Day 365: Series Finale

I recommend listening to Sia’s “Breath Me” while reading this post. Go ahead, click on it. Dramatic, right? I think drama is unavoidable today, since, as a finale, the desire to reflect and tie things up is irresistible. I’m a little nervous and also listening to “Breath Me.” Please keep those things in mind while reading. A year[…]

Day 279: The Stand-up Drug

Thinking in terms of achievement and legitimacy, instead of creativity and growth, earns any “artist” a one-way ticket on the bitter bus to Hacktown. Lately, I’ve wanted to be booked on shows for approval and acceptance, rather than the opportunity to perform. I’ve taken it as a sign to perhaps accept stand-up’s persistent pleas to change its[…]

Day 226: Adrenalize

I know “Adrenalize” is the title of a recent and less-than-mediocre Def Leppard album. That’s exactly why I used it: I’m not afraid to be awesome. I am, however, afraid to death of being bored, and I seek to be “adrenalized” as much as possible. Given my weakness for anxiety and panic (I have The[…]

Day 168: The point of no return

I can never go back to my old career. I know that because I’m still getting emails from head hunters and I find them terrifying. Here’s a good one I got yesterday: My name is Joi and I’m a recruiter at Axelon Services Corporation, formerly known as Algomod Technologies. We have your resume on file[…]


I’ve mentored thousands of comics and I’m finally ready to bring all that knowledge and experience to the masses in a 6 week course. For $900, you can learn how to have a successful INTERNATIONAL career in Stand-up comedy. Stand-up 101 Week 1: Crowd work and Hecklers I will tell you my three-tiered approach to[…]

Day 147: Low concept vs. high concept TV

As I talk to people about the series I’m developing, I frequently come across the distinction between a high concept and a low concept series. It’s something I never really thought about before and it’s taught me a lot about how Hollywood works. I should point out, I’m FAR from an expert on any of[…]

Day 128: Oui Montreal!

This is a great city with a nice self consciously European vibe. They have bikes you can rent! I won’t be doing it because I’m afraid, but the idea is great. I would love to see something like that in Manhattan so the psychos could dismantle the bikes and turn their parts into weapons. Montreal really wants[…]