50 Best Gifts for 1 Year old Boys

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There are so many options when it comes to gifts for 1 year old boys. From plush toys to interactive push along toys, all come with their own unique way to learn and play. If you have a first birthday coming up and you’re wondering what the top toys for 1 year old boys are, we have you covered it here in our extensive gift buying guide.

From toys that strengthen motor skills to learning about colors, shapes and animals, there is whole world of cool toys out there for a baby boys first birthday.

Having reviewed the top gifts for this age range, we present an awesome list of the best 1 year old gifts for boys below, which we hope that you enjoy and find useful, so that by the end you can go out and buy a great gift without any stress.


50 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Since we’ve figure out what best toys for 1 year old boy are, let’s get into the reviews. Here you’ll find some fun toys and the most unique gift ideas for little boys aged 1. Here you can find all the answers to your question of what to get a one year old for his birthday.

1. Learn And Laugh Smart Home

This smart home for little ones is one of the best 1 yr old gifts for boys out there. Packed full of activities, toddlers can get inside the home and interact with lights, buttons, sounds and more. With a crawl through door and porch light as well as a mailbox, this fantastic toy is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and, help children learn and strengthen skills in the process too. It comes ready with 3 smart learning stages, for little ones of all levels and has 4 languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin and French. This toy is fantastic for parents who want to bring up a child in a bilingual environment and is great for an occasion such as Christmas.

This is an image of baby smart home learning with different toys in colorful colors

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2. Sit To Stand Walker By VTech

The best learning toys for 1 yr old boys tick all the boxes when it comes to merging play and learning. We love this awesome VTech Sit To Stand Walker which comes with a whole host of interactive elements while encouraging toddlers to walk. Its removable play panel features 5 piano keys encouraging musical creativity, spinning rollers, shape sorters, light up buttons and an interactive pretend telephone. With over 70 sing-along songs, lots of music and sound effects, this walker is definitely one of the best toy items for boys that are 1!

This is an image of kids learning walker in orange and green colors with blue wheels

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3. Balance Bike

Learning to ride a bike is one of the most exciting yet challenging milestones in childhood. This cool gift idea for a 1 year old will help any toddler ride a bike with confidence when the time comes. Premium quality in all ways, this balance bike enables a smooth, easy ride thanks to its sturdy yet lightweight frame. Perfect for babies ages 6-36 months this gift will help a child to develop coordination skills, improve coordination and help with confidence. The bike is easy to assemble and comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. What do you make of this 1st birthday gift idea?

This is an image of baby bicycle in orange color and black wheels

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4. Learning Wooden Xylophone Toy 

Is your toddler boy curious when it comes to sounds and music? This wonderful toy for little boys comes in the form of an interactive xylophone which makes sound when hammered. Non toxic and lead free, it’s completely safe for toddlers and will encourage plenty of creative play. We love the noises that xylophones make and are confident that your baby or toddler will enjoy this toy too. If you’re searching for a gift that will help a baby discover music and sounds this is the perfect choice for you.

This is an image of baby wooden learning toys and music with colorful colors

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5. First Builders Building Bag

Wondering what are some cool 1st birthday gift ideas for boys? This funky building set is a great choice. In the bag, you’ll find 80 colorful blocks that include classic and special shapes, perfect for toddlers exploring imagination. Good for little hands, the blocks are easy to build with and help with early childhood development as they allow a little one to learn about spatial awareness and instills confidence in any child. This popular gift for boys that are 1 year of age is affordable and guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

This is an image of kids big building bag of mega blocks

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6.  3-In-1 Sports Zone

Kids love being active and trying new things and for that reason this 3-in-1 sports zone by Little Tikes is a popular gift idea for a 1st birthday. Many parents out there search for something that will promote physical activity while providing hours of creative play and this toy is a fantastic choice. Introducing toddlers to three sports: basketball, bowling and soccer, this sports zone will help any child to develop their gross motor skills. The basketball hoop is fully adjustable with its height, meaning your toddler won’t outgrow this toy quickly and comes with a light-up backboard with sounds. Folding easy for storage, we love this toy because it can be used indoors or outdoors.

This is an image of infant sports 3 in 1 toy

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7. Push And Pop Bulldozer

Toys for little boys on their first birthday don’t get much more awesome than this! Does your child love interacting with push along toys? This push and pop bulldozer is easy to maneuver thanks to its comfortable handle which moves the vehicle as it pops balls out of its chimney into the front bucket along the way. Your child can interact with this toy in lots of ways, from pressing the buttons to learn about colors, numbers and music to simply rolling the bulldozer and strengthening attention and coordination. If you’re looking for popular toys for 1 year old boy, this cool vehicle makes it to the top of the list.

This is an image of kids pop a ball push for kids

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8. Kids Music Mat 

Exploring music is a crucial step in developing creative and imaginative skills. This unique gift for a 1 yr old boy is a music mat which sounds when interacted with. Kids can play 8 awesome instrumental sounds as they engage with the mat. From flutes to pianos, the map will stay active unless idle for 2 minutes, encouraging your toddler to have fun and make music of their own. This toy will improve a child’s confidence, memory, patience and creative skills in an awesome new way.

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9. Cute Greetings Book

Toddlers love books, that’s no secret. If you’re a parent you’ve surely spent countless hours reading your baby to sleep or simply have picked up a book for a bit of interactive learning. You’ll have noticed that a lot of books for this age-range feature sensory elements such as flaps for lifting and fabric for feeling. You can give this awesome gift to any little boy and it will create a memory of a lifetime. A birthday book for the occasion puts a spin on the typical greetings card many children receive and can be customized with a special message under the cover flap. Could this be the ideal gift for your baby boys 1st birthday you’ve been searching for?

This is an image of baby book named now you are one with elephant design

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10. Laugh And Learn Smart Car

Laughing and learning go hand in hand and this awesome smart car by Fisher Price is proof of that. With 3 ways to play, we think that this toy is a great gift idea for 1 year old boys. Children can learn through sitting in the play vehicle and pushing themselves along, or simply interact with the car’s different features. Its interactive dashboard with lights provides plenty of entertainment, kids can turn the wheel, honk the car’s horn and even press the radio to speak, isn’t that neat?

This is an image of baby smart car 3 in 1 in red color

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11. Awesome Quote Bodysuit

Clothing is a popular gift for boys 1 year of age and we think that this bodysuit is simply adorable. On the front, it features ‘This is what an awesome 1 year old looks like’ text with a graphic to match. Available in a range of colors from classic navy to green and composed of 100% cotton for comfort, this cool piece of clothing could a super cute gift for twins on their first birthday. Which color will you choose for your own baby?


This is an image of 1 years old baby shirt quote in blue color

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12. Friction Powered Bulldozer Toy Set

There are so many awesome toys in lots of sizes out there, but if you’re looking for the best small car toys for your boys 1st bday gift, this bulldozer toy set is one of them! Toddlers love interacting with push along vehicles and this cool set comes with 4 toys: a bulldozer, a cement mixer, a dump truck and tractor. Colored brightly and composed of safe, durable plastic, children can maneuver these vehicles by pushing it forward a few times to create friction then letting go and watching it whizz away. This set of toys will also help your little one to strengthen their spatial awareness and coordination skills naturally.

This is an image of baby push and go cars toys in different colors

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13. Nesting And Stacking Blocks

Stacking blocks are so much and, construction based toys provide many beneficial opportunities for toddlers and babies in terms of developing skills. If you’re looking for a first birthday gift for a boy that won’t break the budget and ticks the boxes when it comes to fun and learning, this stacking block set is an awesome choice. Made of wood, these 10 blocks come beautifully illustrated with color, numbers and animals. Excellent for developing hand eye coordination, toddlers and babies can stack and learn how to balance too. Use this toy indoors or outdoors, it’s easy to carry around thanks to its cardboard box storage which features handles too.

This is an image of baby nesting and stacking blocks by melissa and doug wth colorful colors

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14. Animate Flappy Elephant Toy

This adorable plush elephant toy definitely falls into the category as one of the top rated toys for a 1 year old boy. Young children love teddies and soft toys to snuggle up with, this super cute elephant is cuddly but also comes animated for extra fun! Able to play peek-a-boo and sing, kids can simply press the interactive button on the elephant’s feet to animate his/her actions. With flapping ears and composed of the highest-quality material, this awesome gift idea is sure to bring joy to any 1 year old’s first Christmas.

This is an image of baby elephant plush in gray color

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15. Live, Laugh, Learn Soccer Ball

Are you searching for perfect 1 year old birthday gift ideas for twin boys? Perhaps you have two babies on your hands and not just one! This cool soccer ball is a great idea and is sure to bring about plenty of giggling and fun. Not only is the soccer ball great for general play including rolling and throwing thanks to its plush material but it also sings and counts too. As babies roll the ball around they’ll learn about numbers from 1-10 and songs about colors. A perfect playmate for a baby or babies, this wonderful gift idea is a fantastic addition to any baby’s toy collection.

This is an image of baby soccer ball singing

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16. Friction Powered Vehicles

When it comes to choosing a top gift option for 1 yr old boys, friction powered vehicles are up there. These funky infants car vehicles come with super fun characters driving them for extra entertainment. From a bag of fries to an ice cream tub, each comes with its own personality and adds an extra touch to these popular type of toys. Little ones simply need to push the vehicles wheels across the floor 2-3 times to power up the vehicle and watch it speed away. Made from non-toxic plastic and light in weight, this cool toy set is ideal for a first birthday gift and will last for years to come.

This is an image of baby infant car toys

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17. Gel Teether Keys

Teething is painful business but there are ways you can help. If you’re searching for a practical first bday gift for boys, this set of teething rings is a great idea. The colorful set of keys contain gel inside that can be put in the fridge to aid when teething pain arrives. Babies will appreciate the cooling sensation during times of need and can learn about colors at the same time too. The multi surface texture is easily grippable aiding with hand eye coordination. Suitable for babies ages 3 months and above, this gift idea is affordable and certainly useful!

This is an image of baby teether keys in green and yellow and blue colors

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18. Baby Rattle And Microphone

Perhaps you’re searching for a baby gift for your boy when he turns 1 but would like to push the boundaries and choose something unique. Outside of plush toys there are lots of options for babies. This awesome baby rattle and microphone by VTech amplifies a little one’s voice and when shaken it will play fun sounds and phrases too. The toy promotes creativity and learning, featuring over 60 songs and melodies. Children will also learn about animals as the microphone’s modes can be switched by simply turning the ring at the top. Featuring 12 different animal sounds, this toy is great for learning about the world in which a baby exists. To power this super cool microphone up, you’ll need 3 AAA batteries.

This is an image of baby babble and rattle microphone in blue and orange colors

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19. Pull And Learn Car Carrier

You’ll notice that a lot of games for little boys come as push and pull along vehicles. These type of toys actually teach little ones lots and this pull and learn car carrier by VTech is no exception. Babies can press buttons to learn about colors, numbers and animals as they interact with this toy. Including three animal characters, we love this car carrier’s funky colors and motion sensor for on the go fun. Good toys for 1 year old boy don’t get much more cool than this car carrier!

This is an image of baby pull and learn car carrier in orange and other colors

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20. Musical Table Toy 

Have you been challenged with finding present for a your boys first birthday party? This musical table is a cool toys for a 1 year old boy that will take away the need to choose more than one gift as it has everything a little one could want from a new toy and more. The activity table is easy to interact with and includes more than 10 fun activities including interactive piano keys, a window, lights, a telephone, alarm bell, animal book, speaker and more. This toy is the ultimate way to encourage your baby to explore and learn. With removable legs, this table can also be used sat down to avoid tiring easily. Made of non toxic plastic, this gift idea is ideal for any curious little boy out there who has outgrown his baby toys.

This is an image of baby table musical activity learning

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21. Einstein Discovery Music Table

We love all the cool gifts and activities for boys who are 1 year of age out there but this musical discovery table is one of the best gifts for 1 yr old boy! Empowering babies to make their own music through creative exploration, this music table features a piano, drum, guitar and french horn for lots of awesome sounds. The piano’s keys teach numbers and colors and the toy can switch between three languages: Spanish, French and English. Whether your little ones stand to play or sit down on the floor, this awesome musical table comes with plenty of additional sensory fun too.

This is an image of baby music discovery

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22. Wooden Pounding Toy

This toy encourages lots of action when it comes to exploration of sounds! Composed of wood, toddlers and babies can slot brightly colored balls into this cute house design and hammer them through holes. Specially designed to encourage the development of fine motor skills, this activity is great for learning. The toy also helps when it comes to hand eye coordination and refining dexterity. Babies will learn to recognize and match colors as they interact with this awesome toy. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this wooden toy won’t easily break and can be used in all types of environments.


This is an image of baby ball hammer toy in wood material

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23. 3 Pieced Dual Tunnel Tent 

Are you searching for an xmas gift for 1 yr old boys? Little boys love to move around and explore their environment, that’s no secret. This amazing gift idea comes with triple fun as kids can crawl through tunnels to enter a mini ball pit, or simply hang out and relax in the super cool square tent. The 3 piece tent can be used as one or the separate components can be set up. Great for indoor or outdoor use, the fabric that this toy is composed of is water and tear proof. Easy to set up, this activity is great for solo use or a birthday party to keep little ones entertained. Simply fold away and store in the bag when not in use for ease!

This is an image of baby dual tent with tunnel

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24. Magnetic Drawing And Doodle Board 

Creativity is an important part of any child’s life. Encouraging a baby to explore their own artisitc abilities is crucial for development. This magnetic doodle and drawing board is a great toy for a boy on his first birthday as it is affordable and guaranteed to provide lots of opportunity for imaginative play. Designed using 4 different colors, children’s creations can be brought to life. Your child will have everything they need to doodle with this wonderful toy: a board, pen and table for comfort. One swipe back and forth will easily remove any unwanted creations, so that a child can start the creative process all over again. Made using non-toxic plastic and materials, this magnetic drawing board is one of the top gifts for 1 year old baby boys.

This is an image of baby magnetic doodle board in green color design

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25. Musical School Bus Toy

Plenty of children take buses on a regular basis whether it’s to get to school or go for a day out with parents, they’re an everyday vehicle that we all see. Toys for toddler boys come in many varieties especially when it comes to push along vehicles. We love this musical school bus toy that will help young children to become acquainted with the type of transport as they interact, play and learn with the toy. Featuring 8 functions inclusive of a shaking driver, flashing lights and page turning, this cool bus is truly magical and will keep a kid entertained for hours on end. Bright, colorful and full of animal characters, your child will love this wonderful birthday or Christmas gift idea as they are provided with lots of different elements to interact with.

This is an image of baby educational school bus in yellow and blue colors

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26. Remote Control Toy For Baby And Toddlers

Looking for fun yet educational toys for a 1 year old boy? This fantastic remote controlled toy for babies and toddlers come with 3 characters that can ‘drive’ the car and will reach fast speeds smoothly and quickly. Exciting for any toddler, this wonderful toy strengthens hand eye coordination skills and features honking sounds, music, flashing headlights and an easy-to-use controller. RC toys are great for children of all ages, but why not introduce your child to this type of toy early to get them acquainted with what such toys can teach and enable them to do?

This is an image of baby remote control car

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27. Pull Back Toy Vehicle 

We’ve all interacted with friction vehicle toys at some point in our lives and been in awe at how they function. As one of the best gifts for boys aged 1, this pull back toy vehicle set is one to consider. Safe for both babies and toddlers, this set includes 4 soft vehicles: a family car, fire truck, school bus and police car. The rev mechanism inside of each vehicle is easy to use, children simply need to pull back and release for a zooming drive effect. These toys will develop motor skills, provide sensory play and encourage communication.

This is an image of baby pull back vehicles that have four cars

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28. Laugh And Learn Smart Tablet

When it comes to best baby toys out there, it’s often assumed that tech oriented toys should be avoided. However, this awesome laugh and learn smart tablet by Fisher Price has made it into our gift guide for lots of reasons! This smartly designed tablet introduces babies to letters, numbers, first words, animals and more. It also comes with lots of cool phrases and songs to learn, making it great for interactive and imaginative play. Featuring smart stage technology, your little one won’t quickly outgrow this toy as it advances as your child grows. Babies can watch the screen light up and twinkle along to songs and play a whole range of educational games making it one of the best toys and learning activities for toddler boys.

This is an image of baby smart tablet stage in white color

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29. Sandbox Vehicles

Do you have a sandbox in your garden or backyard and you’re looking for a good gift for a 1 year old boy? We have the perfect addition to a sandbox for you! These sandbox vehicles composed from durable and non-toxic plastic are great for digging and driving through sand. With free-rolling wheels, they’re easy to manuever for little hands and include a moving dump bed and front loader too. Whether you choose to use these toys indoors or outdoors, they’re a fantastic addition to any young child’s toy box and will help when it comes to developing fine motor skills.

This is an image of baby sandbox vehicles in green color

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30. Musical Rhymes Book

All babies love musical rhymes and this interactive rhymes book by VTech is an awesome gift for a 1 yr old. The book has easy-to-turn pages and is packed with lots of fun including 6 classical nursery rhymes. Through sliding and twisting, little ones can build early motor skills as they handle the book and sing along. With over 40 songs, melodies and sounds, no two days playing with this awesome toy will be the same. It also features 5 colorful piano buttons that make sounds when played. If you’re searching for a toy for boys that will stimulate on lots of levels, this book with flashing lights, sounds and songs is a perfect choice.

This is an image of baby rhymes book with beautiful songs

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31. Light And Learn Drum

Children are fascinated by music and sounds as they grow and this light and learn drum is a great way to encourage exploration of the art form. Creative play comes in many forms and there are so many toy items for little boys centered around music. We love this drum due to its incredible lighting effects which are controlled by a baby or toddler with every tap on the drum. With three modes of play including numbers, colors and drumming, little ones will be equipped to have endless fun with this super cool toy. Easy to carry around, this drum can be enjoyed any place a baby goes.

This is an image of baby drum for learning in grean color

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32. Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

This Alphabet Train is a great options as a ride on toys for a 1 year old boy. Featuring three modes of cool play, this sit to stand alphabet train is focused around letters, numbers, colors, song and stories. Toddlers can play in floor mode, walker mode and ride-on mode for three different experiences each time. The ride on mode has activation sensors that sound when the train is moving for extra fun! Toys for boys age 1 aim to teach as well as entertain and this toy train is no exception. Including 13 double sided letter blocks and an alphabet book, there is lots to learn and have fun with here!

This is an image of baby sit and stand alphabet train in yellow and blue, red colors

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33. First Fidget Cube

Searching for a unique birthday gift for a 1 year old boy? This Fisher Price fidget cube is one-of-a-kind. Featuring 6 sides of different play, little ones can interact with a number of elements to learn about textures, colors and sounds. Great for little hands, the cube is easy to carry and will keep babies and toddlers entertained as they interact with each side and learn. Though fidget toys are generally useful for overstimulated children who may find it difficult to focus, this fidget toy is a great addition to any toy box and is sure to encourage your child to explore.

This is an image of baby fidget cub in white and other colors

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34. Mickey And Friends Ride On

Are you scratching your head at the thought of what are some of the best gifts for boys when they’re turning 1? We don’t blame you! Picking a gift for any child of any age is difficult enough and with younger babies comes the concern that they’ll easily outgrow the toy or perhaps get bored too quickly. This Mickey and friends ride on plays Mickey’s favorite music and will provide any baby or toddler with hours of fun play. The knob can be turned for spinning colors, catchy melodies or attractive lights. The ride on also comes with an interactive steer wheel featuring a honk horn to alert people too. This toy is great for developing spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination skills.

This is an image of baby pinball ride on with mickey mouse design

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35. Laugh And Learn Car

With smart stages technology, your toddler or baby won’t outgrow their interest in this toy as it develops too! Featuring 75 sing-along tunes and a dashboard with lights, sounds and busy activities, we love this awesome toy for a toddler boy 1 year of age. Switch things up between three modes of different play: learning, music and imagination. The stationary car will encourage little ones to sit up, crawl, pull themselves up and move around through its engaging parts.

This is an image of baby blue car crawl arround with smart stage

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36. Play Teepee Tent 

This beautiful teepee tent is a is one of many great gifts for a boy who is 1. Children love creating den-like spaces and hiding out with their favorite books and toys. This tent will provide your toddler or baby with safety and comfort. Get inside and read your favorite books or simply use it as a space to store plush toys, this adorable tent can be used both indoors or outdoors. If you’re hosting a summer birthday party in a garden, why not consider buying some of these tents to create a theme for little ones?

This is an image of baby white and black teepee tent

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37. Mega Blocks Table

Babies and toddlers require constant stimulation, or toys that challenge them to keep them engaged. We think that this portable folding building table set is a great toy for any toddler. Including over 20 blocks for lots of entertainment, babies can learn and have fun as they strengthen their hand-eye coordination while building. With a table top track, this mega blocks table is portable making it easy to use both indoors and outdoors in play areas. Compatible with all mega block sets, children can get creative by combining blocks in lots of different ways.

This is an image of baby builder table i

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38. Noah’s Ark Toy

We are a big fan of this adorable Noah’s Ark toy that features 9 figures including Noah, two elephants, lions, giraffes and zebras too. Babies can interact with all elements of this sweet set as they load the animal’s onto the ark ready for the journey. Use during bath time, outdoors or indoors; this toy is super versatile and for additional fun you can buy more animals from the Fisher Price range. This is an excellent 1 yr old birthday gift that will bring with it plenty of fun and of course, learning the classical story that is Noah’s Ark.

This is an image of baby toy noah's ark with animals

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39. 3-In-1 Launch Raceway

This VTech raceway launcher is certainly one of the best options for little boys around the age of 1. This cool lift up vehicle launcher will help a baby to refine their fine motor skills as they push their cars down the track. In bold, bright colors there is plenty of fun to be had and learning too! Featuring three track configurations including a dual raceway, a super raceway and stunt track, this raceway toy will keep toddlers and babies busy for hours.

This is an image of baby wheels 3 in 1 launch car

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40. Assorted Musical Instruments For Kids

We’d always encourage buying a child a gift that will help them to develop and grow their skills. We love this musical instrument set as a 1st birthday gift idea. It’s fun, it’s colorful and it certainly will encourage creative exploration. With 10 different instruments, babies can explore as they learn the noises and rhythms of each. Packed into a special carrier bag, this set is portable for bringing into an outdoor area or taking on a picnic for entertainment. Including a xylophone and marracas, this wonderful set is as awesome as it gets when it comes to creative gifts.

This is an image of baby's musical instruments

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41.Care For Me Carrier

Role playing is a great way for toddlers to learn about the world in which they exist and, if you’re looking for toys for a boy on his 1st birthday, this care for me carrier set is a great option. The online exclusive toy includes an adorable plush puppy that can be carried around safely in the plastic carrier. Toddlers can open and close the door to trigger cute noises and interact with the variety of light up buttons on the side of the carrier. The toy features 100+ songs for fun sing-along time as well as phrases and sounds too. To care for the puppy, your child will also have a range of accessories to choose from including a bottle, ball for playtime and comb.

This is an image of baby carrier toy with plush animal in orange color

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42. 2-In-1 Wagon

Wagon toys are popular gift options, therefore we couldn’t not add one to our guide. This awesome 2-in-1 wagon by Radio Flyer can be used in multiple ways. The handle of the toy can be locked to enable a walker wagon mode or released for a pull wagon. The toy aims to promote balance and stability for new walkers as they can rely on the stable wheels and structure frame of this cool toy for confidence. The deep plastic body can be filled with favorite toys or books as it’s easy to tow or pull along. We love this red wagon toy for a 1 year old, what do you think?

This is an image of baby red 2 in 1 wagon

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43. Bumpy Ball For Babies And Toddlers 

Are you wondering what a bumpy ball is? This cool multiple textured ball is great for little ones as it encourages exploration! Chunky sized bumps are easy to reach for and grasp and will naturally see any baby or toddler moving the toy from hand to hand. The gentle rattling sounds of the bumpy ball will help to create neural connections in babies over the age of 3 months and the brightly colored patterns are great for development of a child’s vision.

This is an image of baby bumpy ball teether

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44. Giggling Gourmet Shopper

Supermarket trips are so much fun! Lots of children enjoy reenacting these trips in their own homes and this cool giggling gourmet shopper will help your child to do exactly that. Coming with 4 modes of play, your baby or toddler won’t outgrow this toy in a matter of months. In fact, we think this is a great gift for a 1 yr old boy who has everything already. Little ones can push the cart along to trigger the different features including popping popcorn and they can interact with buttons that replicate the sizzling sounds of food cooking. Yum!

This is an image of baby cook walker

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45. Alligator Activity Walker

This alligator activity walker is definitely on the list when it comes to cool gifts for toddler boys! Composed of wood, the Melissa & Doug toy features 3 alligators that chomp and clack when the walker is moving. Sturdy and safe, it’s great for encouraging babies to stand and explore their surroundings comfortably. Making a gentle clacking noise when pushed, this activity walker is brightly colored and different from the typical walkers out there. Is this the perfect gift for your 1 year old son?

This is an image of baby wooden walker in blue color has green crocodiles

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46. Brilliant Baby Laptop

It’ll be a good few years before your child uses a real laptop but in the meantime this baby laptop is an ideal introduction! As one of the best 1 year old gifts for boys, babies can play and learn at the same time. The travel-ready laptop features colorful keys, an interactive mouse and a light-up screen too. By selecting animal mode, children can learn about animals and their sounds or alternatively enjoy the big variety of sounds and melodies that this laptop comes with.

This is an image of baby laptop in multi-colors by VTech

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47. Doodle Drawing Mat

Drawing and doodling is so much fun for kids and adults alike. Get your little ones involved in the arts from an early age with this super cool doodling and drawing mat that will see kids getting creative! It’s extra large size makes it a great gift idea for twin boys or, suitable for party activities outdoors. Use it on the floor or wall, it’s versatility makes it great value. With 7 different colors to explore with, children can get imaginative with giant doodling creations and, they’ll self-clean by magically disappearing within 5-10 minutes. This toy will help children to develop their color perception, imagination and develop painting and drawing skills too. A great family activity, why not get everybody involved in the fun?

This is an image of baby educational drawing mat

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48. Bathtub Sprinkler

Shopping for birthday items for baby boys can be so much fun! There are lots of awesome water oriented toys out there that enhance bath time or can be used outdoors in the summer heat, making it one of many fantastic outdoor toys for 1 year old boys included in this guide. This cool bathtub sprinkler will make babies and toddlers fall in love with bath time as they get to play with these toys that fill, flow and spin. Helping to develop hand eye coordination, this cool set includes a watering can and a propeller flower that sprinkles water. We’re a big fan of the cute illustrated flower design and bold, bright colors.

This is an image of baby bathub toy for plastic flowers with mini spinkler

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49. Interactive Pop Up Animal Toy

Looking for a cute and unique gift for 1 year old boys? This super sweet pop up animal toy should do the trick! Encouraging little ones to learn through number counting, sounds and music, the pop up animals add an extra fun touch. Your child can develop their fine motor skills through learning about cause and effect and, will have lots of fun as they do just this.

This is an image of baby pop up animals in green color

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50. Astronaut Kids Play Tent

From Astronomy toys for kids, this spectacular gift idea for a 1 year old boy will teach about the job of an astronaut while providing plenty of fun. Allow your toddler or baby to take off into outer space as they move through the 3 piece castle tent, crawl tunnel and space shuttle. Including a basket ball hoop and ball pit, this awesome toy is great for groups of toddlers. If you’re looking for a new activity for toddlers for at a party or simply want to expand your own baby’s toy options, this is a great choice as it helps development in lots of ways.

This is an image of baby rocket ship tent in red colors

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Our Top Gift

Our top rated gift for boys age 1 is this fantastic smart home by Fisher Price. Fisher Price is known for its excellent range of kid’s toys and this product doesn’t fall short in any areas. Great as a ‘step-up’ from the less complex baby toys, the Live and Learn Smarthome provides your baby with 360-degrees of play. The interactive hub is ideal for promoting baby’s movement as they can stand or crawl when they play in this cute home. The home features a cool crawl through door, a mailbox, telephone and even a recycling bin.

Your child will learn different vocabulary for objects they see in their own homes and when interacting with the role playing pieces, they will also strengthen fine motor skills. We love  the shape sorter feature and light up thermostat, what’s better is that your baby or toddler won’t quickly outgrow this toy; it has 3 smart learning stages! Kids can sing-along in 4 languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish and French too.

This is an image of baby smart home learning with different toys in colorful colors

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Best Budget Gift

On a budget when it comes to gift buying? No problem! There is a option for a 1 yr old boy out there with every type of price tag. Our best gift for those thrifty buyers on a budget is the bumpy ball for babies and toddlers. Encouraging plenty of exploration and naturally easy to play with, this awesome toy is unique and eye-catching. We love the different textures, colors and patterns that make up this awesome design and think the toy is suitable for both younger babies and toddlers. With a gentle rattling sounds, little ones can explore sensory play in a new way with this cool budget gift.

This is an image of baby bumpy ball teether

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Considerations When Buying a Gifts for 1 Year Olds

If you’re still left wondering what do you give a one year old for his birthday then we’re still here to help. From educational walkers to plushies, they may just have one of each. If this is the case, it can be difficult to choose a gift and you may be left concerned that you’re going to buy something the child already has.

We’d always suggest opting for a creative toy if this is the case and for this reason we’ve selected the musical instrument sets as an ideal choice. Babies and toddlers can explore the pleasure of music and sound as they get creative with this set of cool instruments. We think that the set includes a great mix including a traditional wooden xylophone and marracas too.

Christmas Presents for Boys Age 1

Christmas always creeps up much quicker than we ever anticipate, so there is no time like right now to begin considering Christmas gifts. In our guide above we’ve selected a wide range of different types of toys and activities, all of which encourage creative play and learning. In choosing the entire list above we’ve carefully considered which toys make for an ideal Christmas gift and all of them are great for xmas except for the few toys above that are mentioned as being exclusively for outdoor use. Your little boy certainly wouldn’t be happy to have to wait until spring to use play with his Christmas gift.


There we have it, our top gift ideas for 1 year old boys! Now that we’ve covered every type of toy and activity imaginable for a little boy, we hope that you have the confidence to select that perfect gift that you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re buying for your own child, a relative or friend’s baby, there is something for every type of 1 yr old boy, even the ones who seem to have everything already!

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