25 Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

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Babies are bundles of joy, and their addition to any family is always celebrated. Babies make their parents and family happy with their cute feet and snugly sweet cheeks. And as babies, they have only two jobs, eat and be satisfied. How can you make them smile and grin from end to end? Simple, with the right gifts and awesome toys. At the tender age of one, they do not have tastes and preferences, so you have to do all the choosing for them. When picking toys for baby girls aged one, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Here they are:

Considerations when choosing toys for one year old girls

There are a lot of things to look out for when choosing gifts and toys for children this young. And chief among them are the following:

Age: Most importantly would be how old your baby is, and in this case, she is only one. And this calls for a lot of caution. Toys can be a fun thing but also come with a lot of responsibilities when being purchased for younger children. Her being only one would see you watch her closely when she plays with her awesome toys.

Safety: For children that can not do most things by themselves, one concern when buying gifts and toys for them is the potential hazard it can pose. When shopping for toys, gadgets, and gifts, you need to keep an eye out for the materials from which they are made. It has to be made from premium, safe, child-friendly materials. 

Size: The dimensions of the gift is equally important. Younger children are fond of putting all things in sight in their mouths. So ensure to avoid toys with small removable bits to prevent a choking hazard.

Now that we have a full understanding of the crucial things to consider and why we would proceed to check out the best toys for girls aged 1.

25 Best Gifts for one year old girls

There are a lot of options to choose from, most of which are sure to make your baby girl excited. From the many, we have selected 25 of the very best. Here they are:

1. Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday

The one feature that makes this a popular option with most parents and guardians is the personalized feature. The beautiful book has her first and last name, other personal information, and information about the sender on the dedication page. This thoughtful gift is an ideal birthday gift, and the words are put together that it might excite and interest your daughter.

This book consists of 20 pages, made from the best quality. This is one gift she would cherish and appreciate in the many years to come.

This is an image of babie's happy birthday personalized book


2. Wooden Plush Kid’s Rocking Horse

This toy is quite an interesting combo, as it can serve as both rocker and roller. The transformation can be done very quickly without the employ of any tools. The availability of these modes gives your daughter variety, and can very easily be seen as two awesome toys in one. This rocker and rolling toy also have a music feature that sees your child dance gleefully to the beautiful sounds. 

It is made from the softest, plushest materials so she can have fun, be comfortable, and at the same time, be safe when playing with her beautiful gift.

This is an image of babie's rocking horse plush in pink color


3. Inktastic Woodland Animal Baby Bibs

Babies are cute, but they can also be very messy, especially feeding their tummies with yummy deliciousness. Seeing as she’s only a baby, you can not blame her, but instead find a way to stop her drools and spills from messing up her many elegant princess dresses. The easy, simple, sure-fire way to do this is to get baby bibs. And when making your choice, you would need one made from premium materials, styled to please the eyes, and at the same time functional.

This is where the Inktastic Baby Bibs comes in. They offer bibs with a variety of warm colors to match any outfit, so she can eat and still look cool.

This is an image of babie's woodland baby bib in blue and red colors


4. Gbell’s Wooden Fruit Educational Play Set

For her to stay healthy and strong, she needs to eat her fruits and veggies. While this playset might not be edible, it sure familiarizes her with what is right for her body. As she grows up playing with this fruit set, she would learn to identify the different fruits, colors, shapes, and relative sizes. This toy is a blend of fun and learning, and the beautiful, alluring colors are sure to melt her heart.

The Fruit playset also calms parents’ worries about their children’s safety, as all the pieces included in the package are made from child-friendly, non-hazardous materials. 

This is an image of babie's animal fruit puzzle set


5. Plush Baby Rattle Toy

Children are more likely to be excited by vibrant colors and exciting sounds, and no toy combines these two traits better than the Plush rattle toy. This cute little doggy is designed to attract and appease your baby at first glance, while the rattle noises gently amuse and sedates her. This toy can be easily carried about with her, and do not worry about it getting dirty. The stains come off quickly. 

Asides from being the perfect little girl’s toy, the rattle toy is made from premium fabric and other top-quality components for the durability of the toy and the safety of your child. 

This is an image of babie's plush bed bell in varicolors


6. The Wizard of Oz!

This is a timeless classic, a brand that has stood the test of time and has entertained many generations. And with this book would treat your daughter with the easy to understand narrative and the eye-catching illustrations. The book is written to be the perfect 60-second bedtime story that is sure to put your daughter to bed and have her having the sweetest dreams. 

It is never too early to teach the reading habit in your little princess, and there’s no better way than this iconic, inspiring piece of literature. 

This is an image of babie's the wizard of oz penguin bedtime book



7. Electronic Bongo Drums for Babies

Imagine you are on a tropical island, with the sun gently touching your skin. In the background is a band, playing the most beautiful music you’d ever hear. And doing justice to those bongo drums is your one year old rock star daughter. This can be made possible with the purchase of this elegant toy, beautifully designed to create music that would interest and excite your baby girl. She can choose to either play the bongo and hear bongo sounds, or animal sounds. This gift is packed with a lot of fun features that would keep her smiling all day.

This is an image of babie's fat brain toys bongo in colorful colors


8. Plush Pink Backpack for Girls

This beautiful pink backpack is ideal for any outing, be it a trip to the zoo, a play date, or going to the park. It would help you easily carry her water bottle, her toys, extra clothes, diapers, and other baby girl essentials. This cute backpack is popular with parents because it does the job well and also looks good. 

The plush material makes the bag very comfortable and makes it easy to maintain as it can be machine or hand washed. 

This is an image of kid's backpack pink shoulder bags


9. The Princess Castle

She is your princess, and every princess needs her castle to oversee the affairs of her magical kingdom. Look no further than the Cosway Princess Castle, allowing your daughter more than enough space to play and roll around in the company of her toys, visiting friends, and loving family. The tent can be pitched both indoors and outdoors, depending on how big her play area is. 

The tent is very easy to carry around, and even much more comfortable to set up. Have fun bringing magic to your home, and to your daughter. 

This is an image of babie's castle tent for outdoor in turquoise blue and white color


10. Baby Activity Toys

This is a toy with many activities for your daughter. This elegant toy has a variety of add-ons for your daughter to play with, ranging from a bead maze, different numbers and shapes of different colors. The assortment allows her grasp a lot of information, and gradually commit them to memory and at the same time have fun. Toys like this foster a healthy relationship between child and parent, as there are a lot of fun activities to share. 

This is an image of babie's activity cube toy


11. TOYTHRILL’s Yellow Bus with fun activities

This is not your average school bus; the toythrill school bus comes with a lot of surprises. With over seven fun activities to engage your daughter, she would never have a dull day. With a push of a button, she is serenaded with animal sounds that educate and entertain her. She can flip the pages of the book to learn about the different shapes and other information. This is one educational toy she needs to have as it develops her cognitive and sensory abilities. 

With the many lights and sounds fitted, she is sure to have a lot of fun. This toy brings child and parent closer as you unravel the many fun mysteries of this yellow school bus.

This is an image of kid's school musical toy activity


12. DENTRUN Stuffed Animal Sitting Support

Dentrun baby sofa support seat is a gift specially made for babies learning to sit. It makes a great product by providing infants with a protected and comfortable seating chair when parents seem busy. The seat support is more spacious, providing your babies with a more interactive niche. A cartoon structure whose shape is different is positioned at the posterior end and made of an improved firmer seatback.

This gift item is made of small plush outer material and shoved with cotton, which makes it tender to your babies sitting on them. It is easy to manage, only the surface is washable, and a zipper is located at the bottom for effortless removal.

This is an image of babie's stuffed animals plush in colorful colors


13. Cathalem Squeaky Duck Family

The four-piece duck toy by Cathalem is a lovely bath toy for a year old girls. The piece consists of a mother duck and three ducklings. Let your little girl enjoy a fantastic, exciting, and imaginative bath experience with the aid of this toy. The squeaky ducks are adorable and fun to play with; they can even serve as a family bath toy.

The yellow duck set is a lovely companion for both indoor and outdoor fun. Children can play with these ducks in a swimming pool.

This is an image of babie's 4 pieces toys in yellow color


14. Sensory textured balls

This is a development toy specially designed for toddlers between the age of 6months to a year old; babies can squeeze, roll, throw, kick, and see through these textured play balls. This is a sensory ball that is meant to move around, and babes are fond of it; it has different functions, one of which is helping toddlers control their eyesight because the ball is also very light and long-lasting as a toy. 

This is an image of babie's 6 balls in colorful colors


15. Baby Joy’s Kiddies Walker

Baby Joy sit-to-stand learning walker is a triangular structured walker that helps prevent rollover by allowing three points to assist the body of your babies and make walking easier for them. It also has a kid’s activity point, providing pleasing sounds and music for your kids. This panel is detachable and has a variety of other functions. Its sole importance is to increase your baby’s curiosity. You can balance your baby’s agility to that of the baby walker’s weight by filling with water or other heavy items; this makes your baby walk with more stability and safety.

The speed of the walker can be adjusted, and the friction to the ground is increased by the attachment of a non-slip rubber set. The walker is made from durable materials and is approved to give your babies cautious walking adventure.

This is an image of babie's learning walker activity in cyan color


16. Wooden Worm Puzzle

Khkadiwb educational toy wooden worm is made of a colorful eleven sectioned worm. This gift item helps develop your child’s brain, improve their eye to hand interaction, and also widen their sensitiveness to different colors and structures. The colorful modes make it easy to attract your little girls’ attention, and they would surely love to play with it.

This wooden worm is effortless to twist, turn, and create different imaginative forms from any position of the worm’s eleven units. It is important to note that different colors in which the worm is painted are from non-toxic paints.

This is an image of babie's wooden worm toy in colorful colors


17. VTech’s Pink Musical Rhyme Book

The VTech Rhyme Book is an interactive device that teaches your daughter to sing along to 6 popular nursery rhymes. The book also features colorful musical buttons that make different sounds and introduce different instruments and colors. With two modes, learning and music modes, your daughter would be intrigued in either mode. 

This book is a lot of fun, the vibrant colors, and with every sound this toy makes, there’s a star that lights up her day.

This is an image of babie's Musical rhymes book by Vtech in pink color


18. Swimming Turtle Bath Toy

. The turtle baby bath toy by Vicbovo is an excellent toy accessory to get for toddlers, especially girls. The toy turtle can be used as a bath toy and even used in a swimming pool. It is one of the best birthday gifts for toddlers. The turtle toy which can swim and does not use batteries is a beauty to watch. 

The bath toy for girls is made up of eco-friendly materials such as plastic. It is designed to be safe and portable for little kids to play with and handle.

This is an image of babie's bath swiming turtle toy in blue color


19. Little girl’s 3 piece outfit

The three-piece girl outfit for newborns is a beautiful gift idea for girls that are not up to a year old. Each dress in the set has the following: a tutu dress, a romper, and a headband customized for girls. 

The outfit is an excellent fit for little girls, it’s an attractive blend of purple and pink colors automatically stand them out in a crowd. It is made from three materials: lace, polyester, and cotton. They are available in different sizes for girls. It is the perfect birthday and surprise dress set for a little princess. A lovely choice for girls’ wardrobes.

This is an image of toddler outfit dress in white and purple colors


20. Multifunctional Baby Walker

UPDD baby walker is built to enhance the walking experience of your babies. UPDD baby walker is made from wooden materials and can serve the purpose of a cart push. This automatic knocking wagon is built such that in motion, the keys tap to make delightful sounds. The height of the walker can be adjusted as well as the walker itself by taking out the safety clamps on the two sides.

The wheels are of anti-slip origin, and an anti-collision moocher ensures the safety of your girls by curbing bumps and falls. At the rear end of the walker, two rivets are engineered such that the speed can be adjusted and further increase safety, satisfying the requirements of your girl child.

This is an image of babie's wooden walker in colorful colors


21. Yellow Musical Bus

This is a unisex toy made for kids not younger than two years, and it has exceptional functions as it enhances children’s active participation in learning, music, and fun plays. It is remotely controlled, has sensor motion and binocular bathtub. Children are eager to play with this toy as they get to learn about all kinds of animals, play arcade games, pool water toys, and a lot more.

It also helps in developing eyesight coordination and handling of toys for kids, and for busy parents, the toy can serve as a great companion to their children, and it’s perfect for keeping them active.

This is an image of babie's educational musical toys in colorful colors


22. Wooden Fishing Toy

Fish toys are great animal toys that little kids, both boys, and girls, would love to own. The adorable magnetic fishing toy, which is made of wood by Rain City, is an instant hit among children, especially girls that are under 365 days old. The fish toy set contains 16 small fishes which little damsels can play with all day and night long. 

The animal toy set can be used as a tool for parents and children bonding. Both parents and children can have fun with the toy set. The set helps improves children’s social skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial imagination.

This is an image of babie's magnetic fishing toy with 16 digital small fish in colorful colors


23. Indoor/Outdoor Rocking Toy

Horses are another exciting animal that kids love watching. The rocking horse by Glzcyoo is the perfect horse toy for girls that have marked a year on earth. The horse toy Is such an impressive and unique toy that it can make an excellent first birthday present for little princesses. The rocking horse, which has many cool movements, allows little kids to sit on it and rock or in different rotations.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. The horse toy can be quite engaging, the right toy to occupy your young ones. The toy is extremely comfortable for kids.

This is an image of toddler rocking horse in multi-colors


24. Her name goes here!

South bend woodworks is a wooden word puzzle of ten-twelve characters with spaces included. This is one exciting and educative way you can build your kids’ reasoning abilities, color and letter identification, spellings, and many more. Each name riddle is custom-built; it does not matter the name of your kids.

The materials are made of water founded non-harmful, kids safe paints. It is available both in main and pastel colors and designated in block letters. The colorful nature draws the attention of your girls, and a lot of magic can be done by mixing the colors.

This is an image of babie's personalized wooden puzzle in colorful colors


25. Plush Animal Grasping Rattle Toy

Little girls love a cute animal toy as a bedside companion. The Baby Grasping Rattle toy by Gbeli is an ideal toy idea for little girls birthdays and special occasions such as Christmas. The animal toy, which is made up of plush material, is a friendly companion to keep kids entertained. It is a suitable toy for infants. 

The rattle toy provides an initial educational value for kids. The adorable toy for girls can be cuddled, and it is made of plush materials. Your little girl is safe even she puts part of the toy in her mouth. It is portable and fun to use.

This is an image of babie's rattle soft plush in colorful colors


Overall Best Buy

Your daughter is special; she is unique and truly one of a kind. That is why she deserves the best and nothing short of that. All the gifts listed above are excellent gifting ideas, but one stands out among all, and that is the Baby Girl’s First Birthday book.

And this is because of the personalization. You can have her name, and other information about her printed on the book. There would be only one such book, and it would be all for her.

This is an image of babie's happy birthday personalized book


Best Budget Buy

When buying gifts for your daughter, you want to ensure that it is a thoughtful gift, a meaningful one, but at the same time, you want to make sure it is pocket friendly. This is why we give you this option, one that does the job and saves you some money. And that would be the Inktastic Baby Bibs.

It is functional, and above all else, is a must-have. The baby bib takes all the spills and drools and ensures her dress remains spotless even during meals.

This is an image of babie's woodland baby bib in blue and red colors


Where to buy toys for one year old girls?

Most stores would have a variety of toys that would be suitable for your daughter. Just make sure you look out for age labels. But for more choice and to compare prices easily, it is advised that you shop online.


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