An Exchange with My Six-Year-Old Son

Our family has endured some heavy changes recently: we moved to a different state where we don’t yet have a house; we lived with my mother-in-law for a month, only to transfer to a furnished apartment that smells weird; Silas (my 6 year old) started first grade today at a new school. Clearly we’re under some stress, and we’re all behaving badly as a result. We generally communicate better than this, but I must admit the exchange below is rather common.


New Rules for the Car Windows

Awesome morning. We all got up late—late enough that we had to rush so Lindsay and the boys could make it to a music jamboree-hoedown-puppet extravaganza, and drop me off at my temporary office on the way. I went from full-on REM sleep to being in the car in around nine minutes. Immediately after pulling out of the driveway, Silas and Arlo began bickering about the windows being up or down (Arlo wanted his down, but Silas wanted his up


Seminar: Methods for Shortening Children’s Books

Reading to your child is one of life’s greatest gifts. But sometimes, as a result of fatigue, even a sweet opportunity can feel like a curse. Consider the following questions: Have you read your child’s favorite book a hundred times? Is it making you insane? Do you frequently get caught trying to skip pages so you can get downstairs and eat cheese for thirty minutes while watching Netflix? You’re not alone! My three-day seminar provides all the tools needed to turn


Unacceptable Show-and-Tell Items

The key to show-and-tell is to bring something significant, but not so cherished that it can’t be lost or barfed on. My wife usually ends up saying something to Silas like, “Think really hard about it and choose something really special to you. Sorry, no. You can’t take ice cream. Nah, probably not your pillow either.” Here are some slightly more inappropriate things: His brother’s shoes The small plastic baggie he found at “the bad park” A dead squirrel A live


How Board Games End

This is an excerpt from my book This is Ridiculous. This is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists available in stores or online.

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