Things for My Stuff

Emotions came and went quickly. Some were pleasant. Others felt like the electricity of panic. My hands were clammy; neck whipping from side to side in concert with shifty eyes. Everything was so new, and there was so much of it—above me, below me, to my right, to my left, behind me. Behind me! Dear[…]

My Worlds Collide

Silas (6) is a Power Rangers junkie. I’d like to send out my hearty thanks to Netflix for providing him and the rest of my family with the opportunity to watch all 1,000,000 episodes spanning three decades. The modern Power Rangers (the “Samurais”) live in a Zen loft with a Sensei. They tease each other[…]

Dads, Stop Trying to Be the New Moms

Over the past couple of months, a few companies–I can’t remember which–ran advertisements portraying dads as ridiculous but adorable morons who fumble diaper changing duties because they’re distracted by a shiny Trans Am pulling into their neighbor’s driveway (I made that up, but it’s in the spirit of these ads). And in a predictable and[…]

Dueling GPS

My wife’s suspicion of technology has expanded to include GPS. It’s in her DNA; my mother in law recently emailed us an article about people getting dumber because of navigation systems. To paraphrase: maps are great and anything with a battery is full of demonic trickery aimed at turning humans against nature, truth, family, spirit[…]

Just Flow, Dad.

I’m supposed to be a “play-oriented, calm, flowy and creative” parent, right? I’m trying, but I fear that battle is causing my kids to experience me as inconsistant and moody. Sometimes I’m capable of redirecting their behavior to something more positive: “Hey kiddo pants! Instead of squirting all the lotion in the toilet, let’s do[…]

PAT (People Against Testosterone)

“MEN!  Are you over 40 and lacking the energy you had in your teens? It’s because you have depleted levels of testosterone! All you need is MORE TESTOSTERONE and our medication will trick your body into making more of that magical youth serum so you can start feeling like your virile self again! 50 is the new[…]

Notes on Man Stuff

I can’t remember the last time my wife and I made a decision based on classic gender roles. Some are obviously dictated by sex — male vs. female — only a woman can nurse a child, and such. But from a division of labor or decision making perspective, any quintessentially male duties have been split equally[…]