49 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

This is an image of baby dinosaur birthday gift with a book and dinosaur gift set in green color

Are you looking for the best gifts for 2 year old boys? Perhaps you’ve got a special birthday coming up or simply want to update your child’s toybox. In this gift guide we share with you our top picks when it comes to the best toys for 2 year old boy, with almost 50 to choose from, there’s something for every type of toddler boy.

You’re probably wondering what exactly defines best gifts for this age range as you know toddler years are crucial for both development and play. In this list we’ve selected activity toys, learning toys and other popular gifts. There are lots of choices as you’ll come to see, so no matter what type of gift you have in mind, in our list there will be something perfect for your little boy.

At 2 years old, toddlers enjoy role-playing, construction toys, puzzle games, ride-on toys and educational toys that provide sensory experiences. From dressing up as their favorite characters and acting out imaginary scenes to getting creative with drawing, there are lots of ways in which you can entertain your toddler and help them to grow.



49 Best Gift Ideas & Toys for 2 Year Old Boys

Now that we’ve introduced you briefly to the variation of toys for 2 year old boys, we’ll review the best gifts out there. You’ll find something to suit every type of toddler personality and budget in this awesome list.

1. Dog Children’s Chair

A unique gift for a toddler boy, this adorable dog children’s chair is both cute and practical! For sticky toddler hands, the cover is removable and can be thrown into a washing machine for ease. Your little boy will love making friends with this cuddly dog and using it to relax and read, or simply relax. We’re a big fan of any cuddly toys and this one really stands out with its size.  If you’re looking for 2nd birthday gift ideas for boys and don’t have a huge budget, why not consider this adorable seat for your toddler’s bedroom?

This is an image of baby dog seat in yellow and brown colors

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2. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Already looking for Christmas toys for 2 year old boy? This fantastic 2-in-1 VTech kid’s toy features a basketball hoop and goalpost. Toddlers can get busy practicing their sports while improving fine motor skills too. Compete against other children, family members or, simply practice solo – there are so many options when it comes to playtime! This fun gift for toddlers features an animated light-up scoreboard, sounds, and phrases. Suitable for kids aged between 1 and 3 years, this is a great choice if you’re wondering what to give a boy who enjoys being active.


This is an image of baby smart shots sports center

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3. Toddler Truck Set

It’s no secret that little boys love interacting and playing with toy vehicles and, if you’re wondering what great gifts for 2 yr old boy are out there, this is one of them! Toddlers can be their own project managers as they interact with this cool toy, building STEM skills as they go along. This 3-in-1 toy can be pulled along by its string and is also a portable toolbox which encourages sensory stimulation. With lots of different tools and a fun character too that drives the truck, this toy is excellent value for money. A great toy that will provide hours of varied fun for your toddler boy, why not consider this as a gift idea?


This is an image of toddler tools set toy

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4. Aqua Doodle Mat

Perhaps you’re looking for learning toys for toddler boys and you would like something that ties in creative play too. Why not consider an awesome aqua doodle mat like this popular gift? Large enough for multiple toddlers, kids will enjoy the dinosaur patterned mat and the creative play it provides. Including 4 magic pens, little boys can draw on this doodle mat again and again as the water washes designs away after 10 minutes. With no mess or fuss, this mat is a great alternative to other art activities such as painting and is a great outdoor toys for 2 year old boy too during the summer months.


This is an image of baby drawing mat for kids in colorful colors

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5. LEGO Airport Town

LEGO is one of the most popular toy ideas for a toddler boy and this fantastic set is a great addition to any collection. Kids can build their own toy plane out of the colorful blocks provided, making it a great activity for refining fine motor skills. They can learn about the different jobs in an airport and ‘fly’ their very own aircraft. The set includes lots of cool features such as a luggage slide, suitcase, boarding gate and revolving air traffic tower. As one of the top toys for 2 yr old boys, kids can learn about the real world and use their imaginary skills to interact with this awesome toy.

This is an image of baby lego duplo town airport building kit

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6. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Pirate Ship

Interactive toys like this Little Tikes 2-in-1 pirate ship make great birthday gifts for little boys, they’re great for imaginative play, strengthening communication skills and will provide lots of fun. With lots of buttons to press, this super cool pirate ship comes with noises to enhance play. Including 3 figurines, your toddler will have lots of fun interacting with this toy alone or with friends. Don’t worry about small pieces getting lost when tidying up, the lower deck doubles as storage for accessories too.


This is an image of baby pirate shipe 2 in 1 little tikes in brown color

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7. Two Handsome T-shirt 

Clothing is always a useful gift idea for 2 yr olds. Little ones can never have too much clothing and this sweet graphic t-shirt is a great addition to any toddler’s wardrobe. Available in a variety of colors including versatile black and grey, the ‘two handsome’ slogan on this t-shirt is awesome for a toddler boy. If you’re looking for birthday ideas and don’t want to spend too much money, this is a lovely item of clothing for a boy aged 2 and can be worn casually or at a birthday party too!

This is an image of baby black t shirt with two handsome tags

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8. Touch And Learn Interactive Desk

This cute toddler desk doesn’t only look bright and colorful, it also provides plenty of learning and fun too. As one of the best gifts for boys aged 2 years, we love this toy’s interactive features which make it a great addition to any toddler’s home. It’s important to make sure that your children have learning toys to interact with and this desk encourages a little one to explore touch while they learn about the world around them. With an LED display, over 100 vocabulary words as well as 20 songs and activities, toddlers will have plenty to keep them busy as they count numbers, make imaginary calls using the telephone and, sing the alphabet song.

This is an image of baby deluxe activity desk in blue and yellow colors

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9. Kidibeats Drum Set

Music exploration provides a child with lots of value. Toddlers should be introduced to creative play from a young age and this awesome drum set is one of the best toys for boys aged 2 out there! This kids learning toy features 3 drum pads and a cymbal too, making it a great replica of the real deal. Little ones can get creative as they make their own music or play along with the 9 melodies that the drum has. Including a variety of music styles from rock to pop, toddlers will also learn letters and numbers too!

This is an image of baby beats drum set in blue and orange colors

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10. Fishing Game For Toddlers

When it comes to choosing a gift for a younger boy, games are always a great option. They challenge little ones and can greatly help with hand-eye coordination. This fantastic fishing game for toddlers is simple enough to pick up quickly and will help your toddler to develop their fine motor skills and strengthen spatial awareness too. Including 26 wooden fish, your toddler can learn the names of each as they play and suitable for 2 players, it’s a great opportunity for them to practice communication skills also.

This is an image of baby fishing game in blue color with two canes

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11. Dinosaur Toddler Backpack

Perhaps you’re searching for a backpack for when your little one goes to daycare if so we have the perfect gift idea for 2 year boys right here. This bright lime green backpack features an awesome dinosaur graphic and what’s better is its practicality. With lots of interior space, boys can pack up their favorite toys to go on an adventure with or keep their prized possessions in this cool backpack. Comfortable to wear and waterproof too, we think that this is a top bag for any little boy celebrating a birthday or Christmas.

This is an image of baby green toddler dinosaur backpack

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12. Friction Powered Construction Vehicle Bulldozer

Friction powered toys provide so much fun and teach children about the world of STEM too as they interact with them. This set comes with a tractor, bulldozer, dumper and mixer truck for lots of variety. Toddlers can learn about different vehicles and power them up with a simple forward or backward motion to watch them go. Sporting lots of bright colors, these toys are a great way for children to practice color naming and other skills too.

This is an image of baby construction vehicales toy pack of 4

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13. Drill And Learn Toolbox

The best gifts for this age range are usually hands-on activities that help develop skills and provide an opportunity for imaginary play. This toolbox for toddlers by VTech is a wonderful gift togive as it’s packed full of plastic tools that replicate real-life tools used across a variety of job roles. Toddlers can fix and play with a battery-powered toy drill that works to drill screws into the tray’s holes provided. There is lots of fun to be had with this awesome set that is bright and colorful. It’ll help children count, develop fine-motor skills and, won’t break the budget either at a reasonable price.

This is an image of baby toolbox toys drill and learn

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14. Animal Sound Book

Books are great for children of any age. When shopping for toddler’s books you’ll notice that the majority of them involve interactive elements such as textures to touch or buttons to press. This animal sound book has features over 30 different animal sounds from bears to dolphins. Little ones can interact with the story to hear the different noises each animal makes as they participate in an awesome imaginary adventure.

This is an image of baby book about animal sounds

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15. Kids 3D Dinosaur Light

Nightlights make some of the best gifts for toddler boys and the good news is that there are lots of different designs out there, so that you can choose one to fit your child’s personality. If your toddler is a fan of dinosaurs, this 3D triceratops nightlight is a great accesory for a  baby boy aged 2. Featuring 7 different color options and a smart remote control, little ones can use the nightlight during story time before sleeping, a perfect way to end a busy day!

This is an image of baby night light in 3D with dinosaur designs

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16. 12 Piece Mega Camping Set

All toddlers love hiding out, or building dens. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a tent or similar space for your little boy. We love this 12 piece camping set that is ideal for adventurous kids. Unlike regular pop-up tents, this one includes walkie talkies, binoculars, a flask and more, for hours of creative fun. Children can hide out in their backyards and keep lookout for intrusive imaginary monsters or simply set this up indoors for a cozy reading spot.

This is an image of babu tent comping set in blue and orange color has 12 pieces

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17. Interactive Soccer Ball

Lots of toddlers love playing soccer, it’s a great way to develop spatial awareness and motor skills as well as strengthening balance and getting kids active. This awesome interactive soccer ball has made it into our list of best toys for little boys as it elevates normal soccer play to the next level. Its smart reactions aid children as they learn to dribble, kick and maneuver the ball in lots of ways. Featuring hilarious responses, the ball will make little ones giggle as they can use it to simply sing along to songs when not playing. A unique gift for a toddler boy, we think that this soccer ball is one of the top gifts for any occasion!

This is an image of baby soccer ball with music and sound FX in white and black colors

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18. Lego Town Truck Set 

There are so many cool gifts for 2 yr olds and Lego is one of them. We’re a huge fan of this town truck set and think that your toddler will be too. Children can dig into their imaginations as they use the vehicle set which includes an awesome dump truck and excavator in the town that they build using the Lego pieces. Construction toys are great for developing hand-eye skills, which is a crucial skill for all children. The vehicles in this set have a rotating cabin and even a tipping function too, for hours of creative fun.

This is an image of baby lego duplo town truck building kit

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19. Stories For 2 Years Olds

Reading is an important activity for all children. As parents, lots of our quality time spent with little ones is when we put them to bed and read their favorite stories. This beautiful collection of stories for toddlers is a top gift idea for any occasion. Including 10 classic fairy tale stories and rhymes too, toddlers will love snuggling up at bedtime and reading along with you. Teach your children words, rhymes and broaden their imaginative abilities with this book – an excellent birthday gift for two year old baby boy.

This is an image of baby 2 year old book a collection of stories

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20. Friction Spring Vehicle Toys

Does your 2 yr old love to play with cars and other vehicle toys? If so, this collection of friction powered mega vehicles on springs could be the ideal gift that you’ve been looking for. In red, blue, orange and yellow colors, little ones only need to pull the cars back and let go to see them zoom off at high speeds. Sturdy and durable, these toys are made of top quality materials so won’t break with lots of use. A great outdoor toy for boys, these vehicles are different to the traditional friction cars thanks to their unique designs.

This is an image of toddler 2 years old toys pull back cars pack with 4 cars

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21. VTech Tablet Toy

Educational toys come in many different forms and this VTech tablet is an excellent choice if you want to buy this type of gift for your own little boy. Easy to interact with, it has a color-changing screen, a light-up keyboard and tons of fun elements. Toddlers can progress their learning with 12 levels that teach about numbers, letters and more, so this is an excellent gift for baby boy 2nd birthday.

This is an image of baby gray tablet little apps by VTech

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22. Laugh And Learn Smart Chair

Offering both a practical and educational gift for toddlers, we love this Fisher Price toy. Including over 50 songs to sing along to, children can sit and learn as they interact with this friendly chair. Yellow and bright, the chair offers 3 stages of learning meaning that your toddler won’t outgrow this toy quickly. Simply enter your baby boy’s age and the interactive chair will automatically set itself to the correct level to help your toddler learn.

This is an image of baby yellow smart chair

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23. Bowling Numbers Play Set

Any excuse to get little toddlers outdoors is a good one and, this cool bowling set will get boys active as they learn to count. Including 10 wooden colored pins with bold numbering and a comfortable to hold a bowling ball, makes this set ideal for toddlers. Children can develop spatial awareness skills as well as balance and hand-eye skills, all of which are important for the development of any child. An ideal 2nd birthday idea for boys, this set is fantastic for both indoor and outdoor use. Will your toddler boy grow up to a bowling champion?

This is an image of 2 years old bowling play set

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24. Children’s Desk With Storage Space

Does your little boy need his own space to sit down and get creative? This themed wooden desk is a brilliant gift idea and comes with storage space for toys too. Whether crafting a cardboard robot or simply sitting down to read,  this neat desk’s features make it great value for money. With a cup holder for storing art supplies and is scratch resistant making it ideal for lots of craft activities. When it comes to gift buying for a baby aged 2, this desk really ticks all the boxes and is sure to support many creative endeavors.

This is an image of baby chair deck with storage and beautiful graphics

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25. Wooden Shape Sorter 

Shape sorters not only are fun but they are great for helping a toddler to develop their fine motor skills. This high-quality toy is a fantastic birthday gifts for 2 yr old boy, as it’s composed of natural wood and is BPA free making it completely safe. Toddlers simply need to add the varied shapes into the mixer at the back of the vehicle and pick them out to sort them into their correct holes. Providing plenty of role-playing fun, this truck comes with a character in the front too so that your children can explore imaginative play in lots of ways.

This is an image of baby wooden shape sorter toy in yellow color

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26. Electronic Pet Dog

Not every child is fortunate to grow up in a household with a real pet. However, there are plenty of toy pets out there that can help toddlers to develop skills and values through play. This sweet electronic pet dog named Harry is over 7 inches long and will bark and walk just like a real dog does. The cute dalmatian is a great addition to any family and by touching his head, Harry will sing and dance too. If you can’t get your child a pet but would still like to have them ‘care’ for their own, this electronic dog toy is a fantastic alternative and is one of the coolest toys for little boys available.

This is an image of baby pet dog interactive puppy in white and black colors

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27. Outdoor Sprinkler

Sprinkler and water activities are fantastic gifts for 2 year old boys, especially if their special day falls in the summer. This learning toy will teach your toddlers as they have fun interacting with the water element too. 60″ in diameter, the whole family can join in with the splashing fun, this toy has been designed to bridge the gap between physical, emotional, social and cognitive skill sets. It will teach little ones about the creatures in the ocean and comes with a shallow depth to minimize risks. What do you make of this awesome summertime toy?


This is an image of baby sprinkler play toy in yellow color

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28. Superman Costume

Toddlers love dressing up, so why not buy your toddler who’s 2 years old a new outfit for imaginative playtime? What’s better is that you can customize the cool cape with the initial of your child’s name for an extra personal touch. Empower your children with this super cool dressing up costume that is safe and fun for toddlers. Whether they use it for Halloween or everyday play, every child wants to be a superhero, so capes are always good gifts for 2 yr old boy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This is an image of baby kids superhero cloths with cape and mask in blue and red and yellow colors

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29. VTech 3-in-1 Race And Learn

This awesome steering wheel for toddlers by VTech makes ones of the best gifts for 2 yr old boy. It allows kids to race and learn at the same time. Featuring 3 cool ways to play: jet, motorcycle, and car, children can explore 9 different courses while improving their hand-eye coordination at the same time. We love this cool steering wheel with a real-sounding gear shift and vibrating controller to enhance imagination during play. Toddlers will learn about colors, numbers, and letters as they interact with this 3-in-1 toy.

This is an image of baby race and learn toy 3 in 1 by VTech

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30. Electronic Musical Bus

Kids love vehicle toys and this fun musical bus is one of the best toys for 2 year old boy. Made using durable and shatterproof plastic, young children can sort animal shapes, sing along to 8 different nursery rhymes and, learn to count too. This cool bus features flashing headlights and two dancing characters that can be used during play to ‘drive’ the bus. Guaranteed to bring about lots of giggles and fun, this toy is a lovely addition to any toddler’s toybox and is a great birthday gift idea too. Is this the gift that you’ve been searching for?

This is an image of baby electronic bus that has musical songs in orange color

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31. VTech Sit To Stand Train

We’ve selected this fantastic VTech sit to stand train for lots of reasons! Encouraging toddlers to get up on their feet and improve their balance, this awesome toy can be used sitting or standing. As one of the most popular learning toys out there, kids can lift the wagon seat to store their own toys and have 10 activities to choose from including a walkie-talkie for communication and number pad to improve mathematics skills. The train also plays more than 100 songs and melodies that toddlers can learn. Lots of fun awaits your little boy with this diverse toy.

This is an image of baby sit to stand train in blue color

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32. Firefighter Costume

Does your little boy love to dress up and play? Whether your toddler’s aspiration is to be a firefighter or they simply enjoy role-playing, this red costume is a good birthday gift ideas for 2nd birthday boy. The 4 piece set comes with its very own storybook to tell the story of a firefighter cow. In the book, your toddler will learn about fire safety and, will be invited on firefighting adventures as they read along. A soft cotton hat is included which is super comfortable for little heads and, the vest is designed to fit children ages between 2 and 6 years.

This is an image of firefighter gift set included costum and a book

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33. Kids Ball Pit And Tunnels

Ball pits provide so much fun when it comes to playtime. Why not get your boy his own ball pit for at home? Whether you choose to use this 5 piece set indoors or outdoors, this toy will definitely keep your child entertained for hours. Easy to setup, choose from different maze options and keep the activity fresh for your toddler. While you’ll have to buy the balls for the pit separately, this toy makes it into our list and is a fantastic budget buy for any birthday coming up. Lightweight and durable, the set can be easily transported and is a great addition to any party activities list.

This is an image of baby ball pit tents in colorful colors that has tunnels and jungle gym

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34. Fishin’ Bath Toy

Bath time can be quite troublesome for toddlers, especially if they don’t have toys to play and splash around with in the water. Perhaps you’re searching for a new bathtime activity for your little boy at a budget price…This super cute munchkin fishing toy is an ideal option. Containing one magnetic fishing rod and 3 underwater bobbing characters, kids can practice their hand-eye skills as they try to fish each character out from the water. The toy will also help children to learn how to be patient and, it’s suitable for children ages 24 months and up making it perfect for a 2 years old.

This is an image of baby fishing bath toy

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35. Music Parade Ride-On Toy

Ride-on toys for toddlers come in lots of variations and if you’re looking for a new one we’ve selected a great option at a budget price. This Fisher Price toy will provide the perfect opportunity for your little one to balance and explore walking as they navigate themselves. Doubling up as a great learning toy, kids can also interact with the keyboard to hear 5 marching tunes and simply can press on the trumpet or drum to trigger realistic sound effects. Let your little ones explore and learn with this musical ride-on toy.

This is an image of baby ride on parade music with multi colors

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36. Touch And Teach Word Book

At the age of 2 years old, toddlers begin to explore words at a deeper level. Curious to know the names of objects around them, you’ll likely hear them mimicking learned words. This amazing touch and teach word book by VTech, is an awesome learning toy and is an ideal gift for Christmas. Featuring 12 pages that encourage touch and exploration, this book will teach children over 100 words that fall into 6 different categories. With 4 different modes of play, toddlers can talk along or guess words as part of the fun while they enjoy friendly illustrated animals and more across each page.

This is an image of baby touch and teach book

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37. Animal Sounds Hayride Toy

Does your toddler get excited when it comes to farm animals? Perhaps you’ve recently taken them on a trip to a farm and you’re eager for them to learn more about farmyard animals. This cool toy will teach children the famous ‘Old McDonald’ nursery rhyme and they can engage with the animal-filled hayride vehicle as they navigate it around. By pressing on the animals, children can hear the sounds of each and, replicate them too! We love this budget buy and think it’s a great addition to any child’s toybox.

This is an image of baby john deere animal hayride with sounds in green and yellow colors

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38. Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Is your little one demonstrating a curiosity when it comes to learning sounds? It’s no surprise that this gift has made it into our list. Teaching the alphabet through songs and interactive play, this gift is great for any toddler whether they’re a boy or girl. Kids can associate words, learn numbers and take quizzes with this poster that encourages intuitive interaction. Hang it up in your home and watch as your little boy sings along, dances and learns all about the alphabet!

This is an image of baby electronic alphabet wall chart for babies

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39. Tickle Dinosaur Mite

Wondering what would make great gift ideas for two year old boy? A dinosaur mite toy of course! This birthday gift set is sure to bring plenty of smiles to any little boy it’s presented to. Kids can dress up in a dinosaur hat and read the brilliant 24 page story that guides on how best to celebrate a birthday milestone. The highlight of the set is the adorable green dinosaur toy included: Dino-Mite. Kit your toddler out with their own dino hat, book, and friend as they celebrate their milestone 2nd birthday.

This is an image of baby dinosaur birthday gift with a book and dinosaur gift set in green color

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40. Cute Kids Floor Slippers

There are loads of good toy for 2 year old boy out there, but what if you are looking for something other than toys? Slippers are super useful for any little toddler who is up and moving about often. Whether you’re looking for a pair to keep small toes warm during winter or, want to protect little feet from getting dirty indoors, these cute designed slippers are a winner. Available in a range of colors and featuring a soft plush interior, these non-slip slippers will prevent a baby from the risk of falling down. Are you a fan of these adorable monster slippers?

this is an image of toddler dinosaur slipper boots

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41. Magnetic Bath Time Boat Toys

Most toddlers have a bath every evening as part of their bedtime routine, but what’s important is to use this time to engage in playtime too. This affordable 4-in-1 magnetic boat set toy is a fun way to learn about colors and numbers. Babies can watch the boats bob along and interact with each to move them around in the bathwater. Enhancing both motor skills and imagination, we think that this bathtime toy set is a great gift for a curious toddler mind and it comes at an affordable price too.

This is an image of baby bath toys pack with four toys

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42. VTech Drop And Go Dump Truck

Vehicle toys for kids are so fun to play with, no matter what age. There are lots of vehicle toys for toddlers around and this drop and go dump truck by VTech is one of the best toys for 2 year old boys who enjoy hands-on playtime. Kids can drop colorful rocks into the back of this cheerful dumper truck and drive it around to find a suitable place to dump them. Count along with your child as they learn numbers through engaging with this toy. The truck is also great for helping a child to develop their motor skills and they can either push or pull the vehicle by its easy to handle string.

This is an image of baby drop and go truck

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43. Wooden Activity Cube For Babies

Shape sorters and puzzles are a great gift for any toddler. It’s important that children are challenged at times with the toys that they play with. We have added this wooden toddler’s activity cube into the list as it’s a great way for older babies to build their skills and problem solve! Designed to promote counting and mathematics, kids can interact with all sides of the cube and it even comes with a bonus stacking toy too. Composed of sturdy wood, the activity cube can be taken out into the garden and is sure to last a long time. A favorite and popular learning toy for kids who are 2, why not consider this gift option and see your toddler learn something new!

This is an image of baby wooden kids baby activity cube in multi color

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44. Banana Balance Bike

Balancing is a skill that all toddlers must master, especially when they’re learning to walk! The Banana Balance Bike is the perfect way to get kids confident on their feet as they move themselves around on the banana-shaped bicycle. Lightweight and featuring puncture-proof tires, the bike is ideal for outdoor use as well as indoors. The comfortable and durable seat makes navigating around easy, with assistance from the easy to maneuver handlebars of course. This high-quality bike is guaranteed to last and can be used up until your child is ready to transition to a full-sized pedal bike.

This is an image of baby bike balance for kids in blue and black colors

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45. 2-in-1 Building Table 

Another Lego type of toy has made it into our gift guide! This toy has a twist however as it doubles up as a colorful, plastic table set – ideal for dining outside or crafting on. Compatible with both Lego and other building blocks, toddlers can use the tabletop to make their very own imaginative creations. Both sturdy and lightweight, this table is comfortable to sit at and everything can be stored under its lid for mess-free play. Inclusive of two chairs, this activity is great for up to two children at a time.

This is an image of baby plastic building activity table 2 in 1 lego table building kit

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46. Stackable Garage And Vehicle Toy

Building toys should definitely be included in your toddler’s toy box. This awesome set comes with stackable garages and matching vehicles too. A good birthday gift for a little boy; you’ll find 5 cars and garages including a police car design and recycling truck. Little kids can learn about real-life jobs as they play and construct and they’ll also be improving their spatial awareness and other skills in the making too. Without breaking the budget, this toy can provide plenty of creative play and is a great activity for multiple toddlers to enjoy at one time.

This is an image of baby 5 cars with garages toys in multi colors

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47. Color Matching Egg Box Toy

Learning about colors is important for any child and this wonderful egg box toy is a great gift idea to help with this. A wonderful toy, this set comes with 12 colorful eggs that toddlers can count, sort and match together. They are a great educational toy helping children to improve their dexterity, fine motor skills, and color recognition. Easy to handle, making them perfect for small hands, these eggs are made using high-quality materials and can be stored in their box after playtime.

This is an image of baby matching egg with colors set

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48. Learning Workbench Toy

Workbenches make great toy for a 2 year old boy, not only do they help children to develop thinking, problem-solving, spatial and hand-eye coordination skills, they also encourage imaginative play. This cool workbench toy is brought and colorful and, it features sound effects, music and more. We love the shape sorter that is included and the number counter that goes up to 5. The workbench includes an electric drill, hammer, chainsaw, bench clamp, screwdriver and wrench for lots of playtime fun.

This is an image of baby learning workbench musical toy in colorful colors

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49. Harley Davidson Tough Trike

Sit-on toys are not only good for entertaining little boys, but they also provide lots of opportunities to strengthen physical abilities too. At 2 years old, children enjoy exploring and will likely be eager to get up on their feet. This ultra-cool Harley Davidson trike is the perfect gateway for a toddler to grow confident in moving around both sat down and standing. The large pedals make it easy for kids to move and the trike’s durable tires make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We love the easy to grip handlebars on this trike which are perfect for little hands.

This is an image of baby harley davidson tough bike in orange and black colors

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Our Top Gift

Now that we’ve reviewed almost 50 of the best gifts out there for boys, we’ve selected our own top gift for you. The choice has been made with several factors in mind including budget, versatility and quality. Our top gift choice is the Kidibeats Drum Set due primarily to its encouragement of musical exploration.

Creative and imaginary play is fundamental for the development of any toddler as they grow and this fantastic drum set does just that. Toddlers can strengthen their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they drum along to their favorite songs or, they can have a go at creating their own rhythms and sounds. With 4 modes of play, kids won’t grow bored easily with this toy and they’re sure to find endless new ways of interacting with it.

This is an image of baby beats drum set in blue and orange colors

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Best Budget Gift

If you’re searching for a gift on a budget, don’t fret. There are tons of affordable, cool toys for 2 year old boy out there and we’ve selected our favorite to inspire you. The Munchkin Fishin Bath Toy comes in as our number one budget gift. At under $10, it’s a great bathtime activity for both babies and toddlers. Encouraging hand-eye coordination, little fishers will have lots of fun catching the colorful fish using their rods.

The fun characters included with this toy will float on top of the water for easy activity. Unlike other bath toys, the characters are airtight to avoid mold and mildew, making them perfectly safe for kids to interact with.


This is an image of baby fishing bath toy

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Considerations When Buying Gifts for 2 Years Old Boys

To give you a further helping hand when it comes to choosing a gift for a toddler boy, we’ve put together some considerations:

Age suitability – You should always check the recommended age on any toy before giving it to a child. Toddlers are especially prone to putting things in their mouths and for this reason, lots of toys aren’t suitable due to the risk of choking on small parts. It’s best not to opt for a toy that is designed for babies, as toddlers do need to be challenged and learn through play, however, be sure to not select a toy that could cause an accident.

What do they need? – Lots of toddlers have everything they could ever need already which makes selecting a unique gift a bit of a challenge! When it comes to choosing a gift for a toddler in this situation, it’s always a great idea to chat with the parents if you’re buying for someone else’s child or think outside the box and go for an item of cute clothing if the toddler has too many toys already.


What are Popular Toys for 2 Yr Old Boys?

There are certain toys that have been designed for this specific age range that are popular. Lego and other construction toys are just one of them, but outside of this category learning toys and sit-on vehicles are also often bought as gifts for toddlers. Any toy that helps an older baby step-up from their plush toys and challenges them to use thinking skills are popular.


Top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Son?

It’s never too early to start considering Christmas and, there are lots of different toys and gifts to choose from. When it comes to selecting a toddler appropriate gift for the occasion it is always a good idea to think about the gifts a child is likely to receive from others. As a general rule of thumb, people are inclined to buy toys such as toy vehicles for toddlers, so it may be a good idea to opt for something slightly different such as a book. Books are valuable as they help a child to learn and grow, they last years and will grow any toddler’s confidence and imaginary skills too.


Gifts for a 2 Year Old that has Everything

Adults will use any excuse to buy their own toddlers new toys at any time. If your own toddler seems to already have everything they could need, it can become a bit tricky when birthdays and occasions such as Christmas roll up on the calendar. Keepsake gifts are always a good option, consider something like the Dino-mite book in our gift guide as a special memory or, why not go for a piece of clothing? Everybody knows that a child can never have too many items of clothing.



No matter what type of gift you decide to buy a boy who is 2 years of age, as you can see from the list each comes with unique value. For practical gifts you can choose from clothing pieces such as the cute slogan ‘two handsome’ t-shirt in our list, or opt for an awesome pair of slippers. When it comes to educational toys, there are lots of different types to choose from. Whether your little boy could do with improving reasoning skills or is demonstrating an interest in learning about colors and numbers, think about getting a shape sorter, vehicle toy or even one of the technology toys such as a learning tablet.

For improving spatial awareness and motor skills, construction toys are the right gift. As you can see from our list there are lots of different options including Lego and replica workbenches too. Ride-on toys are great for improving balance and encouraging physical movement. They will help any little boy grow in confidence and soon see them become a master on their own two feet.

Whatever gift option you go for, we’re sure it’ll be the right one choice after working through our considerations list and our awesome guide, good luck!