The Collector

“Arlo, where are the batteries?” “Arlo, where are Mommy’s scarves? How about the Apple TV remote?” “Arlo, did you put the fingernail clippers somewhere?” “Daddy, do you know where my legos are?” “No, Silas… ask your brother, he probably packed them somewhere.” You should know that Arlo is not our freelance organization expert. He’s four[…]

Primal Yelling

If you’d like to see human frustration in its most natural state, simply say “no” to a three-year-old. You can also adjust a “wall” of the “grocery store” he made out of Magna Tiles. Another option might be to move one of his Calico Critters 1/32nd of an inch in any direction. These are his[…]

My Worlds Collide

Silas (6) is a Power Rangers junkie. I’d like to send out my hearty thanks to Netflix for providing him and the rest of my family with the opportunity to watch all 1,000,000 episodes spanning three decades. The modern Power Rangers (the “Samurais”) live in a Zen loft with a Sensei. They tease each other[…]

New Rules for the Car Windows

Awesome morning. We all got up late—late enough that we had to rush so Lindsay and the boys could make it to a music jamboree-hoedown-puppet extravaganza, and drop me off at my temporary office on the way. I went from full-on REM sleep to being in the car in around nine minutes. Immediately after pulling[…]

Unacceptable Show-and-Tell Items

The key to show-and-tell is to bring something significant, but not so cherished that it can’t be lost or barfed on. My wife usually ends up saying something to Silas like, “Think really hard about it and choose something really special to you. Sorry, no. You can’t take ice cream. Nah, probably not your pillow either.”[…]