Age 10 is a pretty significant milestone in the life of your son. With this, it is important you get him a gift or present to make the age memorable, yet trying to decide the best gifts for a boy can be a challenge. 

This is why we compiled the best toys and gifts that fascinate young boys of age 10. We have a wide array of gift items; hence we are confident that whatever you pick, you cannot go wrong. No matter which occasion you are buying for, you are sure to find something he will love.

Considerations Choosing Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

When buying gifts and toys for boys age 10, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, his age. In the tween years, boys are becoming more mature and will want to be treated less like children, and more like the young men they are becoming. So, don’t choose a gift aimed towards younger children as this might embarrass him. Also, think about his interests. Choose something relevant to his hobbies, a favorite sports team, or anything else he is interested in.


Best Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys

We will now present our picks of 50 of the very best gifts for boys of the age of 10. There is sure to be something here he will love with so many different options to choose from.

  1. Jeypod RC Car

JEYPOD remote control car is one of the thoughtful 10 year old boy gifts. He will definitely love it as he has full control of the car, making functions like reverse, forward, right, and left stop.

The car is made of non-toxic plastic; hence it is completely safe for your boy to play with.

This is an image of JEYPOD Remote Control Car, 2.4 GHZ High Speed Racing Car with 4 Batteries

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  1. Pindaloo Skill Game

Pindaloo skill toy is one of the activity 10 year old boy toys your kid will love. The toy is challenging, and fun hence proved to develop and stimulate the brain and eye. It activates both sides of the brain hence develops coordination and is good for learning.

This is the best choice to improve your boy’s memory and visual attention. It is waterproof and great for indoor and outdoor.

Image of pindaloo Skill Toy. The Latest Craze to Hit The U.S.A. for Kids, Teens and Adults. Lots of Fun,


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  1. Build Your Own RC Toy

This STEM building toy is one of the cool gifts for 10 year old boys. With this set, they get to construct two trucks with the readymade pieces. The pieces are of high quality, harmless and safe for kids.

It is the perfect present to improve hand and eye coordination, boost imagination, and develop their critical thinking skill.

Image of Build Your Own RC Toy

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  1. Prograce Action Cam

This Prograce Camera obviously is one of the best gifts for 10 years old. Imagine their excitement when they check memories made with this digital camera years later. It is easy to use, safe, and friendly to the environment.

The camera records videos and can take countless pictures with a memory card. It lasts long as it is strong and easy to set up and it is safe for use in water as well.

this is an image of an action cam for kids

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  1. Kids Riddle Book

Want to make your boy aged 10 smarter, get him this difficult riddle for kids. It tests memories, logic, critical thinking, and engages their brain. It comes in various levels with increasing difficulty levels

This is the best book to help develop his problem-solving skills.

Image of Kids Riddle Book

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  1. Klutz LEGO Gadgets

In need of cool gifts, try this Klutz Lego gadget. This gift is the perfect idea to develop your boy’s interest in science, as there is the opportunity to build varieties of vehicles and robots. There is room for creativity as there are various modifications he can perform on his designs.

It comes with everything he needs to build as well as an instruction manual.

Image of Klutz LEGO Gadgets

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  1. Djubi Classic

This is a fun game that you can get your boy on his 10th birthday. Your son will enjoy this with his friends and siblings. It is an outdoor game that exercises their hands, arms, and legs. Djubi is perfect and fun to play for the pool and beach. It comes with everything your son needs to enjoy the game.

Image of Djubi Classic

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  1. Dowling Magnets Magic Penny

Considering a terrific birthday gift for boys at their 10th birthday, try this Dowling Magnets. With this, they can improve their creativity as they build pyramids and sculptures. There are 44 activities, including a guide that will direct them on how to go about it. It is a cool Christmas and birthday gift that he will love.

Image of Dowling Magnets Magic Penny

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  1. Joyjam RC Stunt Car

In need of best toys for 10 year old boys, consider these Joyjam toys. What a fantastic car that will surely amuse them. Your boy will love it as it performs various stunts like spinning and flipping. The car is strong and performs well on beaches, grass, and other types of land.

It is firm and durable, made with high-quality plastic, which is safe.

Image of Joyjam RC Stunt Car

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  1. National Geographic Kids Answer Book

This is one of the cool gifts for 10 year olds. This book provides answers to interesting facts about almost everything – plant, animal, the human body, and the universe. There are over a hundred topics, weird facts, top 10 lists, and even explorer profiles.

Image of National Geographic Kids Answer Book

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  1. Kids Magnetic Darts

In need of boys toy age 10, try this magnetic dartboard for kids. It is the ideal choice of gift to develop your child’s intellectual and mental capacity. This is a gift that will make them productive each day. It is the perfect indoor game for kids to make them productive inside and outside.

Image of Kids Magnetic Darts

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12.   Smart Circuits

A smart circuit is one of the good birthday gifts for boys age 10. This gift gives them the opportunity to build fantastic gadgets with lights and sounds. The kit comes with everything your son needs to build, including the instruction manual.

It is a must-have toy for boys that have an interest in computer science. There are various projects; hence your kid can work on it as a group.

Image of Smart Circuits

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  1. K’NEX Battle Bow

In need of a gift for your tween that loves building stuff, try out this K’nex K-force. It comes with over 160 various accessories that attach together to build various battle gears. This is an action toy that your boy will surely love. It engages your child’s curiosity to develop their interest in Science, Technology, math, and art. Kids also get the option to customize their products.

Image of K’NEX Battle Bow

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  1. 12-in-1 STEM Building Kit

Solar Robot is one of the best toys for tween boys. If your boy likes creating something, be sure to get him this gift. There are 190 pieces for him to create varieties of robots. This will surely improve his creativity and boost his problem-solving skills.

There is an instruction booklet that guides them on what to do. This gift can help develop an interest in science and technology.

This is an image of 12-in-1 STEM Building Kit

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  1. STEM Bridges Building Kit

In need of cool gifts to get your boy interested in science, consider this Engino STEM structure. This gift exposes kids to the rudiments of engineering as they get to understand the force that keeps structures like bridges and buildings strong.

There are theories and facts to help them understand the working of these structures.

Image of STEM Bridges Building Kit

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  1. Rabosky Magnetic Darts Game

Your kid will love this dartboard as it is one of the cool birthday gifts for boys. This dartboard will surely get him productive and indoors. It was made with durable materials that will not damage your indoor space. Boys can have their friends and siblings over and have a night of fun with this game.

Image of Rabosky Magnetic Darts Game

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  1. Nerf Electric Target Shooting Game

If your boy loves shooting targets, he will surely love this UWANTME Nerf gun toy. It comes with four targets, making it stand out from other Nerf gun toys. Your boy will love this toy as he develops his shooting skills. It is the ideal Christmas and birthday gift for boys aged 10 and above. It is fun, and your kid can build a friendship with his mates.

Image of Nerf Electric Target Shooting Game

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  1. Nerf Tactical Vest

Your boy will love this tactical vest for Nerf fans. This is a terrific idea if you are considering what to buy a boy for his 10th birthday. This vest is personalized and will make your son feel like a badass SEAL team.

There is a sunscreen that gives eye protection. The design is cool, and your boy will love it. This is the ideal gift for Christmas and birthdays.

Image of Nerf Tactical Vest

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  1. LEGO Creator Shark

Looking for a nice gift for boys aged 10, our LEGO creator is a good idea. This LEGO creator gives them the ability to create animals and other sea creators. They build various sea animals, bringing their imagination to play.

With 230 pieces, fun and creation are unlimited. This is a great holiday gift for boys who like building stuff.

Image of LEGO Creator Shark

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  1. Would You Rather Book

Our “would you rather” is one of the top-rated gifts for boys. It is a must-have for every home as it brings families and siblings together, getting them engaged in fun, hilarious questions. The book is the ideal component to get them away from the screen and make them enjoy time with siblings and friends bonding.

It is fun to watch as your kids interact and desperately try not to laugh.

Image of Would You Rather Book

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  1. Joyfun Kids Walkie Talkies

Confused on what gift to get on his birthday, try this Joyfun Walkie Talkie. This is the perfect gift to get your son entertained as he plays with his friends. It is easy to carry about, safe, and sound quality is good.

The range is impressive, and the design is ergonomic. It will fit small hands perfectly and comes with a belt attachment. The transmitter is powerful and sensitive, so he will surely enjoy it.

Image of Joyfun Kids Walkie Talkies

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  1. Terrarium Kit

If you are in need of gift ideas for 10 year old boy who has everything, consider this Hapinest light up kit. With this, your boy will design his perfect ecosystem. The kit includes everything he needs to have the perfect garden. There is also an instruction guide to follow to make the terrarium a success. Your boy will surely be delighted and excited about this garden adventure.

Image of Terrarium Kit

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  1. Grow Your Own Light-Up Crystals

This growing kit is a cool toy for boys aged 10. This kit allows your boy to grow red and blue crystals, giving the feel of a chemist. There is also a 12-page crystal that guides them on how to make the crystal. It lights up at night and comes with the entire instruction that your kid needs. This is a fun and educational gift for your boy aged ten and above.

Image of Grow Your Own Light-Up Crystals

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  1. Dreambox Binoculars

A Dreamingbox binocular is one of the Cool toys for boys aged ten. The safety feature is top-notch; hence you don’t have to worry about your kid’s eye. It will fit perfectly in small hands thanks to the ergonomic design.

It is strong and shockproof so it can withstand falls and shocks. The binocular gives a crystal clear view; hence your kid will enjoy it. It is the perfect companion for sightseeing, hiking, boat trip, and bird seeing.

Image of Dreambox Binoculars

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  1. Bike Tire LED Lights

Activ Life is one of the cool toys for boys aged ten. With this bike wheel light, your son will be able to design and spice up their bike. This will make them have a cool bike that will fascinate their friends. The lights are easy to install and comes with an installation video that guides users.

Image of Bike Tire LED Lights

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  1. Threeking Smart Robot

In need of the best presents for ten year old boys, try this threeking Robot. It is a fun gift that will keep your boy engaged. We are confident he will love this Robot as it features gesture control, robot language, stunning LED light, etc.

The Robot was made with eco-friendly and high-quality materials; hence it is safe. You can even program it to move like you want – so cool!

Image of Threeking Smart Robot

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  1. The Dangerous Book for Boys 

I am pretty confident that your boy will love this gift. It is a fantastic gift you can get him on the next birthday or Christmas celebration. This is a handbook that exposes boys to many things and hacks they will need as they grow up. In short, growing up as a young boy will be fun. They will get hacks and skills on many things like fishing, girls, fossils, building a treehouse, making a telescope, and many others.

Image of The Dangerous Book for Boys 

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  1. Kanoodle Brain Teaser Game

Considering educational toys for boys aged 10, try this Kanoodle. This is a brain-twisting 3D solo game with 2D and 3D puzzles and brain teasers. There are 200 logical puzzles that will task your child’s thinking capacity. If you want to keep your child engaged creatively, and entertained, be sure to get them this 3D puzzles.

Image of Kanoodle Brain Teaser Game

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  1. TeeHee 18-Pack Socks

Your boy will love this TeeHee as it is one of the unique gifts for boys age 10. These are comfortable socks. It is made completely cotton, with a blend of polyester and spandex. It comes in various sizes; hence you will definitely get one to fit your son.

Image of TeeHee 18-Pack Socks

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  1. For Boys Only Book

Considering ten year old gift ideas, try these boys only handbook. It teaches simple and interesting ideas like riding a scary roller coaster, how to escape being tied up, learning the secret of making blockbuster movies, etc.

With this book, you can be assured that your boy will be knowledgeable about simple and basic things a man should know. There are more than 250 pages of information.

Image of For Boys Only Book

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  1. Flower Growing Kit

This is a plant flower growing kit that comes with everything your boy needs to design and grow the perfect garden. Not only does he get to design the garden, he will also unleash his creativity on the plant markers.

We are confident that your boy will be fascinated by the idea of growing flowers that appeals to them.

Image of Flower Growing Kit

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  1. STEM Car Building Kit

In need of cool toys to buy for boys, try this STEM car building toy. It does not use cheap plastic but rugged metal alloy pieces, which make it durable. It will surely get your youngster entertained and busy as he struggles to build amazing cars. There is an instruction manual that guides the user on how to go about the game.

Image of STEM Car Building Kit

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  1. Build-Your-Own RC Car

RC Car is one of the cool gifts for ten year old boys. Your boy will learn and also challenge his brain without sacrificing fun. Powered by AAA batteries, the kit comes with everything your son needs to enjoy his time playing. It is safe and built from premium quality plastics, which are durable and strong. You do not have to worry over the next Christmas gift, as this car is a terrific choice.

Image of Build-Your-Own RC Car

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  1. Joyin Building Toy with Drill

Confused about toys to buy for boys aged ten, we recommend this toy kit. If your boy has a flair for construction, be sure to get this STEM toy kits. With 163 pieces, he can bring his imagination and creativity into play and spend time with friends and siblings.

It is safe, non-toxic, and guaranteed to creatively engage your boy as he tries to build robots, cars, and whatever his imagination can conceive.

Image of Joyin Building Toy with Drill

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  1. Laser Tag Set

Looking for great gifts for the birthday of your tween boy, we recommend HISTOYE large laser tag. It is completely safe for kids and does not harm any part of their body. Your boy will love it as the machine switches easily from shotgun to machine gun and rocket. The sound and light are stimulating; hence it feels like a real laser tag arena.

Coming in four team colors, your son can organize battles with friends and families. The fun is unlimited, and your boy will definitely love it.

Image of Laser Tag Set

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  1. Middle School Millionaires Book

In need of an educational gift to get your son off the screen, try these middle school millionaires. Your son will learn from the endeavor of teens and how they struggled to build their booming business at a pretty young age. There are tons of insightful and brilliant ideas to learn.

Image of Middle School Millionaires Book

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  1. How Things Work Book

If you have a curious son that likes to get the root of everything, including gadgets, getting him this book is an absolute necessity. This book explores the working principles of almost everything around. It will satisfy their curiosity as they get to explore the principle behind many things like 3D printers, skyscrapers, etc.

Image of How Things Work Book

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  1. LED Hover Soccer Ball

If you are clueless on what to give your son on his 10th birthday, we recommend this Toyk boy toy. It is easy to use and operates like a real soccer ball. It allows you to spend meaningful time with your son. We are confident your boy will love it as it comes adorned with colorful LED lights that glow in the dark. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Image of LED Hover Soccer Ball

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  1. 4M Magnetic Tiles

Our magnetic mini tile art is a lovely gift that your boy will surely love. If he has a flair for artwork, this is a necessity. On creating the artwork, he can safely attach it to the tiles and fix them on the metal surface. This is a good gift to get your boy and make him interested in science.

Image of 4M Magnetic Tiles

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  1. LED Sound-Activated Party Light

This play light is one of the cool gifts your boy deserves. If your boy has a flair for music, this sound-activated DJ is a must-have. It is activated by sound and turns on automatically, flashing to the rhythm of the music. It is portable, easy to use, and can be installed on the wall or ceiling. Displaying four different colors at the interval, your kid will surely love this.

Image of LED Sound-Activated Party Light

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  1. 3D Soccer Ball Night Light

This 3D illusion Night light is one of the things to consider buying for your tween boy. It features high quality LED light giving soft, gentle, and uniform light harmless to kids. The nightlight features 16 color modes that your kid can control with the remote control. It can even serve as a night light or bedside light for him. Kids will love the amazing 3D effect created by this lamp.

Image of 3D Soccer Ball Night Light

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  1. Bluetooth Microphone

If your boy is a fan of music, be sure to get him this TECBOSS microphone. It works with Bluetooth, meaning he can enjoy his karaoke without restriction. It comes with two LED lights, which gives the disco floor feel. The microphone is simple to adjust, and you can control the volume easily. It is simple to use, loud and powerful, giving the disco hall feel.

Image of Bluetooth Microphone

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  1. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This is a cool toy to help yours by relieving stress and anxiety. It is safe, portable, and will fit his pocket and backpack. It can withstand constant use as well. This gift is a great stress reliever to shed off the stress of school work. Your son will have hours of fun as he keeps his minds occupied with this fidget cube.

Image of Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

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  1. Dreamingbox Star Projector

This is one of the best gifts for your young son, especially if he’s dreadful of the dark. It is a beautiful way to add color and life to his room. It features six dream color modes, which serve as a perfect accessory to teach your kids color. With this nightlife projector, you can bring the sky right into your kid’s bedroom.

Image of Dreamingbox Star Projector

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  1. Crayola LED Tracing Pad

Not sure of what to get a tween for Christmas, we recommend this Crayola light up. This tracing pad comes with more than 100 tracing images to keep your kid entertained and creatively occupied. There are amazing inspirations to keep him going and excited. It is safe and will surely bring out the artist in your little boy.

Image of Crayola LED Tracing Pad

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  1. Stomp Rocket

Confused about what gift to get on his birthday, this Stomp rocket is a good idea. This rocket will surely excite your kid as he gets the thrill of launching the rocket 200 feet in the sky. It comes with a stomp launcher and a different stomp rocket as well. This is a terrific gift to get kids away from the screen and get them interested in science, technology, and engineering.

Image of Stomp Rocket

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  1. Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe

Nearing the end of our list of the top gifts for a 10 year old boy we have this fun, interactive globe. This is a cool toy to take your son through a journey around the world using augmented reality. It is fun and provides an easy way to be exposed to science. The globe is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It comes with everything you need to have a good experience using the AR. If you have a curious and inquisitive son, this STEM toy is a must-have for him.

Image of Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe

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  1. Paddle Ball Game

This paddle ball is one of the fun gift ideas for boys aged ten. With this game, you can get your boy engaged for hours playing with the series of balls and birdies available. It is better played in groups as well. These balls are soft hence will not spoil anything at home.

It comes in a full set that has everything users need to enjoy the game.

Image of Paddle Ball Game

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  1. Bubble Blowing Train

Ciftoys is one of the best toys for 10 year olds. This is an impressive gift to get your boy excited as they transform their room into a fairy tale. This is a thoughtful gift to keep your little one busy and occupied, away from the screen. It is a cool train that moves automatically and responds to obstacles by changing direction automatically.

Image of Bubble Blowing Train

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  1. Toch RC Robot

Toch RC Robot is one of the top ten year old boy’s gift. It features a gesture sensing function which responds appropriately to your kid. There are 50 movements programmed into the Robot which your boy can trigger through the button on the toy.

This is a fun toy to have as the Robot sings, dance, and slide, which will amuse your kid. It charges for 2 hours and works for an hour.

Image of Threeking Smart Robot

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Top Gift Idea

Our best gift for 10 year old boy is the action cam from Prograce. It gives them the ability to record memories in the form of videos and pictures. They will be happy in years to come as they look at the memories created.

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Best Budget Gift

If you are looking for a cheaper option, consider the For Boys Only book. This is a budget handbook that ten year old boys will love. It teaches them important things they need to learn while growing up. There is the knowledge that will help them grow into a real man.

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What is the Best birthday gift for 10 yr old Boys?

The Smart Circuits set is one cool birthday gift that your boy aged 10 will love. This will allow him to unleash his creativity as he immerses himself in various projects. He can even work on projects as a group.

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What are popular gifts for Boys aged 9?

I am pretty sure your son aged ten will find the Jeypod remote-controlled car fascinating. It is simple to operate, and your boy has total control of the car, and the material is strong and non-toxic.

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Christmas presents that Boys like?

The Toch robot will surely fascinate your kid. It is absolutely fun to play with and it will definitely fascinate him. There are lots of movements programmed into the Robot, and your kid has total control of it.

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What To Get 10 Year Olds For his Birthday?

If you are not sure of what to get your boy on his 10th birthday, we recommend this laser tag set. It is safe, harmless with untold fun for your boy. The sound, light, and effect make it feel like a real laser tag. He will love it.

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Gifts for boys Who like building stuff?

If your boy loves building stuff, be sure to get him the Joyin STEM toy. This is the perfect gift to bring his imagination and creativity to life as he gets to design amazing objects like robots, cars, etc.

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Your search for the perfect gift for your ten year old boy is over. You can make his next birthday, Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving celebration memorable with these top rated gifts.

With this 50 highly recommended gift ideas, we are confident you can never go wrong.