Sweet House, Steve.

My family had only been in LA for three hours before we wound up at Steve Vai’s house for a barbecue. Most of you probably don’t know who that is. Here’s all the information you need. He’s the reining king of progressive rock guitar and in case your eyes can’t see awesome stuff, he’s playing that[…]

Day 154: New Rush Album!

Rush is realeasing a new album filled with previously recorded but never released tracks. As president of the Rush fanclub, I was provided a track list. The album is titled “Easels for Medusa” which is AWESOME. The track names are vintage Rush, and you can really see Neil Peart’s influence. I hope you’re as excited as[…]

Day 132: The Dwarves

The show lasted only 15 minutes. I knew I was in for something special when the band ran on the stage an hour late wearing only hockey masks. Have you ever seen a naked man in the hockey mask? Have you ever seen 4 at the same time? I pray you never have to. Most[…]

Day 119: Dog Will Hunt in the Bone Yard

I didn’t think Fishbone had a prayer after Primus had just destroyed the room. This was right after “Suck on This” came out and I was punching myself in the face during “Jerry was a Race Car Driver.” There was about 18 months there in 1992 when Les Claypool and Jay Lane (drummer) were melting[…]

Day 68: Really, Fugazi?

One ridiculous Wednesday night in 1992 my band in college was the opening act for Fugazi. Her name was Alice Miller and she lived for any band on the Dischord Records label (a label started by Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye). She wasn’t a shaved-head straight edge chick with tackle dangling from her face, she was a[…]

Day 62: Pants Pants Pants

This morning I had the pleasure of recording a Blue Potatoes show. I went to a concert at 9:30AM. Sure, it was a concert for kids, coordinated so as not to interfere with any napping schedules, but no one should be required to warm up their didgeridoo before lunch. Yes, there was a didgeridoo, and[…]

Day 35: Badmotorfinger

The first time I heard it was in late 1991 in Brad Swiniarski’s Dodge Daytona. That’s pretty bold of Dodge to name their shittiest car after the world’s most famous Nascar race. Or were they being funny naming it after the world’s worst spring break destination. The Dodge Daytona was like the drunk shirtless rapey[…]