For most parents especially in this generation, parenting has become a difficult affair. With demanding jobs and the internet taking over our social lives. While most homes, any time the family is together; it’s either some are on their phones and others watching the television making family bonding a problem. However, with this in mind, you can bring your family together using your free time to create activities that are guaranteed to bring the family together through fun times.

The fun times that I am talking about can be either indoor based or outdoor based fun. The place should not be an issue as long as the fun is involved. The best thing about kids is that regardless of the place or activity as long as they get to see the child in you in action, their hearts melt with joy and if done more often there is much learning in the process.

Below is a list of 10 fun activities for kids to do both indoor and outdoor.

Fun indoor activities for kids

Fun activities should not be limited to outside fun only. There are so many fun activities that can be done indoors especially on those days going outside is not an option. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed while indoors are:

1. Building

If you have small kids, then it easy for you to understand that the biggest percentage of these kids are usually very drawn to building things and destroying what they have built. These does not necessarily mean having a building set or restricting the fun to it, but rather you can use things around the house to build things like pop sickle stick cities, indoor forts out of pillows or boxes.

2. Puzzles

This is a really fun and challenging activity for everyone in the house. It’s a creative activity that challenges the minds of every participant at the time. It is especially beneficial for young minds as it helps in jogging one’s mind. It is even made fun when you let the kids create their own games. If it’s also too much, you can get some puzzles games at the store.

3. Freeze

This is a really fun game for the kids especially the small ones. The games involve turning up the music and everyone to step into the dance floor, and then you’re told to freeze. By these I mean you stand still at whatever position you’re in. It’s even more fun to freeze on any poses such as animals, shapes or yoga postures. It’s a game that guarantees 100% fun for every person in the house.

4. DIY balance beam

It’s evident that kids love walking in straight lines, well why not make it a fun game in the house. All need is masking tape and some willing participants at that. You just create a straight line and let everyone walk in a straight line, one foot after the other. To make it even fun, you can make people stand with one foot or walk backward.

5. Hide and seek

This is one of the oldest game known by every kid. It never even lost it fun. It’s a wonderful and fun game to all in the house does not limit the age bracket; thus even teenagers can play with the younger ones. It involves one person covering their eyes while counting and the person/ participants run and hide, after some time one is required to seek them.

As we have established, indoors games are fun and a good way to pass the time. However, the games are not limited to the above mention that means the list is endless and the fun can go on for as long as the energy is there. Therefore we also take a look at the outdoor fun activities.

Fun outdoor activities for kids

There comes a time that the best of fun can only be found outside the walls of a home. This means going all out and letting loose the child within and having fun with your kids. This can be made possible when the weather is very accommodating. Outdoor activities are fun during summer as the weather is much more accommodating to everyone.
Some of the outdoor activities include:

1. Making music that draws a crowd

Well take a blanket and use it to create a stage, and you get yourself a stage. Let your kids make beautiful music at the backyard and either be among the band and make melodies or be fun. Either way, this is one of the activities that make a child grin, especially if you are involved in making it a fun moment.

2. Camping, picnic, and hiking

For the lovers of outdoors, summer is the perfect time to let loose of the normal activities in the woods and at the park. Therefore a trip with the family to go hiking, can be healthy as well as fun especially for people and kids that love nature, for those who prefer to be around there houses, a picnic at the backyard at night can make a lot of difference or even a picnic at the park with activities that involve running, flying kites and even playing with a ball at the park. As long as it involves some fun moments and storytelling, and campfires during camping sites theses can also involve swimming in case there is a safe water body during a camp.

3. Befriend a firefighter

Bake some cookies and other snacks, pack them and visit the nearest fire station. In as much as the firefighters will enjoy the pleasant surprises, the kids get to enjoy and mingle with their favourite heroes, get to see the trucks up and close and even get a ride on the trucks. This simple but informative activity as the capability of making sure that the kids learn something while others satisfy their curiosity. This a fun and learning opportunity for the kids. As in the process, the kids learn a few things as well as get to pick up a thing or two on giving.

4. Chalk it up

Every kid loves using chalk to draw on the walkways and anything that can be drawn, well why not have the best fun by getting involved in chalking it down the walkway, if possible use coloured chalks that kind of light up at night. This is especially a great way of enjoying your handy work at night as you get to have a glimpse of your work glowing at night through the windows.

5. Car wash

Get a bucket of soapy water and some sponge and get scrubbing. Let the kids cool off with some car washing if possible let the whole family get involved in the washing. If there are hose pipes involved, then the fun is even more. You get to cool off as you wash the care and spray one another with water for fun.

To say the list, this is just but the few we can mention, however, there is an extensive list and with the option of one creating their own activities to generate fun. It’s also important to know the kind of games that your children or family are comfortable with, and the ones that are safe as well. Despite the fact we are actively looking for those moments of fun, safety is also a number one priority which makes the decision to choose the appropriate activity and games easier.