine motor skills and then complete their track with a moving train. With lots of pieces to put together, children won’t get bored easily with this popular gift option and are sure to enjoy the imaginary play that comes with it too.

This is an image of kids construction train set

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Best Budget Gift

Even if you’re gift buying on a budget, there is still a super special option out there for a boy aged 3. We’ve selected the awesome graphic construction t-shirt that features a fun tractor and the number 3 for the special occasion. Made using cotton, it’s super comfortable and is machine washable too. Available in a range of different colors, you’ll be able to pick out your child’s favorite to make this gift choice extra personal. Clothing is always a fantastic option for little ones when it comes to gift buying.

This is an image of kids t shirt gift birthday in blue colors

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Considerations When Buying Gifts For Boys Aged 3

You’ll want to consider a few things to keep in mind when trying to find a perfect gift idea for the young boy you have in mind. Interests and personality should always be primarily considered. Not only does this give you a good indication of the type of gifts they would appreciate, but you can also think about existing toys or items he may already have. At 3 years old, toys are usually in abundance, toy boxes will be filled to the brim and it’s sometimes difficult knowing how to select a new toy that will be appreciated. The good news is that toddlers are very open and communicate clearly what they want (most of the time). If the little boy that you’re buying a gift for has expressed an interest in a particular toy or item, keep this in mind!


Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys That Are Unique

Perhaps the boy that you’re buying a gift for isn’t into dinosaurs or toy cars and you’re left wondering what the alternatives are. As you can see from our list above there are tons of unique options to choose from. Whether you want to encourage engagement in art activities or want to push your child’s imagination, there is something out there for every type of little boy. Why not consider a new item of clothing? It’s no secret that children quickly grow out of their wardrobes and so, clothing is always a great option. There are some great clothing selections in our list above that have a personal 3rd birthday touch. For little adventurers and curious minds, why not consider the space tent or walkie talkies?


Gifts For Toddler Boys That Love Dinosaurs

Rooar! There are so many dinosaur themed toys and gift options out there, that you may be left wondering which one exactly you should choose for your little boy…From books to pull back vehicles, we’ve included quite a variety in our very own gift guide. If your 3 year old boy is dinosaur obsessed, why not consider the fun educational pop up dinosaur encyclopedia. We think it’s a top dino themed toy and will teach your children about the extinct prehistoric monsters in an entirely fun and engaging way.


Gifts For Little Boys Who Have Everything

Does your toddler boy seem to have everything he could possibly want, already? If this is the case it can be especially tricky to choose a gift that will be appreciated. In this case, we’d always suggest opting for a keepsake or personalized gift that can be treasured in years to come. While the likelihood of your little one caring much for a keepsake gift initially is low, they will certainly appreciate the memory of their 3rd birthday in the future. There are lots of different options when it comes to keepsakes. Why not consider a personalized key chain for example that has your child’s name on it, or a personalized item of clothing?


Best Christmas Gifts For 3 Yr Old Boys

Christmas seems to come around quickly every year, and, if you’re already thinking about gift ideas there are lots of good toys for a 3 year old boy out there. Educational toys are a very popular choice for parents who want to see their children learn and develop as they play. There are many different types of learning toys including kid’s laptops that can teach mathematics, vocabulary and much more. Other toys that fall into this category include books, construction sets that help a child to strengthen their problem solving and cognitive skills too.

Outside of educational toys there are many other options that would make great Christmas gift ideas. Generally for the occasion parents are inclined to spend a bit extra on a special gift. If you have a higher budget for Christmas you may want to consider buying a remote controlled car toy which is a great long-lasting toy that can be used indoors or outdoors. Remote control cars are great for hand-eye coordination as toddler’s get to grips through navigation. There are lots of cool models including realistic replica cars and unique designs such as dinosaur vehicles.


Birthday Gift Ideas For a Three Year Old Boy

Have you read through our gift guide and you’re still unsure what to get a three year old for his birthday? When it comes to such a special occasion, you’re going to want to make it as memorable as possible. For birthdays, keepsakes make excellent gifts and will be valued forever. Consider buying a memo gift such as a personalized book or something similar.